Cuban doctors head to Italy to fight coronavirus

2020 5/19
Cuban doctors head to Italy to fight coronavirus

Cuba is sending its medics to Lombardy to help Italian doctors fight the coronavirus outbreak.
Cuban doctors were on the frontlines in the fight against cholera in Haiti and against Ebola in West Africa 10 years ago.
Nearly 800 Italians died from the new coronavirus on Saturday.
Al Jazeera’s Ed Augustin reports from Havana.

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  • Amadou Sawadogo says:


  • jeronimo dias says:

    Angeles frm heaven

  • Onawin Ann says:

    Praise God !! I love ♥️ Cuba and their peoples 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 bravo 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • The Birds says:

    Stay strong Italy! It’s beautiful when countries are helping each others instead of war and bombing

  • shanazirk says:

    How many of thinks that this is “A Slap to USA & EU”

  • G.AURORA PECK says:

    Please God protect the CUBANS thank you much love from Haiti

  • Zimasa Madikizela says:

    Cuba has got top notch doctors..they came in Africa as well to help. May God Bless Cuba

  • Izek Vorsah says:

    Viva Socialism Viva

  • Athish Mohan says:

    Che Guevara

  • Sheena Babu says:


  • Babu Sivaprakasam says:

    Respect. Love and prayers

  • Elango pandian pillai says:

    Thanks to Cuba government and Cuba medical Team.

  • life force says:

    Fidel Castro once said in 2005 katrina hurricane “We aren’t sending money, but doctors to save lives and this would be the attitude of the Cuban ppl for today and tomorrow”
    ……and his words live…..Fidel Castro👏👏👏

  • Loraine Harkhoe says:

    dat is mooi die samen werking .

  • Deja Sunjo says:

    Viva la Cuba

  • Tilda G. says:

    At the end of the day, this virus is not flesh and blood. May God be with them in this battle. Amen 🙏🏾

  • eddie b says:

    While in America Trump have already deport all the nurses and doctors

  • Carlo Ferraro says:

    Most cubans are not doctors, 2 years do not classify them as such, they have killed people in Venezuela in the Chavez-Maduro dictatorship as well as in other “socialist” countries. Sorry for my fellow Italian citizens, you are going to get into the void. Please, those who only get information on the web and had not lived the consequences of these spies/asassins/incompetents, stay shut, only are allowed to reply those that have field experience on their actions!

  • Alessandro Arbitrio says:

    Thanks Cuba. Thank you very much!

  • Acatl Xipatli says:

    and who’s gonna send doctors to Cuba?

  • Acatl Xipatli says:

    who would win in a war Israel (zionism) or Cuba (communism) ?

  • udhav kshirsagar says:

    China is real hero for spreading covid19. China fired Corona missile, this is biological attack on remaining world. Thousands of Italian and Spanish people died daily, in this way no more human live after one year. So many thousands of innocent people are died. RIP. China is responsible for human and economic loss. China has bastered country. We are going from third world war.

  • erman işebakan says:

    ❤️💙 küba

  • Thilee Nada says:

    Always had respect for Cuban People. God bless Cuba

  • Please save our planet kill all virus says:

    I love cuba
    From india

  • Rob Diaz says:

    I America, they might save your life but when you recover, you are given a bill of $100,000 so in other words, they’ll own your life, work like a dog to repay it.

  • Θανασης τατ says:


  • Sukhjinder Bal says:

    God bless u all Cuba doctors pray to Italian

  • WMG Studio says:

    Hats off to these Doctor’s!

  • TARUNA RAWAT says:

    I’m crying🥺. Can’t thank you enough, Cubans.WE all humans ARE ONE and belong to Mother Earth.
    Please, everybody, stay at your home 🙏. This is your time, to be a real-life superheroine/superhero.
    Sending love, hopes, positivity, and strength.

  • Sonmoni Nath says:

    I am from Indian..Plz God save the World

  • Jrb Rrb says:

    Which medicine is used for covid

  • Xicotencatl III says:

    Nicolas Maduro is hiding in communist Cuba

  • Xicotencatl III says:

    I am Mexican and I support the Cuban-Blockade and the Helms Burton Law. Cuba is a narco-jump-board for cocaine trafficking!
    I am immune to communist propaganda!
    Humanitarian people must help Palestine and Syria if they were really humanitarian…

  • Hans Marheim says:

    Now we see who our real friends are. Love to Cuba! Love from Europe!

  • Starlight says:


  • Asiong81 fusion says:

    Humanity at it’s finest…

  • Александр Никулин says:

    Ваша Италия ввела санкции против Кубы. Чтобы страдал народ от ваших политических препочтений.
    Куба пришла вам на помощь в час, когда у вас проблемы. Санкции снимать не надо – мы только сильнее станем.
    Но вам надо осознать всё эту “картину”!

  • Мoleслав Dažbog says:

    Communist propaganda supported by communist-bots in the comments section.
    This is a job of the C I A media division.

    • Emiliano Altamirano says:

      Communist propaganda through the American main stream media.
      CIA behind it ,,, Obviously!

  • MeHighB says:

    weren’t you ashamed to insinuate those people are doing that for money? I hope your pay was worth it.

  • Μάκης Καρούζος says:

    Bravo Cuba !!! Ole ole lll

  • melina chessex says:

    They are going to distribute more books on Marxism than medical assistance

  • Vicki L says:

    May the Mighty God of the Universe that we ALL shared, be with them all day and night and help battle the evil one. Give them the strength and courage they need. Only fear comes from the evil one. Love from God is not fear for God is Love in all creations. Let us all join as ‘one people’ global. Turn our hearts to God and repent of our sins. Lord Jesus Christ.

  • G v s . G v s . says:

    Hats up Cuba
    Great doctors

  • Johnny Garcia says:

    Some of the Best doctor’s in world.

  • Drew Hunkins says:

    Cuba does this all the time, have been for decades. It’s unfortunate that the corporate capitalist media in the United States barely cover these myriad Cuban humanitarian missions.

  • Sneaky Intel Gamer says:

    Some people say this is all false because they can’t even make their food. But the thing is the entire Economy of Cuba depends on medicine and research

  • Abin Abraham says:


  • Cuban Anitabell says:

    I’m very proud of my land and its brave doctors 🙂 <3 Cuba

  • Norezwalzainol Ezwal says:

    Thanks All doktor .hope Allah bless all doktor in the world

  • Adam100m says:

    These “Humanitarian doctors” are “Communist spies and agents” paid by the CIA and Chinese government.

    • Emiliano Altamirano says:


  • Gordana Sladinovska says:

    Bravo. For your courage. I am from Macedonia and I am really surprised by this. Thank you Cuba. And to all medical team GOD BLESS YOU.

  • redalyn alegado says:

    GODBLESS you all.. may our LORD protect and guide you all🙌

  • elia1789 says:

    Thank you 💜

  • Vladimir Vladimirovich says:


  • el temerario says:

    Are those doctors Cuban from Miami or the Castro island?
    Miami, Right?

    • Emiliano Altamirano says:

      what’s the difference? both are owned by the CIA

  • Current King says:


  • Bilal Bilu says:


  • g1yph says:

    o7 to all those cuban doctors

  • praveen pinacle says:

    Usa,now say are u number 1 in this world ,giving first preference to capitalism and military weapons ,learn lesson from cuba ,remove the trade issues on cuba

  • praveen pinacle says:

    The world now come to know ,communism is far much better than capitalism of western cpuntries ,awake world

  • V P. Roy says:

    Real COMMUNISM – CUBA 🇨🇺

  • meacomefeyou says:

    All our work and sacrifice goes down the drain if Italy president allows millions of China and economical refugeese others finish off their resources. Dont put those Cubans work out in vein

  • Nantha Kumar says:

    God bless Cuba and Salute for Cuba doctor all Great soul from Malaysia 🇨🇺🇲🇾👍👍👍😊🕊🕊🕊peace

  • Siasam’s Game says:

    Cubans are the real angels. Castro created this unity and sense of community ❤️

  • GamE FrEak says:

    Amazing.. loved this guys. They r the true soldier for humanity

  • Evad trent says:

    They also came to Kenya a few years back to help support our weak health system. They are truely amazing.

  • pandi raj says:

    Welcome Cuba,.corana virus service.your remodel DR S
    Service from chaina and Italy and European countries so saluted from MEDICAL teams and your captain Mr vital Castro.
    Continue the.corona service all country thank you. India,Tamilnadu State.Theni District. Theni.
    Special thank you Tamil.pokkizam VIKY.
    நன்றி , தேனி.

  • F M Baloyi says:

    Really, no words are enough to thank and praise these heroes and heroin, only God can thank them on our behalf.

  • Emiliano Altamirano says:


  • Emiliano Altamirano says:

    … meanwhile in Cuba the Covid-19 killing hundreds of people.

    • TheGhostKidney7 says:

      United States has 34,191 Covid-19 deaths! lol

  • michael Castle says:

    With nearly 12 million residents Cuba has registered only 40 cases of covid 19, and only one single death, thus far! Now let that sink in…… This is an extremely impoverished island nation (courtesy of the USA of course)! But yet, the great, wealthy and powerful England can’t even protect its own Prime Minister? And look at us Americans we are looking like unprepared, inept Buffons in front of the rest of the whole wide world…. Anyway, hopefully this horrible ordeal will be over soon.

  • Julianna Oprea says:

    Just a big thank you for your sacrifice and help !
    It is so touchy to see how Cubans,Russians,Chinese doctors,nurses,biologists and people who do sanitation (disinfect everywhere is needed) all comes together in this world to help Italy !
    God luck and God bless all !

  • RCB says:

    Clearly, these are some of the good people in our world.

  • AJ says:

    Huhuhuh..take care

  • Giacomo Ca says:

    Thank you Cuba to help my country to fight against covid19 Italy will never foget , we love you . HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE

  • Dario El Guerrero Azteca says:

    These Castro’s agents aka doctors should help their own people in Cuba first.
    Cuba is getting ugly with so many, many cases of Covid-19

    • TheGhostKidney7 says:

      They’re saving lives then those loser Americans!

  • Money counter 555 says:

    When he said porque ese es el pueblo cubano I felt that respect ✊

  • G Money says:

    That’s cool!🙏

  • harikrishnan ku says:

    Cuba have the best doctors in the world

  • João Rodrigues says:

    God bless protect you and your families. Amen

  • Ranbir Singh says:

    Viva Cuba Libre!

  • Gioni Begood says:

    hasta la victoria siempre

  • Riswan M says:

    Che and Fidel is the reason

  • Kurmi Nachle says:

    When capitalist countries believe in making money Cuba believe in making education. Difference in value and what is perceived as wealth.

  • pippo spano says:

    Thanks and hugs to the Cuban Comrades from Italy HLVS

  • Orion Lord says:

    US is too busy sending billions of dollars for “chosen race” aka jews in Israel. Israel will get best medical care at expense of American. Well done America.

    • TheGhostKidney7 says:

      I honestly dion’t feel bad for the Americans for voting these incompetent politicians.

  • Rejean Nowlan says:

    now they all died

  • emilio martin says:

    Cuba Is the great country…

  • manu says:

    Evviva il comunismo e la libertà

  • Nesta Marley N says:

    The only people Africa trust is cuba

  • ABC AC says:


  • Browning Stewart says:

    Am happy Cuban Scientist are the best ever

  • FLADAY 392 says:

    Half will probably defect, if they were smart!

  • richard alvarado says:

    Maybe medical technology is the economic direction this country needs to head into.
    UV Corse peepol like Trumpty Dumpty theenk utherwise.

  • X Y says:

    Viva le Cuba.

  • Milgrine Genio says:

    Cuba! Represent 🙂

  • leti Sherlin says:

    Well done Cuban team medics.we have to strong our commitment &take care of clean,for continue health live.

  • Dario Espino says:

    Cuba literacy rate is 99.89%…

  • Alex ander says:

    i knew one day capitalism will fail , communism support you .