Iran fires missile at mock US aircraft carrier during exercise

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Iran has carried out military exercises in the Gulf.
The drills have drawn attention because Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard is using a replica United States aircraft carrier as a target to train its troops.
Al Jazeera’s Assed Baig reports from Tehran.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Richard browne says:

    That is adorable

  2. Avatar Chris Knisley says:

    This is absolutely hilarious lol is this for real ?

  3. Avatar Steve2 Me says:

    Iran, you will get more out of change then who ever is telling you to ????.

  4. Avatar tino v says:

    Iran with balls

  5. Avatar Dave says:

    Qatar went on alert due to Iran’s missile exercise. They were scared a missile was going to hit Qatar but landed in the ocean.

  6. Avatar Amarpreet Singh says:


  7. Avatar MRMehran says:


  8. Avatar Carlos Santarin Nieto says:


  9. Avatar DREAMS MEDIA2.5 says:

    ⚀REAL HERO IRAN 😍😍😍💪💪💪

  10. Avatar DREAMS MEDIA2.5 says:

    ⚀AMERICA IS OVER ⚀😃😃😎😎

  11. Avatar DREAMS MEDIA2.5 says:

    😍😍😍😍⚀ 💪💪💪

  12. Avatar DREAMS MEDIA2.5 says:


  13. Avatar daniel sabum says:

    Long live Iran

  14. Avatar UK Humanist says:

    Not quite the same, if the world’s largest, best funded military fights back. What do they really think would happen if they attacked one of the US’s many aircraft carriers? Quite simply it would be the end of Iran!

  15. Avatar rothap ro-em2 says:


  16. Avatar azhar ali says:


  17. Avatar GAZI ARAFAT says:

    Allahuakbar, love you Iran, 🇮🇷
    From Bangladesh

  18. Avatar CUTE PRINCE 143 says:

    I love Iran❤❤

  19. Avatar louie concepcion says:

    Reporter, what da F@#$ is da clear Message?😁😅😂🤪

  20. Avatar CS Fabrication, LLC says:

    He needs to relax, this ain’t Obama no more.

  21. Avatar corrioliseffect says:

    I really miss our Tomcats right now.

  22. Avatar Muhammad Saqib Irshad Muhammad Saqib says:

    US is forcing Iran to pick weapon using sanctions and attacking them. Sad

  23. Avatar Muhammad Saqib Irshad Muhammad Saqib says:

    what US interests in gulf….. ooo I got it oil. I see. Its like iran go to Ameerican and say it is in our interests to keep sea under our interest. And war will be named as defensive but it is offensive in actually.

  24. Avatar Anil Patel says:

    Saamne se koi maarne wala Nahi he.dummy carrier hone ki vajah se ye to satisfaction he ki koi hamla Nahi hoga.esi ghatiya drill naa kare Iran to acchaa he.

  25. Avatar Michael Winkler says:

    Despite what Iran says even they know they’re not ready for us.

  26. Avatar Truth Seeker. says:

    Need to be aware of the history of down falls of empires before, being invoice with to many wars.

  27. Avatar Robert Sistrunk says:

    First off the Iranian speed boats would never get that close to the carrier

  28. Avatar Ehsan Eb says:

    Just a reminder it’s persian gulf, and it’s been for 7 mellnuime!

  29. Avatar richard hall says:

    Yes like you would get that close ,they don’t sit and what for your little motor boats to shot at them .the clue is in the name aircraft carrier. What a set of numptys Iran .

  30. Avatar ShitteBenis says:

    Reminds me of how North Korea blows up random hills with artillery, as a show of “force”

  31. Avatar joseph d kim says:

    Iran does know that a real Nimitz class will be firing back right? 😂😂😂😂 anyways… Iran surely showed it’s dominance circling around a piece of cardboard 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

  32. Avatar Kwabena Badu says:

    Iran take care don’t provoke Americans Americans are the most powerful nation in the world

  33. Avatar Trevor Gittens says:

    Israel already show that Iran is just a want 2 b !!

  34. Avatar Persian immortal says:

    hahaha nothing more good to see we below up three U.S aircraft carriers and many of their factories in their land hahaha yanks are F up…cheers for the mighty PERSIAN EMPIRE!!!

  35. Avatar Sith Vent says:

    They’ve been playing to much cod

  36. Avatar James Johnson says:

    What a joke. Like an ant messing with a hornet.

  37. Avatar moon mission says:

    i cant stop laughing

  38. Avatar Aaron Young says:

    i thought i saw something odd in my neighbor’s yard the other day…

  39. Avatar James Brady says:

    In the immortal words of Bruce Lee: Boards don’t hit back.

  40. Avatar Vivian Williams says:

    Time will tell ,for one is falling and the other is rising, we shall see but good always win

  41. Avatar Abdou Najim says:

    Just action hoolyoud

  42. Avatar mepsley says:

    What a bunch of pathetic idiots. Based on this lesson I am currently building a paper model of the iraninan parliament. I plant to have batman, superman and Barbie dolls boyfriend attack.

  43. Avatar mike valkanet says:

    What are we going to do with all this leftover plywood?
    Build a fake ship and shoot at it. That will show the Americans.

  44. Avatar Aman Soni says:

    lmao 🤣

  45. Avatar Jake Loverman says:


  46. Avatar Little Timmy says:

    nothing shows military strength better than firing at a 50 foot long cardboard replica that doesnt shoot back.

  47. Avatar Ray Ray says:

    Lmao cardboard don’t shoot back or maneuver.. Lmao 😂

  48. Avatar Xander says:

    What the Iranian’s fail to realize is that a Nimitz Aircraft carrier would never be alone at sea like that and exposed. Thats why Aircraft carriers are always grouped up with other ships called “The Carrier battle group” which usually includes multiple destroyers, multiple guided missle cruisers, a frigate usually, a supply ship and one or two nuclear submarines underwater. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

  49. Avatar Josh David says:

    DAAAAANG those are huge fireworks Iran!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Avatar Josh David says:

    Wow who knew Iran’s first aircraft carrier would actually not even be a functioning aircraft carrier at all. Wow what an impressive military exercise LMAO.

  51. Avatar Ely Paul says:

    Dominance of Iran’s navy???:)))) Iran should be happy that Trump is such a nice guy and avoided further conflict.

    • Avatar Big winter says:

      😁😁😁 best joke ever

  52. Avatar Prince baño says:

    And yet I have zero trust in the Schia. They were liars, they are liars and they will remain liars.

  53. Avatar Shawdesh bd says:

    I love iran.

  54. Avatar airplaneguy17 says:


  55. Avatar Big winter says:

    It’s just have one difference frome real war, in real war one missile is enough for that carrier

  56. Avatar A ST says:

    I’ve seen American F14 fighter jets painted with Iranian flags and colors to resemble their F14’s for target practice. How is this any different?

  57. Avatar MCD Reptiles says:

    It’s alot more difficult when there’s a crew on board firing back and fighting inside will be extremely close quarters. Also there’s Helicopters and a flotilla of other ships they have to get past before even reaching the aircraft carrier.

  58. Avatar Elpidio Espinoza says:

    A cartoon version would have better results.

  59. Avatar 1zigzag1 1zigzag1 says:

    Strange country..
    They use religion to suffocate freedom…
    As do the west but on a more diluted scale. All religions must end if humanity is to move forward.
    Grow up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  60. Avatar tom whittington says:

    Iran fires a missile and very soon they will start would war 3 someday soon it is why they are showing off want they will do to u.s.a

  61. Avatar Moe Rad says:

    The graveyard of American soldiers will be in the Persian Gulf
    American solution
    Escape from the Persian Gulf before it’s too late
    The Persian Gulf belongs to Iran
    What is America doing?

  62. Avatar Brotherhood Knight says:

    Well only one way to find out.

  63. Avatar Yasir Ali says:

    S400 eliminates the aerial threat from a f35 …. now use your sukhoi’s and Brahmos and ballistic miles and shower the aircrft carriers with missiles …. with loads of dummies ….. sitting ducks!!!

  64. Avatar solsnk2 says:

    Death to Iran.

  65. Avatar Chris k says:

    They want to be Smackdown again

  66. Avatar Dee Boss says:

    Cruise and tomahawk will destroy the Iranian RG in minutes.

  67. Avatar THE ULTIMATE GAMES says:

    I hope Iran stop
    Mocking us Iran know if they attack us Iran will teste like never before

  68. Avatar AD says:

    Nimitz will eat Iran

  69. Avatar John Yasco says:

    America canot win..iran is not afghanistan or somalia

  70. Avatar Troy Desole says:

    I LOVE THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN. 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  71. Avatar Sabarna Kar says:

    Yeah they can only shoot in dream . Btw 🤣🤣🤣🤣 they love to shoot their own planes 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  72. Avatar Bassudev Sawock says:


  73. Avatar Adam Lemus says:

    It would have been more intermediating if they did nothing at all.

  74. Avatar Reza Panahi says:

    Columnist covering national security
    A war with Iran would be the mother of all quagmires
    May 20,2019

  75. Avatar Abedi says:

    Persian gulf 🇮🇷♥️

  76. Avatar DR Ir M says:

    Both Iran and China practising the sinking of US aircraft carriers? wow… as they say Practice Makes Perfect’

  77. Avatar Sourav Bhowmik says:


  78. Avatar Jeffrey Heggins says:

    Iran should sell the film of to this military exercise to the public. It make for a good comical .

  79. Avatar Yoo Wat says:

    Is this a joke, I don’t know much or care much about military stuff, but are they just going to let the boats come right up against their biggest ship, like those look like boats I would fish off of

  80. Avatar David Lee says:

    Irans using of numerous small missile boats to deal with it’s enemy in its water is very effective tactic against giants. China could learn from them for it’s SCS defence.

  81. Avatar I Love The Way U lie says:

    that mock ship will even sink without ropes attach to it.

  82. Avatar Dream Film says:

    The US in middle east = war Business.
    All the Muslim countries together can’t harm the USA.
    Just 1 Nuke is enough for the Middle East.
    Don’t provoke war.
    Be as Peaceful as you claim

  83. Avatar Ghufran says:

    Iran and America should just kill each other both are enemies of Islam anyways.

    Go on and go forth you warmongering scounderals. 😂😂😂😂

  84. Avatar Md Al Masud says:

    Good job Iran,,,,,,Carry on

  85. Avatar younus Kassar says:

    कुछ भी कहो ईरान ने अमेरिका की फाड़ कर रख दी इसे कहते हे जैसे को तैसा एक हमारी सरकार हे जो पाकिस्तान के सामने शेर और चीन के सामने ढेर हो जाती है

  86. Avatar Neko Chan says:

    They don’t have balls to fire in Real US Aircraft Carrier😂you know what will happen if they shoot in Real Aircraft Carrier of US😂Aegis Defense System is waiving👋btw i hope iran could wait until the US and Australia done with their New Drone nickname: Loyal Wingman manuevered by A.I😂

  87. Avatar Megenay Musa says:

    In this case U.S started it

  88. Avatar Lovala Rolland says:

    Go iran i support you

  89. Avatar Frank Lim says:

    Well let see if strong enough to fight with USA,

  90. Avatar Egbert Escamillas says:

    This is ridiculous

  91. Avatar nim ajji says:

    This is hilarious to watch. Ignoring the comedic size of the fake nimitz,
    American fishing boats are larger and have more ordnance than these clowns.

    Iran doesn’t need to do BS exercised like these. Because it certainly doesn’t intimidate anyone.
    It only shows how weak they are .

    Iran however does have the soft support of the world , if the Americans did ever try anything drastic.

  92. Avatar Zeeshan Haider says:

    Love ❤️ Iran 🇮🇷
    From Pakistan

  93. Avatar lions den says:

    Taliban zindabad

  94. Avatar ABHISHEK KUMAR says:

    When th real aircraft carrier ll come , these fish boats ll run fr thr life,,and soon ll turn into dead fish 😂😂

  95. Avatar sajib sjb says:

    I hope all the commercial flights on Iran’s sky were off for that day

  96. Avatar X Calibus Gaming says:

    But why US is poking Iran? First they killed theri general (Qassam) and now they r flying fighter jets near civillian passanger plane.

  97. Avatar Deobin Montoya says:

    They called it Carrier Strike means carrier doesnt sail alone..!!in real those tiny iranian boats is perfectly use as target shooting of any fighter aircrafts onboard US aircraft carrier…

  98. Avatar Ramin Habibi says:

    With us and Israel we will have our country back from Persians. Viva south Azerbaijan

  99. Avatar Sweet Love 143 says:

    USA has satellite, nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers with laser guns, submarine, tanks, fighter jets. I dont think Iran can defeat America.

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