US: Pentagon announces 11,900 troops to be moved from Germany

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The United States has announced plans to pull nearly a third of its military personnel out of Germany in a continuing dispute over defence spending.
President Donald Trump flagged the move back in June, amid a dispute with Berlin over its defence spending.
Nearly half of the 12,000 troops will be moved to other locations in Europe, including Italy and Belgium.

Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett reports from the White House.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Tim Penni says:

    Time to come home.. Friends only act like your friends when you help them. Good move trump

    • Avatar jaw de says:

      Maybe nobody need friends acting like this for years worldwide?

    • Avatar tamastag says:

      You’re brainwashed. It’s not about friendship. And it’s never been. It’s about getting to rule Germany after WWII. If the Americans leave, they reduce their economic influence over Germany. But hey, we won’t miss you.

  2. Avatar Prophet Muhamed says:

    Pull out all of your troops back to home ocuntry, nobody wants US troops in their own country

    • Avatar santiago pichiringo says:


    • Avatar Fanatical Crusader says:

      Protect your own shipping lanes then, as well as provide for your own security when the power vacuum occurs. Don’t beg us to come back.

    • Avatar Amna Shazli says:

      The man in ur profile must be ur ugly dad

    • Avatar Phoenix-King 77 says:

      No bro. Booming the sand brings the towers back. So let us continue to f up your countries

  3. Avatar Justin Marion says:

    So, who cares? It’s not like this matters at all. Just let the US out of NATO already.

    • Avatar Xavi Chuvy says:

      The US is the North American Terrorist Organisation or in other words NATO is a mere tool of US imperialism. The other nations are mostly Uncle Sam vassal states.

    • Avatar Rango D says:

      Islamic Republic of German-istan 😂

    • Avatar Fazlay Rabbi says:

      @Falcon Swoops but Trump didn’t allow any IsIs or Jihadist. So why America is burning? If you compare Germany with America, it’s much Safe place to live and for business.

    • Avatar Fazlay Rabbi says:

      @Rango D America is going to be Blacklist by the Black people 😂🤣
      After deployment of military situation is getting worse now. How America will handle the economical collapse because the Corona. Even they started a new economical fight with China. Germany is one of the powerful economy in Europe. They are in great position, think about you man

    • Avatar Rango D says:

      @Fazlay Rabbi 😂

  4. Avatar Zul white says:

    They’re ready for upcoming massive war.! Are you ready.?

    • Avatar crash b says:

      They’re getting ready for war by pulling troops out of a key central network? Yes that makes perfect sense

    • Avatar Immortal Soul says:

      @crash b you missed the part where trump mentions it due to Germany not putting in enough of its cut for NATO. You would assume nowadays more than ever NATO has to be prepared.

    • Avatar crash b says:

      @Immortal Soul that doesnt counter the point that I made. You dont gear up for war by pulling troops out. That doesnt make any sense

    • Avatar Immortal Soul says:

      @crash b I said war already started what can’t you understand? It’s a cold war. What you are seeing is textbook cold war tactics.

    • Avatar Noneshere says:

      Lol, please !
      Thats exactly what the dirty dollar needs to finalize its extinction.

  5. Avatar Kristy Chang says:

    Less us troops around the world more peaceful it’ll be.

    • Avatar Pro Banot says:

      Its not simple. There are worse consequences when US pulled out such as in Africa

  6. Avatar fairplayall says:

    Merkel is fed up with trump. Did not attend G7 meeting and wanted Nord stream 2 to go ahead.
    Germany will work closer to China the future

    • Avatar J H says:

      @fairplayall Russia uses energy as a leverage. That being said, when Russia decides to retake Constantinople, I will volunteer to help them.

    • Avatar Leeka Scot says:

      Slave of Russia, that’s what I see. German economy and EU of fall.

    • Avatar fairplayall says:

      @J H no Russia always treat gas as non political but as a commercial commodity.

      You c as n sanction Russia and Russia still supply the gas. What more do you want as a guarantee,? Will US do the same? It is sanctions straight away

    • Avatar J H says:

      @fairplayall yes, like they did in Ukraine. I’m in the energy business, married to a Russian deal with the Russian producers. I stand by my comment.

    • Avatar fairplayall says:

      @J H that was different with Ukraine. Ukraine was making it difficult for Russia and expected low prices and did not pay their bills.

      More important is the supplies to Europe… Russia must say is proven to be the most reliable supplier and never weaponise their gas supplies.

      This is very unlike the attitudes of the childish Americans who would not hesitate to stop if s as nctiobs others as the ONLY weapon they have as they have not the brains to think of other ways.

      Between the US and Russia.. The world except you, will pick Russia

  7. Avatar Mark Trinidad says:

    Even if Germany pays 2% of GDP on their defense but if they ain’t buying American military equipment like jets, missiles and tanks, its good as nothing.

    • Avatar Sean Tottenham says:

      @Muizz Hakim Get over it Germany is full of pacifist lefties now.

    • Avatar rAdHominem says:

      @Noneshere Depends on what tech you’re talking about. In terms of small arms, Germany is right up at the top. Even in terms of Armor, the Leopard is not something to trifle with. Air Power and ADA though….I’m actually not sure where the Germans are with that.

    • Avatar EjwiiiMovies says:

      ​@Muizz Hakim​Since WWII The US Military and its minions have killed 40,000,000 people internationally to make the world safe for Conglomerates to extract/steal mineral wealth and use slave labor.

    • Avatar what the flying fuck ... says:

      they won’t buy american tech … the US-americans spied/spy on us big time … german love for privacy came from GeStaPo in pre-war Germany and the StaSi in post-war East-Germany … the NSA incident will never be forgotten and has damaged the relation beyond repair

    • Avatar Petsto says:

      Believe me we will buy the most expensive tank ever build in Germany that will not be able to move, shoot or even exist.

  8. Avatar Jing. R. says:

    Germany: yes yes yes

  9. Avatar ghouse mohiuddin says:

    You have damaged entire world for your nefarious designs

    time is ripe for return gift.

    • Avatar Falcon Swoops says:

      @ghouse mohiuddin Yeah Allah Blessed the Jews and gave the land of Israel to them as per the quran😛😛 and of course EVERYTHING HAPPENS with the WILL of Allah 😜😜🤣🤣

    • Avatar Noneshere says:

      Falcon Swoops….just as fast as Palestine was stolen, it can be returned.
      Especially once the dollar colapses and US engages in a hot war it cant win with China & friends.

    • Avatar Falcon Swoops says:

      @Noneshere Palestine was stolen 😛😛🤣🤣. Where was Palestine ?? Allah gave the land of Israel to the Jews as per the Qur’an.🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • Avatar ghouse mohiuddin says:

      Maurice S

    • Avatar ghouse mohiuddin says:

      “we jews, We Are cex

  10. Avatar ahsan ali says:

    Trump is being isolationist

  11. Avatar Lee Seoul says:

    The end of Germany coming

    • Avatar J H says:

      @Ajo Ramen Islam will destroy Germany before Russia will.

    • Avatar Emp Muneeb says:

      @J H you’re so stupid, it actually hurts.

    • Avatar J H says:

      @Emp Muneeb because I speak the truth?

    • Avatar 7charlierox says:

      Lee….too stupid.

    • Avatar Maggie says:


  12. Avatar waxed link says:

    When elected, Biden will reverse the decision and no troops will have moved. Trump wrongly thinks having US troops in their country is done for Germany’s benefit!

    • Avatar waxed link says:

      @J H they may have, but Diplomatic cables on Wikileaks show that US military bases are less about troops etc and more about having internally based launching points for American business interests in that country.

    • Avatar Charles Darwin the founder of evolution says:

      waxed link why

    • Avatar J H says:

      @waxed link overall, the US maintains about 320,000 military personnel in Europe. Thats about 10% of European total. I’m not sure having 35,000 in Germany for US business interests is a valid statement

    • Avatar waxed link says:

      @J H they probably don’t need that many. They just need enough to keep the base open.

    • Avatar waxed link says:

      @Charles Darwin the founder of evolution launching point for business in Germany and locally based hegemony.

  13. Avatar Arham Shaikh says:

    I don’t know why there are around 800 military bases

    • Avatar Xavi Chuvy says:


    • Avatar Noneshere says:

      Fake money called the dollar, thats why.

    • Avatar Charles Darwin the founder of evolution says:

      Xavi Chuvy hate imperialism

    • Avatar suman saurabh says:

      To maintain the hegemony of uncle Sam .

    • Avatar Linden Mills says:

      Let’s consider this question. In 2014 under President Obama, Russia invaded the Crimea. Ukraine is a non NATO ally and Russia took advantage of this fact, knowing that the US and NATO would avoid war.
      Iran constantly threatens to shutter the strait of Hormuz, which would tank the global economy. Iranian Islamic fanaticism has led Iran down a dangerous path, and religious governments are reckless. The American 6th fleet keeps Iran in check with its superior firepower and ability.
      Lastly in Asia, the United States conducting maritime freedom of navigation missions threatens China’s grasp on the South China Sea. If China were to accomplish its goals, there would be a new imperialistic superpower bent on eradicating certain ethnic and religious minorities.
      The presence of US military bases around the world serves as a deterrent to other nations willing to threaten global security. The US military funds and conducts more humanitarian missions than any other country on Earth. Lastly, the US has the most powerful and functional military in the universe, unless we find aliens. If I weren’t protected by them, I’d be jealous too.

  14. Avatar Chris P Bacon says:

    Weapons salesman Trump is a little upset.

  15. Avatar Kron Hertz says:

    And Germany will turn to Russia for help…
    Just like Philippines turning to China for help, when dumbass Trump tried to blackmail Duerte into paying more.
    Trump already betrayed France as well, when US forces withdrew from the Sahel region leaving French forces fighting Boko Haram and ISIS alone

    It’s exactly what Putin wanted.

  16. Avatar Abdel Hammami says:

    “strengthen the alliance ” Do yo mean the alliance of you and your traitor Boss Trump. Biden 2020

    • Avatar J H says:

      No abdool, it’s member states paying their fair share to NATO.

    • Avatar Abdel Hammami says:

      @J H You sound like you just binged on chlorine trying to cure Trumpvirus. Now let me head to wakeMed help clean Trump mess.

    • Avatar Noneshere says:

      Funny how antitrumpers think joining the demonrats are going to make anything better.
      Such useful idiots 😁

  17. Avatar Sano Vai says:

    US will be destroyed by russia and china later or sooner by nuclear weapon …

    • Avatar van lao says:

      Wishful and stupid thinking, whoever attack U.S with nuclear weapons will receive the same thing in kind. Not a country in the world, not even the U.S is stupid enough to use nuclear weapon without clear justification.

  18. Avatar M. Malek says:

    Dont forget to take your nuc heads with you. Bye bye

  19. Avatar Legend Power says:

    Go home yankees

  20. Avatar facite non victimarum says:

    Trump is blackmailed and has no choice but to do what Putin demands! This close to the election it would be a disaster if Putin released videos of Trump and little girls on Epstein’s island.

  21. Avatar Heather Larson says:

    What is the similarity between Japan and Germany? They think Americans are there in their countries in order to “protect” them for free. Lol.

    • Avatar tamastag says:

      You’re thinking is way too one sided.

      Americans are in several countries of the world for their own good. Not for protecting anybody – that’s only the propaganda you hear on TV.

    • Avatar El Nacho Fantastico says:

      Haha Trump is auctioning his global assertiveness for the lowest bidder; China ofcourse. Germany being the richest and most powerful country in the EU, has a strong vote and opinion in what direction the EU takes. You réally want to push away usa from EU when ww3 is rising??

    • Avatar Elias says:

      Lol. Wrong. The average American think they are there to protect Germany and Japan. Your Army is in Germany and Japan because of strategical interessts. Even our President is to stupid to realize this 😉

  22. Avatar DCLXVI says:

    conspiracies for November 🤘

  23. Avatar jaw de says:

    Have a safe trip 👍Good bye

  24. Avatar nickvj030 says:

    Good… noone wants those muggets anywhere around the world anyway

  25. Avatar Kerza AG says:

    The USA needs to leave Europe and the middle east.

    • Avatar TByRaqm 2Mz says:

      @Mark Rcca I’ve presented evidence describing the world as it is. I’m convinced by evidence, not propositions.

      What you’re describing stands in complete contradiction to the current world order, or how states view themselves. You must have not read anything during the entire cold war or post cold war to know that any country, or group of countries that tried to be non-aligned were quickly invaded, had their leaders assassinated, suddenly found their insurgents well armed and well funded, or, at the very least, cut out of world trade, and vilified on Western or Soviet media, leading to their irrelevance.
      If you don’t believe me, just look at what happened to the countries of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) that were punished by both the US and Soviets. How, at best they are still playing catch-up and won’t be making that mistake again.

      The US is a superpower, and China is emerging as one, and they are moving to stitch the world together in spheres of influence that follow ‘Realist International Relations Theory’ and logic set forth in the Cold War. You can point to any country and I can tell you if it’s in China’s sphere of influence, the US, or if it’s still deciding.

      Frankly, I would love America to pack up their bases and go home, and take their corporations and monopolies with them. But the US isn’t interested in giving up markets and spheres of influence to exploit. Nor are they interested in China taking the place for themselves. So they stay, while China seeks to quietly wrestle influence and market share for themselves (e.g., Africa, Eastern Europe), usually in places the US and its allies overlook.

      But I’m happy to be proven wrong, so I’d be interested to know how and why countries would ignore their own economic and defence interests just to form an alliance just to pick a fight against China (or the US for that matter), instead of simply enjoying preferential trade with them, while quietly aligning their foreign and trade policy to suit the superpower. Or why the US and China would allow a third competitor to emerge and threaten them without doing anything.

    • Avatar Mark Rcca says:

      @TByRaqm 2Mz “how the states view themselves”. That’s they key right there. All of your “evidence” about “how the world works” comes down to how you view yourself – and that is entirely your own choice. If you view yourself as weak and incapable of cooperating with your neighbors, and your neighbors also see themselves that way – then certainly you all are weak and incapable! But not because of anything that exists in the physical world. And ALL because of what’s in your own mind.

    • Avatar TByRaqm 2Mz says:

      @Mark Rcca Sorry man, I’m just not interested in discussing this any further with someone who’s obviously never studied the subject international relations once, yet alone worked in the field a day in their life.
      What I’m discussing is 101 IR theory. It’s not complex or even up for debate. Everything you wrote is fantasy and not at all borne out in reality. It does reflect some populous political position in the US, which is, frankly, silly.
      I’m not trying to insult you, many intelligent people have been wrong, but your adamant in denying well established facts. Honestly, 30 minutes of research on the subject of International Relations Theory would disprove most of what you say. So this is a waste of both our time. I’m not learning anything, and you refuse to learn anything.
      If there’s one thing to take away from this, it’s that the American sense of entitlement, while liberating in that it endows the individual with a sense of ambition, has a dark side: Which is that Americans will do almost anything, even put lives at risk, to indulge it. It’s excruciating to watch, and even more unpleasant to deal with.

    • Avatar Mark Rcca says:

      @TByRaqm 2Mz I find fascinating that you would insist your life and the political decisions of your nations are all run by “a theory”. That theory explains how nations might choose one path or another. It does not, and cannot, state that a nation always MUST choose one path over another. It would deny human free will if it did that. We’re not talking about physics or chemistry, where given certain conditions, the outcome can be predicted with 100% accuracy. A rock pulled by gravity to the earth has no free will. Human beings have FREE WILL! I suggest you do some reading about what that is..

    • Avatar Chuck Thunder says:

      the CIA/mossad and pentagon just bring drugs and 12 year old abused girls into germany and steal information out of germany. no one wants them.

  26. Avatar Anand kumar says:

    NATO Disarming….

    • Avatar Noneshere says:

      Dollar failure.
      Gold keeps climbing higher and higher against it.

    • Avatar M1CHAEL C0RL3ON3 says:

      The end of the failed North Atlantic Terrorist Organization which is a good day for all mankind.

  27. Avatar Mas Salleh says:


  28. Avatar tamastag says:

    Trump and Putin have been over the phone for the past few days and they agreed to lower the NATO threatening this close to the Russian border.

    But what will Putin give Trump in exchange? I wonder… Maybe a guaranteed reelection?

  29. Avatar Xavi Chuvy says:

    Just moving troops from one colony to another.

  30. Avatar I'm sooo bored Jaehyun says:

    Ok and?

  31. Avatar Noneshere says:

    Dollar death screams

  32. Avatar abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim says:

    A powerful country like Germany being protected by American’s troops. What ashame 😠😠

    • Avatar D GE says:

      @fghfghfgjgv yeah, but the United States deliberately created the military threats they now pretend to protect Europeans against. It’s an old habit of US foreign policy to meddle with countries who have good relations to US adversaries and try to make them allies. This is how the Ukrainian crisis started.

      With friends like America who needs enemies?

    • Avatar Robert Alker says:

      Perhaps an outdated idea, but certainly a necessary imperative from 1945 until 2000. There’s nothing shameful about it, though. Germany can always tell them to leave.

    • Avatar swed62 says:

      US didn’t build a wall cutting Germany in two. How can you defeat Russia if they supply your fuel?

    • Avatar Alex Bort says:

      Germany is not protected by the US. Germany is occupied by the US.

    • Avatar abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim says:

      @Alex Bort hhhh 👍😄

  33. Avatar Nutan Limbu says:

    So America still occupying Germany the war has ended long time ago.

  34. Avatar Kamil M says:

    Are they going to China

  35. Avatar olteandatdracu says:

    auf wiedersehen du ami arshloch

  36. Avatar Charles Darwin the founder of evolution says:


  37. Avatar Be Happy says:

    This now opens the door to Russia invading Europe

    • Avatar Leeka Scot says:


    • Avatar 7charlierox says:

      France and England could nuke Russia?

    • Avatar Leeka Scot says:

      @7charlierox Russia already warned to EU that it won’t be happy to see any missiles in the range of Russia, which means EU will crash with Russia eventually. I see it as WWll again… Nordic countries are also on the red alert. England is the only exception as you said. If Russia doesn’t get greedy, there will be no problem, but who knows? shrug.

    • Avatar Be Happy says:

      @7charlierox they never would because Russia will invade the EU by land, troops, tanks, and NATO is weak, will not act and not using nukes, no way. You watch Russia invade EU, it’s going to happen.

  38. Avatar Charles Darwin the founder of evolution says:

    bye yankees

  39. Avatar Be Happy says:

    That news reporter Kimberly Halkett sounds like a freaking cartoon character, so annoying.

  40. Avatar Kaml M says:

    All to impress russia so they help trump win again!

  41. Avatar Langa Yeptho says:

    Better for Free Germany. Better Germany. Better German Army. Better Future.

    • Avatar Manish Kumar Singh says:

      Entire German army and SF is filled with Nazis.

      No one from a decent background wants to die for a county that considers itself “woke”

  42. Avatar LALALA WAWA says:

    Good for Germany

  43. Avatar Malcolm Tem says:

    Maybe Nato should be scraped

  44. Avatar karen wazen says:

    Qatar support ISIS to destroy the world

  45. Avatar ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    the usa has no money anymore for their bases in the world and no country pays for american presents and bases

    • Avatar DerpyNerdy says:

      Pandemic is the cause tho lol

  46. Avatar Ahmad Pathan says:

    Just leave the other countries, for God’s sake!

    • Avatar James Picklehead says:

      And Russia would do what? Just sit there or make more trouble?

    • Avatar Nightster says:

      @James Picklehead Russia would not make trouble, Putin has repeatedly held his hand out in friendship for years and it’s been rejected by both the US and UK, yet we have aggressively lined its borders with troops, tanks and ballistic missiles, imposed sanctions and interfered with trade.

    • Avatar James Picklehead says:

      Nightster Russians are jumping for joy over this. Their media is having a field day. The new Russian catch phrase is “trump is ours.” He’s Putin’s fool.

    • Avatar Nightster says:

      @James Picklehead Having aggressive and hostile forces removed from his borders why wouldn’t he be. Germany is the 1st European country to realise Russia is no threat to any European nation, hence their contributions.
      Maybe Trump is appeasing him for help in his upcoming election.

  47. Avatar world peace says:

    new empire are collapse are usa

  48. Avatar M1CHAEL C0RL3ON3 says:

    The Beginning of the end for the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, and i believe this is all over the Nord Stream business because they Yankees wanted Germany to not buy Russian gas.

    • Avatar Abalada says:

      … but why now? (West) Germany did buy Russian gas already during the Cold War.

  49. Avatar Commander Red says:

    Very good, get the f out of every country in the world

  50. Avatar Jocelyn Poesnecker says:

    We have a lot of litter here in Upper Darby, PA USA. Maybe they want to come back and help with that instead of playing with guns and bombs. Teach the children out in the streets some good things while cleaning. I ask Dear God humbly to Bless you.🌹🍇🍭🍁🍏🌺🌸🍰🍋🍦🍑🌿🍉🍓🍎🌼🌾❤️❤️🕌🍓🕌🕌🕌🕌🌽🌽🍓🍉💐💐🕌

    • Avatar Just Some justice says:

      Hey my mom grew up in upper Darby! Her street used to be all the other Greeks when she came to the US, She said growing up less Greeks where staying around and more undesirable people set in; then the violence.. 🙁

    • Avatar Jocelyn Poesnecker says:

      Just Some justice . Well I love living in Upper Darby. I have a lovely garden here with fig trees🌼thanks to Dear God. I ask Dear God humbly to Bless you and your family.🍊🌺🍭🍑🍿🌾🌽🌹🍰😀🌿🍉🍦🍁🌸💐🌼🕌❤️🕌🕌🕌

  51. Avatar Sree Nath says:

    South China sea is the new hotspot.

  52. Avatar Ali Adam says:

    Is America finally invading America?

    • Avatar 7charlierox says:

      Yes like a bad flu. Witness the self destruction of the narcissistic state.

  53. Avatar Fazlay Rabbi says:

    Good new for Germany.
    They have the most powerful economy in Europe now and soon they will have one of the most powerful military.

    • Avatar Steven Klein says:

      No, we in Germany dont want to have a big military anymore… Our Past still give a bad mind of Germany to many people, but in the past 70 years we learned – sadly noone seems to recognized it. Trump (btw. whos grandparents were german) will put pressure on germany but the real reason for his movement is something other…

    • Avatar Elias says:

      @Steven Klein thats not true. I´m German too and i hope our army will be the strongest Army in Europe in the Future. We are the strongest Economy in Europe and the most populatet Country after Russia. Its our duty to protect Europe now

  54. Avatar TByRaqm 2Mz says:

    China loves Trump, he’ll do all the retreating China needs to take the place of the US.

  55. Avatar Ali Khan says:

    Even after 40 years to end the Cold War, Russian regional-global hegemony still thrives in US elites slumber. What best could they achieve with their Petro-Dollar economy and Military might, if they are unable to have a sigh of relief!

    • Avatar Manish Kumar Singh says:

      No it Isn’t, Russian are now purely a weapons and oil-gas exporting country

  56. Avatar Mo Jo says:

    Finally. Good, we don’t need to be there and Germany should pony up $$$ we can’t be the global police anymore it’s wasteful spending and we have issues here at home. Party is over Germany can fend for themselves

    • Avatar Billzy says:

      BINGO.! And so say all of us.

  57. Avatar joven ibarra says:

    Donald Trump aka The Lyin’ King is all bluster. It’s part of his effort to look like a “wartime president” to convince people to vote for him. In reality, the US can’t afford to leave any of its “colonies”, including Germany, and forsake its status as a superpower. Trump’s good at empty rhetoric!

  58. Avatar Utsav Karn says:


  59. Avatar Firko AntiZionist says:

    *Perhaps US will send the troops around China for freedom and democracy. Enslaving other nations by using military power and looting the oil and gas are what the freedom and democracy of the Western Zionist countries*

  60. Avatar Janong Sumlut says:

    Germany has problems with India and Russia to enter G7 but Germany 🇩🇪 has no problem at all gas pipe business direct link with Russia American must punish Germany.

    • Avatar swed62 says:

      No need when Germany upsets Russia they will shut off gas. Maybe Germany will just be a part of Russia so they will have to worry about.

    • Avatar Steven Klein says:

      @swed62 Germany .. part of Russia, do u know anything about Europe, Germany or in general about all this ? This will never happen.

  61. Avatar carl gangl says:

    The gift for Putin is on top of a ICBM

  62. Avatar Thabi Thomson says:

    I prefer USA to China I’m from Africa and the Chinese are everywhere taking job bring companies to my country and only hire there own and you can get job at one you are two times less than Chinese person doing same work

    • Avatar Maggie says:

      There are African towns everywhere in China now….

  63. Avatar swed62 says:

    You can’t have it both ways

  64. Avatar Get Real says:

    Germany wants you out anyway, they prefer Chinese troops 😁

    • Avatar Asiama Pachuau says:

      Russia and China

    • Avatar Elias says:

      Hahahahaha… The only Troops we prefer are our own.Did you know , that we in Germany don´t trust Chnina and Russia?

  65. Avatar Jesus Vicente Fernandez says:

    Less US military presence, less geopolitical tensions, hence less need for US military fake protection. The beginning of the end of of this global protection racket.

  66. Avatar Arnisho says:

    honestly who cares? Russia is not even a threat anymore their country is so weak its almost laughable

    • Avatar van lao says:

      The events in Ukraine and Crimea beg to differ.

    • Avatar Arnisho says:

      @van lao wow they managed to take parts of a country who was busy with a civil war. And in result their own economy almost collapsed due to some sanctions. Imagine if they even tried anything to a western europe country.

  67. Avatar Gheorghe Banta says:

    Vin ăn. Romănia

  68. Avatar David Wangbichler says:

    Is Europe still incapable of protecting their territories? They sure act proud about everything Euro.

    • Avatar jolie says:

      what exactly are you protecting us from? really curious

    • Avatar Mark Rcca says:

      @jolie we’re not protecting you from anything. That’s why we are leaving. I wish all U.S. bases in Europe were closed – because all they do is create some kind of illusion.

  69. Avatar Sonya Nutter says:

    all of trumps decisions have been a disaster for America and help for our enemies. YET! mcconnell continues to give him reign to make calls. trump’s mind doesn’t evolve any further than a game show, he has a serious shortcoming in the brain dept. what an abomination to the American people. lame-duck trump immediately…

  70. Avatar Asiama Pachuau says:

    The end of America is coming

  71. Avatar Phoenix-King 77 says:

    Why tho

  72. Avatar Steven Klein says:

    Many good friendships was made in the time Us-Troops was stationed in germany. Its sad that this decition is made. If Trump think Poland is a better place… have fun in dirty ugly Poland!

  73. Avatar Mike says:

    They should have moved to Poland. poland had already offered to pay for a us base. And I’m sure living expenses will be cheaper compared to Italy, Belgium or Germany.

  74. Avatar bella frances says:

    Welcome to South East Asia.

  75. Avatar Danuja Ivano says:

    In need of clarity. From what I know, the US’s defense budget is more than the budgets of the next 26 countries, combined; out of which 25 are allies. And you still hold as much fear over Russia to believe these allies lose “stability” with the removal of a few thousand troops? Deployment of troops is more of a intimidation mechanism of the US for what I feel

  76. Avatar Spaceballz123 says:

    Who are we defending Germany against? They have no enemies. Germany and Russia just are constructing a multi-billion dollar pipeline against U.S. interest. Germany has the 4th largest GDP in the world, Let them pay for their own defense.

  77. Avatar zhuge Liang says:

    800 USA military bases. Think of all the trillions that could be saved for critical domestic programs.

  78. Avatar Jesus is King says:

    Repent the day of the Lord is at hand!

  79. Avatar Rere Dong says:

    When our allies ask us to leave , don’t ask us for help when you guys get invaded

  80. Avatar Mighty John says:

    More like kicked out of the country then moving 🤣

  81. Avatar LQc6VGMB2RHCexj4 says:

    Entire German navy didn’t leave port in 2018. Entire air force has a few dozen combat ready fighters.

  82. Avatar I Rate Your Comments says:

    I didn’t realize there were 30,000+ US soldiers in Germany. Why so many?

  83. Avatar Mark Rcca says:

    Why would 12k US troops in Germany make any difference if there was a war with Russia? If Russia invaded, lt would be with millions of troops. It seems the best solution is a beefed-up European Army under central European command, with US forces in reserve.

  84. Avatar musicguy20 says:

    And what the heck are all those troops going to do once they return? Dust every federal building? 🧽

  85. Avatar Azee Ch Vlog says:

    welcome to South China Sea😂

  86. Avatar Gregg Spencer says:

    Lol, the Germans don’t care. They really don’t need “protection” anymore.

  87. Avatar Mike DC says:

    Fake news. German economy will suffer when troops leave because we are their local economy. Us troops spend money on off base housing so real estate will suffer around the affected bases plus us troops eat out shop and club in the area. So Germany will suffer.

    • Avatar Abalada says:

      US troops in Germany
      1985 246.875
      2000 70.126
      2016 34.526
      Germany is used that the numbers shrink. This has only local economical effects. As this is not a new thing there is also quite some experience how to handle this. And if those soldiers need new bases elsewhere this costs the USA money. No matter it those are at home or abroad.

    • Avatar Elias says:

      Our Politician are working already to solve this little Problem. After two lost Worldwars Germany ist still the forth strongest Economy in the World, do you realy think that Germany is´t able to deal with this little Problem?

  88. Avatar Manish Kumar Singh says:

    How does US military moving out of Germany is bad for Germany?

  89. Avatar Felix Frost says:

    Omg…. So America is invading USA. Buy gold!

  90. Avatar Shaun Twed87 says:

    Imagine being sent from to Belgiumstan from Germany, doesn’t bare thinking about….

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