Hundreds Test Positive For Coronavirus At Georgia Summer Camp | NBC Nightly News

2020 8/03
Hundreds Test Positive For Coronavirus At Georgia Summer Camp | NBC Nightly News

A new report from the CDC finds 260 people, most of them children, tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a Georgia summer camp. Singing and cheering likely contributed to the spread and that only adults were required to wear masks.

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Hundreds Test Positive For Coronavirus At Georgia Summer Camp | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (104件)

  • Paul Maul says:

    Summer Camp during a Pandemic???!!!

  • Jay H says:

    Donald Trump is still pushing children to go to school even though eLearning can be available to all the children.

  • John Smith says:

    Yes.OK. Fifty percent got infected but what percent got sick? How deadly was this outbreak? Were any admitted to the hospital? Let us put our children in plastic bubbles – like that movie – to protect them from everything!
    More people this year have died from malaria and dengue so far than from COVID-19 and more will die this year from these diseases than last year because of our irrational fear of this new virus and a misallocation of limited resources. I guess, however, those are poor, Brown people, diseases. How lucky for privileged White people in Northern metropoles to be able to work from home, and tutor their children online!
    It reminds me of Dante’s Decameron where the privileged have the ability to sequester themselves away from plague-ridden Florence. It also reminds me of the Titanic and the privileges of first-class versus second and third. The chattering classes never like to share in life’s burdens!
    As a person of color, I find that the response of privileged White people to COVID-19 has been selfish. It shows that despite liberal rhetoric many liberals, when confronted by a common threat, will throw their Brown brothers and sisters under the bus! I hear some shrill academics and intellectuals call COVID-19 racist; however, its the non-evidence-based response to the pandemic, as championed by the media, that is racist.

  • Robert Martinovics says:

    Some good will come of this. Now we know what can happen if kids attend school. We can’t turn a blind eye.

  • John Burns says:

    Dr Rashid Buttar says COVID-19 was made in a Lab & Dr Francis Boyle says COVID-19 is a Bioweapon. Read, This Is A Bio-Attack Alert, by Dr Robert B Strecker, who exposed the spread of AIDS, Cancers, BIOWEAPONS & other Diseases through Vaccinations Programs. Dr Strecker said, There Is No Proof Any Vaccines Cure Anything.

  • First Born says:

    We have a Covid-19 outbreak, folks are dying, and your surprised that this happened!!
    This got to be the most stupid idea Since January 31st!!

  • Shakira Bells says:

    I’m against some school gonna open next month this is big mistake and scary

  • Carrboon Koikeeper says:

    If I understand this correctly the Trump administration wants to put the most irresponsible people on the planet together in large groups. Completely control students in a hour by hour with they have never been able to do!

  • ala ska says:

    What is the DEATH RATE?

  • John Chiu says:

    Scare tactics.
    Ppl fed up.

  • Guero Burban says:

    I don’t want my children to go back to school!!!!

  • Silvergirl_learning_center says:

    Why would you test an entire camp with children? Makes no sense! Too many false-positives everywhere else to know if these are true!

  • Fake Religions says:

    We have proven our Godlessness within these past few months when we never did ask God to help us and save us from this pandemic and we never did appreciate His blessings upon us all these years therefore we surely deserve this punishment of pandemic since He is the creator of what we see and what we don’t see.

  • I slam Ham 4 Breakfast says:

    But the 24/7 riots are perfectly safe… yeah, right.

  • Slim Moon says:

    It is very sad that all the macho macho convervatives have no fight in them – we know how to fight the virus, and the effective mitigations such as wearing masks and staying home are exactly what Trump’s tough guy fans are refusing to do. They have no fight in them, they wanna just roll over, show their bellies, and let the virus win. Same with the prez.

  • jacqueline walker-57 says:


  • jacqueline walker-57 says:


  • jacqueline walker-57 says:


  • Tiffany Nguyen says:

    344 Tested? wth not all are tested?

  • Tiffany Nguyen says:


  • paul amrod says:

    The newest of the perversion!! Jared Kushner letting Democrats die!!

  • Lawmansama says:

    its one thing if adults choose to act irresponsibly and sadly catch the virus, but putting our children in harms way is stupid AF. 1 child’s death is 1 too many.

  • Tony Dinh says:

    Is it me, or are the parents who send their kids to a camp with hundreds of other running, screaming children, in enclosed areas, just completely out of their minds? Was it worth it? Sounds very much like privilege is also ignorance in this case. I pray these children don’t have long lasting effects from Covid 19.

  • Paedea Paedea says:

    Why would you send your kids to summer camp during a pandemic?? This is not a hoax people…

  • Jugganuat says:

    So georgia extends the state’s health emergency while at the same time kemp is suing the mayor of Atlanta For making mask mandatory.

  • Kristina Carvalho says:

    Look, kids cant wear masks while they are running around outside in the heat. Knock it off qfc

  • Vivian Register says:


  • Mesispieces says:

    They should have made them stay there to quarantine instead of sending them back home into the communities to infect the most vulnerable.

  • ꧁ • ghilas ouguemat • ꧂ says:

    these kids shouldn’t go near their grandparents

  • pollywanda says:

    The 2020 TRUMP FLU is not a hoax.

  • nebojsa borkovich says:

    From marsh mellows to concentration camp.Very wise to send your kids camping.Genius idea.

  • Suzanne Santos says:

    Australian RN: America, WTH is wrong with you all?!? Do you know what happened every time I lost a child on my watch as an RN in non-COVID times? I have nightmares 30 years later because I couldn’t help save those children!! PTSD is real among doctors and nurses who are put in a situation where we can’t do our jobs and save lives, on the daily.

  • Jose V says:

    This is at a summer camp with outdoor activities, just imagine how worse schools will be.

  • Addie Juarez says:

    This is a direct reflection of what will happen if schools completely open this fall.

  • Cody Holden says:

    Mostly children you say? And only the staff were the ones required to wear mask? Kind of sounds like sending children back to school is a bad idea and mask actually do work 😲

  • Christopher Brown aka Gico says:

    This seems planed

  • 383 Stroker says:

    Fill in the word!!!!!! PLAY STUPID GAMES, WIN ________ PRIZES.

  • Daniel Um says:

    And Democrats still in denial that protests contributed to crazy surge in July.

    • bpxl53yewz says:

      It may have but what’s the point of arguing that now? That was in May.

  • Gabriel Serrano says:

    School isn’t a daycare center. If kids need to be watched hire a babysitter, open daycare centers, or ask work if your child could stay with you at work.

  • V Lee says:

    The problem with kids getting infected is that they will bring home this infection to their family and loved ones. The most vulnerable family members will be the elderly, overweight, diabetic and others with most chronic illness. Americans just have to learn it is not only about himself or herself but really about OURSELVES. Caring for others. Somehow this is not in the DNA in some of this ‘freedom’ or liberty loving folks.

  • Nick anthony says:

    I dont owe anybody anymore thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Deadmancrawler says:

    Just shut down EVERYTHING down and stay at home. Common sense 2 the rules so nobody will die. Yea here comes the regrets. Should of thought twice be reopening places

  • Steve Duke says:

    Now this is sad😪

  • Tracey Demuynck says:

    What about schools that are in climates that will not allow the opening of windows in the winter??

  • Oluwatoyin Salau Oluwatoyin Salau says:


  • Rock A says:


  • fjfjrfjfjr says:

    Let’s learn from this!

  • Komer West says:

    Just wait till schools open.

  • R W says:

    So, how many people on the radio, television and social media are full of it and should never be listened to for any reason whatsoever?

  • 0meo says:

    How many lives have to perish before you ppl remove the killer’s from office!? America the land of the free to do what ever you want and so brave that you all just stand and watch as your kids are getting infected!? The rest of the world has been trying its best to tell you that the virus also kills kids and its already to late as some of your kids with undiscovered health problems will die now. The Trump administrations knew that all too well as did the rest of the civilized world that is trying to get you people to understand what you need to do. My hardt breaks for you all!

  • Ben Ortiz says:

    prove it please

    • bpxl53yewz says:

      Prove what? 1 staff member tested positive and spread it to everyone else. Everyone had to test negative before starting camp.

  • Blood Beryl says:

    Anyone who played part in running that camp should face felony charges for knowingly infecting those kids

  • Los Martinez says:

    I blame the parents for exposing their children to covid who would send their kids to a summer camp, knowing that there is a virus.

  • SisShea says:

    Why I refuse to enter my f2f classroom.

  • Robert Martinovics says:

    Was there any real doubt that this could’ve happened?

    • bpxl53yewz says:

      Unfortunately, so many deniers.

  • Mike Mike says:

    I only send my ex-wife to school this fall.

  • Oh Really says:

    When they return home and infect their families, who will their families infect?

    • bpxl53yewz says:

      Everyone else in the community. That’s why school openings will contribute to community spread.

  • Ricky Entertainment940 says:

    Yea open them schools back

  • Zachary Kondo says:

    So are all the parents now infected?

    • bpxl53yewz says:

      Most likely. If they spread it to other children and staff, why wouldn’t their parents get it? Viral load in infected children is 10-100 x higher than in adults.

    • Zachary Kondo says:

      @bpxl53yewz right..
      I was just wondering if the health department had some sort of plan instead of sending the kids home and letting the infection triple.

  • Mike Holley says:

    Fear monger media

  • Pain Free says:

    Now report on Bill Clinton and the Boston Bomber

  • The FPV Life says:

    Why are Anti-science republicans so dam stupid?

  • tash tash says:

    Why would you send your kids to a camp at this time??????????

  • bpxl53yewz says:

    Out of 260 who tested positive, 231 were children 17 yrs or younger. The group with the highest infection was age 6-10. They say the numbers are higher since all results weren’t available. The lie needs to stop that children aren’t transmitters.

  • Hunter Vang says:

    Not smart..

  • John Chiu says:

    Covid scare tactics from the left and media. Scam of the century.

  • Set Zero says:

    Safety first!! I don’t care about my kids education right now !!!! my kids stay home!

  • Amanda Roach says:

    TRUMP 2020!!!!

  • Amanda Roach says:

    Wake up sheep!!!!

  • Mr. Deeds says:

    Fake news

  • Tony Hill says:

    You are going to put your kids at risk for what?

  • Alhim starks says:

    Scary stuff at this point all you can do is pray.

  • Jimmey Mcgee says:

    Stop so called testing and you will end the pandemic! Positive test kits will give you positive results! Some of us see exactly what your doing.

  • netstarr77 says:

    What they won’t tell you is that this isn’t a flu virus, but a ccp weaponized virus.

  • Hoodboot Vacal says:

    This is all about politics

  • Jimmey Mcgee says:

    Why are people so stupid and going to get tested even when they don’t have too?

  • LJ H says:

    What will it take before all the idiots listen and wear a mask?

  • Myles Nelson says:

    The coronavirus does not exist. It’s not proven to exist. Period. Send me a scientific journal that proves it’s been identified. Please! This is a lie.

  • Ken Rimmer says:

    I wonder if they all had to sign Covid death wavers, like the schools want to do..

  • Nothinbutdafrontrow says:


  • Lion King says:

    Trump said kids have big-ly tremendous and terrific immune system.

  • TruthSeeker4Life says:

    I wonder how many would have tested positive at Bohemian Grove? 🤔

  • albert floresca says:

    Cdc is evil including who

  • walter anazodo says:

    Covid 19 is a scam. No where as bad as flu, I can’t take the political agenda

  • A 83 says:

    a summer camp can get it that proves that it is going to spread like wildfire in schools.

  • Rhonda Peralta says:

    Prayers for this camp ground dear Jesusu watch over this camping grounds, amen.

  • Kasiem da Dream says:

    The AGOLF TWITLER virus that was made in China and AGOLF TWITLER bought wants you to believe it will all disappear.

  • shad0wCh8ser says:

    This is a taste of what opening schools up too early would be like.

  • Chabelita Pitufina says:

    Opinion should never supersede science!

  • Poop Brain says:


  • omarr Phillips says:

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  • Jesus Christ says:

    Stay safe everyone during these hard times!!!🙏🏼❤️

  • O H says:

    And they wanna open schools

  • Nidia Luccioni says:

    Someone had the flu COVID – 19 virus or many children caught in the woods

  • Erja Tikka says:

    Is this news? Of course it was going to happen! Even I knew it. So now there’ no doubt that kids can get it too. What an idiotic thing to organize and idiotic parents to send their kids there, just to get rid of them for awhile! We already new, based on church choirs, that singing and talking loudly spreads the virus. I would never send my kids to such places!! Yeah, let’s open schools now…

  • P S says:

    I am thankful that I had smart parents growing up who protected me. Feel bad for kids of ignorant parents.

  • Rachel Woodruff says:

    You must be stupid to send your kids to summer camp during a pandemic. Same will happen in schools.

  • Tim Thomas says:

    Want some good news?