Travel Restrictions Limit Options For Americans Amid Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Joe Fryer breaks down the limited travel options available to Americans after months of coronavirus lockdown.
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Travel Restrictions Limit Options For Americans Amid Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC News NOW

121 thoughts on “Travel Restrictions Limit Options For Americans Amid Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC News NOW

  1. Jawless Reply

    I’m retired at 31. I’m always on vacation

  2. James Neal Reply

    This is what happens when us in the US live with the stigma “That won’t happen to us”

    • John Smith Reply

      The story of Titanic

  3. Ramona Ray Reply

    Cabo San Lucas is allowing gringos in-

  4. justin case Reply

    I think the best deal an offer on the national global alliance table is to nuke uninted states, the world can not afford to be victoms of poor hygiene by a non productive inconsiderate self centered nation.

  5. John tran Reply

    travel suppose to be retrict when the pandemic start

  6. T F Reply

    It looks like Trump is getting his wall after all.

    • Richard Lim Reply

      Yes……his WALL of SHAME ( not Hall of Fame)… 🙂

    • Adolf Trump Twitler Reply

      😄😄😄yes,i am

    • Letty Panganiban Reply

      No more wall! Don’t forget to vote in Nov😀

  7. Gynecologist Reply

    I just got back from a trip

  8. aroma wan Reply

    American should accept helps from china to win fighting virus.

  9. Pavel Paul Davila Garfias Reply

    Why would you want to ever leave the US?

  10. Buddy Piper Reply

    Stay away until you get your disease under control. I like your dollars but not enough to die for.

  11. Mike Marder Reply

    It’s hard enough to fly within the US. But that’s an option.

  12. Colin Sushiboy Reply

    Doesn’t sound so bad. Atleast Americans can travel to Mexico by plane

  13. Blaze In the sky Reply

    Cry me a River

  14. m p Reply

    Eh, I think it’s 150k death and more in the US. You are bullshitting right???

  15. ghostcods Reply


    • Reservations Empirical Reply

      And you’re the problem

    • ghostcods Reply


  16. Christine Jones Reply

    I’ll stay in America happily until we get back on our feet. I love my country and I won’t run out on it even if I could. Do you run out on family and friends when things get tough? Just because things aren’t as they were when we were having a better run we don’t run out on our country if we are truly Americans In good times and bad I am an American 🇺🇸 IN GOD WE TRUST 🙏

    • John Smith Reply

      I agree with you Christine. That’s exactly why only 35% of all Americans have passports. We don’t run. Float or sink, but we don’t run

    • Brenda Heeligan Reply

      John Smith Maybe if you travelled more you would understand the world more. Might broaden the mind and educate people. It might make people less insular and understanding of people of another race. Just saying. I’m from the U.K. my two sisters are American citizens, all my family have travelled the globe, my daughter has travelled to every continent except Antarctica. Sad that we can’t travel at the moment, it’s just too dangerous.

    • Christine Jones Reply

      Brenda Heeligan I’m sure John would travel if the times were right. 🙏also perhaps some Americans would travel when things were better if they could afford it. It’s costly in the best of times.

  17. Simon Hansen Reply


  18. Keith Soderlund Reply

    Planes can’t fly backwards, fake news.

  19. Subscribe To TreyFn Clapz Reply

    To the person that’s reading this:
    You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine✨
    My Dream is to have 100 subs I have been struggling to get there

    • MrHairyBudsツ Reply

      Subscribe To TreyFn Clapz dream bigger 👍

  20. Dirk Ord Reply

    So…. how bout just not worry about travel during a f&÷€$& global pandemic.

    Stay the F home!


    I think the borders will open. Just wait till things get better. God loves America. ❤❤

  22. Internet Omatic Reply

    kinda scared the borders will be even worse after all this. they’re gonna limit our freedom of movement long-term I bet, just as the US was attempting to do a few years ago.

  23. Nathan S Reply

    Astonishing that at least 40% of Americans still stand behind traitor Trump. He has made the US an international pariah and presided over tens of thousands of avoidable deaths. It’s as if they want the US to collapse.

  24. intuitknit Reply

    Foreign is spelled this way. Not Foriegn.

  25. Lillian kline Reply

    Just don’t travel it’s that easy. Just deal with it. It’s a fricken pandemic.

    • MrHairyBudsツ Reply

      True but some people reckon the pandemic will work around THEIR plans 😑

    • Jelly Belly Reply

      Wait! AMERICANS are restricted! Good for them to flip the U.S. off. 😉😊

  26. Pohaku Mana Reply

    Hawaii Island NO active cases yesterday, ZERO deaths, one hospitalization months ago, 116 + cases all cleared.

  27. Steven Andre Reply

    This summer is the worst we are the laughing stocks in this country we have a president he can’t even control the virus i had big plans this summer to travel

  28. Polo Life Reply

    “not controlling” means the government isn’t doing it’s job

  29. Connie’s World Reply


  30. Connie’s World Reply


  31. Connie’s World Reply


  32. Miami Knight Reply

    Wow ..,…,,,,America

  33. Mike H. Reply

    Maybe Trump will do some thing !

    • Stephen Ferree Reply

      Mike H. LOL 😂

  34. Richard D Reply

    Trump: You’re welcome America.

  35. Riva 40 Reply

    the virus handling in the US is an absolute fiasco!!!! we are back to square one and new cases are on the rise!

    • Yong Zhou Reply

      if you didn’t blame China, instead learned from China, you’d have been coronavirus free now.

    • Deep space 9 Reply

      @Yong Zhou exactly, but all the thing Trump does is blame, blame, blame. I am sick of him.

    • Geoff Holliday Reply

      Well good hopefully the zombie apocalypse will finally start lol

  36. tulum0617 Reply

    Thanks for nothing but disaster so called president Trump. FU

  37. gypsy Reply

    As your neighbour to the north, I feel for you guys. I’m a Canadian Liberal and we have our issues like any other country but I will give Trudeau credit, he has for the most part been successful at helping his citizenry during this scary time. God bless all of you.🤗💙🌊☮

  38. BigWasabi Reply

    Just want to correct this terrorism propaganda activity that’s a LIE and a deliberate LIE ! Flights to Europe and the EU are starting ( active) up with Croatia 🇭🇷 being open All NORMAL US citizens can travel mostly visa free to the EU and most of Europe and the transatlantic travel is OPEN ! Flights from the EU to the US never closed down it’s all deliberate terrorism active from the Entire US media and government meant to seriously harm a US civilian population

  39. shoshenkis Reply

    The Winning

  40. exonelresearch Reply

    20,000 lies and counting. God save the United States from the raving lunatic in the House of Shame……the Commander-in-Grift, Donald J Crow.

  41. Esoteric Reply

    We can trust the deep state media, lol, just kidding.

  42. Vlad Reply

    Except that we in USA need an investigation on our so called cases. 1/3 of them aren’t even true. Just because hospitals get government funding if they have corona virus patients, most of the patients are quickly labeled positive. A motorcycle accident, died in hospital, labeled coronavirus. Grandma came in for minor issue, promised won’t get a bill if allowed to label coronavirus. Two ladies stood in line to get tested, gave up waiting and left, week later received a paper saying they are positive. 1/3 cases aren’t true, hospitals just want the free government funding.

    • Stephen Ferree Reply

      Vlad You are repeating a false conspiracy theory that started on Facebook some time ago.

    • Vlad Reply

      @Stephen Ferree actually more like from the people that actually had this happen to them. Live truths.

    • Stephen Ferree Reply

      Vlad So if 1/3 of the cases aren’t actually Covid-19, then the mortality rate is actually much higher than reported.

  43. Vivian Register Reply


  44. lcso81 Reply

    Thanks China…..for the China Virus…..

    • Stephen Ferree Reply

      lcso81 And thanks Kansas for the flu of 1918-1920 that killed about 50 million people !!!

  45. K S Reply

    Thank Trump and the GoP Death Cult for your canceled vacations. We are walled in!

  46. MrDaChicken Reply

    Murica is an insane asylum run by a dictator trying it’s best to be a leper colony. So Much Winning!
    And you sound so surprised..

  47. Chess MC Reply

    *it also screws those of us whose work depends on travel to other countries, the mishandling of the pandemic by the administration has universally screwed americans*

  48. Yong Zhou Reply

    most coronavirus friendly countries: USA, Brazil, and India! they all have a right wing leader.

  49. cattigereyes1 Reply

    Trumps America jobless increases! Republicans on vacation no help for Americans! Virus running rampant! MAGA in full effect!

  50. TelephoneToughGuy Reply

    How unprofessional for NBC to misspell the word “foreign” twice.👎

  51. Nottia Jamison Reply

    Heed my warning America! Get it together before we become the cause of our own destruction!

  52. Cubs Fan Reply

    Why does trump not see this as a problem

  53. Asahel Reply

    it will take 2-3 years, for us to back what before

  54. Eduardo Esconde jr. Reply

    One thing I most like about America is that they are always number one.

  55. OK ko Reply

    And trump made America sooo great that Americans are now required to be accompanied by adults in the streets of Europe.

  56. Cody DeLange Reply

    He forgot to mention that Brazil has opened its borders to travelers

  57. Penny Royal Reply

    Brazil might accept American tourists. No tests required.

  58. Michael Reply

    you Cant run away. this is GLOBAL pandemic, NOT a hurricance or a tsunami

  59. old Timer Reply

    the travel restrictions will be kept on until well after the Nov election if Trump is defeated. Then the UN’s Great Reset will proceed, being a co-ordinated currency reset, followed by transition to UN directed global socialism and more renewable energy. It is Imperative that Trump is re elected to stop this madness.

    • Stephen Ferree Reply

      old Timer He found a direct communication channel to his base.
      He relentlessly attacks mainstream media.
      He makes closing borders a centerpiece.
      He embraces nationalism.
      He embraces mass detention and deportation.
      He rejects international norms.
      He glorifies the military and demands loyalty.
      He orchestrates mass rallies to show status.
      He demonizes opponents.
      He attacks domestic democratic process.
      He uses borders to protect selected industries.
      He attacks judiciary and rule of law.
      He was not elected by a majority.
      He blames others and divides on racial lines.
      He unnecessarily attacks objective truth.
      He attacks the truth, including science.
      He lies, blurring reality, and his supporters spread those lies.
      He cements his rule by enriching elites.
      He relegates women to subordinate roles.
      He proclaims unchecked power.

      You can replace the words “He” with
      either Donald Trump or Adolf Hitler
      and both ways every one is true.

  60. January Reply

    Spelled “f o r E I g n” wrong…The ignorant person responsible is lucky to have their job

  61. Andrew Nagy Reply

    Alot of other countries are banning international travel, but since Americans are the only ones who have money to travel we’re just calling it a ban on the U.S.A.

  62. Earl Van Fleet Reply

    My wife who is Thai just told me and showed me that the “World Health Organization” just asked Thailand how to achieve what they have with the coronavirus issues. I would like to applaud them. America has lost 454 people per million. Thailand has lost .8 per million. or America has lost 158,000 as of now and Thailand has lost 58. Who is taking care of who?

    IF YOU ARE WONDERING, See how we are doing compared to the rest of the world, it’s sickening if you are from the U.S. The
    rest of the world is serious!

    • Blue Toile Reply

      The worst part is that citizens of the US still believe they live in the country with the best of everything.

  63. James Devine Reply

    The stupidity and incompetence of trumpy and his sycophants is limitless.
    Just a klan of loud mouthed, sociopath racists greedily chasing money and power.
    They do not care about the country or other people.

  64. Nick Hiscock Reply

    Americans are totally banned from entering Australia. Also permission is required for Australians to travel overseas to any destination now.

  65. Eric Darden Reply

    Proud to be an American where at least I know Im free… wait a minute! No Im not… Now you know how we feel!

  66. Patrick Kingfisher Kennedy Reply

    Over 150K Americans have died from COVID-19. Thanks to tRump and his corrupt comrades the economy is tanked and unemployment rate is at 11%

  67. Fred Midtgaard Reply

    Please Americans: Stop coming to my beloved Tanzania. Yes, it is possible to go there but is it ethical to possibly infect a country with no registered cases in 3 months – and with a poor health system? I’m concerned about great-grandma and great-grandpa and my kids. Wait until it is safe for us to have you visiting! The lions and elephants don’t have mobile phones and last time I checked they don’t take appointments anyway! Even if it is possible to travel to Tanzania does not mean that it is right of you to infect our country.

  68. J M Reply


  69. Dan Cook Reply

    Opening schools without a vaccine is mass murder who do we sue

  70. Zizhuo He Reply

    Now that’s how you build a wall.

  71. Stella Starry Reply

    Ugh, I hate typos; they’re distracting. NBC, Spellcheck is free. 0:56

  72. Tony V. Reply

    Can fly in a closed tube… Cant go to church. Bring back the gallows…. Some hanging needs to be done!

  73. cjanitorialinc Reply

    It’s such an embarrassment, we’re not allowed to travel to other countries because we have a stupid president like trump..

  74. Suzanne Santos Reply

    Americans cannot come to my state in Australia. Other Australians cannot fly to my state unless they are essential workers who have government approval AND they go into mandatory lockdown for 14 days and test negative for COVID. My state is back to normal with zero cases and zero deaths over the last 65+ days. We have adapted to a more insular economy as a result. Tourism and #Staycations within our state, plus Federal and state economic assistance is also floating our economy. If you continue to travel around the US you WILL NEVER get COVID under control. Period. Be safe. Stay home. Help your neighbors. Share food and wealth. Peace.

    • Suzanne Santos Reply

      My ‘rights’ feel just fine And I support my government in their pandemic response. Next election cycle I’m still voting them out because they aren’t good on immigration policies. In the meantime I am staying home and alive.

  75. Jacqui Round Reply

    Why are Americans allowed in Ireland!!! Please stay away

  76. PT me Reply

    So much winning

  77. Love Always win Reply

    Thank you China. CCP virus

  78. My Chanel Reply

    Ugh this is embarrassing and bad for us 😭😫😷😷😷😷

  79. di ja Reply


  80. di ja Reply

    We test more then anywhere in the world
    This is not news.

  81. altosax87 Reply

    I don’t understand how we have more than china

  82. Super Shiba Reply

    Next time I get to be on a plane again, I’m gonna treasure every moment. Including the guy that sits next to me and places his elbow past my arm rest.

  83. OceanBlue Heart Reply

    Mexico has decided it’s going to build a Wall after all. Not to prevent Mexicans to spill over but to Keep COVID19 AMERICANS OUT FROM COMING. LOL
    I believe they sense we are becoming a 3rd World Country much more broke and poorer than they are for REALS.

  84. Pali_Aha Reply

    1:21 Map: OPEN to Americans is AFGHANISTAN.
    What a wonderful place for a holiday 🎲 💣💥

  85. Judy G. Reply

    They don’t want Entitled yahoo’s from the US spreading Covid-19 back where they have worked hard to stop the spread. Most people abroad didn’t go ballistic when asked to mask up and social distance .🤪

  86. Demonic Reply

    China’s fault stop eating uncooked food

  87. Film Crew Reply

    Trump and the GOP have driven this horse into the ground. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  88. Shuhui Kline Reply

    deaths are almost 160.000

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