NASA Astronauts Make Historic Splashdown In SpaceX Capsule | NBC Nightly News

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The historic splashdown off the Florida coast was the first water landing for an American crew spacecraft in 45 years. Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley returned to Earth after traveling to the International Space Station in May.
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NASA Astronauts Make Historic Splashdown In SpaceX Capsule | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Passionate Progressive says:

    Welcome home Astronauts👍👏👏

  2. Avatar Flat Earth Preacher says:

    Not historic fake news they can’t go into space

    • Avatar David Ellis says:

      And Stevie Wonder Can 👀

    • Avatar Max J. says:

      Nice joke XD

    • Avatar Massimo O'Kissed says:

      Hey flattard, how’s you fuckwits’ world map coming along?
      Maybe you could be the first among you abject morons to explain sunsets?

  3. Avatar Mark messick says:

    Good job space x

  4. Avatar Justice Boofer says:

    I remember Allen Shepard coming down like this.. 1961. Hey Boomer!

    • Avatar waypoint zero says:

      okay boomer

    • Avatar Justice Boofer says:

      @waypoint zero Hey Boomer!

  5. Avatar nanochase says:

    When we work together and plan far ahead we can accomplish very great things.

  6. Avatar Aaron Edwards says:

    SAME STYLE of footage for 60yrs…its 2020, put cameras on everything,.use them satellites…use every tool available if your goal is to convince skeptics like ME, cause it’s a lot of us.

    • Avatar y A says:


    • Avatar Fresh Afro says:

      Well, their not doing it for you.

      You’re a nobody.

    • Avatar Aaron Edwards says:

      @Fresh Afro
      Why are u replying to a nobody?
      STFU…your comment is childish.

    • Avatar Fresh Afro says:

      @Aaron Edwards cussing at someone is childish. I didn’t cuss. I merely stated a factual statement thats relatively true. Is he a famous musician? Famous architect? No?
      Hmm you’re sensitive.

  7. Avatar Francis Costa says:

    & Brazil? 🙁 :'(

    • Avatar Francis Costa says:

      ¡Buen trabajo Space X y NASA!

  8. Avatar T Larson says:

    Oh, just some more californication…{sigh}

  9. Avatar David Ellis says:

    The 👽 are here !

  10. Avatar Erin boat guy says:

    Green screen and bad CGI…..nothing new here

  11. Avatar Puja indian Army says:

    मेरे एक भी भाई बहन नहीं है हमसे रखी कोन कोन बधवाना चाहते हैं तो मेरे फोटो को टच करके बधाई दे

  12. Avatar Brenda Visconti says:

    Welcome Home!! YAHOO!! Stay safe and COVID19 FREE..Men Who Just Made History..This ones for the Books!! 😘

  13. Avatar guillermo gouldburn says:

    2020 and we’re still splashing down.

    • Avatar Ken Grassa says:

      1960 splashdown 2020 splashdown we have come a long way

  14. Avatar edmundo oliver says:

    why can,t they land it on soil.

    • Avatar Massimo O'Kissed says:

      If you’re gonna land on land, you need to land on the right bit of land, else you’ve got a big law suit.
      The sea is a much bigger target to hit, and the US is confident of being able to control the sea in the splashdown area.

    • Avatar edmundo oliver says:

      Massimo O’Kissed yes but they land the rockets on those barge

    • Avatar Massimo O'Kissed says:

      @edmundo oliver , true.
      The Dragon capsule was originally intended to land on land, and I’m not sure why that was scrapped.
      Its rocket motors are now only there for launch aborts.

  15. Avatar Corenchie Reynaldo says:

    They would be very disappointed that Trump didn’t fix anything since they left. Economy is worse and the virus killed 170.000 in the US alone.

  16. Avatar THE Q says:

    Capricorn One

    • Avatar kxmode says:

      Tinfoil Hat

    • Avatar THE Q says:

      Free, critical thinker.

      Also, tinfoil hasn’t been available for generations….only aluminum foil. People that use the term “tinfoil” are sheeple that don’t even understand that tinfoil doesn’t exist….which means, quite possibly, other things don’t exist either.

  17. Avatar Andrea Duncan says:

    Fallen are coming don’t get on wrong side!!don’t be Decieved after all is not that what NASA means in Hebrew yes nasa=Decieved that’s the definition in Hebrew.

    • Avatar Massimo O'Kissed says:

      No it isn’t.

      You’re just parroting conspiratard rubbish.

  18. Avatar Achmad Ali says:


  19. Avatar Michael Ojeda says:

    My father remembers when Vostok 1 sent the first man to space. He was 12 when Apollo 8 launched the first humans to the moon. He and my mother were young adults when the first Shuttle launched in 1981. Now SpaceX, the next generation of orbital vehicles, made its first successful assention and landing. He said, “Now we got a new craft to send us to the heavens.”

  20. Avatar kxmode says:

    Two words: SPACE DINOSAUR!!! 🤠

  21. Avatar Marius M says:

    🦖…..Flotation in Space. 🚀

  22. Avatar H. M. says:

    Biden needs Stacey Abrams as VEEP to jail Trump and all of his minions including Barr. The November Docket is coming. Poor thing Trump is still in the bunker.

  23. Avatar Joyce Fuller says:

    I am in awe at our knowledge and ability to explore what’s beyond us, Thank you for sharing the journey home with us 😍 , Thank you

  24. Avatar Ken Grassa says:

    1960 splashdown 2020 splashdown we have come a long way lmao

  25. Avatar DCLXVI says:

    bravo 🤘

  26. Avatar Home Dronen FPV says:


  27. Avatar Jessica Winslet says:

    History? LOL we’re like 40 year behind where we should be in space exploration. The iraq war costed 16 trillion dollars … and it accomplished nothing, could have been used for space. This is shameful, even with the all the money spaceX has, they should ashamed of the slow progress. If that was me, I would have already put people in Mars and even Europa. These people have the cash but no imagination.

  28. Avatar Super Shiba says:

    It’s been a tough year but it’s good to see the human race still making good progress for the long-term. Take care everyone and stay chipper

  29. Avatar John Doe says:

    SpaceX doesn’t have very good cgi

  30. Avatar Angel c says:


  31. Avatar Sicarius C's All Matter Matters says:

    What a load of crap

  32. Avatar Fresh Afro says:

    So wtf happened whats historic? …

  33. Avatar Y3arZer0 says:

    And they say weed smokers can’t accomplish anything.

  34. Avatar Lee B says:

    Great stuff USA
    Congratulations from the UK
    My grandmother remembered the headlines when the Wright Brothers flew and she saw the moon landing
    Which I also watched live around 0200 UK time in 69.
    And for me the most significant in space exploration the stunning Voyager and Hubble flights
    I don’t like seeing the USA using foreign kit when they have plenty of home grown talent.
    Touch the stars guys🖖

  35. Avatar Taylor Caldwell says:

    He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing.

  36. Avatar Lets wake up People says:

    They never left earth….why u ask….because none of us can!!!!

  37. Avatar Jerry Campbell says:

    Historic for the U.S.
    Russia has been doing it for decades and they’re able to land on solid ground.
    But yes big deal for America I guess.

    • Avatar Jacob Prittie says:

      And soooo? What are you trying to prove

    • Avatar Jacob Prittie says:

      This is a private company that did it

  38. Avatar edgarjx1 says:

    And I should care why?

  39. Avatar 1oldarmyof1 me says:

    That’s a plush ride .

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