NBC Exclusive: Cyntoia Brown-Long’s Television Interview Since Her Prison Release | NBC Nightly News

2020 8/08
NBC Exclusive: Cyntoia Brown-Long’s Television Interview Since Her Prison Release | NBC Nightly News

Lester Holt has the first television interview with Cyntoia Brown-Long since her release from prison earlier this year, after her life sentence for murder was commuted.
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NBC Exclusive: Cyntoia Brown-Long’s Television Interview Since Her Prison Release | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (201件)

  • Randy NoLastName says:

    Hear come the water works…
    Gentleman! If you are ever in trouble start the water works (cry). It’ll get you 15yr sentence in the event you commit murder

    • magic cheeseball says:

      if your a young girl you can get away with anything. a pretty young girl could walk up to you and punch you in the face and still be the victim

    • Paw Paw says:

      Death 2 all pedophiles!!!!!

  • kogurerocks says:


  • Inez Qtaish says:

    Inez Qtaish do love GOD no matter what still, I am suing, I will not take no settlement and I will not compromise .

  • stormy officialthebody says:

    May God bless her, her marriage and may she continue to reach others to raise awareness and help others who are human trafficking victims. 🙏🏽

    • Truck Driver side effects says:

      Nikki Russell u think she not guilty

  • AllProG says:

    wait she came out with a Boo?

    • I `AM KEZIAH says:

      Yes she married a singer I think

    • D. says:

      @Elyse George he has money. He has a home health business. They have been together 3 years now. He bought them a house before she was even allowed to do an appeal to get out.

    • AllProG says:

      @Mona De Janeiro HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • conniving womanizing narcissist says:

      More like a sucker with a death wish. I can’t even imagine marrying a ex,prostitute who killed a,man in his sleep and just did 15 years in prison. I can’t begin to imagine the issues he is going to deal with.

    • Roots says:

      She came out with a whole husband.

  • AllProG says:

    WHen she went to prison, RiRi was barely on the scene and kim kardashian was unknown , blackplanet and myspace was poppin

    • Lg Un says:

      AllProG i swear✊🏾

    • sis please says:

      Yes and without them and others she would prolly still be in jail

  • applebug says:

    Shout out to Toni Rivera

  • michael jordan says:

    Go to “atheism is unstoppable” channel and look up his videos on this lady.
    I dare you.

  • Oregon Mermaid says:


    • Paw Paw says:

      Trailer trash

    • Erin Walter says:

      Shut up whitey

    • buttgoo magoo says:

      I think the term is typicall of their race

    • Kevin T says:

      Red 2020 how TF is this ghetto

  • Thex Left says:

    Murderers set free. Black privilege.

  • William Baker says:


  • Angel C. says:

    Wow,.u look amazing I wish u nothing but the best 💜💜💜💜💯

  • Saiyan Seeds says:

    She should never have been released. Everyone has a story and past not everyone randomly kills someone.

    • Damon Son of Jacob says:


    • Creoles Best says:

      blkghostxx 😂😂

    • helloberry00 says:

      How was it random?

    • ndidi010 says:

      terry jones sadly nothing. I hope she lives with the guilt tho.


      @Saiyan Seeds I agree! Hate these people playing the victim card of their sad past,never got enough love, mental issues etc. They think having a bad/sad past gives them the right to murder!

  • Rose Treiger says:

    I’m sorry I wish I could believe anything you report, but I can’t. Your as honest as Democrat leaders are devious.

    • Starfire10982 says:

      Rose Treiger Cuz Republican leaders ALWAYS does what’s best and helps everyone and are so particularly honest. 🙄

  • Dadson worldwide says:

    Shame on you nbc for promoting her like this .

  • kathy Quintero quintero says:

    She got away with murder. Smh

    • Bbhalo CAPRICORN says:

      kathy Quintero quintero you mad or nah

    • Thomas Steven says:

      No she didn’t she served 15 Years In Prison

    • Wellness Connect says:

      Oh I guess all that time in prison wasn’t real. I don’t remember the not-guilty verdict.

    • be·lov·ed Mceniry says:

      Idiots always want to be heard.

    • stan sorensen says:

      @Mona De Janeiro hi

  • magic cheeseball says:

    Good job governor, it promotes to the young that it’s not so bad to murder someone and you can get out early if you act like you’re sorry

  • A S says:

    I remember when I first heard this story. So glad she’s out hope nothing but the best for her.

    • Omega Fury says:

      Shooting a man behind his back and killing him in cold blood execution style and you are glad she is out??
      Are you sick that you protect murderers ?

    • gvbbyyy says:

      Omega Fury it was self defense

  • 1Warrior says:

    I use to like Lester but now I think he is a lowlife POS….and Everyone at NBC….all they do is talk bad about TRUMP ..and nothing about the Stupid Democrats…F U lester …YOU have NO BackBone anymore to tell the TRUTH to the American people…F U NBC…God Bless TRUMP the best President EVER

  • Porshae Thomas says:

    Her feet hurt

    • VictoriousV says:

      Porshae Thomas I notice that as well

    • Mona De Janeiro says:

      I just assumed it was her first time walking in heels

  • Ernesto T says:

    It’s okay, god will judge in the end

    Or karma.

    • N Navay says:

      Ernesto T exactly..his blood will be avenged one way or another..

  • Bloods, Crips, and Essay's (the webseries) says:


  • Monique B says:

    It’s unfortunate he had to die, but nothing about her at the time screamed grown women working on the streets. She looked exactly what she was a young child.

    • All Abored says:

      Why shouldn’t he have died?

    • Taron Brown says:

      The law should be shamed for putting her in prison,because she did look like a little girl. And the man who tried to pick her up should be a shame.

    • Regina Cawthon says:

      @Taron Brown well he dead now

  • buttgoo magoo says:

    They are applauding a woman who MURDERED someone!!?? Seriously!!??

    • Bbhalo CAPRICORN says:

      buttgoo magoo BYE 👋🏾

    • buttgoo magoo says:

      Well, I just hope he was black,,then it wouldn’t really matter

    • Sophie Sakura says:

      @Lance Huff 1. she was not a child. 2. she said she was 19

    • Lance Huff says:

      @Sophie Sakura 16 is a child you moron

    • Ernesto T says:

      She’s not a hero.

  • Connie Echols says:

    I am so very very very happy she gets a chance at a life…cme

  • R Bell says:

    Where are the racist white folks at??

  • VictoriousV says:


  • Cathy Warner says:

    Congratulations on a second chance. definitely there are a lot of people that deserve second chances that are being denied a chance to prove themselves and that is not right it really isn’t…..

  • yungsl33p says:

    The family didn’t care that he was fuccin little girls all pedophiles should meet the same fate…

    • Butter Pecan says:

      @Carmen How can I find them?

    • Carmen says:

      Butter Pecan type in her name and it should pull up her court documents. May have to go through some stuff. She threatened a nurse in the jail saying she wanted to shoot her in the back of the head wanting to hear her blood splatter. Also all her phone calls that were recorded. She is straight up murderer.

    • chocolate kisses says:

      @Carmen … how did she get out ?

    • Cha4k says:

      @chocolate kisses She told everyone she was a victim (Which she was to a degree) and that because of that she shouldn’t bare any responsibility for murdering and robbing someone.

    • N Navay says:

      yungsl33p she lied about her age and told him she was 18

  • Vashti Vaughn says:

    15 years gone and wasted on this poor girl’s life. I wish nothing but the best for her.

  • Truck Driver side effects says:

    Nobody knows what really happened just cause Kim kardashian shed light on it don’t mean she innocent

  • Lance Huff says:

    ZERO sympathy for the man who was killed. Casey Anthony killed her daughter amd walked away scott free. This lady did 15 years and is now capitalizing on an opportunity. Good for her

    • Ryan Nurmi says:

      both should be in prison

    • Lance Huff says:

      @Ryan Nurmi nope

    • Ricki B. says:

      @Regina Cawthon I bet if he was a black guy messing with your 16 yr old daughter in his 40’s ,you would want to do him in

    • Ricki B. says:

      @L G right!

    • Cannacabiscait says:

      Most accurate comment!!!

  • Jay Fievre says:

    How or why would celebrities help her!? Hmm must be another witch sisterhood.

  • Dana Alexander says:

    She killed a pedophile.

  • Judith Deborah says:

    The Johnny Allen family need God and forgiveness in their lives. Let go of all the hate in your heart.

    • stan sorensen says:

      Shouldn’t all murderers be released and forgiven like she was?

  • Mona De Janeiro says:

    She is gorgeous. Glad all that beauty didn’t go to waste sitting in a cell for the rest of her life.

    • 00 7 says:

      So if she would have been ugly then it be ok to stay in jail? OMG wow

    • Mona De Janeiro says:

      @00 7 She was basically innocent. Now go back and re-read my first statement again. Pretty sure it should register this time.

    • Omega Fury says:

      @Mona De Janeiro She was basically innocent. ?????you joking right???
      This woman killed a man in cold blood, lied about her age to him and then also stole his stuff.
      Your understanding about right and wrong is severely damaged.

    • 00 7 says:

      @Mona De Janeiro Wow just wow!

    • Samiah W3 says:

      @Omega Fury let’s be real any man in their 40s could clearly see that that was a child even a witness that was there even said that the man looked like her father. It has already been said that Cyntoia was loaded with psychiatric disorders tracing back to her biological mother. So she was already not in her right state of mind and on top of that she was scared and she panicked.

  • Michael Feinstein says:

    She hot. She can human traffic me anytime

  • Brown Papi says:

    Black people don’t even argue with these privileged white supremacists or they’re black and brown sympathizers in the comment section….they are all a waste of energy

  • Reality Not Considered says:

    White people mad but your entire race is responsible and completely got away with slavery . Are you all ready to pay your proper debts to god ?

    • Aliana Weston says:

      Umm I’m white and I’m thrilled she’s been released. I’d bet most white people are. Don’t be so quick to label people due to your own prejudice. It’s called hypocrisy, look it up.

    • conniving womanizing narcissist says:

      Do god take debit cards ? Asking for a friend?

    • Ryan Nurmi says:

      you do realize slavery still exists in Africa, right?

    • Sophie Sakura says:

      black people did the whole slavery thing first. It;s not the fault of europeans that when they got to africa to trade all they had were slaves to trade. Something is wrong with your mind. Also whites ended slavery in north america while it happens on other continents

    • john D says:

      What God are u talking ? White ppl don’t know any God, God does not know them either .

  • Dawn Alexander says:

    She’s beautiful….

    • conniving womanizing narcissist says:

      Still a cold blooded killer, don’t judge books by their cover.

  • Alex A says:

    MURDERER! cold blooded. Shot buddy In back of head while he slept.

  • Aj Strippgen says:

    Hello you killed someone!😝

    • Old School Lando says:

      Who was raping a child!!

    • Ernesto T says:

      @Old School Lando he was also asleep. She killed him in his sleep.

  • Stormy Rain says:

    Im glad you’re free but im sorry you married him. He seems like he’s only about your money and your celebrity.

    • XANLY says:

      Stormy Rain he fronting hard though on t he breakfast club almost had me believing him with that God stuff

    • I l says:

      What money? Everyone keeps talking about her money. What money? She was in prison. What money??? Can someone tell me? She had no money when they met and married right? I know shes got a book now but what money when they met?

    • Roots says:

      What money? Didn’t he marry her when she was in prison?

    • I l says:

      I Disagree

    • Romano The Third says:

      🧐 m guys. Cyntoia has gotten and gets paid for every interview she’s done and will continue getting paid for an interview in the future hahaha she wrote the book, which clearly none of you know how publishing works! people get $200k or more in advance just for telling their true life stories. And THENNNN they get paid more based on sales. Trust me guys, you’d be naive to believe she’s not making money off of this FAMOUS CASE. But he may truly love her. Don’t be such love haters haha

  • TommySotomayor's Momma says:

    All she need to do now is drop that so called husband, he looks like an opportunist

    • Summer Breeze says:

      TommySotomayor’s Momma she’s a 304. Husband is the sugar daddy 😉

    • TommySotomayor's Momma says:

      Summer Breeze what’s a 304

    • Dominican Princess says:

      He was married to Pam from the 90’s group TOTAL and LOTS of people keep saying he is a OPPORTUNIST…. SO WE SHALL SEE 😕😕😕

    • Deaylee Smith says:

      TommySotomayor’s Momma yes lorddddd

  • TommySotomayor's Momma says:

    Dude (her husband) use to date a popular singer, I think he’s a opportunist

    • Antonio Holmes says:

      He has his own money and a business.

    • Jay Des says:

      get a life

    • Naturally Dope says:

      He owns Home Health businesses in Texas and when he was married to Pamela long it was more so a long distance relationship because she spent most of her time in Jersey and he spend his time in Texas. Either way I’m happy for him and her the truth will always reveal itself I just don’t like the fact that people already claiming bad juju over her and her marriage with him let her be the one to see it and let God use her eyes to see the real and the fake

  • Elevated Thoughts says:

    She should still be in prison!

  • Elevated Thoughts says:

    This woman shot this man in the head while he was sleep. I have no Sympathy for her and she should still be in prison…

    • 10#15 says:

      16 is technically not a child and she chose that alleged hard life she knew what she what she was doing

    • Elevated Thoughts says:

      @Carmen The facts is she was not trafficked.she was willing like a lot of them and shot and robbed this man.

    • Carmen says:

      Elevated Thoughts I was agreeing with you. She admits it in open court and in a police interview her
      Plan of attack that night. The media spun it as she was the victim
      in this case and she was not. Why she got life in the first place.

    • Ryan Nurmi says:

      I have no sympathy for him or her, tbh

    • Ernesto T says:

      She is not. I repeat. NOT A HERO.

  • pnellferguson says:

    I have nothing but love for her…my heart goes out to her…i am happy that she is out…

  • I am the truth says:

    Powerful…I believe in #redemption…9

  • mrcincoundos says:

    she should still be in prison murderer

  • D. says:

    People keep dogging her husband but he has money. He no longer does music and he has his own business. He can’t use her for anything. She is not looking for Fame and neither is he.

  • Anthony Cruz says:

    She’s a true G 💯💯💯 Respect for Boss Lady AKA Queen ❤️🇲🇽💯

    • conniving womanizing narcissist says:

      What makes a prostitute/ killer a queen?

  • The Renaissance Amazon says:

    She didn’t deserve to be exonerated. She should still be in prison.

    • N Navay says:

      The Renaissance Amazon way to go Kim Kardashian, truly good for nothing

  • brooklyn skillz says:

    So glad you finally free

  • Forever_ Evolving_ says:

    She’s so, So beautiful, and courageous! Happy for her. She deserves her happy ending.

    • I l says:

      Lets not wish her a happy ending just yet. Lets wish her happiness ongoing far into the future. Freedom and newlywedhood is only the beginning. There are many challenges yet to come.

  • Romello Radio📻 🎙🎚🎛🎧 says:

    I’ve been praying for her…so happy she’s been givin a second chance.

  • Njume kogge says:

    Wow she is finally free. I thought I will never see this day .

  • Tee R says:

    I’m almost fearful for her. I don’t know what it is. Wishing her the best of everything though.

    • N Navay says:

      Tee R maybe like she’s going to get hers one day…maybe his blood is soon to be avenged, you never know 🤔

  • Andrea Foxx says:

    Hope all go well for her

  • I l says:

    Shes a convicted victim. Her crime was being a victim.

    • Donadell Vergara says:

      Well, there is the whole murder thing.

  • Queen LiLi says:

    I’m trying to figure out how she getting attention when she murdered a man and robbed him. And she knew what she was doing at a young age and she put herself in that predicament. She had a nice home and parents. But she served her time so…

    • conniving womanizing narcissist says:

      Lite skinned privilege 😀

  • lyssa love says:

    Of course she got all thattt prison time cz she was black n murdered a white man smfh…but if it was the other around theyd get no time or jus 5 yrs

    • Sophie Sakura says:

      what are you a judge? get an life or an education !

    • NNN says:

      She killed a man while he slept and robbed him. No one gets 5 years for murder and robbery regardless of race.

  • Tribe of Judah says:

    People keep saying the husband is an opportunist but he had no idea she was getting out of prison when they met number one, number two, she’s the person capable of murder, and he supported her for years while she was in prison…so I think he’s the one who ought to be skeptical🤷🏽‍♀️ljs

  • V BBB says:

    Allen prostituted a 16 year old girl. I don’t feel sorry for M.

  • Dark Star says:

    Just pay her $150.
    She’ll do anything.

  • LaRue Jones says:

    Cyntonia he wants your bag

  • Ilea Tye says:

    I’m so glad she is out she was only 16 your beautiful cyntoia keep up the good work

  • She can cook catering Llc says:

    None of my business, but the husband seems sketchy.

    • QTee says:

      i dont know i wont judge.. but it seemed like it would be better to enjoy your first real moments of freedom for yourself so thst you know what you actually want. i hope the best for her.. she has been through enough

    • Melvin S says:

      He reminds me of two people.

      #1) Mary J Blige Husband
      #2) Derek Jaxson

  • I l says:

    Shes the only victim in this entire story.

  • Ms Fat says:

    Glad she’s out. It’s sad that shes now married into drama and dont even know it yet!

  • David Johnson says:


  • yolanda lanier says:

    Alright…I’m tired of hearing about her. This press junket she’s on is a bit too much.

    • I l says:

      …Yet you keep following it

    • Juanita Johnson says:

      yolanda lanier Screw U!

  • Black Panther says:

    Just like she said he was her Clyde & she was his Bonnie. She was a thug & a hoe!! She killed that man cuz she robbed him! She was NOT a victim……. I lived the life for many, many years. I fess up to all I’ve done…….I could have killed also. But, I CHOSE not too!! Just like many other girls & women could have killed…..but CHOSE not to! This was not real trafficking!! Once she can admit she killed that man for his money……then I can forgive her! There’s lots of girls & women with alot worse stories than hers……only we never murdered anyone!!

  • Anne* 411 says:

    Its so weird how a killer has pulled wool over the entire nations eyes

    • Danrex says:

      Not everyone’s just the gullible idiots.

  • Cha4k says:

    That grandpa at the start is playing a dangerous game having his back turned on her.

  • DEEK says:

    Let me get this straight… A 16 year old lies about her age by saying that her name was “Cyntoia Mitchell” and that she was “19 years old” to a man that she would prostitute eats a free meal. Goes back to his place. They don’t have sexual relations. She shoots him in the back of the head multiple times while he was asleep. Steals money, items and his truck. Leaves only to come back with an accomplice to steal more… Yet, she was a victim? Umm…

    • ndidi010 says:

      It’s sad


      @DEEK I so agree with you. She’s a cold blooded killer!

  • Sophie Sakura says:

    This is what happens when you let your “kids” listen to gansta rap music

    • Shaniqa Lewis says:

      You sound so racist lol

    • Jay Moan says:

      Racist asf.

    • Yard Makeovers says:

      This is what your white ancestors have been doing to women of color for the past 400 years. They take there little wee weed and get a black baby to play with it. Commit on that

  • Gemma Aboagye says:

    Thank God .she is free

  • Regan Ross says:

    She is like a whole different person from the time when she was 16

  • Melvin S says:

    Her hisband reminds me of two people.

    #1) Mary J Blige Husband
    #2) Derek Jaxson

  • sareena brown says:

    it’s sad because they made her feel like she was in the wrong . when she did nothing wrong

  • Mary Dilaura says:

    Everyone should probably stop assuming that her husband is bad and only there for the clout, bc we don’t know bts of their relationship.

  • Janine Bender says:

    She should never of been trailed as an adult or found guilty. So sad to see a child exploited like she was then to be failed by the justice system. Thank God a bunch of good people cared enough to fight for the freedom she rightfully deserved. Thank God prayers were answered.

  • Stinder says:

    I wish her the best!

  • jackson k. fozzbodie says:

    she had a chance to leave at any time. She is lying still. She shot him while he was sleeping and then robbed him. She was not threatened. she stripped this guy of his life, his voice and says not one word about him.

    • Vanessa says:

      jackson k. fozzbodie wow that’s so cool you know all this because you were there that night. Lmfao

    • Jay Moan says:

      Men defending the pedophile typical.

  • Ronnie Williams says:

    I just watched the Netflix documentary and prior to it, I wasn’t really familiar with Cyntoia Brown. Her story is really powerful and I hope it shines the right light on reform that is needed. Especially for children who are themselves, victims.

  • Gary Brown says:

    She should run in hope to become a legislator, I would vote for her.

  • ingridgott says:

    Cyntoia Brown deserve a new opportunity sorry for the man who she killed and his family he took his house an scare and abuse kid that end end up so sad

  • Rich Colon says:

    She’s a murderer and now probably is living a really good life. It’s bs

    • Itzayana Rodriguez says:

      Rich Colon stfu colon

    • Jay Moan says:

      And he was a predator looking for easy 🐱 from a 16 years pathetic.

    • Yard Makeovers says:

      The worst crime ever”child molestation”. He pucks up a little girl high on drugs. Takes her to his gun filled home. Now she’s paranoid because she is well aware of the millions of slain prostitutes. Decides to stand her own ground. Child molester dead. Street mentality takes over take some of the perverts things to survive on the streets

  • Mickey Jaymz says:

    Last time I saw her, she was a boy trying to survive in prison. I’m glad to see her free and being a girl again. She’s educated now. I’m proud.

  • Lidia Olejnik says:

    American justice system is just a plain crazy…

  • Mandy Last says:

    WTF is wrong with people?! It is the RIGHT thing to do to shoot the child molester when he is raping a child. We should all be grateful she shot him or else he would be raping someone else’s child.

  • RazielBorn says:

    She chose a dude that’s just like fuqin cut. He’s making sure she speak everywhere she can. That’s why he makes sure he’s always there. I know this fuqin game after working in lock up with girls just like her. She’s still being fuqin pimped.

  • GuerinGrad09 says:

    How dare they claim a 16 year old be a prostitute. If the man she murdered was capable of abusing her, then he was capable of abusing any young girl. People like that don’t deserve a place in this world.

  • 4 ever says:

    Don’t pick up strangers and Don’t go with strangers. Duh.

  • Teresia Njeri says:

    It’s God’s plan… Am glad she got lock up… Coz probably she could be in a very bad place or dead… Watch murder to mercy she didn’t stand a chance from he back ground…. Thank God she is out and at the best