Severe Storm System Causes Destruction Across At Least Nine States | NBC Nightly News

2020 8/13
Severe Storm System Causes Destruction Across At Least Nine States | NBC Nightly News

A massive storm system tore through the Midwest Monday, killing at least one person.
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Severe Storm System Causes Destruction Across At Least Nine States | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (44件)

  • Jackie Paper says:

    With climate change these kinds of events will be commonplace.

    • Colin Mahoney says:

      Maybe the US should have nuked the Storm!
      tRump always has all the bigliest answers!

  • David Ellis says:

    Keep an 👀 on the sky for ⛈ & 🌪 !

    • Friend ofGod says:

      Keep your eyes on the sky for the Jesus’s second coming, at the door. On that white horse with His troop.

  • Regina Santos says:

    I hope everyone is safe…

  • Pay It Forward says:

    How nice to have REAL NEWS!

  • Elijah Sherwood says:

    Still need home and wife n car

  • Pam Lewis says:

    We had a derecho in Colorado in May, 2020. First one ever recorded here. Some bad a#@ wind😮

  • Kindsey says:

    This was crazy, my son got dropped off at my apartment at 9 a.m. and it was sunny. By 9:10 the sky was dark and it was windy and the power was flickering. I have never seen it change that fast.

  • Los Charts says:


  • quiktri1 says:

    That is some scary stuff

  • Law Enforcement is Legal Plunder says:

    Mother Nature is furious with the human race. She’s had enough and she’s unleashing.

    • Friend ofGod says:

      There is no mother nature, it’s father Creator

    • Law Enforcement is Legal Plunder says:

      Friend ofGod, not everyone believes what you believe. You’re perception is yours, my perception is mine. 👍

    • Friend ofGod says:

      @Law Enforcement is Legal Plunder so right, yes.

  • Roger That says:

    Look at all that damage! Dangerous! Californians and New Yorkers will pay for your damage. Again.

    • John Lame Elk says:

      Say there bud. Don’t you know that these are your sons and daughters and brothers and sisters in harm’s way?

      Nope, you’re just another shill trying to use Republicanisque tactics of division. Are you working for the Orange Moron, or his mentor the Russian blayt, Putin himself?

      It doesn’t matter though, that card has been devalued by overuse. We’re past that, the racial violin of brotherly discord has lost It’s bewitchment. Our nation is healing right before your eyes. And there’s not a damned thing you can do about it.

      And governments around the world are worried. The authoritarians day is passing, and we’re coming for each and all. Your type are the carrion birds of 65 million years ago, seeing the meteor strike of your doom, yet uncomprehending of It’s portent.

      Return to your grazing, for this was your last feast before the darkness covers your sins.

  • Paul Mccarter says:

    Nope, climate change isn’t happening, right?

    • Friend ofGod says:

      Not as long as they are doing chem to our atmosphere.

  • Tony Antonio says:

    We had one storm like this in Oklahoma last month! Hopefully they get power back soon!

    • John Lame Elk says:

      Thankfully, I live in the mountains of Western Arkansas, so our terrain seemed to break it up. Gravity seemed to slow it a lot when the winds had to go up hill.

      Hope everyone gets their power back on real soon.

      2020, never a dull moment.

  • Ted Petersen says:

    DEEP FAITH. VOTE TRUMP 2020” If you a Living Fish. Living Fish swim thro’ the Current.
    DEAD fish FLOWS with the Current/Cultures/MEDIA – BIAS FAKE NEWS.
    America & the World NEEDs TRUMP

    • Dubi Hyena says:

      This is a new kinda crazy nut bag but at least it’s not boring.

  • Half Chub Hero says:

    HAARP is working well but, we missed calculated. It was supposed to flood China again. We’re sorry!

  • MsLacy707 says:

    “Direcho” Intended Direction.
    9 States. Bout 20% of the US…..
    Love you all, love your loved ones.

  • Miguel Corona says:

    2020 doesn’t take a day off

    • Friend ofGod says:

      Wait till agenda 2021 !

  • Laurie Huntley says:

    That I didn’t see, did they even know that was coming? Grab that corn now. See how much trump helps you now lol. Sorry but it’s true!

  • Victoria Chan says:

    It looks like the Midwest is getting impacted just like the Northeast with trees falling down and loss of power.

  • Edie Beacon says:

    i seen it happen once before when i was like 12 and i’m 32 now. lived in olney illinois at the time by the middle school

  • Vera reiki says:

    Vote for Trump or 20/20 I don’t think so maybe that’s why we’re having hurricanes in bad weather and outages lights are out and everything else because mother nature don’t like Trump even the Birds. The birds coming from Canada is moving south maybe they’re going down there to vote against Trump hahaha

    • Charles Davis says:

      STIMULUS #2: $12.00 U.S. President Trump, acted all ignorant as an individual ignoramus. A realized “racist” republican of repression, He made no mindful mention of this urgent necessary need. Direct deposits- checks or other monetary means of economic energy exchanges = $$$ This tactical treachery and tyrannical trickery transgresses telling the total truths, to The Americanized Certified Childbirth Citizenry. Instead, he wantonly wished whitewashing words of wisdom, thus to impress + implant, upon our minds that we’re “the American people”, “the American public”; but, AMERICA is not The United States!!!

    • John Lame Elk says:

      @Charles Davis America is a state of mind, not the brain of Pavlov’s dog. Freedom respects no state defined boundaries, for it is the subconscious self in virtual flight at all times. We are a family not of related gens, but rather bonded by the need and hunger for our souls to reach unheard of heights.

      Across the world the cry grows more strident that men, all men, must be free, or no man is free. We are our brothers keeper.

  • Vera reiki says:

    Like the Republicans say they don’t believe we’re having any weather changes they don’t believe in science they think the windmills that’s out there cause cancer which is stupider than a few that don’t cause cancer and this is just global warning him talk about fracking all these things he got rid of that Obama put into place no Crush those Millionaires and billionaires don’t want to have to pay money for dirtying up the water and making everything on cleaning the air on feet don’t want to do that but that’s what they should do you want to make they’re going to make crafts and you clean it up and if they never was talk to clean up anything then they should hire somebody to clean

  • Karell Nevins says:

    Repent nations the age of the Lord God Almighty has come America is going down

    • Dubi Hyena says:


    • John Cayden says:

      @Dubi Hyena Lol, there’s always one🤪

    • John Lame Elk says:

      No, not unto death. For like the Phoenix, we arise from the ashes of our pyre ten times stronger.

      We will come back from this darkness with renewed vigor to make our land whole and wholesome. To restore our heart’s values and better nature. To attain greater good for the greater number. To become closer to the ideals of our natural selves.

      America isn’t going down, because right now is the nadir of our folly. Knowing better, we still allowed ourselves to be misguided and used.

  • INVENTOR/DEFENDER OF TRUTH/სიმართლის მცველი/გამომგონებელი says:

    H i *I need your help.Only For goodness sake. If you are a good human and give me 15 seconds, subscribe to my channel and help me strengthen the channel, you will be a person who can do good*
    ** <<< *my channel* *i need only 828 subs*

  • Vkc Mobile says:


  • antony michael says:


  • God’s Spiritual Poet says:

    Jeremiah 29:11- ‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.

    Proverbs 16:3- Commit your works to the Lord, And your plans will be established.

    Proverbs 19:21- Many plans are in a man’s heart, But the counsel of the Lord will stand.

    Walk in Jesus’ ways and you will see better days

    Look back in time to know and in time you will grow

    Allow God to spiritually network you to work with others

  • J Chacon says:

    Mother nature will always protect itself and this is what it’s doing now. Deregulation of land, water, and air protections have heightened pollution everywhere and weather is how earth protects itself. It doesn’t care about human life as long as it she survives.