Watch Soldiers Carry Casket Of Slain Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen | NBC News NOW

The casket carrying the body of murdered Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen is carried into a memorial service in her honor in Houston, Texas.
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Watch Soldiers Carry Casket Of Slain Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen | NBC News NOW

75 thoughts on “Watch Soldiers Carry Casket Of Slain Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen | NBC News NOW

  1. Michael Ortiz Reply

    1/504. Parachute Infantry Regiment
    Any Veteran supporting a dishonorable draft dodging coward #BunkerBoy for Commander in Chief is a TRAITOR to the Uniform they once wore

    • Lynn Potter Reply

      Feel the same way about those supporting turning our country into a socialist nation, you know, the very thing many people, including in my own family fought and died to prevent. Veterans want to preserve rights, and considering democratic leaders threatened to not only take away certain second amendment rights that they do not like, they also are currently threatening Americans to turn off their utilities if they do not comply with their demands AND are trying to repeal Civil Rights Laws that protect POC and women in this country and have done so in 10 states already. THAT is a traitor.

  2. Magdalis Almodovar Reply

    Sad ending for this young soldier. May she RIP, my condolences and prayers to her family. 🙏💔

  3. Eric Muhammad Reply

    We got to do something for Women in the Military man, and I ain’t just blowing smoke, because as I watched that casket I thought about my own daughter, what if she had thought of joining the Army after High School, This is too sad people who Love Humanity.

    • Another J name Reply

      True very sad, too many large corporations getting away with not taking life serious. ..Army is notorious for losing stuff or sweeping it under the rug

    • Natasha cutie pie Reply

      The military is no place for women. Period.

    • Another J name Reply

      @Natasha cutie pie this is not womens fault

    • Unknown A Reply

      Natasha cutie pie why does gender matter
      ? Men and women sign up because they want to serve their country.

    • Another J name Reply

      @Unknown A right!. ..besides, pickers cant be choosers when wars are going on

  4. D C Reply

    Guess POTUS has nothing to say about this huh? I thought he was big on protecting our troops.

    • Lynn Potter Reply

      Do you just use every opportunity to try and attack the president? Its a memorial, show a little respect.

    • Kris Post Reply

      Lynn Potter not EVERYTHING that bad happens to America is the Presidents Fault! Grow the F up loser!

    • Lynn Potter Reply

      @Kris Post I hope you replied to the wrong person because i was defending the POTUS.

    • Kris Post Reply

      Lynn Potter I was replying to D C

  5. julia jill Reply

    yes, well the least The Army, and the ohter soldiers could do for her, sending her much love and to her family and friends, so sorry this had to happen.

  6. Brady Lambert Reply

    Soldiers serving soldiers in the heat of Houston. Proud of them. Let’s restore the Commander in Chief with someone we can be proud to serve.

    • Lynn Potter Reply

      Who is that? Biden? You mean the man whose own VP said he is a racist, and believes the victims of the women who accused him of sexual misconduct? No thank you.

    • Tundrella 68 Reply

      Trump 2020

    • Brahma ped Reply

      Biden 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • G.O.D No G.O.D Reply

      John Wick 20
      “Who’s going to stop me?”

    • Tammy Boyle Reply

      With Biden Lol! Trump 2020

  7. Tiger Zero Reply

    she wouldn’t have die if they took her seriously 🙄

  8. Lynn Potter Reply

    RIP Vanessa, gone but not forgotten.

  9. J M Reply

    Rest easy, Soldier! Semper Fidelis!

  10. heartfulenergy Reply

    They can carry that casket all they want but the military knows they’re not off the hook for this one!

  11. Brahma ped Reply

    The dishonorable murderer is also a soldier, hope the Armed forces have tougher psych evaluation before enlisting any more sociopath like the murderer

  12. Marilou Pacumio Reply

    God rest her soul! Amen

  13. Marilou Pacumio Reply

    Accept my deepest sympathy to the bereaved family! God comfort you on this time of despair and unbelief and anger for her untimely and unjust death ! Amen

  14. Marilou Pacumio Reply

    I salute you soldier ! Thank you! God bless your soul Ma’m! Amen

  15. Melissa Workman Reply

    Such A Heartbreaking Situation! Praying For Continued Strength & Comfort For Vanessa Guillen’s Family & Friends and Justice For Her! R.I.P.😢🙏❤️🇺🇸

  16. Christine Messaros Reply

    To Vanesa’s family…my heart is heavy for you snd I pray that God will comfort and guide you during this extremely difficult time. I have prayed for Vanessa & her family’s since the beginning of her disappearance. I know the base she was on because I have been there multiple times.
    Nothing about this is right. We know it the government knows, military & FBI. I hate to say this but knowing what we know it’s very painful to know that at the end the military is putting her body at rest. I don’t know that their involvement in her final resting spot would do anything but rub salt in the wound.

  17. aquatic life Reply

    Present Arms. At ease, young soldier.

  18. Ivonne Alambar Reply


  19. Định Đoàn Công Reply

    Warning ⚠️ Trump’s brother got a new vaccine and was hospitalized immediately …! 😆Ronald Rosevelt.

  20. Lisa Reply

    RIP….Honey ….

  21. Perry Woodman Reply


  22. d rockwell Reply

    Will the media cover the funeral of Cannon Hinnant?

    • Ruben Martinez Reply

      If this family wouldn’t have raised all this awareness the media would have never covered it. Maybe the family needs to go to the local media reach out to congress to be heard. Unfortunately the media will only cover people who voice there anger and hurt. That’s how it has always been

  23. 元首的青年 Reply

    中共政权强迫学生们每天佩戴红领巾,经年累月进行“思想政治”仇恨教育,让孩子们“抵制圣诞节”,仇恨西方欧美,在地球上另一个同样做法的组织叫 I S I S,中共权贵的子女却在西方欧美过圣诞节,他们自己的财产却在西方欧美的银行

  24. 元首的青年 Reply

    我在中国大陆外语机构上班时,大陆推销员会进行专门的“话术培训”,我个人觉得那就是“骗术培训”无区别 When I working in mainland China , the seller will intentionally practice the methods of “How to cheat people”

  25. 元首的青年 Reply

    The Chinese Communist Criminal Regime force students to wear the “Red Communist Scarf” , constantly teach students the “Communist Hatred Education” , they teach the children to Hate Christmas , Hate Western Culture , the another organization did the same named I S I S , and the children of Communist Leader celebrating Christmas in Western School , their own money also saved in Western World

  26. 元首的青年 Reply

    我曾跟着“Wu Mao”家庭去中共政府办事,一圈下来一车礼品都送光了,哪怕少送一点点事情都办不成,10000元叫做“一个”,最少送“5000”,特别情况要送“一手提袋的现金”

  27. 元首的青年 Reply

    I had follow my Communist Family to Chinese Criminal Communist Government , we use a whole car “Luxury Gift” for bribery , and each of Communist Officials need to be satisfied with “Enough Gifts and Enough Money” , 10000 mainland Chinese Money called as “one” , at least we need bribery “5000” , sometimes we have to bribery “A Whole Bag of Cash”

  28. Nighthawk_ Predator Reply

    Rest in peace Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen. The U. S Army let you down! Thank you for your service to our country. You will not be forgotten.

  29. 元首的青年 Reply

    就像中国大陆 “QQ聊天” 可以被中国公安“时时刻刻定位”,“监视聊天记录”一样,“微信wechat”、“抖音Tiktok”同样都可以被中国公安“时时刻刻监视”!
    Just like Chinese APP of QQ can be Monitored and Located , and User’s Talk can be Monitored and Printed by Chinese Communist Police , the application of WeChat and TikTok can also Monitored by Chinese Communist Police , Chinese Communist Criminal Party knew everything you did and said !

  30. By David Reply

    Hello thanks for sharing see you soon big big like

  31. Roger That Reply

    This murder shouldn’t have happened.

  32. DENOEHONER Reply

    God bless her Soul And my condolences to the FAMILY…

  33. George Clifton Reply

    Rest easy Spc. , we’ve got the watch. U.S. Army 89-93. 💔

  34. G.O.D No G.O.D Reply


  35. Douglas Watters Reply

    Not one woman lifting anything, same way it was when I was in. There will be a couple women watching though, so thanks for that.

  36. Zuza U. Reply

    Now the Army wants to make good but when she was alive or when she was missing or found dead they did nothing, they didn’t care but her story hit the news, it was to much noise about her and her death so army suddenly grows a soul. Too late for that, you have her blood on your hands and it will never wash out.

  37. Cecilia Arrieta Reply


  38. VB Curioso Reply

    Vanessa Guillen y otros soldados que murieron en Fort Hood, míralo en VB Curioso.!!! Queremos la verdad y justicia!!!

  39. bowtie3 Reply

    When watching that you think about traitor trump having no problem with fascist Russia targeting American soldiers.

  40. Isabela L. Martinez Reply

    She deserves this honor and more.

  41. Armendina Guerrero Reply

    Rest In Peace 🙏🙏🏼🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽

  42. angel Perez Reply

    Que Dios le de consuelo a su familia.

  43. USA ALL THE WAY Reply

    RIP Baby🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  44. Minh Le Reply

    amazing content keep it up

  45. Catherine Hendrickson Reply


  46. tyedye mike Reply


  47. Mary Jones Reply

    Anyone who votes for Trump is UnAmerican, UnPatriotic, Uneducated and should be exiled from North America.

  48. Val 2020 Reply

    Rip vanessa 😢😢😢💔💔💔 my condolences to the family 🙏🙏🙏🙏🌠🌠🌠

  49. John Zabik Reply

    Vote for #Trump2020 and save this Country from the far left.

    • shy 380 Reply

      Why don’t you Look around at the past 3 years, this country been going downunder with that very commander in chief you voted for. This country will not be a country in another if he has another four more years. I’m a ex Republican. Republicans against trump, the Lincoln project. Trump is more of a danger to this country at this age and time.

  50. Dolores Boston Reply

    Damned shame. You can’t even serve your country due to the enemies within. The last thing any vet should have to worry about, is being attacked by his/her fellow vets.

  51. Natasha cutie pie Reply

    The military is no place for women. We need to recognize we can’t be apart of everything. Let these men protect us & stop sending our daughters to be Their victims.

  52. Summer Renteria Reply


  53. Scottishroad35 Pinoy Reply

    I’m so sorry nobody was there to save you. He will pay. RIP


    Why there is no sound.

  55. Lupe Garcia Reply

    RIP Vanessa

  56. Saint Lazarus Reply


  57. page lewis Reply

    SALUTING ! Let your wings Soar .
    Blessings forward to the family.

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