Tesla stock touches record high after Wedbush analyst increases price target

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Yahoo Finance’s Emily McCormick joins Akiko Fujita to break down Tesla hitting a new record high after Wedbush analyst Dan Ives boosted his price target on the electric car maker to $1,900 per share.
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  1. Avatar Millennials Unite says:

    Finally I made it 😭🤑

  2. Avatar Porschen Hund says:

    Tesla is bigger than Toyota. How many Tesla do you see on the streets ? How many people will buy NEW Tesla ? Oil is expensive but Toyota is still the champ in fuel efficiency in SUV, Sedan, you name it. You have to buy a long range Model 3 and drive on a route with charge stations to drive from city to city. You can’t go to the wildness or do off-road trips with Tesla. Obvious Tesla is WAY overpriced. It’s not spaceX that really has a lot of potential. I’d rather put money in Amazon if I am a dreamer.

    • Avatar Ordinary Guy says:

      @Paul Beaumont that’s correct!

    • Avatar Derek Liu says:

      @Porschen Hund It’s a little late to change your points to completely different subjects after everyone took them down. If you want to make a good point, support how you came up with the assessment facts, logic, and data. If you want examples of how intelligent points are made, listen to Cathie Wood talk for an hour.

    • Avatar alexng4 says:

      @Porschen Hund wah wah wah wah….You’re just mad that Tesla fans are making money from the stocks and you missed it. Cuz you’re a scared investor.

    • Avatar Paul Beaumont says:

      @Nicolas J
      No, I’m sad for all those who suffer from the toxic fumes coming out of the gas and diesel cars. They are the ones paying for the unrealised costs of internal combustion motors.

    • Avatar Mark Plott says:

      Porschen – actual YOU NOW can. SparkCharge is a GAME CHANGER.

  3. Avatar importon says:

    this is insanity. not in a good way.

  4. Avatar Dan H says:

    This is bad news is good news Wall Street scam, I would stay away

    • Avatar Derek Macdonald says:

      my favorite stock. im up $4.6k in last 5 months.

    • Avatar Dario Strassli says:

      I am debating whether to take the profit or stay in. I’m up $10k since July.

    • Avatar Derek Macdonald says:

      Dario Strassli tesla is a long term hold. Always has always will be.

  5. Avatar Matt Chrzaszcz says:

    Yahoo missed the real headline. Tesla hits record highs after announcement of new exascale super computer next year, 4D autonomous in weeks.

    • Avatar Paul Beaumont says:

      Where is Tesla’s announcement on the exascale super computer? I couldn’t find it with a google search. Please provide link.

    • Avatar kazedcat TM says:

      @Paul Beaumont It is from Elon’s tweet. Their Machine Learning training computer called Dojo can do an exaflop of FP32 computation.

    • Avatar Paul Beaumont says:

      @kazedcat TM
      Thanks for the information.

  6. Avatar MrColdwatercanyon says:

    I went all in

    • Avatar Full Tilt Boogie says:

      We are all in

    • Avatar 1943vermork says:

      Working to that goal.
      Stuck in bureaucratic limbo as I’m transferring assets from one account to an other.
      Just sad to have miss this nice rally.

    • Avatar KidsToys&Drawings says:

      Nobody is not all in now

    • Avatar FamouS Abe says:

      Smart decision

    • Avatar MrColdwatercanyon says:

      12/12/80 took $30,000 I inherited from grandparents and put it all on 🍏 I was 21 . After some rough years it’s worth $20,100,000 pays $200k annually . Sometimes gambles pay off

  7. Avatar Full Tilt Boogie says:

    300 billion dollar company lol. N just getting started. This will be s 50k stock in a decade. Lmao….

    • Avatar Kings Worst Nightmare says:

      Calm down there buddy unless hyperinflation indirectly affects the price it still needs to catch up to its current valuation.

    • Avatar Roy Rodgers says:

      Hey a man can dream can’t he?

  8. Avatar J BL says:

    “After Wedbush Analyst increases price?” Yeah…that’s what did it!🙄

    • Avatar alexng4 says:

      I see the pattern here..When stock was going down..no analyst calls (signal to clients to buy)..when stocks starts going up. All these analyst comes out of nowhere increase target price up $100 for the last few days..Stock goes up by alot based on…uh..comments. Tesla stock is hella manipulated.

    • Avatar Wyborn says:

      Im a huge tesla bull, im also curious about why it rallied so hard yesterday in particular. Its up like 20% or more since the split announcement, do you expect it to dip?

    • Avatar SRC says:

      LOL i know right…..you can see what goofs are the media

    • Avatar alexng4 says:

      @Wyborn I own alot of Tesla stocks, and have been day trading the stock for the past 2 years. You shouldnt be surprised by this run. There’s alot of manipulation when it comes to Tesla price movements. When Tesla was in the 200 -300 range any small bad news and the stock would tumble like crazy. Now, any bad news large or small is ignored, and the stock would rally based on irrelevant and recycled analysist comments and minor news. And they all seem to happen at the same time during the rally. For example Tesla jumped 20% over 2 days because the news wa SpaceX had a successful launch.

    • Avatar Attila Ihász says:

      @alexng4 It had nothing to do with SpaceX. In the past days a research paper came out of Tesla with a battery breakthrough on Lithium Metal battery longevity. Lithium Metal has much higher energy density than Lithium ion, but currently degrades too fast. Tesla more than doubled the lifespan according to the paper. Paper’s title is “Diagnosing and correcting anode-free cell failure via electrolyte and morphological analysis”

  9. Avatar MrColdwatercanyon says:


  10. Avatar Paul Beaumont says:

    I find that it’s funny that every time the stock rises or falls, the credit goes to the fund manager’s announcement? Except the fund manager’s announcement always comes after the run.

    • Avatar Derek Liu says:

      Remember just two weeks ago when Apple got downgraded after breakout earning and stock split announcement? Apparently what’s more important is that institutions get to buy in on Apple after paying off some firms to release a downgrade. The fact that these news outlets circle around these silly announcements are painful.

    • Avatar Paul Beaumont says:

      @Derek Liu
      Ya, it is frustrating. I try and ignore the news… for the most part. They have their agenda… I wish in vain that it included noteworthy, accurate information.
      One of my friends said it best. “You can not watch the news and be uninformed. Or watch the news and be misinformed.”

    • Avatar Paul Beaumont says:

      Look at today’s chart. It was climbing all morning before the bell. At the bell it took off like a rocket covering 2/3 of it’s gains in the first hour.
      I would be more open to your reply, but this type of reporting is the normal … not the exception.

    • Avatar ricomajestic says:

      @Paul Beaumont Alot of stocks climb up before the bell and then sell off at the opening. Look at TSLA on Friday for example.

    • Avatar Paul Beaumont says:

      @ricomajestic Yes, I agree. There is a lot of poor reporting.

  11. Avatar Tech Guy says:

    This is a farce. It is not because some financial analyst (Wedbull) says something positive about Tesla that it’s price increases. It is because of the fact that Tesla’s announcement of 5 to 1 stock split. It is just so annoying that some people glorify themselves and takes the credit. That is so 👎 freaking BS!

    • Avatar ID says:

      Riding on the coat tails 😂

  12. Avatar Mike Fernandez says:

    How long until BLM and ANFITA go after Elon to give them the Company for being a Racist?

    • Avatar Acha Silas says:

      Dumbest comment ever made by any human dead or alive.

    • Avatar Marvin Dube says:

      Acha Silas 😂🤣

    • Avatar Mike Fernandez says:

      @Acha Silas Its a good take dude, no need to be jelly

  13. Avatar hyper vortex says:

    Never bet against Elon

    • Avatar Karim Pabani says:

      And Larry ellison who is on his board. No chance of failure!!!

  14. Avatar Giannis Christopoulos says:

    Bet against Elon and go bankrupt moron.

  15. Avatar Karol Kupec says:

    Stock trading Tesla made many millionaires, you can wait and think 🤔 it is a trash or take action and invest I is up to you. Tesla is the future of energy for homes and cars 🚗👍

  16. Avatar zip says:

    it looks like tseries logo

  17. Avatar Derek Liu says:

    I don’t know why these clowns pretend that they don’t know how a 5:1 stock split itself can spend a stock flying. Are they born last week after Apple announced their stock split?

    • Avatar kschleic9053 says:

      Normally the split causes a spike after the split occurs…

  18. Avatar Cats Eyes says:

    WE NEED TO GET THE STOCK TO $2,103.45 SO THE SPLIT IS $420.69/share !!!!

    • Avatar SammyWhammy says:

      Mel Smith sir this is a Wendy’s

    • Avatar Anthony Polito says:

      Let’s go!

    • Avatar John Michael makhoul says:

      Let’s do this

    • Avatar Jordan Miller says:


    • Avatar Phantom Video says:

      That would be perfect lol

  19. Avatar Bw z says:

    The legal system has caught up to all his crimes. When he loses the election
    in November he will spend the rest of his life in court and then in jail. No more golf.

  20. Avatar Sasquatch 2001 says:

    Hindsight is 20/20

  21. Avatar Nate Mistsniper says:

    Dont let reality come in the way of the bullish thesis. Truth is markets are going up because of the greater fool theory. Tesla the company offwrs stock holders nothing but promises yet the stock rises in higher. You buy tesla because you think the stock will go higher.

    • Avatar Larry C says:

      Nate Mistsniper , well duh.

  22. Avatar Mario Arellano says:

    I’m regret not buying when it was 1340 4 days ago

    • Avatar Dario Strassli says:

      I missed out at $1369. I own shares but wanted more. My bro sent me texts daily to scare me so I didn’t.

    • Avatar Tuan Le says:

      Same here, so I did the next best thing and bought it at 1850😬😬😬

    • Avatar Frederic Patenaude says:

      FOMO makes us make stupid decisions. Best to stay on the sideline. What goes up quickly can go down just as quickly

  23. Avatar Jesus is King says:

    Eternity is coming. Are you ready to stand before Jesus Christ on judgement day?

    If you’re not sure and you want to be pray this prayer it will change your life forever.

    Lord Jesus I am a sinner in need of a savior. Today I repent and turn away from all my sins and chose to follow you. Give me your Holy Spirit to lead and guide me in all my days ahead. I ask these things in the Might name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  24. Avatar XAEON says:

    I have 1 share of tesla,,im a small investor,,I bought it a month back cost 1500 a share now I gain 300,,and soon it will grow more,,imagine the growth after a decade or 2 with this company..Its the future

    • Avatar Karim Pabani says:

      Buy NIO and hold for 5 years

  25. Avatar Kurt Lauman says:


  26. Avatar Gio Dude Reviews says:

    It will rally up to $2100 so it can split into $420 August 31st

  27. Avatar Ro King says:

    in this pandemic market is bubble…. and tesla is leader …..lol…..cant wait to buy the 2 for $6 deal from Mac.

    • Avatar GameboyTommy says:

      Ro King lol yeah ok

  28. Avatar VK Musique says:

    Isn’t the whole point of an analyst to be right BEFORE the market proves them wrong..?

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  31. Avatar Neo Smith says:

    TESLA $2K before the week is out.

  32. Avatar Li Jie says:


  33. Avatar Doublethink says:

    Is this the same Wedbush that holds $1.6bn worth of Tesla shares?

  34. Avatar Teddy Theo says:

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    • Avatar Jerry Frank says:

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  35. Avatar Cousin Eddie says:

    Webbush had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Tesla stock price

  36. Avatar Tuan Le says:

    I don’t know about you but I earn $7000 in a couple of days. Not too bad for sitting on my ass and do nothing. A wise man say why work for your money when you can let your money work for you…

  37. Avatar thinkmac123 says:

    Tesla reached $1900. So what is the new target Price by Wedbush Analyst ?

  38. Avatar Charlie Devine says:

    Tesla should issue 10 million more shares.

  39. Avatar Trevor Jones says:

    Yeah they wanna take all the glory.

  40. Avatar Jeffrey Smith says:

    In 2020 very few people care at all what analysts say esp. about TSLA

  41. Avatar Gibrain says:

    I wish it would please stop going up! It’s pricing me out of the market even after the split. Can I at least get two Tesla stocks after the split under $400?? Please 😇

  42. Avatar Chris adams says:

    Stocks are good but I swapped and invested in forex and cryptocurrency I’ve been earning much from it 💵

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