Tesla stock tops $2000 a share and, ‘It can probably go up…but valuations do matter,’ says advisor

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AdvisorShares CEO Noah Hamman breaks discusses Tesla stock, cannabis stocks, FAANG stocks, and the impact of the election on the market.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar D says:


  2. Avatar Avraham Avraham says:

    Who’s this guy

    • Avatar Full Tilt Boogie says:

      Some nobody slob

    • Avatar Danny Kapatrik says:

      The CEO of Advisor Shares

  3. Avatar Donald Harlan says:

    I will reject any stock split less than @2500, for 1:2 split. The stock market is fake, and run by people with a fraudulent stake. If the Wall Street or NY; is trying to bring people into the company, NO SPLIT! Hold the values above 1000’s and keep bad guys from blowing it. I am sure that, some of Elon Musk stocks, are unauthorized and possibly illegal.

    • Avatar Ll L says:

      @Diane Celento it was smart, just hold long term and she will come out with a nice 10k cashout in 5 years probably.

    • Avatar Diane Celento says:

      @Ll L Thank you for that info. Do you have any stocks you recommend?

    • Avatar Ll L says:

      Diane Celento rocket companies, put a few hundred on Monday, they’re quicken loans and their earnings are coming out soon

    • Avatar Diane Celento says:

      @Ll L I just checked it and it’s only $25.89 a share. That sounds good. Why should I wait until Monday instead of buying now? I figured you must have a reason. I’m just trying to learn. Thank you for your input so far. 🙂

    • Avatar Ll L says:

      Diane Celento thats when the market opens up, most trading is done Monday through Friday, tbh I’m fairly new myself, started 6 months ago, try watching ziptrader’s channel, that’s where I learned.

  4. Avatar Deon Corbett says:

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  5. Avatar pioneercolonel says:

    I follow the wisdom of Charlie Munger and I do the following duo:
    1. I never buy Tesla.
    2. I never short Tesla.
    As the saying goes, never underestimate a man who overestimates himself.

    • Avatar vansh khanuja says:

      @Sam Gerland If you have done your die diligence and you are confident , Then there’s little anyone can say . You are not wrong , But I’m also right 😉 Different perspectives and different investing strategies . Good luck for the future 👍👍👍

    • Avatar Bruno Smith says:

      @pioneercolonel Tesla is not focused on delivering short-term profits – especially to speculators. If Tesla decided to “stand still”, rather than continue to invest heavily in advancing their technologies, they would be reflecting considerable profits.
      One has to understand Tesla’s core objective – and it’s one that has not changed since the company’s inception -“To acellerate the transition to sustainable energy”. The company started with electric cars, but since 2014/15 this has transformed into re-shaping the entire energy industry. Tesla’s focus is on renewable energy and storage systems, driven mostly by software and advanced electro-mechanical engineering. SOME of this tech is being reflected in their vehicles, which are advancing (technologically) at the “speed of thought” (according to Sandy Munro – the automotive industry’s most knowledgable analyst and critic).
      Tesla only needs to reflect a “profit” each quarter- even if this is one dollar – and for four consecutive quarters this is what they have done. This strategy will contiune for several more years, and the revenue will continue to be soaked up by R&D.
      Tesla will soon be selling software in vast quantities – and at a high margin (80% to 90%). Once this happens, investors will start to see payback in dividends.
      The current stock price is a BAROMETER of confidence in Tesla’s ability to deliver this future. Yes… it appears over-valued, but it’s impossible to apply “fundamentals” to Tesla. One has to understand the company, its mission, its technologies and also have an understanding of the future of energy and transportation. This involves SIGNIFICANT research, and quite a lot of intelligence and scientific knowledge. Most people are unable to understand all this, but those of us who have the brains to know what is happening appreciate Tesla’s potential. It’s not a crime to be stupid – just sad.

    • Avatar pioneercolonel says:

      Bruno Smith you also fail to see my point. Tesla as a company will do great things in the future. That’s not the point. The point is will it be able to justify 2000+ $ per share valuation. Companies that changed the world such as Apple or Microsoft were profitable long before they became trillion dollar companies. In my opinion Tesla stockholders are speculating too much into the future. One year ago
      Tesla stock was 200$. Suddenly people have decided that it in a year the company worth has increased 10 times? Musk is an extraordinary person let’s settle that here. I think people are just buying too much into his Midas hand.

    • Avatar Ll L says:

      Sam Gerland you’re giving too much wisdom to those with little vision. You can’t show the blind or preach to the deaf, they’ll look at their metrics and brain overload from confusion.

    • Avatar vansh khanuja says:

      @Ll L We’ll see about that after tesla reports next quarter earnings

  6. Avatar TABERNACLE says:


  7. Avatar lithgrapher says:

    Now weeds!

  8. Avatar Full Tilt Boogie says:

    Multi-Trillion dollar company, 2k is super cheap…

    • Avatar I Biggie smalls Want 1000 subscribers says:

      Multi-trillion dollar how so?

  9. Avatar J BL says:

    Trump never raided dispensaries. That was Obama/Biden.

  10. Avatar Outside the box says:


  11. Avatar Outside the box says:


    • Avatar Gregg B says:


    • Avatar Tyler Edwards says:

      @Gregg B “authoritarian” – while running for an election, something inherently found in a democracy

  12. Avatar Gary Stevens says:

    Vote Biden and pay more taxes, ship jobs to China, and Hunter gets more cocaine.

  13. Avatar John Smith says:


  14. Avatar Glock19ist says:

    I think all the grumpy folks don’t have Tesla shares. Or not enough Tesla shares. Don’t be grumpy. People don’t like grumpy people. If you feel that bad buy some shares. You’ll never have shares if you never buy. Buy. Go long.

  15. Avatar Susil Gurung dfm says:

    Tesla stock price is now on the way of MARS. ⚡️.PE is 1061. 😱.

    • Avatar Don says:

      For reference the peak PE of Amazon was nearing 4000 during its growth stage so there is certainly precedent.

    • Avatar Susil Gurung dfm says:

      Don …ya. Right but Amazon have less competition..that time…but look Tesla have so many competition…so …need to be little skeptical here.

    • Avatar Antonio Aguilar says:

      Competition? 😂

    • Avatar Der Jorgo says:

      Maybe the PE of holding cash it self is the real reason.

    • Avatar Monkey D. Lucy says:

      @Don wow 4000! thanks for the motivation. I’m definitely holding on tight as long as i can.

  16. Avatar Juan Shawn says:

    $2,500 🎯 by the end of month ?

    • Avatar Monkey D. Lucy says:

      yeah. Even $500 sounds good.

    • Avatar Jung K says:

      Thats the plan helps with your psychology

  17. Avatar Juan Shawn says:

    Where are people getting the money to buy these cars? I couldn’t afford one before the pandemic. Even the 7-8 year old used ones cost about 30-40k.

    • Avatar Monkey D. Lucy says:

      elon is also saying Tesla cars might “appreciate” in value significantly when FSD is out, so… i think that is unheard-of and amazing.

    • Avatar shepherdsknoll8 says:

      No maintenance, $8 to “fill up”.

    • Avatar Jung K says:

      @Roberto G. lol

    • Avatar Ronald Szarkowski says:

      yes, you should always listen to someone’s advice that is trying to take your money.

    • Avatar shepherdsknoll8 says:

      Hodir , not only has Model 3 kept it’s value, it seems to be going slightly up, lately.

  18. Avatar ARISTARCO21 says:

    You told me that Biden = Maduro(Venezuela)

    • Avatar E Brown says:

      Yeah, Biden resembles an authoritarian with a tendency to declare elections illegitimate.

  19. Avatar Simple Minded says:

    Is it strange that I wonder how people can afford buying so many shares? Isn’t the average wage $45k?

    I barely see these cars on the road.

  20. Avatar Amin Ahmad says:

    3:44 Luber..
    I wonder what they sell.. 🌚

  21. Avatar William Daniels says:

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    • Avatar ibra udinov says:

      I trade with Derrick too, his consistency in making huge profits is amazing coupled with his very fair commission fee

    • Avatar Daniel Walsh says:

      How do I get to invest with him?

    • Avatar Trevor Johnson says:

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    • Avatar William Daniels says:

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    • Avatar Anders Walker says:

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  22. Avatar Ryan Peralta says:

    We are in charge now, move over wallstreet. Us retail investors saw this coming years ago, Tesla to $7,000 per share. UNSTOPLABLE

    • Avatar A N Other says:

      @John Smith Yeah, right.

    • Avatar A N Other says:

      @Liberty More research needed, to say the least.

    • Avatar John Smith says:

      @A N Other how musky does Elons taint smell bro? You signed up to go to Mars? You know hes a home wrecker right?

    • Avatar A N Other says:

      @John Smith Hahaha! Have you been drinking?

    • Avatar John Smith says:

      @A N Other hehe

  23. Avatar way2muchNFO says:

    If only they had a time machine Lzozl

  24. Avatar Vaughn Kallie says:

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    • Avatar Stella Maleah says:

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    • Avatar Paul Bell says:

      I’m not surprised Mr Owen trading strategies are really awesome, everyone loves genuine services

    • Avatar Daniele Galluzzo says:

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    • Avatar Rafal Wnetrzak says:

      Richard Owen is very sound in analysis and his service delivery is top notch. I am so grateful to him for his assistance which has made me a much better and profiting trader

    • Avatar 308328928 says:

      @Uhlesse Buna Is there link to his page?

  25. Avatar Chris Button says:

    What advisor has been right about tesla lmao

  26. Avatar Steven Lockhart says:

    Time to split 20:1, years ago.

  27. Avatar Talentless Golfer says:

    I’ve never before seen such a perfect egg shaped head 🥚

  28. Avatar ECDCTECH says:

    Cannabis ?

  29. Avatar Richard Shelton says:

    If you missed getting TSLA at $500 last time, just wait 2 weeks. Everybody gets another chance to get it @ $400-500, maybe less. As we get into 2021 and Tesla starts opening a new phase of a giga factory every 3-6 months for the foreseeable future (Berlin 4 phases, Texas maybe 8 or more? plus new factory locations tbd), I would not be surprised is tsla goes up to $1000/each again by end of Q4 2021 or Q3 2022.

    • Avatar Retrogamer Dell says:

      maybe… lol.

    • Avatar phil durre says:

      if it goes down to 400 i will short it, not buy…

  30. Avatar phil durre says:

    valuations dont matter, … until they do. lol

  31. Avatar kmusic says:

    valuations don’t matter in 2020..only stonks do…which only goes up.

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