Why Tesla stock will rise for the next decade: Wealth manager

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Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management CEO Ross Gerber joins Yahoo Finance’s Akiko Fujita to discuss Tesla futures as the company’s stock reaches a record high amid increased interest in EV technology.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar JP JP says:

    What the hell is this guy looking at? His eyes are creepy.

    • Avatar Dave Riley says:

      I think he has a screen above him to his left. It either has notes on it, or perhaps the interviewer’s picture. But he’s smart enough to look at the camera most of the time.

  2. Avatar CountBeefy says:

    Who is this guy? He kinda reminds me of the guy that runs Nikola

    • Avatar Derek Liu says:

      This guy had been bullish on Tesla for years. So no, he’s nothing like Trevor Milton. 😀

  3. Avatar Shane Coble says:

    If they increase revenue by 10x they are still at a PE of over 100.

    Tesla will lose the China Giga factory on the deal they signed with the CCP.

    Just have a decent exit strategy.

    Happy investing

    • Avatar goldsilverandiamonds says:

      You can bet the CCP is stealing Teslas tech and designs daily. No Chinese worker at their plant in China can be trusted. I suspect Elon Musk knows this but is helpless to do much about it. As long as he innovates and they can steal it. The Chinese will let Tesla stay.

    • Avatar Wayne Russell says:

      A 10x of revenue gives a P/S ratio of 1.49.

    • Avatar David C says:

      Ooooooo MY GOSH! Panic!! Panic!! Panic!!

      Cool story bro…

  4. Avatar Lam Ho says:

    Thank you thank you I am Robin Hood I like the Robin Hood Trader

  5. Avatar Khoa Do says:

    the facts that investors keep buying at the all time high despite all the bears and haters saying it’s “too high, too overvalued” blah blah blah, it shows that Tesla is here to stay for the long run

    • Avatar Naomi P says:

      By 2025 I predict another split and a 5k value

  6. Avatar brandon devitt says:

    My Tesla stock portfolio is up 784% my mind is blown

    • Avatar Jack Nguyen says:

      Euphoria going high?

    • Avatar Edmund Wee says:

      Jealous of you, wish I’d bought in last year!

    • Avatar DMLK CS says:

      @Edmund Wee , its never too late

    • Avatar marioxmariox says:

      Up 470% on 90k invested. Though I had to sell some shares at $1,500 to invest into SPCE. I would sell some now since it is likely to correct to under 2k, but I can’t, I would have to pay taxes on all the gains then. Better to just hold it.

  7. Avatar Salvador Fernandes says:

    does this mean nikola has good chance of growing along with tesla? what do you comment reader think?

    • Avatar Jack Nguyen says:

      Nikola doesn’t have a car on the market yet until 2022.

    • Avatar Salvador Fernandes says:

      @Jack Nguyen yes they dont just asking will nkl stock be worth more than $1k per share from here to 3, 5, 7 or 10 years from now?

  8. Avatar Natthapol wongsaroj says:

    Ross Geber never heard of fractional shares?!?!?

  9. Avatar Ali Mohsin says:

    With cars,it worths billions..now imagine with other shares in transportation,how much will it worth😍😍😍…more good to come folks..get the share of its huge success..and help see the world heal along💝..God bless this very beautiful world 💕

  10. Avatar Jessica Martel says:

    Stock trading controls a huge part of my passive income, I invest big and profits even bigger. courtesy of my broker, Mr Charles Connor.

    • Avatar Albert Grant says:

      When you make the right decisions and take the right steps in investing stock trading, the chances of losing your funds becomes slimmer and almost impossible especially when you invest with someone as good as Sir Charles.

    • Avatar Jessica Martel says:

      @Benjamin Lucas OK, you can write him at {officialcharlesconnor@gmail.com}

    • Avatar Trevor Johnson says:

      What i enjoy most is that Mr Charles Connor is very consistent in making huge profits coupled with his commission rate.

    • Avatar Raymond Bull says:

      There are few men who are experts in stock trading and Charles Connor is one. Am glad i let him trade for me.

    • Avatar Jackson Rodriguez says:

      Now i know what it means to win in stock trading, Mr Charles intriguing strategy cuts down losses and ensures winnings.

  11. Avatar Sam Barry says:

    Tesla is the future. This is a technological revolution. Oil is over!

  12. Avatar Pito says:

    P/E is 1000 .lol.

    • Avatar Jack Nguyen says:

      Same as AMZN back in the days

    • Avatar JP vdL says:

      In the context of a start up though. Many start ups actually.

    • Avatar Wayne Russell says:

      P/S 15.

  13. Avatar Morphing Reality says:

    Elon Musk said the stock price was too high in May, nothing is certain though

    • Avatar Kevin says:

      The bigger reason he wants the price lower is so his employees can invest again. Hard to invest when shares are 2k and you cannot buy fractional as an employee. So yes, whenever it is 600+ he will say it is too high, because he wants his employees to be enriched as well.

    • Avatar Tiffany R says:

      Elon tweeted that 05/01- 5 for 1 shares at 08:11 AM. The announcement was made 08/11- he was telling us a split is coming. His tweets are crytic 😄

  14. Avatar Kevin says:

    Never invest in things you do not know about. In the case of Tesla, you will see energy companies get destroyed, car companies get destroyed, and transportation services get destroyed. Notice the order, the energy market is a lot bigger than the car market. They have the software, which will take many years for other companies to even catch up at this point, and that is only if Tesla just stopped innovating and improving what they have, in which no-one is better. And more importantly, no-one can set up manufacturing like Tesla can. Pure domination of many trillions of dollars in market share ahead.

  15. Avatar Michael Majarais says:


  16. Avatar FCV19 says:

    if this company EVER crashes, I won’t make a mistake of not putting my entire net worth on it.

  17. Avatar Alain Belanger says:

    Everything coming together They building lighting speed Tesla and Space X the most R&D capital investments every country’s wants Tesla factory because really good for the economy that what we need now

  18. Avatar The travel of time says:

    Tech bubble mania!

  19. Avatar David W Hamilton says:

    You haven’t seen anything yet from Tesla they’ve been totally battery constraint since the beginning that’s why Tesla Semi isn’t here yet or the roadster
    Once they get the battery problem figured out skies the limit then you’ll see
    Growth like you’ve never seen
    Just my opinion

  20. Avatar vutheara ouk says:

    Folks who come up and give advice on investments are horrible. They vacillate every minute. One saidTesla is good but then it’s bad; good to invest but then it’s risk. which is which? what kind investment does not involve risks.

  21. Avatar Scott Brooks says:

    I heard the same lies about Cisco systems in 2000. They had a legit growth story, massive profit margins and succeeded

    Their stock went nowhere.

    • Avatar Nekole’ s Perspective says:

      d felder 💥

    • Avatar d felder says:

      Nekole’ s Perspective there are always those who willingly decide to get left behind. History literally shows this. Those of us who know better are set to take off!

    • Avatar H J says:

      Tesla is different company then any seen this century. They are innovative beyond belief (space x, boring company, Electric smart cars, internet for all via satellite) and has the appeal to young similar to what Apple has. Musk is not only a leader but an icon who will and has started to change the world. This stock is still cheap.

    • Avatar d felder says:

      H J FACTS 💯💯 also the Neuralink project is dope! Let him keep sleeping and eventually wake up BROKE!

    • Avatar H J says:

      @d felder Billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX has raised $1.9 billion in new funding, also the satellite system will revolutionize telecommunications, eventually it will be free to everyone and TSLA will reap billions in revenue. these concepts may be a little difficult for the average person to conceptualize, but young people are flocking to the TSLA dealerships.

  22. Avatar 0331mike says:

    What ever happened to solar city?

    • Avatar Quintan Brassfield says:

      It became a subsidiary of Tesla and eventually the name changed to TESLA Solar.

    • Avatar 0331mike says:

      @Quintan Brassfield are they still in operation?

    • Avatar Quintan Brassfield says:

      0331mike They are very much in operation. Production parts flow out of the Tesla Gigafactory in Buffalo NY.

  23. Avatar Phil Sherwin says:

    Ross Gerber one of few analysts worth listening too. Gene Munster and Cathie Wood also good. Avoid CNBS, horrible and shallow

    • Avatar Dennis says:

      Are you crazy?? This guy has snake oil all over him

  24. Avatar Big Head Bob says:

    Is there a fly or bug that he keeps staring at off screen every 3 seconds?

  25. Avatar Jay Bing says:

    Of course hes taking profit now ….besides the $2000 price tag …he knows hes about to get a 5 to 1 split and make back what hes selling on the split

  26. Avatar Steve Kurtz says:

    “Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine”
    ― Nikola Tesla

    • Avatar L_J says:

      Amazing Inventor, terrible business sense.

  27. Avatar KyleLee Bowers says:

    If your portfolio doesn’t hold tesla it better be because you are mid swing.

  28. Avatar Ivette says:


    • Avatar Danny Brooks says:

      It also could be the best bubble of all times and when it pops those riches will be gone. It’s way overvalued at the current price.

    • Avatar Ivette says:

      Danny Brooks …Cathy Woods said we are not in a bubble, I trust her judgment.

    • Avatar Andre Correia says:

      @Ivette you can’t just trust one person. She is great but it kinda fits her portfolio for it not to crash

  29. Avatar Rami Ghalib says:

    Tesla has “it” .

  30. Avatar SRC says:

    “THESE ANNALISTS ARE SO BAD AT THEIR JOB IT`S EMBARRASSING” . it should be the title of the video ;D

  31. Avatar Chung Lee says:

    CTXR :Huge inside buys (8/21/2020)
    From 2018-2019, its Chairman accumulated over 10 million shares at the prices ranging from $3 to $99c per share, and the same period, its CEO accumulated over several million share.
    The growth rates of CTXR EPS are about 50% per year. It will earn 74 cents in 2021. At recent prices drop from $1.3 to $1.0 per share. CTXR is a steal.
    Mark my words here, it will worth 10x before the end of 2021!

    • Avatar Michael Osamor says:


    • Avatar Michael Osamor says:

      Any other picks bro? I’m trying to get rich

    • Avatar Olu aDROIT says:

      Ctxr alltime high since 2018 is $1.5. Why would Chairman buy at $3?

  32. Avatar wavey61 says:

    I have been following Tesla since 2011 and I would agree with this guy SPOT ON. Tesla’s long term (decades scale) will be a trillion+ dollar company, but for now it’s way too damn high. $1000 is about where I’d value Tesla as well. This is coming from someone who’s followed them for a decade, own a Tesla, own Tesla Solar panels, bought the self driving upgrade, own TSLA stock, and think there’s not enough Tesla products to buy.

  33. Avatar Tib Syy says:

    10x battery! LOL! I can’t believe he said it! It will be good if they announce a 20-30% increase in battery density! Obviously, he doesn’t know the technology!

    • Avatar Wayne Russell says:

      Musk said a Terrawatt-hour.

    • Avatar Tib Syy says:

      @Wayne Russell Musk is the best marketing guy I ever seen in my life!

  34. Avatar Honesty Integrity says:

    Gold platinum silver bitcoin vanguard index funds mining stocks 18 months emergency fund in cash. Before any of that one must become debt free except the family home.

  35. Avatar Scot B says:

    This man does not know tesla as a company.

  36. Avatar JasonTheWorldisYours says:

    I will be a Tesla shareholder for the next 20 years

    • Avatar Rodrigo Rodríguez says:

      JasonTheWorldisYours good luck

  37. Avatar August Tiner says:

    I Short Tesla next March, thx me later

  38. Avatar Gig27 says:

    Tesla has made great achievements, but if there is one thing you can learn from economic history, it is not to take success for granted.

  39. Avatar S3V3N13TT3R5 says:

    P/E ratio, am i a joke to you

    • Avatar Glenn Groves says:

      S3V3N13TT3R5 according to ARK Invest forecasts, the P/E ratio in 5 years time, given today’s value, is actually good and is therefore a “buy”. People are buying based on what they think future returns will be, not what current returns are. In my opinion that is the correct thing for an investor to do.

  40. Avatar Butch Einsel says:

    estimated $4 trillion sitting on sidelines, its got to go somewhere

  41. Avatar Aditya Patnaik says:

    in my opinion, it is a bubble.

    • Avatar Andrew Radford says:

      Only just over one million Cybertruck reservations.
      That alone will let the bubble grow for a few more years.

  42. Avatar Danny Isambard says:

    Lot of marks on Robinhood

  43. Avatar UNITED MONEY says:

    It’s All bubble
    I’m afraid

    • Avatar David C says:

      Then change your name to SCARED MONEY if you’re afraid.

  44. Avatar UNITED MONEY says:

    Be greedy when others are afraid and vice versa

    Market outlook is not good
    We are going to face another crisis

  45. Avatar Moony Reel says:

    Short shorts now bundled with adult diapers

  46. Avatar I am Monika says:

    Get in now, Hedge and big money will not let the average Joe get a 400 dollar Tesla..not happening.
    Hurry…this is your last warning!

  47. Avatar Anthony Good says:

    Tesla is like IBM in 1999. It’s unlikely to go bankrupt. But it could be due for a lost decade.

    • Avatar David C says:

      IBM went off the rails…it stopped making stuff and lost its way.

  48. Avatar John Qmbm says:

    Good points to take some profits for good sleep. But, I was sad to sell shares after earning report and worry for 15%T. Now from your points, not feeling so sad and back in for battery day.

  49. Avatar Olu aDROIT says:

    Sad thing is most current traders and investors have never experienced a bear market. It’s a 12 year long bull market now….be cautious.

    • Avatar Trial N' ERROR says:

      If Biden get’s elected I think that will put us into a free fall.

    • Avatar vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten says:

      Technically, a bear market started in March. It didn’t last for long, but it happened.

    • Avatar Olu aDROIT says:

      @vincentrich – Banned But Not Forgotten i wouldn’t callva 2 month correction a bear market

  50. Avatar senseamp says:

    Battery capacity by 10x? That guy is a moron. Tesla invent a new element on the periodic table?

  51. Avatar Wanaaje's Channel says:

    I got in at 500 and got out at 900 something, now I am beating myself:).

    • Avatar Pe6ek says:

      You’ll do well with something else. We’ve all been there.

  52. Avatar Connie Patton says:

    Nonetheless, expectations that Tesla will be admitted are among the reasons shares have soared about 73% since July 1, adding to the stock’s more-than-threefold increase this year. Investors have bet the company’s inclusion could mean a sudden jump in demand from passive funds that track the benchmark.

    • Avatar Ivory Beck says:

      Kirlin Elyse Tesla reported second-quarter earnings of $2.18 per share on revenue of $6.04 billion. Wall Street expected a loss of 12 cents on revenue of $5.12 billion, according to FactSet.

    • Avatar Cadence Case says:

      How do i get in touch with a reliable broker i can trust to trade my account?

    • Avatar Jaelyn Nixon says:

      I’m also interested in trading

    • Avatar Connie Patton says:

      Cadence Case for a genuine and more profitable trade assistance, i advice you reach out to *WalterFreeman* on telegrarn

    • Avatar Sana Lamb says:

      Connie Patton I’ve also been recommended to him by a friend and that was months ago, people do compliment his trading services.

  53. Avatar PsyTech says:

    After split from 420 to 1000 in 1 month or less. His price target is right after the split!

    • Avatar Amit Rana says:

      Couldn’t agree more. For me I see the price of $ 15000 after split. Within next ten years.

  54. Avatar Marius I says:

    Top inevitable and confirmed just from the BS in hearing and reading everywhere

  55. Avatar Rebecca Allyne says:

    A guest on The Wall Street Journal Report spoke sometime last week about making over $431,000 in 4months with a capital of $100,000, which made me realize that as a beginner i have alot to learn, so please assist me with any pointers or tips that would help me make this much profit.

    • Avatar Natasha 1 says:

      I think you basically just have to research and study what kind of assets you want to Invest in.

    • Avatar R Oneal says:

      I wonder what the best opportunities to invest now are, there are opinions but a little later I find out these opinions dont matter as a totally different turn of events play out with the stocks they discussed therein.

    • Avatar Bettina 002 says:

      I’m a new investor as well and I use a broker MELANIE BAILEY HESS, she’s been guiding me with my investment since I began late last year and I’ve been able to accrue a profit of $326,000 with a principal of $85,000

    • Avatar Ella Montana says:

      Wow I always wanted to invest with a professional but I never knew how to go about it please how do I reach Melanie and how does she help investors

    • Avatar Bettina 002 says:

      she assist investor by guiding them, you can find all you need to know about her on google by searching her name

  56. Avatar JP Apelar says:

    $1,000? Are you kidding me Ross? Tesla has a 3 year head start ahead of everybody in EV technology and they are just going to lay low the next 3 years. Come on. By the time you wink Tesla will be at $4,000.

  57. Avatar Louis Becker says:

    Is Tesla stock a buy?

    • Avatar Nekole’ s Perspective says:

      Andrew Radford I still like reading it just to laugh 😂

    • Avatar SL1NGSHOT222999 says:

      Always has been, always will be at any price within the next 3 years

    • Avatar Mp3 Leedo says:


    • Avatar Olu aDROIT says:

      @Raul Dave if that easy, shouldnt she have been a trillionare by now?

    • Avatar Olu aDROIT says:

      @Taylor Camila everyone is talking abt Beatrice. Who’s he/she?

  58. Avatar George Maximus says:

    You guys have to bring Ross back when tech stocks like Tesla crash and to explain himself when it dose. In March, most of the tesla bulls were not being interviewed during downturns. It went from $800 in about $300 range in a month. Tesla has a PE ratio of 1000 now, and almost 1000% gain in one year which took Apple 10 years to achieve 1000% gain and Tesla did this in one year. Ok, we are expecting tesla to go up to 10,000% gain by end of 2021. Ok This amazing battery is going to revolutionize the world and everyone is going to buy it, that’s the narrative. The Tesla story has to keep on going and new story chapters will be written to keep people entertained and excited to keep the stock up way before consumers actually even gets to buy it. When Apple announces a new product, people can actually buy it in a reasonable timely manner that translates to actual revenue. This company mission is incentivized to sell their stocks more than to sell their actual products.

    • Avatar David C says:

      @George Maximus
      How long was Apple around before the iPhone?????????????
      When did Apple Start??? 1976.
      When did the iPhone come out? 2007
      By my math (check me please!) that’s about 31 YEARS before the iPhone. Right??
      Which is bigger…A Tesla or an iPhone??
      Which takes longer to make? A Tesla or an iPhone??
      Which costs WAAAAYYY more? A Tesla or an iPhone??
      Which one HAS a Tablet (aka a big iPad) in it?? A Tesla or an iPhone??
      Which has to also save your life in a high speed collision?? A Tesla or an iPad??

      There’s an order of magnitude difference in difficulty (maybe two OMs) to build a Tesla vs an iPhone.

      While the Tesla is often referred to as an iPad on wheels, which is fine…

      Which has sold more??
      iPads or iPhones?
      It’s almost an order of magnitude difference in iPads 300+ Million vs iPhones 2+ BILLION.

      Tesla hasn’t even made its “iPhone” vehicle yet.

      Aka the less expensive, ubiquitous vehicle…that’s coming soon…probably in two, maybe three years.
      The first one will likely happen in China…whether that’s an iPhone-ish car that crushes almost all the other vehicles in popularity…
      Or if there is possibly one more iteration before the actual “iPhone” version and the vehicle that is the dominant size / configuration. It will be smaller than the current Model 3 / Model Y most likely because in Europe and Asia, most vehicles are smaller rather than larger, like they are in the US.

      But cut them a little bit of slack…they’ve got until about 2034. until they hit their comparable “deadline” for 31 years, like apple did with the iPhone…

      By 2025, I believe Tesla will have at least announced, possibly even be putting into production, their “iPhone” version of a Tesla vehicle.
      That would put them about 10 years AHEAD of Apple in terms of how long in coming out with their BIG Deal.


    • Avatar George Maximus says:

      All you guys are talking about is what Tesla will do in the future and what amazing potential it will have. The fact still remains that it hasn’t made a significant impact to the world and way behind other car manufacturers in terms of numbers of cars sold but Tesla has already been treated and rewarded as if it already did and it will continue to advertise new interesting features to convince more investors to pile in and push up market caps because it is so successful at doing that. Majority of people’s lifestyles in the world hasn’t been affected by Tesla nor it has it any impacts on global warming. Right now it is still just a guess that it might one day change the world. It is almost like paying someone who promises to give you service before they even deliver it while you wait and wait and wait. Bottom line is that the success of a company should be based on their performance, number of products and services provided that generated revenue relative to the cost of production, earnings, fundamentals. However it has made shareholders and Wall Street extremely happy and supposedly that’s all it really matters as a investor right? It certainly has generated significant profits for investors in very little time, but the numbers of products it produces for real consumers and the impact to the real economy still lags.

    • Avatar David C says:

      @George Maximus
      First…You’re obviously NOT paying attention…they’ve already installed the largest Battery Storage system in Australia (largest in the WORLD at the time)…which solved the blackouts / brownouts and has already about paid for itself in just three years.
      DECREASING both cost and Fossil Fuel consumption…aka improving Global Climate Change issues.
      Second, they’re doing the exact same thing in California, except WAY bigger…by an order of magnitude in impact.

      Also, Tesla is DOUBLING the number of cars it sells every two years. It has previously…and will continue to do so. Stop crying about the fact that other companies are sucking wind.

      It HAS already made a major impact in the world…by forcing other companies to come out with EVs to try and compete and bring the end of the ICE vehicle age. As EU and Chinese (and yes, even the lazy US) OEMs now start to bring their EVs online, the whole new car market changes…and people stop buying ICE vehicles.
      People value stocks on the future, NOT what it did 10 years ago.

    • Avatar George Maximus says:

      David C
      These are your narratives,. Don’t worry, you already have a lot of people on your side but more is better. There are so many Tesla stories, too many to count which makes it a successful stock. I am not saying tesla is not trying to make an impact to improve the world. So are many other companies around the world. The results speaks for itself and these results needs to quantify and verified. Otherwise, they are stories. “Tesla is doubling their number of cars sold” are they competing with itself or the rest of the world? We are talking about multi millions of cars sold each year by other car companies , not mere few tens of thousands. You can always say that tesla will make it there one day and that’s the narrative we stand by. There are wild fires all over the world, floods.

    • Avatar David C says:

      George Maximus
      It’s amazing I had a similar narrative about the growth of Amazon…
      And about the growth of Apple…
      And this stories turned out pretty good, so I’ll stick with my narratives.

      There are climate changes happening all around the world…
      Not debating that…
      We need to move faster…
      Which Tesla is doing…
      Now we just need to push other manufacturers and power producers / distributors to move faster as well…

      Yes, it’s an amazing thing about doubling very rapidly…
      You get VERY BIG, VERY FAST…
      See Amazon for what happens when you grow fast and reinvest almost all of your revenue as fuel for growth. You end up dominating whatever market you’re in.
      Four more doubles…only eight years…and Tesla is likely the largest automotive company. Five doubles for sure. That’s 10 years.
      All the while growing Battery Storage Biz and Solar Panel / Solar Tiles…
      And Software Biz…and Energy Production Biz…
      And TaaS biz…
      Yeah, I’m not worried at all about Tesla…
      It’s Ford and / or GM that’s likely to go under…or be swallowed by a bigger fish.

      The world needs focus on accelerating the adoption of sustainable energy…Tesla’s positive press will help tremendously with that…
      NOW and in the future.

  59. Avatar Valdo says:

    Tesla is MORE than just an auto manufacturer. Don’t bet against the Musk.

  60. Avatar Tong YG says:

    IMO dollar cost Tesla stock for the long run. Just hold for the next 5-10 uears

  61. Avatar jon schmid says:

    People still don’t get how amazing Tesla is!!!! Tesla is gonna change the world!!!! 2k is still way under value!!!!!!

  62. Avatar Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says:

    1:51 unbelievable

  63. Avatar Steven says:

    all i can say is everyone is happy. all the shorts were saying this is going nowhere when it was in the 200s, and now they get to short more at 2000s, must be great. all the longs continue to buy as it continue to go highers, so both sides are happy. LOL

  64. Avatar Paul Nelson says:

    While other car manufacturers are still trying to grasp the logic behind electric cars, Tesla keeps hitting new milestones and widening the gap between them and others. Elon Musk is a genius who has a knack for figuring out the investment for the future. I have been actively looking out for ways on how to grow my stock trading skills, but I seem to be hitting a snag.

    • Avatar Stefan Selman says:

      @Matheo Faustine Wow. Please who is this broker you invest with and how can I reach the person?

    • Avatar Matheo Faustine says:

      @Stefan Selman Her name’s Michelle Lynnette Long, the requisite information you need about her are all online, just look her name up to get in touch with her.

    • Avatar Stefan Selman says:

      @Matheo Faustine Thanks, I would get in touch now.

    • Avatar phil durre says:

      while other companies make profit, tesla still needs government funding to make profit selling their overpriced cars…

    • Avatar Precious Fatoye says:

      I’ve only been investing for about 2 years, I’ve been quite fortunate and averaged about a 16% return but I think its reasonable to aim for between 5-8%.

      Some tips I would offer from experience and study;

      -Learn the difference between trading and investing, if you aren’t willing to hold the stock for more than a year and sure that you will get a return, you’re at the mercy of the market
      -Also, consult the general consensus last, if you hear on any popular channel that an investment is “great” or “guaranteed” then its already too late to invest as you’re not the only one who has heard it
      -Don’t invest in a business unless you know how it makes money
      -Read literature on investing and constantly be open to learning, the more you learn, the more you earn
      -Don’t invest any money you cant lose, initially you will need to learn and if you invest on a margin, you could end up in serious trouble

      Keep working at it!

  65. Avatar All Things Audio says:

    Tesla stock is massively overpriced due to people trying to make a quick buck off the market due to the pandemic. Hell Honda for example has been innovating products for years, year after year and has sold way more than Tesla but their stock didnt reflect anything like this. Look at how long these companies have been in the game with a proven track record. I wouldn’t be suprised if one day Tesla stock went down massively. I could happen.

    • Avatar UselessCompanion says:

      Honda is not growing while Tesla is growing by 50% every year! They lead in autonomous driving tech and will probably be the first to get to FSD. If that happens this year or in 3 years doesn’t really matter since they have the most data and are gaining the most data every day. The “best” competitor against Tesla FSD is Mobileye since they have a similar strategy but they don’t have as much good quality data and their chips are worse so my bet is on Tesla. It’s really just a question of if you believe FSD is possible at all if you think so then Tesla is literally the most valuable company in the world

  66. Avatar Richard Alexander says:

    FOMO, greed, along with battery day and the stock split sending the price higher than it should be.

    • Avatar Nekole’ s Perspective says:

      You are indeed correct.

  67. Avatar Michael Ennis says:

    A lot of bitcoin nonsense in the comment section.

  68. Avatar Phree Will says:

    Tesla battery day is going to be like, we will be using capacitors to increase battery life. Hooray! iguess

  69. Avatar waizy112143 says:

    2103.45 before split prediction imo 😎🚀🌙

  70. Avatar phil durre says:

    tesla will rise as long as people believe, its about believe more than it is ablut investing. Tesla stock has no fundamentals,… they dont even make profit…

  71. Avatar Nathan vander vort says:

    This stock is a Ponzi scheme/they are cooking their books to get positive earnings. Wait for q3 earnings report, they will have no more e.v. tax credits to sell to their competitors in order to appear to be profitable. They will have negative earnings and the stock will crash.

  72. Avatar Dennis says:

    What an idiot! The pine goes straiggt up, this is a bubble biiiig time. Ross Gerber only want to make money with his lying eyes. Body language all over this lying piece of s

  73. Avatar Tom Wilkins says:

    Tesla is Cisco 2.0

    In other words, it will be a hugely important and successful company that will never catch up to its initial bubble high even decades after this speculative mania pops.

    • Avatar Andrew Radford says:

      Was Cisco as diverse?
      Did they have over a million preorders for cyber anything?

  74. Avatar Xeta6 says:

    Yo I’m about to buy $750 calls when the split happens, Tesla gonna be cheaper for millions of RH users to buy Lol

  75. Avatar Rago Returns says:


  76. Avatar k m says:

    lithium is limited

    • Avatar UselessCompanion says:

      sort of we will exceed production in 2025 but that’s partially what they will talk about on battery day. Let’s put it this way: It’s easier to get to new lithium and other materials needed for batteries than to get to new oil in the future. Lithium is abundant but only a certain percentage of it is densely located and easy to mine so getting less dense lithium is more expensive which means lithium companies won’t do it until they run out of their current more dense sources. That’s why Tesla will have to do multiple things to counteract this problem:
      1: recycle efficiently (current recycling of battery materials can get about 70% of the materials back they are aiming for 80% or higher)
      2: reduce need for materials by increasing energy density, increasing efficiency of the vehicle (smaller battery), changing battery composition
      3: maybe if needed go into the mining business themselves since this will reduce costs even more (vertical integration) because they don’t have to buy the materials and the mining business uses 30+ year old technology that could easily be disrupted if they want to it will be a big initial investment though so they will have to calculate if or when this step would be necessary.
      They will probably do a combination of these steps to reach their target of 2TWH of batteries by 2030 (that’s what they will talk about on battery day on september 22nd

  77. Avatar Tomáš Vaic says:

    Delusional, it will crash so hard.

  78. Avatar Isaac Fernandez says:

    I find it funny how people in this comment section think they’re traders just because they’re making good returns on Tesla. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Avatar Its Style Theory says:

      What makes someone an actual trader as apposed to what you’re saying? (Honest question)

    • Avatar Amit Rana says:

      No not traders.investors is the right word.
      A good amount of difference in being a trader or being an investor.

    • Avatar Isaac Fernandez says:

      @Amit Rana They could think they’re traders just because they traded some options calls with Tesla. Which I heard from a friend of mine someone in Reddit turned like 40k into 8 million dollars. If you traded options with Tesla you got really really lucky. Good for that guy.

    • Avatar Isaac Fernandez says:

      @Its Style Theory You’re able to keep you composure in good and bad times. You trade because you really study the company you’re about to buy or invest in. Not just because it’s going up 20% per week.

  79. Avatar Jung K says:

    10x times 🔋? 🤣

  80. Avatar fenrisler says:

    Sorry but I don’t get the excitement and I don’t understand this valuation. Current return on market value of equity is at around 0.09% (yeah, percent – I.e. 0.0009 in decimal terms). Even if their profit grows hundredfold (never seen such thing before), it will still be 9% return on market value of equity. That is less than many existing other stocks. This all might end in tears… I absolutely admire what Elon and the company does though. Just no understanding for the stock valuation.

  81. Avatar Inter-dimensional Lizard says:

    It’s a bubble. The company is perpetually unprofitable and wildly overvalued. What is the matter with you people?

    Anyone who has gotten lucky with their TSLA gamble so far, sell now. Take your profits, because this whole thing will come back down to Earth at some point.

  82. Avatar cokechang says:

    I hope this stock crashes hard

  83. Avatar pkasb90 says:

    Short sellers go bankrupt.

  84. Avatar DaaN says:

    Getting a real wallstreetbets vibe off of this video and its comment section.

  85. Avatar TechMech says:

    his $1000 price target shows his incompetence

  86. Avatar Mp3 Leedo says:

    The stock price is trading at 1000x P/E ratio Jesus 😂 this is gonna make so many people cry at the end of the roller coaster ones the big boys pull the rug underneath all the retail buyers. Literally trading 5 years into earnings outlook if it’s profitable even by then

  87. Avatar Mp3 Leedo says:

    Yeah Tesla is a good investment but not at 2,000$ 😂 if you
    Want to invest in it wait out the euphoria

  88. Avatar Goodle In says:

    Tesla marketing is 30% back for employees who buy a car

  89. Avatar RSS RSS says:

    Trump 2020

  90. Avatar Artur Lyalyushko says:

    wow just proves that majority is just a herd that will eventually get slaughtered.P/E is 1061,price/book is 38.69, profit margin is tiny 1.43%, ROA is 2.17% and ROE is 5.18%.

    • Avatar Vagabond says:

      100B in revenue in 2025 with 15B in free cash flow. At a price to free cash flow of 40x, that’s 600B market cap.
      Call me a sheeple, but which of those assumptions are unreasonable?

  91. Avatar Liberty says:

    Tesla has PE ratio of only 1040! Wow, what a deal. I think I will take my advice from Yahoo Finance and join into this crowded trade. What could go wrong?

    • Avatar lorenzo padova says:

      Yeah. Amazing PE!!

  92. Avatar Jason Lee says:

    what goes UP
    will go -&÷<=<2&-^÷8+!@%@!?

  93. Avatar vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten says:

    Fractional shares can easily be bought. It’s a false and naive talking point that, in 2020, stock splits make buying shares possible for individual investors. That’s just a sugarcoated rationalization that sounds better than the truth, which is that more uninformed people will buy the stock because they think that the lower price means something good and that more speculators will buy the stock in anticipation of uninformed people driving the price up.

  94. Avatar Karim Kanfoudi says:

    Funny how all the comments hating are from people on the side lines Lmaooo 😂

  95. Avatar Raul Martinez says:

    Just wait until other auto companies start releasing their own electric vehicles at cheaper price tags and more abundant service centers than Tesla. Telsa may have captured the largest market in EV sales, but they are far from capturing the biggest auto market share overall which is still being dominated by companies like Volkswagen, Ford, GM, and Toyota. At this point Tesla is just over valued.

    • Avatar Reeser959 says:

      Do you understand Teslas head start on the ev market?

    • Avatar Raul Martinez says:

      @Reeser959 I do, but then again companies like GM created one of the earliest Electric Vehicles (known as EV1) that had a 160 mile range back in 1999…The technology has always been there, but Tesla is what popularized it. Just because they popularized that doesn’t mean they will dominate the auto market.

  96. Avatar Scott Wolf says:

    Only in worthless dollars. None of these stawk valuations are legitimate and none of the “supposed” wealth of parasites like Bezos, Zuckerberg, and Musk represents anything of any value. Without the Fed bailing everything out FOREVER now, these evil scumbags would not exist

    The only trade now is throw all of your debauched fiat paper into the casino and hope ole’ Jerome can QE to infinity without consequence.

    DOW 80,000!!!! TESLA $100,000 SHARE, Apple $20 trillion company. Good grief. What a world. Prepare for calamity-it’s SO SO OBVIOUS now. FIAT MONEY IS DEAD.

  97. Avatar Matt Hierseman says:

    Tesla is the Tiger Woods of stocks. Changing the game and inspiring youth like you’ve never seen before.

  98. Avatar Adam Zou says:

    Short Tesla!

    • Avatar UselessCompanion says:

      if you want to loose money in the short and long term then sure

  99. Avatar Sarah Helen says:

    2020 online stock market is just difficult unbelievable, i rather invest my money on crypto..

    • Avatar John George says:

      Bitcoin trade is great unlike the stock market and other financial market, Bitcoin has no centralized location since it operates 24hrs in different parts of the world…

    • Avatar Jiann Hailey says:

      Bitcoin trading might make you rich if you are hedge found with deep pockets or an unusually skilled currency trader..

    • Avatar Zack Li says:

      After a successful investment you have nothing to worry about, whether the rise and fall of economy or anything won’t affect you, make your future brighter by making good investment..

  100. Avatar Mist0rWiggles says:

    This is the TOP LOL

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