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The Federal Reserve held a meeting yesterday morning to announce their new policy with regard to inflation.

Previously, the Federal Reserve has set an “INFLATION TARGET” of about 2% per year. BECAUSE the Federal Reserve has been seeing LESS THAN 2% inflation…and, in this year, we’re basically seeing NO INFLATION …the FED just said: We can let inflation go as HIGH AS IT NEEDS to…as long as we just “AVERAGE OUT TO 2% IN THE LONG RUN.”

Think of this like “making up for lost times” – or, encouraging short term inflation, with the expectation that they can bring it down in the future once our economy recovers. In the PAST, if inflation were to exceed 2%…EVEN IF PRIOR YEARS WERE WELL UNDER 2%…the Fed would begin to raise interest rates, and put a stop to rising inflation…but now, they’re going to let it ride for the purposes of bringing up that average, and helping get our economy back to a new normal.

Here’s the GOOD news…

FOR INVESTORS: This COULD MEAN the value of your investments could be going up.
That’s because, GENERALLY speaking, asset values like stocks and real estate RISE with inflation…that’s because, as more money is available within our economy, either from lower interest rates or more currency going into circulation, usually that money is spent and dispersed back into the economy, where it inadvertently boosts up stock and real estate prices as people spend and earn more.

Secondly, for anyone holding onto loans, especially MORTGAGES – this is a GOOD THING.
If you have a 2% mortgage on your property, but INFLATION is 3% per year – that means INFLATION is actually making your mortgage CHEAPER to pay off every year, by eroding away the amount you owe on it.

Third, high inflation also makes our national debt EASIER to pay off to the point where – the longer you DON’T pay it off – the cheaper it becomes.

So, overall…the WINNERS here are the people who have investments, who take out well calculated, low interest fixed rate loans, and who just HOLD ON to their investments as long as possible.

HOWEVER – Not everyone will be a winner, and there are some consequences to this…

The first person who’s going to lose from this is the person who isn’t investing their money.
If you haven’t been investing your money this year…your money has ALREADY lost its purchasing power compared to where we were in January, in terms of stock and asset prices.

Second, people who are SAVING MONEY are also going to lose in this situation.
Because the federal reserve is encouraging more inflation, that means that your savings are going to be worth LESS each and every year that you don’t either spend or invest it. Now, don’t get the wrong idea – it’s ALWAYS a good idea to hold some cash on the side in case of an emergency or for your normal expenses – BUT, you should always aim to keep that money within a high yield savings account, so it doesn’t lose AS MUCH value.

That means, the BEST course of action RIGHT NOW is just this:

One: Don’t keep TOO MUCH CASH on hand without having a short term purpose for that money.

Second, keep investing your money and then – JUST HOLD.

That means that you should ONLY invest money that you know you won’t be touching for at least 10 or 20 years, because who knows what will happen in the short term.

And third, it’s also just as equally important to stay employed, continue to grow and expand your skills, and negotiate a competitive salary as often as you can to make sure you’re fairly compensated for your work.

For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at

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    Fun coupons? Going Wolf on wall street on me Graham?

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    Graham, I’m interested to know what you think would be a good financial move once inflation catches up. Yes theres no inflation now and maybe even none next year too, but once things get back to normal inflation will probably go to somewhere between 8-12% in one year because of how much extra cash that’s being printed right now. The fed’s plan is still to return to 2% once everthing gets stabilized again, but a 8-12% inflation rate in a single year could be devistating for a lot of people. Love you videos. Let me know what you think.

  5. Eagles_Eye Reply

    Does this make investing into low % dividend stocks useless?

    Edit. Like I’m in realty income Corp,
    Store capital Corp,
    Regency center Corp ( last one is doing crap atm, might ditch it next year)

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    Money can’t depreciate in your savings account if you don’t have a savings account

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    1. Don’t keep too much cash on hand without a plan
    2. Keep investing consistently
    3. Stay employed and negotiate your salary

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    Wages in 1974 for transportation works was approx $12,500/yr. Ratio $12,500/$32500 = 38.46%. In 2020 $62,000/ $800,000 = 22.222%. That makes it seem like your argument is correct. However because interests rates are lower now the $ has kept it’s value able to buy more home in the Bay Area!!! What about the fact I can purchase a home in another location out of the Bay Area. My $$$ go much further. I can now by a HUGE home with land and pay maybe as little as $200,000 and still get that 2.5% rate!!! My $$$ are bringing me income if it’s a rental!!! This is what you’ve discussed in your video’s when you’ve bought properties. Another EX: In 1966 I bought my first car a 1965 GTO cost $3400. Today that car would cost me $60,000 if not more!!!

    Gas prices in 1970’s $1 / $12600 salary = 0.00793% . 2020 in CA $3.50 / $62,000 salary = 0.00564%. If we looked at other areas of the country we would see better ratio’s.

    One more in 2011 gold cost approx $1900/oz. Yet in 2016 I could have purchased 1oz for under $1100. Only lately has gold come back!!! My point the $1 is ALWAYS the same in purchasing power. What changes are the products or services we purchase with those $$$$$ !!!! What something cost in one area might seem to cost more & the $ weaker. Might not be true in another area of the country or the world!!! It’s all about timing & SUPPLY & DEMAND!!!

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