My Response To Michael Reeves | The Full Story

Today we’re going to speak with Michael Reeves – a computer programmer turned YouTube Entrepreneur – and see how he spends and invests his money – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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101 thoughts on “My Response To Michael Reeves | The Full Story

  1. Connor Schrock Reply

    I liked when I heard this white bread ass man was going to get tazed and then immediately unlocked when he said it was happening anyway

  2. Silverhawk Reply

    damn so unexpected

  3. Scott Trout Reply

    Please reach put to more people in his friend group. William Osman, Gus Johnson, Eddy Burback, Idubbbz, etc. Very enjoyable crossover.

  4. Juul040706 Reply

    To everyone who sees this in recommended: hi

  5. Juul040706 Reply

    Took me a sec this was the set from the laserbaby vid

  6. Ryan Huber Reply

    Back to back ads every 3 minutes is annoying af. Makes the video unwatchable, similar to watching a scratched-ass bluray

  7. Benton Pellet Reply

    Hes a zoomer, represent

  8. Mata Nui Reply

    I think Micheal looks younger now, he went from a 16 year old to a 12 year old.

  9. HeroOfTime123 Reply

    Michael just outright admitting to educational fraud😂

  10. John Fermi Reply

    Yooo someone finally shorter than michael!!!

  11. Nateus TheGreateus Reply

    Lol, Michael Reeves has a calm and collected side!? I never thought I’d see the day

  12. Reni Reply

    I refuse to believe that Michael isn’t Gen Z

  13. Jackson Mills Reply

    It kinda feels like he is mocking Michael for his choices

  14. Knight Mare Reply

    i feel awkward because i came looking for a comment about michaels literal wrestler legs but there wasn’t one 😐. IM NOT THE ONLY ONE THINKING IT OKAY


    Never knew how short Graham was until I saw him standing next to Michael

  16. Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast Reply

    This music is super repetitive / annoying

  17. Philip Hubbe Reply

    Michael Reeves talking about free college makes me depressed

  18. Chill Ghost Reply

    Ghram: Ok what are your fi-

    Micheal: Yeah… i don’t have a credit card.

    Ghram: 😶

  19. shoop dawhoop Reply

    Moral of the story, all in on SPG.

  20. James Reply

    Pretty sure Michael is Gen Z not millennial

  21. ButteryToast Reply

    graham looks like a littl ekid running from the taser lmao

  22. Ultraius Reply

    “100,000 likes and Michael will tase me”

    *press like*

    “okay fine he’s gonna tase me anyways”


  23. GeneralButter Reply

    Dude id fuckin pay to watch michael remodel a house

  24. Straw Boy Reply

    Why do you both sound the same

  25. Wander Reply

    Does anyone have the link to Harvard free classes? I really want to check them out, plss
    I’m dumb and can’t find them

  26. John Duffy - Arkeksejes Reply

    “ITS A WARM ORANGE” that’s my yearbook wuite

  27. Enzeru Reply

    1st time I hear Michael not swear…

    Congrats Michael

    • Mateo Alvarez Reply

      IT IS bleeped ._.

  28. Unkown Reply

    These are the last two people would expect to ever talk

  29. Randfand Reply

    wow, i only spent 5$ a day for food

  30. Jaja Boi Reply

    When asked why he was so successful, michael shouldve said “theres a lot of stupid people out there who enjoy the same stupid stuff as me” …. i am those stupid people

  31. Alberto Uzcategui Reply

    1:20 XD i recall a comment from an older video… “So you’ve chosen to be tazed”, it all came back to this. XD

  32. Alberto Uzcategui Reply

    15:33 took it like a man. *AGAIN!* lol

  33. Ian Shone Reply

    I remember the old days when Michael used to look like a nerd……now he just looks like a crackhead

  34. Professional Loser Reply

    thought he did something wrong. scared the heck outta me

  35. Miran Rose Reply

    Michael is fucking amazing dude i wish I had the self discipline that he has

  36. crimson nuggets Reply

    For a sec when I saw the title I thought that this was some like crazy negative controversy/drama and got super worried

  37. Robin Jay Kay Reply

    8:42 Graham chuckles and thinks to himself “ he better have a smashed the Like button “

  38. Ethan Alcantar Reply

    I love thissss hes amazing

  39. Ethan Alcantar Reply

    Seeing two of my fav youtubers like this

  40. David Romero Reply

    Michael Reeves is the epitome of the saying,

    “Be the content you want to see in the world.”

    (A play on the phrase “Be the change you want to see in the world”.)

  41. Dingbone Reply

    you’ve interviewed a modern day real world benjamin button. thank god you did it now because he would’ve been a baby again if you waited any longer.

  42. Cauchemar Reply

    Micheal is too young to be a Millennial

  43. End Nitro Reply

    Was anyone gonna tell me that Michael owns a Tesla or did I have to learn it from a Graham Stephen video myself

  44. TheEpicFailMaster Reply

    My responsible YouTube and my Dank YouTube sides are mixing and I’m ok with that

  45. Jon Wallace Reply

    Like that smash button

  46. First Last Reply

    6:08 did he just whomegalul’d amazon? u dont forget jeff bezos

  47. HORISON Reply

    Michael: the walking skillshare ad

  48. Jordan Lincon Reply

    Woah wtf i thought the intro sounded like Michael Reeves himself since i wasn’t looking

  49. eden_buks Reply

    does…. can micheal reeves cook

  50. flying rooch Reply

    Everyone who dosent know Michaels height: wow micheal is tall

    Everyone who’s knows his height: wow Stephen is short asf

  51. christopher beaulieu Reply

    Michael be like i like to call myself a YouTube connoisseur

  52. Fer TG Reply

    micheal’s legs are so ripped!!

  53. Christian Vello Reply

    Its funny cos he is all serious sipping nenja melk

  54. キヤヲ / Kiyawo Reply

    *bought a record player*
    Also Michael: eh I have spotify account

  55. Best Gamer Reply

    Every OTV & friends and Ryan Higa fans: ahhh yes. NINJA MELK!

  56. graham peebles Reply

    Graham’s got to do a video with leafy I know he is hated by a lot but he invests a lot of money and I think it would be a good video

  57. Ollie Grant Reply

    Repping that sneaky snitch

  58. john smith Reply

    Were do u say u waste money and then an add for college came on

  59. Smeglore Reply

    Michael looks so tall 😂

  60. Nytro Reply

    Graham lookin kinda buff tho

  61. Nate Dubs Reply

    the thing I like about michael is that he could be the life of a party but he 100% didnt want to go to that party

  62. Tiffany Lastinger Reply

    Computer science and programming is a pretty special field where they care less about degrees and far more about your ability and competence at the program

  63. Starrkill3r0518 Reply

    i fuxking love michael.

  64. pepper Reply

    Why the tilde is so click clickbeat

  65. Saint Pyo Reply

    Causally Drinks Ryan Higa’s Ninja Milk HAH

  66. Gabi forqueta Reply

    I never expected to see Michael that chilled down, did he turn to a different drug or something? Now doing weed instead of caffeine?

  67. Alvin Ramali Reply

    I feel like his channel is successful because you like watching his vids but there isn’t enough of his videos to watch every day. It’s like a food you love but can only eat once in a couple months

  68. Juan Sebastian Muñoz Corredor Reply

    You didn’t taught him anything, all those looking for amazing wizdom let down 🙁

  69. Rishabh Shukla Reply

    Real life Ranchodas chanchad..

  70. david chen Reply

    got ninja melk i see
    i man of culture

  71. Intelligently Stoopid Reply

    Fortunately I’ve never heard of him

  72. AppleheadIsCool Reply

    graham interviews a literal twelve year old that likes to bully his friends and eat mcdonalds

  73. MiscellaneousVids 06 Reply

    I’ve watched him since trigger me Elmo came out

  74. mc26 playsminecraft Reply


  75. TenebrisXI Reply

    >Michel doesn’t know what rent is

  76. Abhi Johal Reply


  77. nice Reply

    Graham you probably won’t see this but ever wonder what life will be like for streamers or you-tubers in 20 or 30 years? Current’y we are watching the first generation of entertainers so no one really knows how retirement works for them and a lot of entertainers probably aren’t the top candidates for most jobs. What do you think?

  78. Duck Beats Reply

    The crossover we never knew we needed

  79. Krazzler Z Reply

    ‘Do it again”

  80. HeiJegErEnPotet Reply

    *uses 40$ on food a day*
    “I’m not to bad!”

  81. CynicalDriver Reply

    Now this is a crossover worth watching.

  82. Evan Vandenberg Reply

    Really enjoyed this, I would love to see more of these in the future!

  83. Honor In A Wheelchair Reply

    This guy easily broke in of college when we failed to break out

  84. EDUBS Reply

    Why did u tell him he needed a credit card?

  85. Panda Guzman Reply

    He not wrong as long as nobody calls you out you can just walk in

  86. Panda Guzman Reply

    Damn Michel does not skip leg day

  87. Lepercon Boi Reply

    I would love to see gram in otv

  88. D M Reply

    The music reminds me of Fable

  89. NetworKrakle Reply

    Wait… why is NOT having a credit card bad?

  90. Brady Russel Reply

    why are his legs super ripped wtf

  91. Gregory Briseno Reply

    Micheal: I don’t have a lot of expenses
    Also Micheal: 100,000 robot dog go brrr

  92. Erin Choi Reply

    This is almost like watching a dad talk to his son about finances

  93. a w Reply

    I live near a relatively big college and I can attest that it is very easy to sneak into lectures. Especially if there’s more than 70 college students in there

  94. ollie Cook Reply

    How does michael reeves spends his money?
    Spends it all on a $100000 boston dynamics robo dog to make it piss in a cup…

  95. pornhub Reply

    Im 100% certain that youtube unsubbed me from your channel my guy

  96. The Most Hate-Filled Fanny Reply

    i like your baby dragon fruit plant on the right side of the screen 0:27

  97. harry christenson Reply

    I’m so proud of michael for not having a credit card. Kill the credit system!!

  98. Kevin Nerd Reply

    Did he just call michael a millennial? That’s just wrong dude, he’s clearly a first batch gen Z, now people like Toast, and lily are millennials, he’s in his very early 20s, they are in their early to mid 30s

  99. KraZWhale Reply

    how is michael the taller one…

  100. Dillon Diaz Reply

    i could not stop laughing at how extremely uncomfortable you were lmfaooooo!!!! the looks you gave this man when he talked had me ROLLIN

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