Battle for Antarctica: Nations explore continent despite protections

2020 9/01
Battle for Antarctica: Nations explore continent despite protections

Chile’s government is claiming sovereignty over parts of Antarctica.
But the move is being disputed by Argentina and the United Kingdom.
The frozen continent’s rich natural resources have long been protected under international treaties.
Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman reports from Santiago.

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コメント一覧 (78件)

  • heygreydey says:

    we are a stupid, rapacious species. end of story.

    • Thank You JC says:

      Honest to God I think this every single day. Then I worry about the life my kids and grand children will have. 😔

    • Hudson Jaxson II says:

      Trust the russians and chinese

    • Zed - Orc says:

      Uncontrolled growth at it’s worst

  • George White says:

    Lol how will Chile enforce this its publicity the antarctic is and should remean free from people


    Sovereignty of Antarctica will be In Aussies Super Province in Zakir Empire either by Treaty Or If Treaty fails By Force by Aussies and Zakir Empire Military….. Alhamdulillah Inshallah…… By God Allah Will Guidance Grace and Blessings……… Alhamdulillah Inshallah……..

  • Que_Rico says:

    Go feed your people first idiot! Our species are a f cancer, all we’ve done since our inception is war, famine, for no reason too. Instead of sharing, we go after one another.

  • David Medeiros III says:

    Global warming makes Antarctica a nations future destination

  • SK says:

    How can it belong to no one? Are you telling our billionaires that something does not belong to them?

  • Candace Weatherlow says:

    It’s getting heated in the artic

  • Christian Alcaba says:

    “It’s part of China 🇨🇳 since ancient times”
    – The Chinese Communist Party

    • Frenchkisssss says:

      And Israel, there was a temple there a 1000 years ago that was destroyed by the antarticans.

    • Majel Martinez says:

      Haha.. they will claim everything tomorrow the milky way galaxy 😜

    • Strahinja says:

      And USA needs to bring “democracy” there….

  • David Tran says:

    Imagine what will happen when Oil is discovered there!

    • Muhidden Misbak says:

      US: let’s put democracy in there

    • Amin Boumerdassi says:

      USA: “Time to overthrow some democratically elected penguins!”

    • Lewis Dubs says:

      Then they should need demovcracy

    • quark doctor says:

      Oh! lol

    • kmvideos says:

      Freedom and democracy for the dolphins

  • Peter Pan says:

    Government protests in Chile, extremely high unemployment, lots of poverty atm, and the government wastes its time pretending to own Antarctica lol.

  • kingpin outlow says:

    Humans destroying the earth slowly but surely

  • Benson Manners says:

    UK is disputing! What a joke.

  • Max S. says:

    New colonial war is about to start!

  • What’s up G says:

    The world has gone nuts

  • Beer Senpai says:

    Arctic and Antarctica should be owned by no one.

    • Jojo Ash says:


    • Jojo Ash says:


    • Jojo Ash says:

      Bingo. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    • bromz says:

      Arctic most definitely is owned by Russia, Canada and Denmark

  • Hudson Jaxson II says:

    Chinese fisherman used to fish there in ancient times so its theirs

  • Hudson Jaxson II says:

    Russia china britain have no business being anywhere near it

    • Alex Bort says:

      Russia discovered Antarctica.

    • Hudson Jaxson II says:

      @Alex Bort and? They are at the opposite end of the earth lol

    • Amin Boumerdassi says:

      Finders keepers

    • john John says:

      It belongs to Russia alone

  • Hudson Jaxson II says:

    We need to not use oil. Become green. Will get rid of this greed

    • Stefan Kuehnle says:

      don’t be naive there was always greed about resources and land way way way before oil and they always will be just about other things/resources.

  • Hudson Jaxson II says:

    Russia and china opposed to making the seas around antarctica off limits. Says volumes. When the say the west is bad well the east is evil.

    • Xiao Mose says:

      Yeah are the east that colonialist and plunder natural resort at west 500-600 years ago?

    • Hudson Jaxson II says:

      @Xiao Mose has the west learnt from that? Yes. Has the east? No. With all the lessons of history Russia and China still fight for every scrap of earth even if it is to the detriment of human kind. If you are Chinese i could have a field day on your evil country. Chip on shoulder freaks lol

    • Xiao Mose says:

      @Hudson Jaxson II I see, you don’t want to see it or maybe you don’t know it

    • Hudson Jaxson II says:

      @Xiao Mose i see alot more than you do. If you were in china, you wouldnt even be allowed to have this conversation..

    • Xiao Mose says:

      @Hudson Jaxson II see? You see a lot based on illusion u creat for your self what a pity

  • Jojo Ash says:


  • Jojo Ash says:

    RIP arctic/Antarctic etc again. Endless resources riches gold deposits wealth minerals etc or lithium etc marches on.. & fake climate change etc too. Or ENDLESS DESTABILIZE OR OBLITERATED MARCHES ON..

  • Jojo Ash says:

    RIP arctic/Antarctic again
    Green land
    Amazon forestation

  • Jojo Ash says:


  • фахад اقبال says:


  • red gaming says:

    Humans!! Greed!

  • Stevie says:

    Do you trust your neighbors, so why trust treaties..?

  • Five gold star says:

    White continent, hahahhaha such bs.

  • Luis martins says:

    Chile is joke to think they can have their fair share in Antarctica plz continued be the puppets of Zionists

  • Reu Benz says:

    Russia, Britain, France, Australia and China have no right being there. In fact no one, but them 5 are just pathetic. Sad.

    • anna salomon says:

      And united states of america

  • Kevin Wellwrought says:

    Antarctica belongs to noone.

  • Dave says:

    Australia owns more of Antarctica then anyone else

  • Zed - Orc says:

    This is so so worrying

  • Mr. Mackey says:

    If we go on like this mother earth will be forced to reset to factory settings. Even if it means killing everyone in the process.

  • José Martins says:

    One can understand the struggle among the countries located in the Southern hemisphere, but France and Great Britain?

    • Amin Boumerdassi says:

      They were among the first countries to set foot on Antarctica so they do have legitimate claims on their sections.

  • Pickle Rick says:

    why are you (lucia newman) wearing a mask while outside with no one around and speaking to a camera, making it all the more difficult to understand what you’re saying. this sort of virtue signaling is beyond ridiculous – and you look like a fool.

  • Robert Brown says:

    That’s about the only place left for us to destroy.

  • Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says:

    0:49 omggg

  • Inshallah Inshallah says:

    Antarctica belongs to China, since Accent Time. XiJing Ping.

  • Adil Economy says:

    chilli need to chill or america will put a hot chilli in your chilli

  • Yo Jo says:

    Who’s gonna stop them? The United States? Ha.

  • Reina Camp says:

    UK and France what the heck

  • kangroo 11 says:

    antartica belong to china because one chinese died in 1800. so it is against one china policy

  • Elizabeth Gian says:

    Sorry about my message

  • Eli Dent says:

    Oh Lord can’t anything on your beautiful planet , given to us for stewardship, remain free and wild , without man’s terrible footprint exploiting it for monetary purposes


    Refuse to listen to anyone wearing a mask 😷

  • Samuel Basedau says:

    uhhh… we want all the freshwater when the world melts. uhhh… let’s try and steal it during the pandemic…

  • DrThreeBalls says:

    Antarctica Belongs to the a United States.
    We are the most powerful country on this planet.
    If you don’t like it … Oh well boo hoo . .

  • Fantasy's Land says:

    According to Britain, we just colonized the continent and it automatically belongs to Britain.

  • No More Fake Media says:

    No one . It belong to wilderness

  • L L says:

    Bring Islam to South America destroy it