Meet Rozi Khan, the Pakistani Peter Dinklage

2020 9/09
Meet Rozi Khan, the Pakistani Peter Dinklage

TV series Game of Thrones may be coming to an end, but not for Rozi Khan.
The Pakistani waiter became famous because of his uncanny resemblance to Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion Lannister on the show.

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コメント一覧 (113件)

  • Amazing ALWAR says:

    Bhai 2 to mil gye 5 or baki h…😂😁🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Prince Sailesh says:

    Once Peter Dinklage should meet him

  • Prince Sailesh says:

    Alas, Game of thrones is over. If it had one more season D&D might introduce this guy as son of Tyrion Lannister in game of thrones as lord of casterly rock.😀😀😁😂

    • 1085243 says:

      The Lancasters and Yorks, the War of the Roses; yes, this is the history of Europe, and that is what this fantasy is based on. These 2 Jews, who you call D&D (I grew up playing AD&D and Rifts, btw heh heh), they didn’t portray the Persians with any sort of dignity. Sailesh, believe me when I say that Jews are not kind people, and have no heart for others. They wouldn’t go out of their way for a Pakistani, especially one with no education in acting or theater. Peter Dinklage may be one of the last great Shakespearean actors, and this aspect of European culture is dying out as we speak. As for Peter, he has no obligation to help anyone, and he worked very hard to gain what he has; no one handed him opportunities, but he had to struggle to get where he is in our society. A society which is ruled by Jews, not white men.

    • Prince Sailesh says:

      @1085243 I agree with your statement 👍

  • umesh kumar says:

    Rs12000 = $180
    Not 80$

    • Taha Khan says:

      1 usd = 154 rupee

    • umesh kumar says:

      @Taha Khan Pakistan Mei Hoga yaha pe 1$ = 69rs hai

  • Deepak Kumar Sethi says:

    He can be a body double or act as twin brother of Dinklage in movies.

  • Faris Johari says:

    Hodor !

  • Y2Kvids says:

    See the importance of Inclusivity in Television. Makes lives better for millions .


    The reality of our world who always tease bully taunt on others weakness but when they become famous everbody salutes them. Racist world 😔

    • 1085243 says:

      “Racist?” If a Pakistani bullied another Pakistani, that isn’t race-based discrimination. They made fun of him because he’s different in stature, not because his race is different.

  • Fawk Yu says:

    This dude is actually pretty tall and well-proportioned for a dwarf. If not for the typical dwarven facial features, he could probably pass for a normal person with a larger-than-averagr sized head.

  • yakub Khan says:

    After destruction of king’s landing tyrion ran away to Pakistan to save his life and then he took shelter in restaurant and now he is working in that restaurant as a waiter because “A lannister always pays his Debts”😂

  • super saim says:

    Pakistani people r really attractive ❤ love from India

  • Abdulkareem Musleh says:

    A plot twist:
    Shae was pregnant from Tyrion, she gave birth in Pakistan before she came back to Westeros.. and now Rozi khan wants the revenge to kill his father who murdered his mother..

    • 1085243 says:

      The War of the Rozis, heh heh

  • Tushar Markam says:

    His batting skills are same as Afridi.

  • fahim khan says:

    Pakistan is the land of true legend and gold and diamond and petrol

  • Raspberry Faygo says:

    If the lannisters and the martells switched places…

  • Aadil Farooqui says:

    I think People are underestimating him, He is being buried under the fame of Peter Dinklage, it’s true he is being found bcoz of him, but look at him, he is a great personality and he could be a Star too, he needs a little polishing and voila, He is a Star, I think so agencies should look for him and should do a little screen testings and other things

    He is confident, He has no Stage Fear, He is good in communication, He will be great in Entertainment Industry

  • Alexander The Great says:

    Game of drones.

  • Daniel Brett says:

    I will give my best to keep this landscape and others save more i cant do right now! I dont want anymore war or cruelty to Humanity! Dont Kill someone cause he has another religion, Religion has proofed what Humanity is able too and i dont want anything that pushes the destruction of our world any further. This is my personal Crusade now. I just can say Thank you to all who played a key role in my Life! I hope my message is clear! I need time cause some people want to get my money on my Card.
    I wish you the best for yourself and the people who are with you!

  • Sergeant Veda Ra says:

    1:25 “Now people loved me, i was happy to be this famous. Before this, people not love me very much, now they do”

    Tyrion was right

    These people was in *Trial* for being a Dwarf
    They have been in trial for their *entire life*

  • NOOBMASTER69 says:

    Looks nothin like apart from height

  • Cengiz Söğütlü says:

    Masallah brother we love you from Turkey. Maybe play in Turkish game of thrones = Ertugrul

    • Mahsum Kaçmaz says:

      Cengiz söğütlü ertugrul game of thrones ahahaha aq şaka mısınız ya 😂

    • Cengiz Söğütlü says:

      @Mahsum Kaçmaz sana fikrini soran oldumu

    • Mahsum Kaçmaz says:

      Diriliş izleyen tayfanın linki üstte 🤷‍♂️

  • Ankush Shetty says:

    I really wish he meets Mr. Dinklage one day

  • Albino Rhino says:

    Last week I talked to a woman who’s never even heard about game of thrones. I live in Amsterdam

  • Dark Caesar says:

    Many dwarfs have a similar facial bone structure so this is not surprising

    • tenzin tsenpey says:

      Not necessarily.. in that case there should be more than 1 who look like him or peter. They are same as us only their height is different.

    • Dark Caesar says:

      @tenzin tsenpey not true. There are differences in skull shape between dwarfs and normal sized humans. And there are different types of dwarfism. I watched a whole documentary on it. It’s obviously not just their dwarfism that makes them look alike but it’s a big part of it.

    • tenzin tsenpey says:

      @Dark Caesar ok but my question still stands. show me other dwarf who look like him or peter.

  • Ravi kumar says:

    Now I got what peter’s father did on his pakistan tour years ago

  • WHITE WOLF says:


  • Sajid Sayeed says:

    malnutritioned terrion lannister !

  • F'ing Alex says:

    All midgets look the same, wtf

  • tea says:

    اه مادام كاليسي اي مشكل كلّم انا

  • BoTi says:

    All midgets lookalike

  • Bharath says:

    Remove that topi

  • buriedxinblack says:

    Oh? He has an Emmy?

  • FR3AKY says:

    I didn’t know tyrion knows Urdu

  • faisal al-rasheedi says:

    doesn’t all dwarfs look the same?

  • Zaynn shaikh says:

    Kesi dunia hai yeh…. Is insan ko iski wajah say kiun pyar nai kiya. Zaruri hai kay ap ki shakal kisi famous insan say milti ho tab hi apko pyar milay? Pakistan was backward, still is backward and will remain backward if people will not change. No President or Prime minister can change this country unless the people will change themselves. Allah hi hafiz hai is mulk ka

  • Kenneth Lauer says:

    He’s exactly the same height 🤔

  • Laknath Saha says:

    Wow great video.

    Love frm india

  • Citizen of Java says:

    You better stay live in modesty

  • The Revenger says:

    “Foreigners” came lol. If you speak Urdu you know he says a white girl came and took a pic that made him famous.

  • PJ says:

    Dinklage’s long lost twin.

  • Peter Bandith says:

    Pakistain is a dangerous place.

  • kalawang man says:

    Hand of the “Queen Who’s Not Allowed to Drive.”

  • TheBrabon1 says:

    he is just a dwarf

  • Meet Dholakia says:

    So good to see someone so ordinary becoming world famous overnight. Gives me hope that anybody’s life can change anytime. It’s like he won the lottery.

  • Meet Dholakia says:

    I think he became famous because of his resemblance to Peter Dinklage. He sustained it because of his innocence, kindness, humility and cuteness. He says he loves Peter Dinklage and wants to meet him. That’s so cute. He’s gonna go really far.

  • SWAYTV says:

    Are people aware that the only reason he looks like him is because they’re both dwarfs?

  • fhgjklmn says:

    all midgets look alike hes no special

  • Fanged Wolf says:


  • knot289 says:

    Pretty sure you can’t say all midgets look alike.

  • The real Squirrel says:

    Game of gnomes

  • Propel 2015 says:

    I mean Pakistani’s, Kashmiris, Indians, and the Chinese are constantly fighting over land in the north. It’s literally game of thrones over there and this guy really is Tyrion.

  • Internet of Things says:

    Malnutrition version of Dinklag

  • M H.G. says:

    Well… Striking resemblance… It’s dwarfism, they kind of all look alike.

  • I Am Moon Man says:

    This dude has a forehead though doesn’t he

  • Tom G says:

    He doesn’t look that much like peter at all.

  • Shamima Naznin says:

    I really want peter to meet him

  • FaryalToys says:

    Woow look at the resemblance..

  • Emir Uslu says:

    Ubeydullah Lannister değilmi lan bu puhagahags

  • pee pants the inebriated hobo clown says:

    He should ditch the hat and grow proper hair like real tyrion along with a messy beard

  • B a l j says:

    They both need to meet. Btw he seems like a genuine guy, although the internet just hyped him up a bit like the chaiwala

    • 1085243 says:

      Peter doesn’t need to meet this guy; it isn’t white men’s obligation to help out the poor people of foreign lands, although we are kind people who care a lot about others. I respect Rozi, and I would be glad to be his friend, but the reality is that Peter Dinklage doesn’t have the power to change Rozi’s life by handing him opportunists. And guess what? It takes a lot of work to gain the skills in acting that Peter has; this is not something that can be handed to someone free of charge, without any effort on their part.

  • Matthew G says:

    It’s good this guy is famous now but the series is over? If it was series 1 again he could be tyrion in famous places around the world

  • Munib Khan says:

    He must pay his debt

  • JustFUN says:

    Ye pakistani sab duplicate hote hai ….agar ye india se alag nahi hote to aaj asia ka sab se power desh hota ….inlogo ne batwara kar ke apne ko sabse bekar desh bana liya

  • Moto 90 says:

    He wasn’t able to become a terrorist because he wasn’t this tall.

  • Benjamin Young says:

    He looks like Jimmy neutron

  • yew368 says:

    Yesss hes here

  • trackme down says:

    Omfg dat resemblance…Peter should meet him..🧐

  • stailleos says:

    Peter is dead he doesn’t know

  • Shawn Brown says:

    They look nothing alike

  • Nathaniel Hudson says:



  • 1085243 says:

    As a westerner, I find it amusing that middle easterners have enjoyed GoTs as we have. In my opinion, the show makes Persians out to be weak and feminine, with bland wardrobes and lackluster cultures who are foolish, when in reality history shows that there were no weak men in those days, especially not Persians; they had conquered most of their known world. And Alexander Sadig, whom is a fan favorite of mine from his days on Star Trek Deep Space Nine, they killed off his character after just appearing in 3 episodes, and they made him look like a cuckold and feeble. I wish GoTs was more accurate to history, but hey, they had 2 Jews writing the show, so I suppose that’s what is to be expected from them. I did not appreciate that portrayal of that character that Sadig played, to be murdered by his own female family members. But the feminists have a lot of political backing from wealthy financiers, so they push that kind of nonsense on us over here all the time on television and in movies (cinema). But I think Mussolini and Hitler had the right ideal: keep the women in their place: making babies and working hard in the kitchen to feed their families.

    As for Rozi, I am glad people are treating him with some dignity now, but I would not look to Peter for opportunities in Hollywood. Peter’s career is not likely to last as it did, now that GoT is finished. And Hollywood is a cut-throat industry in a lot of ways. Instead I would try to appreciate the simple beauty of what Rozi has in his life there in Pakistan, and be content with his new found fame; make the most of it. I wish him to enjoy a good life with many kind friends.

  • Syed Ali Peer says:

    ہاہاہا او یار اے تے سچی بونے لینِسٹر جیسا لگریا 😂😂😂

  • Joaquin Hernandez says:

    Why is it whenever I watch a video that has anything to do with Pakistan I find a thousand Indians in the comment section lol

  • TheTechCguy says:

    He look like the Arab version of Wee Man.

  • Skyla Williams says:

    Wat a hypocrite world we live in! Ppl love a dwarf person only because he resembles a celebrity.. otherwisw ppl would have ignored and neglected him . Wow wat a hypocrite world!

  • Tech 'n' Tricky says:

    Peter dinklage ke saath filme bnaayenge ye!!!

  • Akshay K says:

    Black peter dinklage

  • Abhiraj says:

    Pakistan mein kafi saare lannisters mil jayenge 😜 ( the things we do for love )

  • rishabh yadav says:

    i guess tyrion realised allah has the power to defeat the white walkers hehehe

  • Davinderjit Singh says:

    Waao peter doesn’t even know that he made someone’s life so much good

  • Shirisha Rao says:

    Takht ka khel. Hum TV I see a script.

  • Eisa123 Khalil says:

    Stop humiliating the real Peter dinglage

  • Aly says:

    I saw the thumbnail before the title and said to myself “that dude looks like Tyrion.”

  • j bb says:

    he doesnt even look like him nice try …

  • TheHardik112 says:

    If you’re reading this, this my plea to you. Please please never make fun of or make someone feel less just because of their physical or mental disabilities. Life’s already hard for them don’t make it more difficult.

    Tyrion Lannister : “I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things.”

  • Joseph Basumatary says:

    He looks really sweet and humble.. Love from India ❤️

  • Aakash Vijaya says:

    ✨✨😂😂 beta keep dreaming , America jaoge, film banoge 😂😂😂

  • Walter Schloss says:

    That’s the dothrakian version of Tyrion.

  • Learning Pubgm says:

    Tyrion Lannister

  • Mr Wiseman says:

    This man is missing after the last episode of Game of thrones.

  • Penki isayama says:


  • delight mega says:

    Omg !! same height and same face may Be they both are brother….

  • Shahmeer Gujjar says:

    *1:40** yup Rawalpindi 🔥🔥💖my city*

  • LoveStrangeDr says:

    I’m sorry but the man doesn’t look anything like Peter Dinklage other than their both dwarves…

  • Mukhtiar Mukhtiar says:

    Zbr10 rozi khan

  • Mukhtiar Mukhtiar says:

    My channal subscribers

  • Wushu says:

    He said a white girl came and took my picture. Please translate it properly. Lol

  • Brijesh Mandavi says:

    Give him a better job

  • HungryToLearn says:

    God bless you

  • Jawad Ali Naqvi says:

    Brendon stark exiled tyrion lannister to Pakistan😝😝😝