What will US farmers do without immigrants?

2020 5/22
What will US farmers do without immigrants?

What will US farmers do without immigrants?

Farming uses a higher number of undocumented workers than any other US industry, and that’s sparking concern about what will happen if the Trump administration presses ahead with its immigration policies.

Al Jazeera’s Andy Gallacher reports from Clanton, Alabama.

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  • Joe Cantero says:

    Put tweakers to work then you’ll have help. Lol great job Trump next homeless too.

  • Kelly Obrien says:

    Then get out and do the work yourselves. Hire citizen’s.

  • Kelly Obrien says:

    And it needed to happen.

  • Oak Tree says:

    You took land from black folks along with the help of the governments and you still complaining. What’s wrong with white folks backs? You can train those backs. Start them out when they ‘re young. Redistribution some of that land back toblack folks and let them put their backs into some land. You greedy bastards. Maybe you all try to steal too much chain . Also you white folks can get some nice tans while you are working and getting paid at the same time.

  • Anon says:

    Question: What will US farmers do without immigrants?

    Answer: a) the farmers will increase their wages b) the farmers will increase the price of their produce c) President Trump will increase import tariffs on produce and we will help the farmer by buying local. (continued)

    The whole country will pay more (what’s new) but more workers at the bottom will be able to upgrade from dog food. The majority of Americans that WANT to work are willing to do a fair day’s work for a *fair day’s pay (*gas, grits, utilities, rent)
    In the short term Americans will have to be more patriotic and purchase American goods as much as possible. In the long term America will once again be in the driver’s seat. We are at war. America can weather out the trade war; China and other countries cannot. Americans are either going to be owned by America or owned by Others. Pay now? Pay later? Choose one
    (Yes, this is over simplified, but this is not an article.)

    • Laurentino Martinez says:

      You are full of it😅😅if farmers pay biger salaries there’s no profit, so no farning but keep on dreaming, this country depends on immigrants and always have whether you like it or not politicians are al animals tha need to be trained by the people but some idiots think than voting for somebody racist as them will give them a free ride. … . Actually they’re in trumps ride😂😂😂

  • Diego Ayala says:

    Trump is a traitor to our country USA 🇺🇸, he doesn’t fight trough the Americans.because he is not a real American👎,,, Viva USA 🇺🇸 God bless 🇺🇸

  • Ian Casey says:

    A nation:
    built by immigrants.
    sustained & fed by immigrants.
    A nation that uses immigrants for it’s political whims.
    A nation whose identity and origin is immigrants CANNOT survive without immigrants!

    Farming under the blazing sun or in the bitting cold is an almost impossible challenge for those who are accustomed to fast-food and spend hours watching television.

    It’s one thing to watch the super games. And other, to be training, training & bleeding sweat.

    The same, eating a nice Sunday meal with potatoes, tomatoes and all farmed picked vegetables that to be surrounded(picking) with all this food on a farm!

    I respect the fact that every country has the right to make and enforce its national polices in favor of its citizens.

    However, no one should give a blind-eye to the valuable contributions of the immigrant population.

    Once, there were black slaves, Slavery. No one ‘kicked up dust’ that they were immigrants(from the Africa).

    Now, it’s paid Latin slaves are immigrants.

    Slavery and Immigration.

    • green lover says:

      Ian Casey well saying man. I respect you. God bless

    • PeterPaul67 says:


    • Achinth Murali says:

      And yet immigration drives the wages down for us workers because plutocrats hikes them for slavery wages. Immigration didn’t build this country workers did. As the son of immigrants I respect that and understand that.

    • PeterPaul67 says:

      @Achinth Murali Your name tells me you are an inmigrant. You complain about wages. Fact is high wages are the reason for US Companies relocating to other countries. Lazy americans won’t harvest tomatoes at $15.00. I’m sure ilegals inmigrants make more $$ than professionals in your ex country. Go back help your real country grow. Better, go harvest 🍅 and STFU.

  • Ernesto Rizo says:

    Hard working people is hard to find…🥶

  • Johnny Pruitt says:

    For I’d her here white people say how hard their paw paw had it,well they had it better than mine because mine had to work for $ 0.00.

  • Stephen Johnson says:

    Sorry we bring up our children now that they can achieve do anything.
    But be a labourer in the fields or any other low paying labourers its beneath them to lower them selfs to do that sort of work.
    But someone’s got to do it and if nit them who .
    So we get unregistered or undocumented people and pay them below the common wag to do it.
    Then we sit back and complain about them .
    But we still go and buy the produce they pick and pack for us .

  • Jenny flora Irakoze says:

    They made a bed then they are afraid to lay in it. They knew what was Trump’s mission. Cmon do it for urself and don’t complain👍👍👍

  • HvMetal WarMonger says:

    what do you know ignorant maga voters getting the reality they wanted and then realize it dont work. sort of like the Kansas tea party getting all those tax cuts and the state going broke and no economic boom that was promised. Point being if your ignorant and uninformed on something dont think you can arm chair quarterback a fix. Stuff is complicated,read a variety of sources learn about your subject and then you will really see how ignorant you are.

  • Florence Robinson says:


  • lentruthbtold riv says:

    Farmers voted for trumptard, you reap what you sow. Lmao!

  • Daniel Guido says:

    They keep coming

  • FiddleStick's bessette says:


  • Tom Peters says:

    The farmers can hire comrade trumpski’s kids and Milania

  • buzzz kill says:

    Very simple solution… bring in legal Mesicans  with work visas for the season and NO PROBLEMBO.

  • Daniel Davis says:

    They can work them from day light to dark. Six or seven days a week. For nothing.

  • Gorge Chavez says:

    Jobs open jobs open u guys mexicans takes yalls job there they ar

  • Laurentino Martinez says:

    What the old man’s saying they’re LAZY! !

  • Thomas Ray says:

    Illegal aliens do a lot more than just work farms. They take American jobs in landscaping, construction, housekeeping, janitorial, automotive, factory, restaurants, hotels, manufacturing and many occupation s I have not named. The American people have been shammed by our crooked corrupt politicians, media, and judges who represent aid and facilitate the massive Illegal alien invasion on the American people. The American people get stuck with the bill while corrupt companies and politicians make all the profits.

  • Shane Whitefeather says:

    Have heard Al Jazeera state they do acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.  That was cool!

  • gary noland says:

    This farmers advocate wouldn’t know a banana from a watermelon and neither would the fools that believe him.

  • Derek Mulready says:

    Use Robotics GPS controlled Tractors and Harrvasters as are used in Nebrasca and in the 1St world of Europe
    Irish Citizen

  • Jose Jonhson says:

    Before migrants it was slaves, u really think Americans are going to do this work? Lol

  • oohwee oohwee says:

    What’s wrong with white people doing the work?

  • makeitso says:

    Use those guys in jails. Let people on welfare work the fields. The homeless could live in the houses and work the fields as long as the government keeps it all in check. The government could offer something to workers on farms. Don’t say nothing can’t be done. As long as they become citizens, maybe free citizen classes and english classes for the illegals when they work the fields and make it 8 hrs or less in the field so they can go to class or help with visa’s and work only if they keep the card up to date.

  • Daniel Zuniga says:

    What y’all crying for get to work…stop talking


    The democrats want to bring back slavery.


    Why don’t you pick them yourself?

  • Francisco Gutierrez says:

    American’s bodies weren’t built for hard work? Hahahahaha, Please call it fir what it is, they’re slow, stupid, lazy and they demand too much money and benefits, I want to see all those Americans who claim they’re hard workers! There’s many I see every day asking for handouts, others stealing for their meth high! Others on welfare, get all those worthless big mouth fat Americans to work, like they claim they want to! Where are they??

  • Julian Rojas says:

    Es lo q querían les lavo el coco

  • alexx ross says:


    • Jorge Campos says:

      Wait till they realize we do more than just farm work ..

  • Douglas bunn says:

    Report and deport any illegal in this country,brown,white,black

  • Daniel Guido says:

    Im starting to change my vote

  • John Rachmaciej says:

    Bring back the chainsgangs

  • Arthur Heidt says:

    what america should have never rebelled against, a proper christian way of life, like the amish do americans wont be able to afford machines from germany though

  • Rico Petrocelli says:

    Some more fake news,,, legal immigrants get permits to work in the U.S. in the thousands

    • Ever Cebrero says:

      Lol! You know nothing about agriculture

  • Howard Penright says:

    I work for 25c a plant

  • Himself Lee says:

    Oh come on! The United States issued more than 590,000 visas for the H1B, H2A, H2B, and H4 visa programs in 2018, but the total number of workers participating in these programs at any one time is unknown because the various federal data systems that process visas are not linked. This includes H1B workers who have received visa extensions while awaiting permanent residency status, a process that can take more than a decade…… too many producers not doing their due diligence and want to hire just anybody to get the job done. And, why should anybody here on a work permit get permanent residency. We need to fix this mess. It is easier to hire illegals and look the other way than to go through proper channels.

  • Himself Lee says:

    Maybe the answer is to go back to family farms where the family members do their own work.


    They should for close on farms that hire illegal immigrants

  • gillenwat says:

    Mark, it’s easy to say while you enjoy subsidies and I pay higher taxes more welfare and healthcare

  • edbro torres says:

    Start hiring U.S Citizens they’ll take this jobs with no problem.

    • Jorge Campos says:

      Ahaha ahaha best comment ever

  • Jerry Miller says:

    I know he said wider America but he should of said whiter America

  • George Fyffe says:

    You get what you voted for you racist idiots. Enjoy losing your farms!

  • Blaine Doan says:

    What happen to illegals with work visas work and than go home like they did years ago they didn’t storm the border they came in and worked than went home

  • Tammy Nesbit says:

    Good if you voted for Trumptard I hope you lose everything.

  • Rob Hicks says:

    They will pay a livable wage and quit cheating their employees.

  • Rob Hicks says:

    Why work when you can get welfare? Why work when the American taxpayers are forced to pay your way through life? Why work when welfare pays more than these greedy farmers pay? How much are these farmers paying an hour? And what kind of a tax break do these farmers get from the government for hiring immigrants? Is that in this report?

  • Supreme Superior99 says:

    How does it feel to be on the other side…

  • Warren Holly says:


  • Butter 2926 says:

    Now we should put people on welfare into the immigrants position; why shouldn’t they work for our tax dollars

  • Anthony Fig says:

    Double Standard Skunks, don’t hire them, You do the work now..

  • Ronnie Michael says:

    I guess they’re going to have to pay wages that citizens can live on. They’re mad because of the cheap labor they’ve been paying is going away. Time to pay up and earn a few less million.

  • L says:


  • fanofmany71 says:

    The haters who have said “foreign workers are taking our unskilled jobs”… well, here are your jobs back, now work them lol

    • Greatboy700 Barbarian says:

      You have a good point there.

    • Arturo Gonzalez says:

      Statue Of Liberty is a immigrat

    • T-G 127 says:


  • Mr. Brown says:

    Stop hoarding lands and crops. Work the fields yourselves. Trade your goods. Be fair and share.

  • conservative personnel says:

    1:23 wow, but trueee. Mexicans are made of steel

  • Blinker 182 says:

    The only news channel with real news

    • Golag Is watching you says:

      get a job troll.

    • Blinker 182 says:

      Don’t need one like you do

  • Doctor Mashigo says:

    Well that’s stupid to get rid of workers if you cant replace them

    • Golag Is watching you says:

      cry some more commie, cry some more.

  • Beverley Lumb says:

    I’m sorry but I think the whole of us should be the same it should be against the law to employ illegals

  • Brooks Anderson says:

    In country, Mexican nationals work the greatist number of hours of any country in the world. They work more hours, weekly. than even the Japanese and Koreans. Google” it

  • FriedSpamable says:

    Plenty of jobs for unemployed trumpanzees

  • Dutchman says:

    What’s wrong with this. ILLEGALS are just that, ILLEGALS. Apply for a work permit. The employers brought this on themselves by pushing out Americans long time ago and now expect them to come back and do it. They have created modern day slave labor with the ILLEGALS. Deal with it.

  • arizona votes says:

    We need a guest worker program now, Americans aren’t equipped for hard farming work especially in the hot summer heat

  • America First says:

    May have to pay a living wage to Americans.

    • Deepinjersey1 says:

      The farmer clearly said the locals weren’t equipped to handle the work. Did you watch the video?

    • America First says:

      @Deepinjersey1 I did and that is his opinion but there is no real proof of that. The translation, Americans will not work for substandard wages.

  • esechucote52 says:

    maga what a fkn joke dotard is trumptard

    • Golag Is watching you says:

      stay in school kid and finish your english course.

  • Junior Castillo says:

    I told my mexican people work hard an send all your money back to mexico so when they dont wont yall here in US you be already stacked up with american money lol

    • Golag Is watching you says:

      great now all that wealth can stay with the american people.

  • Mike Young says:

    We would like to “thank” the US border patrol, ICE, the Military, President Trump, and the supportive American people as we desperately need to improve security and the wall/technologies…such as cameras, solar, lights, fiber optics sensors detects the tunnel digging near wall. We spent 113 billion on illegal immigration in just 2018, a 10-20 billion dollar wall to reduce crime. The GOP needs to take back obstructiveness corrupt DemoRats, who are “The Do Nothing House” back; so that the House of Representatives will fund more money to complete the Trump wall to a reasonable level for the safety of all Americans and help slow down some of the deep state CIA motivated drug-running every year, Over 500 metric tons’ illegal drugs consumed every year, bye children & adults in the USA and much of these drugs cross our borders illegally. The wall helps reduce child abduction/ abuse/ trafficking, rape and reduce, 500,000 to 1,300,000 new illegal immigrants every year, weapons, and crime in the USA. This will slow down the deep state corruption or NWO from destroying the United States’ sovereignty and controlling our future. We also need to reelect Trump 2020-2024, President Trump should win by a landslide again so we can improve the wall and Americans’ safety. Thankyou American people for help fund the wall and Thank you to Mexico President for putting more troops on both their borders to protect the “American Mexico border crossings from illegal activities.”

  • Silver Fox says:

    There is machinery that will harvest just about any crop.

  • Maria Fernandez says:

    Just increase triple the price of your product

  • Dennis Mitchell says:

    HUGE difference in immigrants and migrants. Migrant workers have been legally operating as crop harvesters for decades. They go back to their country of origin when harvest is completed.
    The politically correct label of undocumented immigrant is the sheeps clothing of the Wolf- ILLEGAL ALIEN ( wet-back) !

  • Jesse Peek says:

    Oh no! if we don’t let immigrants in:

    – Wages will go up
    – Housing prices will go down
    – Welfare systems won’t be stressed
    – We’ll be able to keep our culture
    – Crime rates will go down


  • Cheerios Flakes says:

    Imagine a fat racist women goes to work in those fields and takes McDonald’s for lunch!

  • plmoknty says:

    Lazy I say?

  • Daniel Salazar says:

    Bien bien

  • rise up says:

    What did farmers do before illegal Latinos flooded this country? I say just look at at the farmers themselves most are over weight but all of them are just plain greedy! Yes you can find Americans who are hard workers you just gonna have to share the wealth and there lies the problem ! I say white business owners who claim that they have to work illegals because Americans won’t work or can’t I think that he or she should have to give there business to illegals since they can’t do anything without them! Remember the Alamo America if you don’t the illegals will make you wish you did one day!

  • getemall69 says:

    yeah shits rough without a second class of citizens that dont belong and can just be upended on a whim sounds like slave work.

  • Ramarao Tammisetti says:

    I need work sir i can do any work for u please small help sir my no 9502729156

  • Chris Watson says:

    Try paying people a decent wage. The harder the job, the better the wages and conditions should be.

  • Chris Watson says:

    The end of slavery had a negative impact on the wider community.

  • Tremaine Dejohnson says:

    They dont say build a wall when they are making money.

  • me kerr says:

    if u pay the cost of living you have a slave

  • Russell [] says:

    they will do just fine. like they did before immigrants began trashing America

  • Vanquish Media says:

    I would say hire Americans but Americans do not want to do those jobs so maybe a robot?

  • patriot time says:

    There’s enough democratic voters living off the system let those dirt bag earn there keep

  • Chad Powell says:

    Their bodies weren’t built for it bet ya they will be if you pay them well enough!!

  • Chad Powell says:

    That’s big capitalist farmers taking advantage of immigrants, low pay. If we lost our immigrants, it would force the big corporate farmers to down size, working smaller farms and paying a livable wage to Americans. Thus making an honest and fair living. Food would be much more expensive too. That’s actually how it is in Europe.

  • Timothy Brown says:

    When u start paying a decent wage u get help. McDonald’s pays more than they do

  • 4K Yeah says:

    the white people are not built to work they’re meant to watch others toil away in the sun right ???

  • EyFmS says:

    Don’t worry white people Ivanka Trump will solve the problem, at the same time create a few million more jobs.

  • Rielero805 says:

    Every racist can thank illegal immigrants for most of what they eat.

  • Maggie Molton says:

    Have chain gang pick crops! Free labour! Get robots! Get homeless!

  • thevernonposse says:

    They will have to pay a wage that an American citizen could actually support himself with

  • Cynthia Dean says:

    Hire the homeless!

  • Robert Clark says:

    I would love to see a bus full of American workers coming to work in the fields at 8am. Most would quit and go home by 10.

  • No one special says:

    We don’t need them. They are crazy. They drove down the wages and created a bad situation for everyone

  • Emran Hossain says:

    Now import it from Mexico, where those same workers will work at comfort of their home.