California Wildfire Traps Hundreds In National Forest | NBC Nightly News

2020 9/15
California Wildfire Traps Hundreds In National Forest | NBC Nightly News

The Creek Fire swept across Sierra National Forest and blocked roads, creating havoc for those trying to escape. The California National Guard arrived with a ferry of helicopters to save evacuees.
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California Wildfire Traps Hundreds In National Forest | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (148件)

  • David Ellis says:

    Trump is on the way with needed rakes & paper towels.

    • Raging Monk says:

      Trump ain’t on the way. His donors backed out so now he holds his events at OUR House and we foot the bill.

    • LiLo Wilde says:

      Tha’ts if he can remember where he’s going. Remember Paradise? Eh, where are we??

    • Livenlet Live says:

      LOL! I thought the paper towels were part of the Puerto Rico visit.

    • silent majority says:

      Gov Nuisance refuses Trump’s help and besides Calomomos have the worlds 5th largest economy .. lol and are 1 trillion in debt

    • Raging Monk says:

      @silent majority California pays more to the federal pot than it takes out. It feeds red welfare states.

  • binatitagain says:

    I don’t understand how they were allowed to he there in the first place with the fire so close by?

    • hasarutoe tensakey says:

      Its there homes they cant leave were will they go

    • Dave S says:

      @hasarutoe tensakey It’s a national park, not their homes.

    • Marcus Hennings says:

      Did the fire sneak up on them..didn’t someone smell the smoke long before its arrival and think it’s probably a good time to go.

    • Dave S says:

      @Marcus Hennings Exactly. I’m in another state and I know there are fires in California., just like EVERY year.

    • Autumn N says:

      They live there, I know this because I live in Fresno. We go there in the summer, it has nice lakes and houses up there. But only one road out. I haven’t gone up because I know it’s fire season. I went two months ago for a hike.

  • International Law says:

    Please help free Kashmir from India and let the people live and let the people choose their own future under UN resolutions 91, 98, 96, 80, 47, 38, 39, 51, 122, 123, 126, 307

  • Kiwi Hawkins says:

    I wonder if the trees there causing fires are Australian eucalyptus gum trees?? They are full of highly inflamnable eucalyptus oil…in the leaves causing fire balls

    • Katherine Williams says:

      I would guess that it’s mostly pine trees at the Creek Fire. Bark beetles have killed and weakened them.

    • shooter7a says:

      At Katherine said, 80%+ of the tall pines are already DEAD. 10 years of drought and bar beetles. I grew up at about 5000′ elevation in this area. I was at a friends properly last year, and it did not even look like the same universe as when I was a kid. Most of the trees were dead. It was so sad. I told my friend that if there is ever a fire, you better get out fast, because these forests are a powder keg waiting to explode. No amount of forest management or “raking” can stop this. Drought and Bark Beetles…..

    • Kiwi Hawkins says:

      do you mean redwoods when you say “pines”…which are a pine species… or do you mean “Radiata” growing?
      The US of all countries isn’t reacting to global warming well? Besides terrible Covid response..

  • Natalie Zanders says:

    😢😢😢😢😱😢😓😥 I feel so bad for the people, the fire fighters and all the trees that are being destroyed by this fire. The homes that are being lost 😢😞😞🙁 my prayers are with them all and I pray that God will send rain bc only God can stop this catastrophe. 🙏🙏😢

    • Sam RI Digsby MD says:

      Glowball Ionization Fallout

      Einstein lived in Bern
      Fukushima is Foo ku
      G E Chief Immelt

  • robert west says:


    • Divided WeFall says:

      Well I was told to heaven, then reality hit me good in 2020.

    • Blue Toile says:

      There are so many tragedies in this situation, not the least of which is the loss of animal life. 😥

    • gardensofthegods says:

      i know , Robert , it’s really really sad … i also feel just as bad for the animals not just the people … i know what you mean

    • Eric says:

      There are rodeo grounds in Clovis 20 miles southwest of the fire that is being offered as a shelter.

    • Edward Emmick says:

      In flames when they can’t run anymore.

  • xyzzyxf says:

    Trump: It’s Obama’s fault. He shouldn’t leave those trees there for the fire

    • shooter7a says:

      @Dave S this is on US Forest Service land. Sierra National Forest. Federal Government. The local and State Governments have no authority to manage these lands. The reason these fires are moving so fast is because 80%+ of the trees are ALREADY DEAD due to a decade of drought and a devastating Pine Bark Beetle infestation. This forest has been a bomb waiting to explode for 5 years.

    • shooter7a says:

      @Dave S yes it is. You have no clue. I grew up in these forests. I know them like the back of my hand. My childhood home burned down last night. When was the last time you were at Meadow Lakes, or Alder Springs? How about Shaver? How about the grade from Big Creek to the Huntington Lake Dam? The answer is NEVER. Fire breaks? You are clueless. The fire jumped a 4 lane Highway like it was nothing. Fire breaks? Moron. Let me explain why this fire can not be stopped. #1 Drought for 10 years. #2 Pine Bark Beetles. 80% of the tall pines are DEAD already due to the drought and beetles. So the whole forest has been a bomb waiting to go off for 5 years. How do you fix that? It wold cost Billions and Billions. Like most of America, it is a symptom of our decay. We can not maintain what we built.

    • shooter7a says:

      @Dave S there are pocket of private land along the edges of, and even within national forests. The bulk of the land is National Forest. This Creek Fire for instance is 99% in the Sierra National forest.

    • shooter7a says:

      @silent majority you are ignorant. Not all land inside a national forest or national park is public. A lot of this land is privately owned by residents, businesses, and organizations. Some national forests and grasslands are so heavily filled with private property, their boundaries have more holes than a slice of swiss cheese. These lands are referred to as, “inholdings”, and people who own them are called, “inholders”. But that does not change the fact that forest management is the responsibility of the Federal Government.

    • Dave S says:

      @shooter7a Obviously, my whole point was that the self righteous tree huggers won’t allow common sense ideas like fire breaks. Arguing about where people live is pointless.

  • Дмитрий Бурбовский says:

    .#zZz#.⚡⬇️⬆️💀☢ НАИЗЛУЧАЛИСЬ В КОД???!.КРАСОТА КОДОВАЯ….💀⚡⚡⚡

  • just me11 says:

    so sorry for the people that’s lost lives and homes and our brave fire fighters … we need to address climate change

    • Empy says:

      blame california for decades of land mismanagement

    • MR YUP says:

      October 11

    • Mia Perez says:

      This is trumps fault saying climate change is a hoax but it aint

  • Buffalo Burger says:

    I guess California will be selling a lot of smoked dried fruits & nuts. – California Native.

    • Tweety Kid says:

      Dark humor, but I guess you have seen a lot of these fires.

    • Saving Souls Ministries says:

      I like my burgers well done 😊 kills all the parasites

    • Buffalo Burger says:

      @Saving Souls Ministries I like my peanuts boiled and seasoned.

    • Random overpopulated world ideas says:

      excellent comment

    • Buffalo Burger says:

      @Random overpopulated world ideas now selling vials of Cali wildfire ash.

  • hasarutoe tensakey says:

    Its own weather conditions

    • Jacob Madol says:

      Why every Year 🔥 in California?

    • James 22 says:

      They call it a firestorm for a reason.

  • Lady Lange says:

    God bless you and keep you safe Miguel!! You are a National Treasure keeping us informed while you endanger your own life!! PLEASE DO BE CAREFUL DON’T TAKE ANY RISKS WE NEED YOU SAFE!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

    • Tweety Kid says:

      What a sweet message!

  • Erik dizzle says:

    Vegas is covered in this smoke.

    • ms. x says:

      As is SLC, UT

    • gardensofthegods says:

      That’s got to be a creepy thing to watch

    • silent majority says:


  • Larry Panus says:

    Hillary Clinton’s emails did this.

    • Random overpopulated world ideas says:


  • Tweety Kid says:

    Those poor people. How sad to lose everything, especially now. 😥 Thank goodness for the National Guard.

  • Rough collies says:

    A bunch of wealthy rich Americans with insurance . I don’t care….

    • shooter7a says:

      These are mostly rural areas filled with every day people. Not many rich people living in Big Creek and Auberry. Moron.

  • Tooth Less says:


    • Dave S says:

      Put in fire breaks, but that makes too much sense for California Demonrats.

    • eurekajim #VoteBlue2020 says:

      @Dave S It isn’t on California to put in firebreaks on Federal Land, Dmitri.

    • Dave S says:

      @eurekajim #VoteBlue2020 Demonrats fight it every time a Rep president atempts it.

    • eurekajim #VoteBlue2020 says:

      @Dave S It’s on Nat’l Forest land, are you trying to change the subject, Dmitri?

  • 高育良 says:

    CCP owned most of the Americans’ media already🤬 🤬

  • power play 4 real says:

    Jon Blaze 😀

  • Dave S says:

    Too bad Demonrats aren’t smart enough to get out of the way of the fire. But then again, they aren’t smart enough to prevent the fires, or create fire breaks either.

  • Daryl Elliott says:

    Las Vegas had so much downwind smoke from these California fires that the Sun was just a red/orange circle through the smoke this afternoon.

    • Daryl Elliott says:

      @gardensofthegods It was interesting to see. Many in Las Vegas are from California, and our sentiment is with our Californian neighbors who are losing homes and lives. It’s time to get serious about green energy and living vegan. We need to end big oil subsidies, fund solar and wind farms, and promote plant-based living in hopes of having some impact on climate change, which exacerbate the fires.

    • Shiva Rose says:

      It looked like book of revelation god 🙏 😨

    • oscar martinez says:

      Omg! 😲😲😲😲😲😲

    • Maritsa Sigaran Barajas says:

      Yes that’s how it looks like now. The fire is now about 30 mins away from us, my god mother told me that her friend can’t even see her neighbor bc THERES so much smoke.

    • M C says:

      Same thing happened in AZ last month

  • Mariaedeleo61 gmail com De Leon Carrillo says:

    Oh my God please don’t left to the fire this troy all threes and animals help them to find the best way to stop the fire poor all of the fire fighters because the weather is very hot don’t left the evil person who might cause the fire to lough God please just you can do something about the fire I proclaim to you my Lord God bless everybody around the country and the name of jesus Crist AMEN y AMEN God bless The United states of America

    • Shiva Rose says:

      God bless 🙏 you for such kind words

  • Random overpopulated world ideas says:

    End of days. Exponentially worse climate change folks. If Siberia can burn, we will too.

    • MedicinalTrollz says:

      nah its normal. lifes natural state is cahos. eventualy eveerything will smooth out for awhile untill it gets worse again

    • JESICA Cuiza says:

      People Repent of your sins and turn to Jesus.

    • thought criminal says:

      It’s not climate change, it was Antifa starting all the fires. Many have been arrested already.

  • Livenlet Live says:

    128k acres burned in 24 hours. Think about that. Take a look at the govs site at the astounding numbers of deep earthquake activity around the world and especially along the tectonic plate boundaries in this area. Have fires of this magnitude this ever happened THIS QUICKLY? Go to google earth and the free govs earthquake site and watch where and how quickly this fire spread. We have a problem and does the national media look into this and talk about it. No, the stooges report exactly what they are told to report. Apparently, they are paid to intentionally misinform the people. Our own agencies are withholding information. Don’t believe me, I implore you; research this!! There is also a great free program Dutchanese uses. Check that out to and take it for what you believe it’s worth.

    • SmarterThenu Meanashell says:

      No more water, but fire next time.

    • Livenlet Live says:

      SmarterThenu Meanashell speak English. The guess what I mean show was on yesterday

    • shooter7a says:

      There is no conspiracy to hide anything. I live in this area. My child hood home burned this morning. Everyone who lives here knows this was a danger. No secret. 10 years of drought, and then the Pine Bark Beetle infestation. 80% of the tall pines are ALREADY DEAD. What can you do? Steep terrain, trees that can light up instantly. Fire spreads top to top. This is just a sign of decay in America. We are too busy worrying about making a $ today to think about the future. You can tell how healthy a society is by how well they MAINTAIN their resources. That includes natural resources. America has squeezed every penny we can to fund our lifestyle today, with no thought towards the future. This is just a small piece of evidence of how America is failing right before our eyes.

    • Livenlet Live says:

      shooter7a we all know what a danger it is there. But, you’re making my point for me. The fracking that is going on in the areas it is going on and to the degree to which it is going on is destroying our country. There is no reason for this. The very idea that we were not already energy independent is a joke. They want to destroy the last inch of ground to make a dollar. We are selling oil all over and we keep. Building gas hogs in everything when we have the ability and opportunity to use so many other sources of energy. China for Christs sake is using almost all electric buses all over their country, but Trump and his bullies actually have people believing that this is making us great. It’s destroying the country right before our very eyes. And they have been doing it forever. It’s really horrible now. What Obama did was a joke too. They just threw money at companies that had no clue what they were doing and ALL the money vanished with very little to show for it. It’s such a shame to see what is happening and yet the people are all but helpless. Unable to do anything with giant machine of a gov we have.

    • Livenlet Live says:

      shooter7a I am very sorry you lost your childhood home. I am in the mountains also and we have the Pine beetle infestation as well. Almost all of our pines are dead. I hope you and your family are all safe and have a safe place to be thru this tragedy. I am glad you are alive and well physically!! They claimed one of the big fires started from a young couple’s gender reveal party. How could they be so stupid as to allow fire hazards like this. Are they drilling near you?

  • Chris Sirinop says:

    I’m watching this at home and thinking, it could have been us.,

    • Onyx says:

      Good thing is not us…

  • J Line says:

    To all the Christian trump supporters we got COVID-19 devastating country, hurricanes & tropical storms on the east and gulf coasts, tornados ripping up the Midwest, lightning storms and triple digit heat waves and massive Forrest fires on the west coast, all of which is worse this year than any other in history, you don’t believe in climate change and that’s what’s causing all of this, so will you believe it’s God doing this telling you there’s to much hate in this country and that you and trump are the problem, this is his warning to make a change. Or will you say that’s a hoax to.

  • Ed says:

    I wonder if rhe alt right wing started those fires

    • ǝɹnssǝɹd poolq ʍol ǝʌɐɥ I ʇunɔ ƃuᴉʞɔnɟ noʎ says:

      *the alt right isn’t at the center of the rioting*
      *You’re a low IQ Liberal*

    • shooter7a says:

      No one deliberately started these fires. They were accidents. Rumor is a campsite fire from an RV started the Creek Fire. It was only 3 Acres. Cal Fire jump on it and thought they had it contained. In a matter of minutes it exploded to 300 hundred acres….and was out of control.

    • thought criminal says:

      Nah, it was Antifa. Many have been caught and arrested.

    • thought criminal says:

      @shooter7a Why would you think they were accidents? They already arrested Antifa members. Look at the satellite images, all the fires were started near highways.

  • Ethan Clarke says:

    I don’t get those campers, the fire has been going on news for weeks and they still went out camping like seriously?

    • Katherine Williams says:

      You must be thinking about one of the other major California fires. This one started on Friday.

    • shooter7a says:

      There were NO fires in this area at all till Friday.

  • Timprime DiBiase says:

    To save the United States Turn back To The God of The Bible through Jesus Christ .

    • Jack says:

      don’t play with fire in summer.

  • John Doe says:

    Burn CALIFORNIA!!!!!

  • Masha Allah Music Group says:

    America need to pray

    • Saniya khan says:

      America is the country who destroyed other countries for no reason now America on it’s knees

  • Grace R says:

    When something happen the President get all the blame but not The Governor who should take care of his on turf . (It Dont matter who is the President im not defending just Trump). I believe that the Governor do his Job first then ask for the Help from The President.. just my opinion. ✌✌✌✌

    • Edward Emmick says:

      On federal land? This is BLM and National forests. Get trump out there to sweep the floor.

  • J B says:

    Wasn’t this started at baby shower?

    • shooter7a says:

      No. That was in San Diego, 350 miles away.

  • silk Alter says:

    I guess you should get the message you know you play with God you’re going to get burned that’s what he said and that’s what’s happening to California a burning in their heads burning in their souls LOL by I’m sorry but some more likely going to be dead in the body just like the IR in their soul catching up with you huh

  • Helen Davis says:



    The smoke is coming up to Oregon.

  • lajos juhász says:

    should great if on map should likewise to show where is fire or beginn or in wich direct go.

  • oscar martinez says:

    Omg! Watch this 😲😲😲😲😲

  • silent majority says:

    But but worlds 5th largest economy lol but but diversity water rationing rolling black outs

    • shooter7a says:

      Do you realize that these rural areas where the fires are tend to be very conservative…filled with Republicans. CA has more registered Republicans than any other state…..

  • G.O.D No G.O.D says:


  • Murda Jay says:

    Check this out ➡️➡️

  • Beatrice Peterman says:

    I heard a rumor that antifa and blm were spreading out across California and Washington and deliberately seeing fires.

    • thought criminal says:

      It’s not just a rumor, Antifa members have already been arrested.

    • GSZero says:

      @thought criminal And yet law enforcement just over the past few hours have been saying it’s false. Hmmm. Did you get your news from social media?

      It’s not even worth labeling people anymore. Unless there is an organization with an official members list then there is nothing to believe. Anyone can put on a tshirt of a group they hate then go out and do something dumb to make the group look bad. Or they can just edit a picture and post it on facebook. This world is not repairable. The current technological age has given almost anyone the power to destroy physically and mentally on a massive scale without leaving their living room.

      Disclaimer: I take no political sides. The people are getting played on both sides.

    • Beatrice Peterman says:

      @GSZero Actually it’s proven that ISIS has internal connections with the democratic antifa group and that they have been on the Homeland watch list for quite some time now. The arrests are being made based on the evidence that the antifa terrorists are just that…..terrorists and so is ISIS.

    • Beatrice Peterman says:

      @GSZero Besides… sounds like you’re defending lawbreakers and we are not like that…..maybe you are. Antifa has been known to post on YouTube as well.

    • GSZero says:

      @Beatrice Peterman I don’t care anything about (not know anything about) Antifa. I just don’t like rumors. Period. Especially when people act like they know when obviously they don’t.

      They can be considered terrorist. I can understand why people would day that. It doesn’t bother me at all. I just wish people would verify stuff but no one even tries to verify anything anymore.

  • The Observer says:

    President TRUMP is the President FOR / OF / BY the PEOPLE…There is no other GUY like him,…Trump is the TOUGHEST GUY that ever seated at the White House….Trump maybe not PERFECT as a Human Being…but never the less, he DELIVERS what he PROMISED to the People and MUCH MORE….We definitely need 4 more years of TRUMP Administration 2020 – 2024….GOD Bless USA and TRUMP!

  • james fulerten says:

    “And there will be pillars of fire” but of that that’s said in the Bible the California area was known by Indian Tribe that lived in the west hundreds of years ago as the land of smoke and they avoided the area because of the highly flammable grass lands and forests that rarely saw rains. I mean all you need is a Bic lighter and a billion acres could burn down, very dangerous to live there.

  • Katrina Downs says:

    Repent for the Kingdom of Yahweh is at hand!! Turn to His son Yahshua

    • Vera Dubchek says:

      NO first come the tribulation….hello!

    • Katrina Downs says:

      @Vera Dubchek yes Jacobs trouble is firat then those who endure and overcome will ger the kingdom. These things we are previewing is just a shadow of what revelation 9:13-21 says will happen at the Sixth Trumphet. We all need to repent!! Hello

  • Shakira Bells says:

    every year is always like this because of heat wave

    • shooter7a says:

      I has been going on for 10 years. Wake up. 10 years of drought, then the bark beetle infestation. 80% of the pines in the 4000-6000′ elevation range are already DEAD. The forest was a bomb waiting to go off.

  • JESICA Cuiza says:

    Repent of your sins and turn to Jesus.

  • Carlos Moon says:

    Thank you Newsom for free smoke…We can’t breath

  • key shield says:

    I wish they could find a way to dump the ocean waters on these fires to put them out.

    • Johann Larkin says:

      There are plenty of lakes nearby. The problem is not lack of water.

    • Katrina Downs says:

      @Johann Larkin the problem is REPENTANCE!! REVELATION 9:13-21

    • Edward Emmick says:

      The salt would leave the ground unable to regrow. Romans would salt areas so nothing would grow.

    • key shield says:

      @Edward Emmick I didn’t know that you learn something new every day!!

    • thought criminal says:

      Or just stop Antifa from starting them?

  • 류재현 says:

    What does ‘a ferry of helicopters’ mean?

  • bugs bunny says:

    Looks like one of the democrat cities peaceful protests

    • michael spooner says:

      It was started on purpose by members of Antifa, and they should all go to prison for life or get the death penalty, democrats are really sick

  • bugs bunny says:

    This is what sleepy Joe “hiden” Bidens world would look like.

  • mingchan li says:

    Wake up California people, Year after year, another typical example of how incompetent the Democratic government is!

    • Edward Emmick says:

      On National forest land. That’s on the fed.

  • Rodney Hemman says:

    This is what forest mismanagement looks like after 40+ years. I live in the area and there is a 80 to 90% mortality rate of the trees due to the bark beetle. I’m surprised this didn’t happen a long time ago. Pray for the family’s that have lost their homes (like my family) and businesses.

  • Creative Professional Mix says:


  • J W says:

    We have proof now and video evidence that these fires were orchestrated by Antifa. The news media continues to refuse to acknowledge.

    Suspect arrested in connection to antifa and wild fires
    heres the suspect at blm

  • thought criminal says:

    Why aren’t you reporting Antifa started the fires? Many have been caught and arrested.

    • michael spooner says:

      they should get the death penalty

  • michael spooner says:

    The animals from Antifa that set this fire should get the death penalty