In 2018, The Arizona Senate Race Looked Very Different Few Days After The Election | Meet The Press

2020 9/09
In 2018, The Arizona Senate Race Looked Very Different Few Days After The Election | Meet The Press

On election night, 2018, Martha McSally looked like she won the senate race in Arizona. But days later, Krysten Sinema’s victory was declared the winner because of mail-in votes.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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In 2018, The Arizona Senate Race Looked Very Different Few Days After The Election | Meet The Press



コメント一覧 (114件)

  • Brenda Reed says:

    We have institutionalized voting fraud.

    • Quantumsneak says:

      What is your evidence?

    • Phillip Ridgway says:

      Yes. And Trump & the Republicans have to stop doing it!

  • Q V says:

    Go to if in CA to see if your ballots from 2016 and 2018 made it to the registrar and you may be surprised by how long it took from the time the post office receives it to the time the registrar office received it. May be up to 10 days. So this November, mail in 2 weeks ahead people. Outside of CA, check with your state registrar office if there is a way to look at your personal ballot history.

  • Old Lady2020 says:

    AMERICA, Have YOU had enough yet ?
    Desperation drives trump now. Lot’s of illegal stuff will be done the closer to November 3rd and the more desperate and dangerous trump will become. Despotic leaders like trump are focused on their personal gains rather than their followers’ interests. A despotic leader is bossy, manipulates others, requires unquestioned submission and exploits their subordinates for personal gain. Therefore, followers will engage in anger and disgust when things do not go their way and they will behave in a bullying manner. It’s going to be Very BAD for the next few months. This child trump will try absolutely everything he can to stay out of prison for his many crimes he has perpetrated on YOU. This spoiled child thinks he is above the law, the “Chosen One” “Stable Genius”. Please don’t be part of the problem, Be part of the solution for a UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Stay aware of the facts, not the opinions of others. Stay well. Please wear a mask and VOTE BLUE!

  • Paul Chonka says:

    Washington State is all mail in voting. Very comfortable with several days of waiting. No fraud here B/C we have a Republican secretary of state, Kim Wyman. Oh BTW I’m a Democrat and I voted for her. Best person for the job.
    Stop believing everything Big Brother Trump says. Open and use your own eyes and ears.

    • stopthecrazyguy says:

      Poorly worded, no fraud b/c there is a Republican in charge. Our state has no fraud b/c we have a Democrat in charge. News flash, some Secretary of States who are Republicans are capable of any voter manipulation to steal an election. i.e. Georgia 2018 Kemp

  • Chou Lo says:

    We needed a president who can put America together America back to be United states again

    • rastaewabeach says:


    • jason rodgers says:

      @rastaewabeach you mean make white supremacists cheer again

    • DonkeyLips McGee says:

      @jason rodgers Lol, all 2000 of them…that hate him by the way.

    • California Prince says:

      It was Biden not Trump who said that 4 blacks have the brain of one white.

  • Victoria Godley says:

    Trump does not care about the American people, he cares only for his pathetic, pathological ego.

  • fastguitar says:

    Communism isn’t democracy

    • Chad Friesen says:

      fastguitar and the electoral college isn’t democracy either

    • jason rodgers says:

      Authoritarianism also is not democracy

    • Phillip Ridgway says:

      Trump looks upon anyone expecting democracy in the USA as a sucker. Rampant capitalism is equally bad for the average citizen, and it is the current system! And Communism is corrupted Socialism, not an ideal. Trump’s payments to farmers is Socialism, as is free Army, Policing & Fire Services. You can mix the best elements of both systems successfully for the benefit of everyone, as long as extremism is avoided. Free healthcare, funded by taxes, works well right beside big business in most western countries. Fear mongering about ‘Communism’ holds America back from considering alternatives to the present broken and unfair system. And Biden is FAR from being even a Socialist, let alone a Communist, if that is your suggestion. He is a moderate, best placed to remove the current criminal and corrupt administration.

  • fastguitar says:

    Commie s hste our military not Trump, commie news lies

  • David J says:

    And not only must Trump be voted out, but every republican that continues to defend him must be voted out as well.

    In her new book, Trump’s niece Mary describes Donald as a “toxic” bully who practices “cheating as a way of life,” and someone who values money above anything.

    Trump’s own sister also explained how she tried to help Trump academically, noting that “he was a brat,” and that, “I did his homework for him” and “drove him around NYC to try to get him into college.” She said she didn’t know of anything Donald had ever accomplished on his own, but noted that “he has five bankruptcies” which he achieved all by himself.”  “You CAN’T trust him,” she added.

    Trump’s failure as a president was inevitable. Trump was never equipped to do his job. He doesn’t have the necessary tools or the wherewithal to do his job. Trump is grossly incapacitated intellectually, mentally, emotionally, temperamentally, socially, and psychologically. He couldn’t properly do his job as president even if he wanted to. (Which he doesn’t) 

    Trump was always going to fail, and he was always going to blame his failures on someone or something. Lying, cheating, and bullying are his only tools for survival. They are the tools of his trade, which is being an agent of chaos, misery, and destruction. It’s all he knows. He is a sad and pathetic excuse for a human being. In fact, he is less of a human being, and more of a collection of every human flaw known to mankind, all rolled into one man.

    • Frank Bellomo says:

      Let me guess David you’re not from this country either from Canada or Europe or China.. be honest. The only way Joe Biden could win if the Democratic party can figure out a way where you don’t have to be an American citizen to vote I’m an ex Democrat from New York. You might laugh now but in November New York is turning red. I really don’t know where you’re from and I don’t care but people United States don’t like to be told how to think and what to think

    • Paul Lee says:

      @Frank Bellomo Only a dum person beleive what Drump said.

    • Moe Moe says:

      @Paul Lee only a dumb person spells trump “d”rump!

    • Frank Bellomo says:

      @Paul Lee mr.lee don’t worry about the United States worry about your own country China.

    • John David Wolf says:

      ​@Frank Bellomo: As you state that you are “

  • Quantumsneak says:

    Softest president we’ve ever had. Trump should be trying to sell me stupid crap on an infomercial.

    • Mr. D. says:

      He had a college, water, airline, football team, steaks, never mind. He got lucky once.

    • Quantumsneak says:

      @Mr. D. He bankrupted how many of those businesses?

    • Richard Owen says:

      He already is through spam emails.

    • Raging Monk says:

      @Richard Owen , “He already is through spam emails.”
      God, I know. Have to dump my spam folder twice a day.

  • GohModley says:

    Arizona Senate? Don’t you mean US Senate?

  • rastaewabeach says:


  • G T says:

    McSally didn’t even win the Senate lol. She got gifted a position.

    • Mr. D. says:

      Trump thought she owned a McDonald’s.

    • Raging Monk says:

      @Mr. D. Trump never orders the McSally because he doesn’t like veggies. Just the hamberders.

    • Franklin Hall says:

      Yeah but if Trump does get away with suppressing vote by mail for Native Americans in Navajo, will McSally actully fend off Mark Kelly?

  • Yolanda Gonzales says:


    • Mr. D. says:

      Trump is a MURDERER. 190,000 dead. September 6, 2020.

  • Grant Dillwork says:


  • jason rodgers says:

    tRump is a absolute moron! He’s currently p*ssing on soldiers graves in Arlington. ☝️😎

  • joey .k says:

    I can’t wait until McSally loses a second time this time she’ll lose any major position in politics for good

  • David Ellis says:

    Mark Kelly will humiliate Mcsally ! Trump will join her in the loser column. Arizona going Blue !

  • Jim Cozzi says:

    McSally is a GOOF BALL and a HACK! Glad she lost…Ha! Ha! Good riddance…Bubbye Con Man, Liar, Orange Oompa Loompa Trump too!  
    Biden-Harris will win and take the Senate also! Make America Normal & Honest Again!

  • Mr. D. says:

    Mail your ballot back the day after receiving it.

    • meanstoaend says:

      I’m going straight to post office with completed ballot.

    • Ronda Leistiko says:

      I’ll have it in the ballot drop box on the same day. All blue 💙 Biden 💙 Harris 🌊

    • Betty Anne Wilkinson says:

      Mr. D. Then if you can….track it…trump is going make a huge effort in interrupting the mail service…

    • notably Iamnothehero says:

      Or deliver in person at advanced polls or on November 3RD..

    • Farid S. says:

      I’m shipping it express with a private carrier with guaranteed 5 day delivery.

  • John Hynes says:

    Why is it that it’s always Democrats that win after extra ballots are counted? Hmmm…

    • Extinctanimals22 says:

      Democrats are more likely to vote absentee or support mail in voting. These votes are counted later. Republicans prefer in person voting. This preferences between the parties is why it happens.

    • HvMetal WarMonger says:

      just off the top of my head. Bush/Gore. I’m sure their are many more. But hey your a Trump supporter delusion has replaced reality.

    • John Hynes says:

      @HvMetal WarMonger
      Bush/Gore shouldn’t have even been close. Florida voting fraud benefiting Democrats was notorious and well documented. But hey, you’re willing to vote for a feeble man riddled with dementia for president. Talk about delusional?

    • HvMetal WarMonger says:

      @John Hynes Just keep making crap up even when things go your way. But hey that’s the Trumpian way. Trumps still talking about how Hillary cheated an election he won. You trump supporters feel so butt hurt about everything and anything that your willing to follow the biggest cry baby ever to be president.

  • MyLife 5.0 says:

    How many want to bet bunker baby will declare a win before anything is announced?

    • Betty Anne Wilkinson says:

      MyLife 5.0 or Barr will do it for him

    • Mike Keane says:

      Biden won’t announce anything because Trump will be winning 60% to 40%!!

    • Betty Anne Wilkinson says:

      Mike Keane you just made me laugh…Trump is on his way out and knows it…try to everything he can to steal the election..slowing down mail..already saying if he losses it rigged election…trying to discredit Biden..nothing has stuck…fight or flight…when trump losses he will run away

  • Raspy Bob says:

    This guy is a loser!! Fake news garbage!!

  • J O says:

    I think Biden can come to the “debates” and do what Trump did to Hillary: Bring Stormy Daniels, the 5 guys in New York framed of raping  a woman (Trump said they should be killed, has not apologized, he never does), etc., read Trump quotes about Kim Jong-Un (love letters), a list of all his lies and just read them after he Trump talks. It will be hilarious. The “debates” will not change anyone’s minds. The atrocities (separated children from parents FOREVER, no DNA, no names, NOTHING saved to re-unite them), the cruel neglect of pandemic (a hoax, but he takes hydroxychloroquine), dead soldiers are suckers and losers, multitrillion dollars tax cut for the very rich, etc. Maybe not even talk, just peel off a series of cue cards with words, like “Virus It will go away by April”.  People will laugh and laugh and they will vote him out. VOTE and VOTE EARLY!

    • jason rodgers says:

      Bring the central park 5 the 5 black guys trump took out a entire page in the NYT and said should be hung even though they were innocent ☝️😎

  • john anderson says:

    mcsally was not elected to the senate

  • Madison Deitch says:

    The volume is drastically louder in the end clip

  • Thomas Ursua says:

    Why was the whole episode taken down and labeled as private?

  • tonyface2007 says:

    If you took 100 Trump supporters and 100 patients from a lunatic asylum, how many of the correct 100 would you be able to pick out to return to the asylum.

    • John David Wolf says:

      Reminds me of the 1966 film King of Hearts (original French title: Le Roi de cœur), a great movie.



  • tim kahn says:

    we can wait a few days there are 78 days between election day and jan 20,2021. there wont be a lot of protest .maybe some .

  • Frank N says:

    Joe Biden’s history of brain aneurysm surgeries and other medical conditions, that may explain his verbal gaffes and blunders that have been so prevalent throughout this 2020 presidential campaign. FACT: Did Joe Biden have brain surgery? In short, yes. Joe Biden did indeed undergo brain surgery on two occasions. While Joe Biden was alone in a hotel room, he felt a sharp, stabbing pain at the back of his neck. He said the pain was like nothing he had ever experienced and that he lay unconscious on the floor for five hours after it occurred. Biden was quickly rushed to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. There, he underwent a lifesaving, six-hour brain surgery to fix an aneurysm leaking at the base of his brain. In May, Biden underwent a second operation to repair another aneurysm on the opposite side of his brain. This second aneurysm had not caused any symptoms but was at risk of bursting according to Dr. Neal Kassell, Joe Biden’s former brain surgeon. Now people are wondering whether Biden’s brain surgeries could indicate that he is not a good fit for the job during this current presidential race. Watch this video as Joe Biden himself explains his brain surgery, having the top of his brain removed @2:40
    In conclusion, Joe Biden is NOT FIT to be President

    • Frank N says:

      This my friends is a game-changer, Trump wins re-election

    • Phillip Ridgway says:

      At least Biden HAD a brain! Trump never uses his limited brain capacity for anything except lying, cheating and blaming others. What is the reason for HIS slurred, confused speech? And we still don’t know why HE was rushed to hospital a few months ago!! Routine checkup my a**!!

  • John Zabik says:

    #Trump2020 🇺🇸👍👍👍 and vote for Trump and save this Country from Creepy Joe Biden and Fake Kamala Harris. Jump on the Trump Train in #KAGA2020.

  • Tony Smith says:

    Executive Order mandatory in person voting only Besides Absentee Ballots which are verified in order to preserve the integrity of our Elections Please President Trump 🙏

    • Phillip Ridgway says:

      Getting desperate? Nothing wrong with mail-in ballots as has been proven many times by States that have used it for years.

  • Teresa Baker says:

    Oh remove

  • PMAGOO 100 says:

    Preview of the next 7 weeks of fake news unnamed sources …

    Week 1) Trump hates soldiers
    Week 2) Trump hates babies
    Week 3) Trump hates cops
    Week 4) Trump hates seniors
    Week 5) Trump hates women
    Week 6) Trump hates Hispanics
    Week 7) Trump hates Blacks

  • joseph says:

    Trump is POTUS because DEM VOTERS in states that had consistently voted Democratic decided that HR Clinton was worse than Trump. SO STUPID!
    And Dems DESERVE every miserable Covid19 death & all of the damage done to America & the world.

  • Unkl Chuck says:

    Pathetic attempt to overthrow America.Press is complicit.

  • Trumpenstein says:

    Ask any American soldier a simple, honest and sobering question: Would you want to be in a fox hole with Donald J Trump?

    • John David Wolf says:

      When asking, be clear that does not mean double teaming Stormy Daniels.

    • Ashleigh Nelson says:

      I don’t want him on the same planet as me.

    • d mitchell says:

      Your opinion would change if you’d watch some real news instead of those that work for the DNC propaganda machine

  • Heather Smith says:

    Something NBC won’t tell you. Do you like the fact that China is buying up mines across the world? Uranium is a rare earth mineral that is used to make Nuclear Bombs. Think before you vote. Attached is a 5-minute video from a series of 8 called “Riding the Dragon” Click on read more or the link below:

  • y1521t21b5 says:

    Reelection and _GOP_ wins incoming.

    • Phillip Ridgway says:

      Dreams are free, reality hurts!

  • James Ladd says:

    but trump is telling everyone to commit felony voter fraud . . .

  • Jonathan Izaac says:

    We must vote in person to avoid the potential of the mail in vote to tip the scale like this and cause rampant mistrust!

    • Betty Anne Wilkinson says:

      Jonathan Izaac where is the proof about mail in voting…vote the way you want…if mailing in vote….send it the day you get…if you can track it

  • GRIM says:

    “If Trump won’t stop black rioters on our streets…. I will!” – Joe Biden

  • David Newton says:

    So when Trump calls it iligal, it’s wrong , but Democrats have been crying for 4 years about the last presidential election. Fine with me. Get rid of all of them. On both sides.

  • notably Iamnothehero says:



    • Betty Anne Wilkinson says:

      notably Iamnothehero mail in vote it is your right

    • notably Iamnothehero says:

      @Betty Anne Wilkinson
      It’s also your right to vote in person…

    • notably Iamnothehero says:

      @Betty Anne Wilkinson
      It is also your right to vote in PERSON

  • MAGA TRUMP says:

    “President Trump has failed to cage black rioters… I won’t!” – Joe Biden

  • ROXEY says:


  • ROXEY says:

    Dems Need Time to Fill Out Some New Ballots in the Back Room!!!

    • Phillip Ridgway says:

      You are so gullible. Voter fraud is so minor it hardly exists. Even Trump knows this… he is LYING again! Think for yourself, don’t be so easily led by a proven conman!!!

  • Earl Van Fleet says:

    America has 4 percent of the world’s population and 22 percent of the world’s confirmed Covid-19 deaths.

  • Alfred Degiorgio says:

    Americans who vote for Trump and his Fake-GOP are voting for a white-supremacy dictatorship! Most of them would be white-power racists while the rest mistakenly believe they are voting for a conservative, democratic government. We have been warned: “ Fool me/us once shame on you; fool me/us twice shame on me/us”!

  • Joe Rendon says:


  • Loida Esther says:

    Sad part is the world looks at us and now every channel show every nation protesting with violence and conspiracy theory.

  • Ben and Fam says:


  • CH H says:
    Do you think you are born again just because you go to a church? Not all churches declare the Truth. On the contrary, your church could be a completely worldly church. For your own soul, you must come out of the churches that use the Bible but do not declare the Truth and speak lies differing from the bible. Hear what the Spirit of Truth says to the churches and receive the eternal gospel!

  • dylightfullygeeky says:

    I have a feeling it’s not gonna be even close this time.

  • Richie Black says:

    We’re going to need a blood test from The Scranton Coward, Headboard Harris and the crackhead son. OK>

  • Terry Halpin says:



    If Dumb dumb wins, he’ll declare there was no mail-in fraud, if he loses he will.


    You would expect intelligent and unbiased people to demand that the media present an unbiased and propaganda free view of the actual policies of both candidates for President of the United States.  Instead we are bombarded by a biased and propaganda spewing media that is clearly pushing the Democrat Party and constantly attacks Republicans in general and Trump in particular.  Why do they never attack his opponent Democrat nominee for President Joe Biden for his many character flaws and foolish policies?  Joe Biden is no saint.  He is on tape sniffing little girls hair and putting his uninvited paws on them as they squirm and try to escape his clutches.  Why is the media silent about this despicable behavior?  Joe Biden is on tape admitting that he committed the offense that Trump was wrongly impeached by the Democrats in the House of Representatives for.  Joe Biden has been accused by a woman who worked for him of sexual assault.  Why is the media silent about this?  The media and democrat operatives filled the public square and the airwaves with weeks of attacks on the character of a Republican for something he was falsely accused of doing back in high school but remain silent about the accusation by a woman against Joe Biden when he was an adult Senator for sexual assault.  In this day of ME TOO it is now apparent to all that all women should be believed if the claim is made against a Republican, whether true or not, but never should a claim of sexual assault by a woman against a democrat, whether true or not, be automatically believed.  Joe Biden has famously said you ain’t black if you vote for the other guy, yet somehow Trump is accused of being racist but not Joe Biden.  Joe Biden lied about the NAACP endorsing him.  Why is the media silent about this?  Joe Biden lied about his education.  Why is the media silent about this?  Joe Biden is a plagiarizer of the work of others.  Why is the media silent about this?  Joe Biden and his asinine policies have not been discussed and analyzed by the media at all.  Why is that?  The more interesting questions are why are so many people in this country so biased and how is it that the biased and propaganda spewing media has brainwashed so many?

  • d mitchell says:

    Not really believable because we all know that NBC works for the DNC…explains your ratings drop too

  • Krinkle Shrinkle says:


  • Nancy Meyers says:

    The mail in voters envelope have the letter d and r written. Do you suppose there are new employees destroying the d votes away. I heard a lot of employees were fired after the new postmaster was hired. So new employees could be hired simply to destroy the d envelopes

  • The Observer says:

    President TRUMP is the President FOR / OF / BY the PEOPLE…There is no other GUY like him,…Trump is the TOUGHEST GUY that ever seated at the White House….Trump maybe not PERFECT as a Human Being…but never the less, he DELIVERS what he PROMISED to the People and MUCH MORE….We definitely need 4 more years of TRUMP Administration 2020 – 2024….GOD Bless USA and TRUMP!