My Thoughts On The Stock Market Collapse

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Warning from Robert Shiller: Robert says that ‘illness crisis and upcoming election have driven investor fears of a major stock market crash to the highest levels in many years. Yet, while investor confidence in the market is low, stock prices are trading at very high levels.’

On top of that, Robert Shiller also has what’s known as a VALUATION INDEX…which surveys those same people and asks if they think the market is undervalued, overvalued, or just the right price. And, as we can see from the chart – only 37% of individuals feel the market is undervalued….

That means…according to Robert Shiller…the vast majority of investors feel like a market crash is MORE than 10% likely to happen, during a time where 63% of investors feel the market valuations are high. I mean, it isn’t exactly rocket science here and this doesn’t exactly make any predictions – BUT, it does give us a gauge on MARKET SENTIMENT, which could have a direct impact on where the market MIGHT be headed in the coming few months.

NEXT: Bond Rates Are Rising. This all started the other week when the 10-year-bond prices began to increase pass .8%…for the first time in many months, and the assumption is that – at this rate – the 10-year prices could soon reach that psychological threshold of 1%.

Rates like this are rising with the expectation that – more likely than not – another stimulus is coming, and when that happens, the US will have averted any short term issues that could come up, meaning that long term bonds are able to pay MORE as fewer investors buy them – as we’re seeing here. I know that sounds INCREDIBLY confusing, and I’ve simplified things a LOT…but, when you think of these interest rates, all you need to know is that it’s all about supply and demand.

See, as these bond yields go up – banks need to INCREASE mortgage rates to remain competitive to the investors who buy those loans…therefore, the higher this bond rate goes…the more likely it is that we’ll begin to see interest rates SLOWLY begin to tick back up for mortgages, as well.

Now, it’s still too early to tell FOR SURE what type of impact this is going to have on the housing market, or if this type of rate increase is only going to be minuscule for the time begin…but, either way, the likelihood of mortgage rates dropping any lower than they are today is unlikely.

Overall, though – here’s what YOU need to do about this: FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN DIRECTLY CONTROL. Obviously, go out and vote so your voice is heard – that’s an easy one. But, besides that – volatility like this is going to be normal over the next few weeks to months, and it’s up to you to have an understanding of what this means for you, and to make sure you’re diversified enough NOT TO PANIC AND SELL.

And, listen…regardless of what happens, long term, the markets have shown us that they will do just fine long term. This article from Forbes broken down the returns from each president since 1926…and as you can see, the chart always go up, decade over decade.

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    Trump will be the president ❤️

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    What collapse is Graham talking about? I haven’t seen it.

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    I wonder how many ZNGA stocks Gram has from all referred Webull sign ups

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    The Real Question: When will white straight Republican financial professional males get their chance to rise up against their social oppression?

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    good coverage, great work

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    I can identify with overshooting that peak in the Sept by one bump.

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    Which collapse ? It’s been doing that for several days this year…..people watching this video anytime AFTER October 2020 won’t know what collapse is referred to. Especially since a collapse usually involves more than just 3% drop in a single day.

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    Is there a morning brew for Canadian market or is it only for the states rn

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    buy the dip

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    Robert Schiller is taking a percent of a percent. It’s not the most reliable of indicators, to say the least. And it’ll come off as confusing to most.

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    I’m in love with you Graham, I’ve been watching you for a year now, date me 🎈

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    I really like what you’re saying about what the market will _statistically_ do. That’s a pure probability call. Now just remember that past prices do not necessarily predict future behaviour.

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    8:01 “Now hopefully that makes some amount of sense, but even if it doesn’t, that’s totally okay.” I still love you if you’re stupid. <3

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    What has the biggest impact on your own economy? Is it cutting back on spending? Is it getting a better job? Is it selling everything and starting over? Is it taking up new habits such as smoking, cocaine and whores?

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    Also, I ran some data and found that the VIX is also crazy the month prior to an election, as it is over 70% more volitle than other months. Remain calm and tread on!

  25. Men of High Value Reply

    Could you make a video on the s&p500 vs gold over the last 100 years ?

    It says that the stock market hasn’t grown at all if you had held from 1970 til 2020.

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    Making money bij spreading fear.

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    Stagflation: A condition of slow economic growth and relatively high unemployment – economic stagnation – accompanied by rising prices

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    Its just a correction of where the market would have been going prior to March 2020. I keep on buying stocks from companies that have the potential to survive beyond the crash of the market.

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    The stock market will NOT continue to go up

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      @Andres Zamora you dont want to be sitting on cash. If you sell your stock you need to hedge against the dollar as we are about to get huge inflation. buying into the stock market is a bad idea but so is just sitting on cash. Its a false security.

    • Andres Zamora Reply

      @aarow i have a game plan to use my money strategically going forward… I never just sit on cash. My game plan is to keep multiplying my net worth as i have been doing consistently for the last 3 years… I stay active

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    It’s so tough to predict the month or even year of the crash in this economy because it’s being controlled like a mofo and not left to its natural cycles. However, you may be able to do this if you have been following the motives of the government as to when and when not to bail the economy out. That said, the economists were right in predicting that it was gonna crash because it’s way upside down; they technically don’t have to tell you when it’s going to crash to be right because this prediction isn’t the same analogy as saying where “you’re bound to be right only 1 times out of 10” because it’s like predicting death, being right once is enough to destroy a person’s retirement portfolio. This is in contrast to a lot of these guys who can’t even tell that it’s upside down but instead find stats that only benefit what they wanna believe until it’s too late then they’ll tell you that it’s crashing. =)

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    And this, millennials, is an abject lesson of how to scam the system and go to prison.

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    But do you think the stock market will rise over the next decade, if countries continue to have lockdowns and what not?

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    Your supposed GF owes income taxes on the 100,000 gift that you gave her. You deleted the video to late. The IRS is all over you like Clinton and the blue dress.

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    It’s no longer a question of if, just a question of when you are going to be indicted for money laundering and interstate wire fraud.

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    Sorry Graham. You’re wrong about rates going up. If the fed raised rates there would be absolute chaos right now.,The fed itself has said they won’t raise rates for up to 3 years in order to favor low unemployment over low inflation. If anything, rates will be low and inflation might be as high as 3-5% in the long run. Bond yields have gone up to due demand of a falling market and investors are looking for safety. Just look at Bloomberg’s FOMC rate hike probability, extremely low.

  87. Towne Duane Reply

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  88. Wil Stein Reply

    I just wish everyone would stop using the words “collapse”, or “crash”. These simple words probably have the greatest impact on peoples ‘fear levels’ when it comes to the markets. Look at the graph at 10:33. See a crash? Notice any collapse in the last 80 YEARS! There hasn’t been one for the majority of people currently alive. Swap these fear seeds out for “correction”, or “downturn” if you have to.. but perhaps even preface those words with “minor”, or “temporary” for the sake of accuracy.

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    Make a top 5 books to read video!!!

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    thumbnail was a little click-baity, as it looks like a crash has already happened, and that you are crying.

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    Graham, if you give us a great photo every vid I promise to cautiously DESTROY the like button every time. Scouts honor 🙂

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    It’s funny you say that the interest rates are increasing.. Here in Australia, our central bank has given it’s strongest signal that it will be further reducing the cash rate this month! couldnt imagine a better time to buy some property!!

  98. pantta567 Reply

    Lol savings accounts are the absolute most retarded position ever considering the fact that cryptocurrencies exist.

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    I’m so tired of the stock market manipulated by the FED, that’s why I’ve decided to try another investment

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      They are making the lives of the masses suffer

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