What’s behind the South China Sea dispute? | Start Here

China and its neighbours all want a piece of the South China Sea.
Rights to fish, territory, oil and gas.
This fight has it all, including the potential for war.
So why is ASEAN struggling to manage the problem? And why won’t China share?

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170 thoughts on “What’s behind the South China Sea dispute? | Start Here

  1. Mongolian Khan Reply

    When borders were initially drawn, its was not China but Manchu Qing dynasty. The Qing were not Chinese as wrongly assumed in modern western historiography

  2. Alex Li Reply


    • Kobe James Reply


  3. Augustus Dave Reply

    I live in one of those Southeast Asian countries, And I have been waiting for Start Here to cover it. 🙂 Thank you al Jazeera.

  4. Bartosz Brozek Reply

    China is under criminal regime, which doesn’t recognize any laws.

    • John 5864 Reply

      @Bartosz Brozek Thats your opinion. Can you give evidence taiwanese do not want to reunify. Is there a referendum or its just publish by your western propaganda?

    • Bartosz Brozek Reply

      @John 5864 I bet they don’t, but who give you a right to speak for all others ?

    • Bartosz Brozek Reply

      @John 5864 Polls made in Taiwan are obvious proof that close to 80% of the population does not want to have anything in common with mainland.
      For your info, polls, something unheard of in mainland, are the way to ask people what they think.

    • John 5864 Reply

      @Bartosz Brozek theres no poll for breakaway from china. Its a poll for political party.

    • John 5864 Reply

      @Bartosz Brozek its you tat speaks for all others . A selection for a political party does not meant taiwan wanted to be an independent country.

  5. IzitAllGoUnder Reply

    I thought Asean and China just signed a joint free trade agreement ???

    • Malakas Taga-ilog Reply

      It’s a trade agreement for free trade products. Not a dispute agreement.

    • Niraj Lahori Reply

      so ?

    • IzitAllGoUnder Reply

      @Malakas Taga-ilog It would seem that the new agreement would be a step forward to attempt to reduce the tensions yet this story doesn’t even mention it.

    • Malakas Taga-ilog Reply

      I’m 50-50 about this agreement. It might have some good effects but I still have a feeling that It might have other interest.

      Reducing the tension is good for now cuz Heating up the tension might cause worst case scenario because just what the woman said, Not all ASEAN countries have a sea dispute and both Myanmar and Laos have a strong bond with China, Thailand is at the middle. Only Malaysia, Brunei, The Philippines and Vietnam are having this big issue. Indonesia are also more like Thailand, they are like neutral in this issuse but above Thailand .

      Another thing is most of Military powers in Aseans are not yet comparable to China even they teamed up if War broke out. China is the 3rd strongest Military in the world after Russia.

      The bad effect is China might have almost the advantage in this agreement since their economy is way more bigger and they export way more products compared to ASEAN countries.

      And also knowing that the previous US presidents like Obama and Trump doesn’t really do much of a progress when it comes to this dispute. Trump is more focus on trade war with China during his term.

      I’m not an expert when it comes to this but that’s what I think about the good and might be a bad effects from this agreement.

      Overall, Let’s hope for peace and order in the region.

  6. Kitty cube enterprises Reply

    As long as your anti America, you can participate in all sorts of imperialism and those that stand up to you are called us puppets,
    Obvious sarcasm

  7. Jarrod Yuki Reply

    release the vaccine and also the south china sea belongs to china.

  8. William Ho Reply

    Why bother to search for the answer? Go and ask US concerning the Caribbean Basin. The answer will be found. 🤣

  9. littleshyboy Reply

    China government is GREEDY.

  10. Abdul Ahad Reply

    One more wonderful episode, ma’am

  11. Koko ToTo Reply

    USA killl millions of million Muslim people name of damocrezy Westin popppettt news channel Al Jazeera

  12. Drake Koefoed Reply

    the law of the sea conference of the 80s settled the rules, and these chinese claims are contrary to international law

  13. YUANHANG SU Reply

    Lots of misinformation in this video

    • MAANKA Reply

      I think you are a CCP comments bot

    • Teng Teng Reply

      well give an example

    • ZIaullah Khan Reply

      You are right. Zhōngguó wànsuì

  14. Mubashir Ali Reply

    nice work

  15. Kobe James Reply


  16. Kobe James Reply

    Taiwan is not a country!It’s a province of PRC!

  17. Jared M Reply

    It seems that every country near SCS get along with China, and they just signed the RCEP, the biggest free trade agreement on earth. It’s the USA exaggerating the issue and hoping everyone to attack China. Divide and Conquer, usual tactic by the satanic USA.

  18. prathamesh bhat Reply

    Hipty hopty this is my territory
    ~ china

  19. Andy McRae Reply

    China is scum

  20. Arnold TUYIZERE Reply

    Great conclusion: if anyone is good at playing the long game. It’s china 👏🏾

    • Jacob L Reply

      Well one of the oldest continuing civilizations… got lazy there during the 19th century but now back to its rightful place at the top.

  21. Frank Njamen Reply

    Always foreign analysts like they know more about SCS than peoples living there
    In those puppet fake news media

  22. David Dellit Reply

    God’s will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven!

    • Twinkletoes Reply

      Dream on . There’s no such thing as God . 6 million Jews fell for that one !

  23. indo world hero Reply


  24. John O'Kane Reply

    When will the world learn you cannot trust the Communists. They say one thing and do another. They love the saying ”the end justifies the means”. Look at China, Russia, North Korea and Cuba. If Communism is so good why did the Eastern Europeans reject being locked up without any freedom?

    • Nightcor EDM Reply

      Eastern europe is not the same as Eastern asia

    • Kristie Wang Reply

      I don’t think you know what communism means

    • John O'Kane Reply

      @Nightcor EDM Communism doesn’t distinguish between Asia and Europe.

  25. Junjie Candolada IX Reply

    Here in the Philippines we called it West Philippine Sea.

    • phenoix Gaming Reply

      wrong the philippine friend still call it south china sea😂

    • Junjie Candolada IX Reply

      @Kal Gandikota it’s because our leaders are trash. The Government sucks, Duterte is China allies. Bullshit!

    • Junjie Candolada IX Reply

      @phenoix Gaming Only Dutertards.

    • Kal Gandikota Reply

      @Junjie Candolada IX In my view, I think the problem with Philippines is that they don’t have much respect for engineers, graduates and post-graduates similar to India. That’s why, I think even though Philippines is bigger than Taiwan or Japan, it is not developing.

    • Junjie Candolada IX Reply

      @Kal Gandikota That’s true, how come Engineer get respect here because after graduating they work on a fast food chain, Restaurant, Bar and even bagger in Grocery store because no job vacancy for their profession. And by the way Philippines is a most corrupt country, plus almost 20 typhoon a year, There’s also a political conflict, Divided by religion and political beliefs. Lots of rebels and also terrors are here.

  26. Stephen lee Reply

    😂Her name plz

  27. Helio Evangelista Reply

    Very good

  28. Jay Leong Reply

    The South China Sea was fine until the WASPs lead by the US decided to encircle China.

    • Kal Gandikota Reply

      ASEAN is the largest trading block in 21st century. Until all small countries in ASEAN develop like NATO countries, everyone must strive for peace or it will be 15th century all over again with colonialism.

  29. Leslie Grayson Reply

    1st. Lets understand that 87% of all MODERN arms are owned by the US and their Allies. 2nd. China was under cold war threat from India in the South Filipino/Malaysian/ Thailand etc.. sea.. because India has two aircraft carriers and a navy which “could” sit off the coast and hit Beijing non stop and there would be nothing China could do.. because 2two thirds of their fleet has to defend the coast line against South Korea and Japan’s MODERN Navies and Airforce. Hence why Chinas Navy is land locked in the North. The other one third isn’t large enough to defeat New Zealand’s Navy 😀 So…. they had to make some sort of solution.. and that was to take the islands to save face.. whilst they make 50 new Destroyers and 2 aircraft carriers. The missile islands are susceptible to attack because they are immobile and easy to invade and take out. Anything immobile is weak.. The US don’t have just one fleet but multiple Strike abilities and are far more effective than any country at getting through any defenses… Whilst some countries are gloating about having taken down ONE Stealth plane once upon a time, it has always been expected that up to 5% of all planes would get shot down from every raid. This is percentage was a mass over estimate… and these planes have flown over 1000 missions. More recently Israel has Flown the F-35 over Iran for 2 weeks without Iran having knowledge of its incursions except that it was reported in the Kuwaiti newspaper. We know this to be true last year because soon after the story of an Imam reading the story an Iranian general was sacked and Iran suddenly wanted to go back to Nuclear peace talks.

  30. True North Strong and Free Reply

    China’s GDP Is $17,206 per year …or $47 a day! Taiwan’s 🇹🇼 GDP is $54,019 per year….or $148 a day! I guess that’s what you get when you live in a Democratic country which has “Checks and balances” so the corrupt government officials can not simply take all the tax payers money for themselves and buy property and businesses overseas or sock the money away in offshore accounts. A Chinese political member makes $22,000 a year! How is it possible they send their children to overseas universities to the tune of hundreds of thousands dollars, have huge luxurious apartments in various locations throughout China or around the world? I make $120,000 a year and can not afford any of those luxuries! I hope the corrupt officials thank the hard working Chinese commoners for providing them with the tax dollars to live their lavish lifestyles which includes luxurious spa-like hospital services and of course, access to the largest unregistered organ bank on the planet…thank you Falun Gong and dissidents…..and also the newly added organ bank for Muslim requests only…the Uyghur’s!

    • Freedom 2.O Reply

      True North Strong and Free ,you make 120 a year? That’s a lot if war happens you won’t anymore you want that?

    • True North Strong and Free Reply

      @Freedom 2.O It’s the price of freedom sweetheart!

  31. BrinkofRebelion Reply

    All china needs to do is stop violently harassing its neighbors and everyone could use the waters, but that would go against their entire domination plan

  32. maabed Reply

    You gotta love the objectivity.

  33. British Empire Reply

    What’s mine is mine what’s your is negotiable


  34. Zsari Maxim Reply

    The trade through the SCS mainly goes to and from China. The reason the US wants to control the region is far from protecting the sealane. Any attempt to frame it in such a false narrative is but propaganda.

    • Teng Teng Reply

      It is a wrong accusation that the US wants to control south china sea…..US will not dismantled their military bases in the philippines if they want to control it…china became aggressive in south china in the absence of US bases in the philippines…now who do you think wants to control it?

    • Zsari Maxim Reply

      @Teng Teng The US did not leave Philippines voluntarily back in 1991 and has since inched it’s way back with the so call “humanitarian assistance and disaster relief warehouse” for “visiting US military forces”.

    • Teng Teng Reply

      @Zsari Maxim you are totally wrong…you can not easily dismantle the US bases in the philippines if it really serve the american interest just like the US bases in diego garcia and cuba….china grabbed the opportunity to control the south china sea when voracious appetite attacked

  35. vishnu k s Reply

    China is real danger to all Asian countries.

    • ZIaullah Khan Reply

      But India has been rejected by all neighbors. China has developed strong commercial and strategic relations with neighbors.

    • vishnu k s Reply

      @ZIaullah Khan India always has good relationship with Bangladesh, Bhutan, srilanka, Myanmar,Maldives, Afghanistan and Nepal. Only with Nepal we had some issues because of their government. But China has issues with all neighbors except n Korea and Pakistan.

  36. 赵凯 Reply


  37. Dhruv Sharma Reply

    It’s usa, japan, australian and India (not france ) who exercise together in bay of Bengal as Quad alliance.france takes part in naval exercises with India.🙄learn some geopolitics.

    • Dynamix15 Reply

      Quad alliance sounds like an evil force

    • Dhruv Sharma Reply

      @Dynamix15 for enemies not for friends 😉

    • Dynamix15 Reply

      @Dhruv Sharma rape nation is not friends for the west

  38. damaze d100 Reply

    Copyright ,Patent rights or border rights let that be at Sea or Land ,China knows none or cares for none Except it’s own… Go China…😈😁

  39. Searchingforcrosser Reply



    We in the Philippines call it West Philippines Sea. Vietnam might call it East Vietnam Sea. Brunei? North Brunei Sea.


  40. Ryan And Raja Reply

    Its funny how they selectively use UNCLOS, they say it doesn’t apply to the West Philippines Sea but invoke it against Japan.

    • ExZed Reply

      Right?! The CCP has some of the biggest hypocrites there are!

  41. Kevin Qiu Reply

    USA wants protect its sea routes? Which routes? Oh, all the sea route around the world. Perfect execuse to intefere other nations territory disputes. US is the good god, freedom and democracy aganist any evil standing in its way, fight terror, fighting non democratic regime. Wait a second, so why doesn’t us start war with all the non democratic regime in Africa? It does only if there is money, resource in it.

    • Teng Teng Reply

      @ZIaullah Khan china is the bad guy in south china sea…china is the threat to peace and regional stabilty in the south china sea…china is the bully of her own neighbors..

    • ZIaullah Khan Reply

      @Teng Teng China has peacefully progressed in the last 4 decades and is bringing prosperity across the globe.

    • Teng Teng Reply

      @ZIaullah Khan china progressed by plundering and ransacking the resources of tibet, xinjiang, inner mongolia, manchuria and the latest the south china sea

    • kevin 11 Reply

      @Teng Teng It’s time to take the medicine。haha

    • I'm not flat, stop asking Reply

      @ZIaullah Khan HAHAHAHA Is that why they support north korea? Why do they steal resources from there neighbors

  42. D Reply

    Because China is the future

  43. Sabith Bin Iqbal Reply

    Start here 👍🏻🎉

  44. william the great Reply

    I hope a war will come 😊

    • Freedom 2.O Reply

      william the great you do? Why? That will be the end of the world, you really don’t like your life?

    • william the great Reply

      @Freedom 2.O I just want school to be over and reduce the world’s population.

    • Calvin Nam Reply

      @william the great Ain’t going to reduce the world..but rather..end humans in all..go find out the power of thermonuclear war..

  45. Ahmadmer Sarani Reply

    The name in Global Map is South China Sea, meaning from China …border in the name Sulu Sea…. No name in old global maps is West Phil. Sea… hahaha 😁😁😁..Pnoy administration given new name West Phil-Sea…was corrupted from Sulu Sea… that’s a True and right old ancient documents…US is crazy to defend false creation name of new invented West Phil Sea… hahaha 😁😁😁.

  46. Liars Reply

    this is not a dispute , USA is trying to occupy Chinese territory .

    • Teng Teng Reply

      Yes it was not a dispute…china robbed her asean neighbors of territorial waters, resources and livelihood and made it appeared like a dispute by using comical distorted historical claim

  47. Paul Chamuah Reply

    Just wow

  48. Nav Dhillon Reply

    If only the nations involved weren’t such cowards this would be a non issue. They let China build their islands unchecked. Should have nipped this in the bud.

    • Teng Teng Reply

      Do you think that china can build their fake islands in south china sea as easy as that if the Asean, the philippines in particular has the military capabilities to react?

    • ZIaullah Khan Reply

      I am sure you would build one island of your own too if you had the technology.

    • Teng Teng Reply

      @ZIaullah Khan we care for the environment….we will not going to do that even if we had the technology…

    • ZIaullah Khan Reply

      @Teng Teng You are simply feeling the pain of flying kicks in Galwan Valley.

    • Teng Teng Reply

      @ZIaullah Khan it is more shameful for the part of chinese watching a video where one of your PLA soldier was captured by indian soldiers, lying down beaten black and blue while other PLA soldiers driving a humvee left the captured PLA badly beaten…what a shame

  49. Nightcor EDM Reply

    Scs belongs to Asians, amerikka gtfoh

  50. Achilles Fury Reply

    America , Canada , Australia, New Zealand, all white settlements from invasions ! China it’s time to move them back to Europe !

    • MAANKA Reply

      I do you love communist so much

    • Achilles Fury Reply

      @MAANKA ask the natives !

  51. John 5864 Reply

    This report did omit chinas terra nullius to scs islands thousands of years ago right up to japans return in the sino japan peace treaty after ww2. China reclaim them and file claim to the surrounding sea in the UN prior to unclos and had later ratify unclos with reservation to protect this claim.

    • John 5864 Reply

      @Teng Teng its a case of territorial soveriegnty . In international law , territorial soveriegn hv to be determine before projecting sea law. By judging china hv no soveriegn in spratlies already violate unclos juridicsion.
      Philipine hv to go UN ICJ that is a proper court that has such juridicsion first. Not to a private sea arbitral tribunal. Moron.

    • John 5864 Reply

      @Teng Teng Did i say china had no map to show ? I already state china was the first to discover , survey, map and stone mark scs islands.
      If you carefully study history . Its philipine that is the thieve. Marcos knowingly violating sino japan peace treaty, philipines own independence treaty territorial limit , chinas UN sea claim to invade into chinas spratlies when china was weak. He even destroy chinas insallation and stone markers and made constitutional amendments 1978 to include as philipines territory.
      All the evidences pointed you as thieves.
      Theres no evidence spratlies belongs to philipine. Wheres your evidence? None.

    • Teng Teng Reply

      @John 5864 why did you bring up the topic about your language? did i commented on this? what did i say about your chinese language? what i was pointing out is your china’s destructive campaigns on the existence of uighurs, tibetans, manchus and mongolians…china is removing BY FORCE their own religion, languages, cultures and tradition..china is making them chinese to justify the illegal occupation of their land by china and the plundering of their own resources…

    • Teng Teng Reply

      @John 5864 you said that china was the first to discover, survey and MAP the south china sea…i assumed that it happened during ancient times…now where is your ancient maps that shows that spratlys, scarborough and paracels are part of china since ancient times?

    • Teng Teng Reply

      @John 5864 i think you are a combination of a moron and idiot….there was no international court that determines sovereignity dispute…ok..you want the philippines to go to ICJ? Your wish is granted…the philippines filed a case against your winnie the poo and other officials for crime against humanity in International Court of Justice for depriving the filipinos of livelihood and resources and environmental damage because of your fake islands in south china sea…tell your winnie the poo that the philippines is giving you another chance to prove your comical historical claim…and tell them not to run or hide this time huh..

  52. Joss Ass Reply

    Spratleys is inside Philippines ezz zone, and we won case against China, but Philippines was irritated with Malaysia because Malaysia wanted to block Philippines case against China, then Philippines won against China eventually.
    China knows that it is belong to Philippines and they wanted to cooperate with the Philippines government for bilateral negotiations…
    But the problem is, if China build military base onthe islands it might be dangerous in our security since we have pag asa Island where the Filipino settled there and it about less than 200nm away from manila…
    Only Philippines has the right with title to claims Spratleys islands. They called groups of islands or archipelago.
    Philippines is very beautiful country with bunch of white beaches, and multi cultural people, very friendly and kind…
    That’s why Filipino is easily associated with other nationality and religions without a problem.

  53. Calvin Nam Reply

    When US steps in to any place with oil/gas..it is nothing but trouble.. Haven’t we learn from Middle East??

  54. zagfat Reply

    Taiwan is not a country. Taiwan is trying hard to be an American military base. Dont think china is ever going to let it happen.

    • ExZed Reply

      Wishful thinking huh?! Here’s your 50 cents.

  55. drmdmd1 Reply

    I think I just realized why I watch this show, and I’m pretty sure its because of Sandra lol! A mild infatuation

  56. Đạt Ma Sư Tổ Reply

    Not South China Sea, it ASEAN SEA, china need to stop being a aggressive country toward ASean.

  57. Tom Koller Reply

    There aren’t “loads of fish” in the South China Sea. The Chinese have fished the area out, which is why they are now fishing all over the world, in other country’s EEZ.

    • kevin 11 Reply

      Here’s a cent. Take it. You deserve it.

    • John 5864 Reply

      There are many countries that fish internationally. Sometimes they stray into others EEZ. NOT ONLY CHINA. Hv you been to the ocean.

    • João Soares Reply

      But their is gas and oil under that

    • ExZed Reply

      What did you expect? We’re talking about China here!

  58. Mike Sun Reply

    Wow what a bias report. Qatar should be ashame of themselves for aj there. As far as the hague ruling, qatar also opposed to arbitration. Please do more research. United States is not a signature of unclos but want to enforce “freedom of navigation”. Al jaeera, is your reporters sleeping on a job?

    • Teng Teng Reply

      well, it is more shameful for china as one of the signatories of unclos continues to disrespect the international law of the sea

    • Poa Nians Reply

      Dumb reporter

  59. Syed Ahmed Reply

    If you talk about china you should have chuness point of view. It just propaganda against china. Your channel is biased

    • Teng Teng Reply

      What part of the video are propaganda? I assume you are a pakistani…

    • ZIaullah Khan Reply

      Exactly. Interestingly, Gwadar Port is now functional.

  60. Guo Chen Reply

    It is called the south China Sea….
    If the US goes there, China will never back down. Solutions can be found if the US stops its so called freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.

    • Teng Teng Reply

      Do you have difficulties in finding distance of how far china and voraciously claimed the entire south china sea?

    • George Reply

      It’s called “The Sea of Japan”, The “English Channel” etc…historical name is not the end-all concerning ownership and rights. Much more nuanced than that

    • billy sabilla Reply

      @George imagine, Indian claimed the whole Indian ocean cause there is Indian on it…lol…

    • George Reply

      @billy sabilla Brilliant! An even better example right there. Yes, that’s perfect!

  61. Ade Kaka Reply

    Communist China only imitated what the capitalist western countries had done. Invading and encroaching on the territory of other nations. The difference is that the Chinese have infiltrated and dominated the economy and controlled the government in Asean countries: Thai, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos, Burma ….

  62. L Don Reply

    Is Al Jazeera also a fake news channel? Otherewise, take your job seriously. Check your history book and you will know that at first there were 13 dotted lines, not 9. As soon I heared the lady said that the Beijing government added the 10th line to cover Taiwan, I know this presentation is politicallly biased. I feel very sorry for the audience who will be misled by you guys.

  63. Banabas Jacky Reply

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  64. G max Reply

    In 2006, in accordance with article 298 of unclos, China excluded disputes concerning maritime delimitation, historic bays or ownership, military and law enforcement activities from the unclos compulsory dispute settlement procedures.
    The Hague has no right to judge. Even the Philippines has no right to appeal. All right, go home and get some milk, KIDS

  65. Danilo Cariño Reply

    The china greedy😁want to seize all the natural gas in the SCS, thats why all our possesions want them to grab.😠 Mabuhay Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭❤️🙏🙏🙏theres hope in God, so help us God🙏☝️

  66. Shaharh Hlinovky Reply

    Americans only “protect” their military and economic interests in the region. Viva China! 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 , This is Chinese territory, not Washington, not New York!

    • I'm not flat, stop asking Reply

      They are ASEAN seas not chinese. China is another racist colonial power

  67. Shaharh Hlinovky Reply

    What about CIA and US military bases in some 150 countries worldwide! What are they doing there? Covert operations, military operations, cussing problems.

  68. Benjamin Gal-Or Reply

    [Nov 25] <><> PROFFERED OPTION 3 to US SUPREME COURT in seeking ELECTION FINALITY & HEALING a UNION DIVIDED when its survival is at stake <><> Trump Team is pursuing 2 legal Paths to SUPREME COURT ELECTION FINALITY [Fox Bus, Nov 23] <><> I recuse myself, as a scientist & editor [31 Utube books herein, Amazon & more than a million citations by GOOGLE], from debating election politics, except presenting these unequivocal facts that are claimed to lead to no alternative but a national runoff solving these survival issues [see below]. The proffered Option 3 is my own, original, and totally independent of anyone. It reads, in short:  — KNOWINGLY & INTENTIONALLY US MEDIA HIDES and DELETES, even herein, ITS STEALTHY, ELECTION ASYMMETRY that, as proved below, had invalidated it before Nov 3, FACTS reported by JHU, WHO, ECDC, NHC, DXY, CDC for ~1OO nations, as summaries of thousands scientists, nurses & health workers efforts, inter alia publishing – U.S. is DOWN TRENDING % FATALITIES from COVID-19 diagnosed victims, E.G. 2.75 % [on Oct 22] v. 2.09 % [on Nov 25] <> IN COMPARISON WITH OTHER COUNTRIES, by %F on Nov 2 v. Nov 25: – Germany 1.97 v. 1.54 – NL 2.11 v. 1.83 – Finland 2.20 v. 1.72 – U.S. 2.51 v.2.09 – Mexico 9.79 v. 9.81 <> INSTEAD of this global pandemic science standard, US MEDIA scares voters away from the regime by big 250,000 plus US COVID deaths, less %F, hiding the fact that these big voter-scaring NUMBERS reflect only big US population uprated by improved detecting techs-methods, more victims declaring-trusting more hospitals (inflated Nos. v. paid per case). This MEDIA ELECTION INVALIDATION ASYMMETRY had legally voided U.S. election before Nov 3 by Unrepairable Election Invalidations, [UEI], neither state governors or election committees, nor state courts or the US Supreme Court can fix or ever can validate. UEI would then evaporate, unity recovered, pandemic SCIENCE divorced from runoff, AND, reported countries’ pending pretext for WORLDWIDE LOCAL WARS RESPONCES to considered WH attack on Iran [NYT], the runoff would certainly return to drawers. [IN, Amazon, Google, previous Utube>>>>>>>>>>>

  69. Wildforfreedom Reply

    The US has heavily militarised , bombed or directly controls almost every country in the Middle East that has oil . Why don’t we talk about that ??

  70. Mad At Gas Car Reply

    Rich oil and gas? No proof 😘

  71. Jacque Logan Reply

    China is the troublemaker

  72. joseph Ramos Reply

    it is west philippines sea not south china sea

    • ce e Reply

      Sorry no one calls it that, except you Filipinos.

  73. Kuda Jingkrak Reply

    1:08 The most important shipping lane is the Malacca strait and Indonesian waters… no one can get into South China Sea without getting through these waters. the al jazeera shown it in the video but not mention it. so bias, hahaha…

  74. oneil kenneth Reply

    Funny how this insight on South China Sea doesn’t mention the fact that the US which is the largest naval power in the world is championing the Law of the Sea and ironically has NEVER RATIFIED THAT SAME LAW. Is the UNCLOS applicable when it fits US interests? I will call this B.S until the US ratifies that law and has a right to preach to others to adhere to it!

  75. prajval singh rajput Reply

    Lovely presentation

  76. Alexan Masangay Reply

    Hope war will erupt on this region

  77. istiboy TV Reply

    The Destroyer

  78. Poa Nians Reply

    Very erresponsible media u don’t even know what’s real situation research the truths China is the one creating trouble in this region.

  79. francestation Reply

    I love the explanation👍👍👍

  80. Syed Ahmed Reply

    You do not wory who am I. But you are not well wisher of china. You just a biased.

  81. Lau HC Reply

    opening statement factual error > China was a global naval power in 1500’s. Admiral Cheng He sailed even till Africa but never once conquer any nation.

    • ExZed Reply

      LOL! Because they couldn’t do anything with their tiny wieners!

  82. Lau HC Reply

    western biased narrative. junk documentary

  83. Wak Mbabot Reply

    The reporter voice it’s so calming,love it.

  84. kevin 11 Reply

    Those who have studied sea power theory and understand modern finance all know that the United States is for hegemony, not for justice. When you talk about Taiwan, it seems that no country has diplomatic relations with Taiwan. At least your report should be in line with the diplomatic reality of your country.

  85. billy sabilla Reply

    there’s only 1 word fit enough to answer the title…. *”CHINA”*

  86. Stephen chan Reply

    International law based in Europe is a joke based on military power. It has assumed the audacity to apply it to the Far East. It worked well 30- 40 years ago but not now. China has grown strong enough to defend itself and its front yard. All the saber rattling in the form of “freedom of navigation” results in nothing for China but arm sale to its neighbors. The axiom of “might is right” has always been the basis for international relationship, to put it bluntly. It is either conflict or peaceful co-existence with multiple parties.

  87. oscar chute Reply

    The narrator conveniently forgets to mention that the U.S. is ‘not’ a signatory of the UNCLOS.

  88. oscar chute Reply

    According to Stapleton Roy, American Ambassador to China(1991-1996), Pres. Xi brought up the idea of ‘demelitirizing’ the South China Sea to Pres. Obama when Xi visited the U.S. few years ago, but Obama refused. Ambassador Roy was privy to this meeting, and he related the meeting to Kishore Mahbobani, Singapore ambassador to the United Nation.. This is a an oppurtunity lost.

  89. starfromakihabara 48 Reply

    If china make it worst the asean nation specially indonesia and malaysia could close the malaca straits and natuna sea and makassar sea for china and that will be very impacted for china economy

  90. Christopher Schaefer Reply

    Got to love how Western Media knows more about the South China Sea than China does, just amazing!!!

  91. HOOD ROBIN Reply

    The last words of Xi Jingping in this video means We (China) don’t want to be the soly player(in South China sea). Missed on purpose.

  92. Francis Santos Reply

    CCP realizes South China Sea is vital to its national interests, yet its SCS policies are making enemies the very nations it needs to be friends of. CCP must realize it doesn’t have monopoly of military power. The CCP 9-dash imaginary maritime border is kaput. No relevant nation supports it.

  93. Kshitij Shekhar Reply

    What’s common between Kashmir, the South China Sea, India Pakistan and China?

    The BRITISH.

  94. Ahrtrex Allenzoilo Duran Reply

    Philipines won against China in ICJ about the South China Sea Dispute and now we are in Arbitral Law together with countries that have claims too in SCS…

    China and Philippines Government for now have an good relation as China let our fisherman to enter the Economic Zone of the Disputed Area…

    China also funds many of our projects but a dept to them…

    I think its the peoples who has not good relation for now as there is many fake information that are misleading peoples mindset.

  95. John Prudencio Reply

    YOUR WRONG LADY YOUR COMMUNIST REPORTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOW MUCH CHINA BRIBE YOU !!!

  96. João Soares Reply

    Well thats easy, control of some of the most important trade routs, control of some of the most strategic areas of the planet and of the resources in that area, China claims historical right, that doesnt count and south china sea is a term introduced by european navigators that stayed, not that it belonged to china. One also needs to remember the artificial island the chinese are building, its to take advantage of internacional law and to have a foothold in the area, but acording to the laws of the sea artificial islands dont count as soverein land,

  97. ExZed Reply

    China’s expansionist agenda is a direct effect of their micropeepee syndrome.

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