Demand For Food Aid Across The Country Skyrockets Ahead Of Thanksgiving | NBC News NOW

Across the country thousands of people wait in long lines at food pantries and other donation sites as demand has grown due to unemployment and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. NBC News’ Sam Brock reports.
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Demand For Food Aid Across The Country Skyrockets Ahead Of Thanksgiving | NBC News NOW

111 thoughts on “Demand For Food Aid Across The Country Skyrockets Ahead Of Thanksgiving | NBC News NOW

  1. Anthony Doucette Reply

    Why is it that our government can give so much handouts to corporations via corporate tax but they can give back the money they took from the people who need it most. 30,000! +record food bank lines? Corporations need to be better citizens.

  2. April Yates Reply

    This is Thanksgiving. We should be thankful for what we have and appreciate the little things such as our family and our health. Yes we can all be grateful to have a good amount of work, money for comfort, and food for our family. These are just things that we take for granted. We are quick to judge our peers and yet we fail to see our own issues. We shame others for mistakes, all the while making sure that we are not exposing our skeletons in turn. We are too prideful to see how hurtful we can be, however we take offense, attacking those who we believe are opposing our views. We are supposed to be the United States of America. Not some horrible example for the whole world to have a laugh at our expense.

    • Wendy Shackelford Reply

      Well said!

  3. Patty Nellis Reply

    Not everyone in line is there because there hungry there taking it because its free

  4. Aaron Hemingway Reply

    Donald Trump’s incompetence did this to us Trump had well advance knowledge of the coming pandemic that was getting ready to hit America.. predict was their name that was the name of the office that Obama put into the White House 2 Monitor and track viruses and pandemics before they hit America Donald Trump fired them because they were appointed by Barack Obama we all heard his voice on that recording saying that this virus is more deadlier than the flu five times as deadly but he continued to tell the American people something totally different and now he’s hollering four more years for more years four more years in what? In a penal Institution you are complicit in the death of 250,000 Americans

  5. Mathias Weitz Reply

    Ronald Reagan: wealth is trickling down
    Reality: poverty is trickling up

    • painter ken Reply

      I’m feeling trickled about you??

  6. pei9030 Reply

    I can’t stand children are hungry. People waiting in line to get charitable food. It’s all Trump‘s fault

    • JVR Reply

      This hunger problem is not an American problem. It is a worldwide problem Because of the lockdowns imposed by world leaders. It destroyed the world economy. The countries that did not lockdown are not having this issue. It’s an agenda. Wake up! It’s not a left right thing.

  7. Anthony Scimeca Reply

    Keep closing everything down. This is going to get worse if you keep closing everything down.

    • Later_Daze_ Reply

      When did Texas seriously close down? They’ve been against closing down since the beginning, and now they’re reaping what they sowed. Moron.

  8. Ken Reply

    Capitalism and corruption is killing so many and now many are dying of hunger. So sad. Hope God end this world soon.

  9. TheDon Wins Reply

    How bout go back to work, you think bldens lockdowns are going to make things better? What a broad awakening we will all see, many regrets are coming our way.

  10. 馬囯通靈人Merlin the magician Reply

    The judgement on humans for all the wrong doing

  11. Allegheny Natural QHHT Hypnosis Reply

    Thank Trump and Moscow Mitch for screwing over the American people. Can’t wait for Biden to take over so people will get some relief.

  12. Norm French Reply

    Congress don’t care they like playing politics but among themselves they don’t care about the people they’re rich they got a lot of money they’re setting good $1,200 check that was good enough for many years to come that’s what they think any help they gave out last April that’s it you won’t see no more they got to save it it was set back and watch us suffer they’re loving it otherwise they would have done something by now but if they’re being pushed if they really have to they’ll probably be April of next year then they’ll think about it and then they’ll start over on the package again you’re going to get it you really need it you deserve it it’s a taxpayer’s money but they want to hurt it they’re doing a good job they’re not helping the people and they’re loving it they’re just pump you up make you feel good fit the package is being good all coming together good but then something comes up so they got to start all over cuz they don’t agree on anything that’s politicians

  13. Tamara Lee Reply

    Ef you Trump!!!

  14. B C Reply

    Sad but true. This too will pass all due to the Democrats led by nasty nancy.


    This is the so-called most advanced, greatest nation on Earth? A country full of hungry people with no health care?

  16. Tequila D'killa Reply

    Why are so few people wearing masks at the South Florida Food Bank?
    People never listen and learn

  17. Cote Parker Reply

    We shouldn’t be like this. If only trump had taken seriously the pandemic.

  18. Matt F. Reply

    So truly sorry to see this. Are these the same people who voted for Trump?

  19. Matt F. Reply

    On top of this Mnuchin holds back 500 billion in aid; today. McConnell sent all of his friends home on vacation as well. Beyond criminal.

  20. Phong Dao Reply

    Wow, I noticed the tail lights of a newer Mercedes getting food in the truck. Driving expensive vehicles, gas guzzlers, and I’m sure with the latest iPhones. What happened with all that extra money people received during unemployment. My wife and I were able to save her extra unemployment where I know people used that to buy new cars, phones, etc….I don’t believe all of them need the food, they are just hoarding.

  21. 300 MAX Reply

    You guys should have voted for BERNIE SANDERS it’s time to become a progressive!!!

    • Search Wion Reply

      or Andrew Yang for UBI

    • 300 MAX Reply

      @Search Wion Thats right it’s time for people to wake up

  22. Mimi Stern Reply

    Dump is preparing for a table laden with the finest of foods….while Americans are waiting in line for a box of food to feed their children.

    • Osama Bin Drinkin Reply

      Yeah and what is Pelosi and Newsome preparing for while their state crumbles and they dine out in Napa?!?

  23. Melissa Denbo Reply

    I just went to Walmart, the day before Thanksgiving the store is usually packed to the brim with long lines. It was surprisingly slow, I was able to get what I needed no long lines in less than 10 minutes

  24. riptorn Reply

    Communism is being implemented and people don’t even notice.

  25. Sherry Jee Reply

    Hmm a lot of nice, new vehicles in line..what about the ones who dont have a car??

  26. VOS Reply

    Thanks Democraps for shutting down our business’s !

  27. Tes Tos Reply


  28. Bryn Phillips Reply

    ‘Only in America’ is a odd statement. Many if not most developed democracies have systems in place to protect the vulnerable or those in hardship. I think a lot of Americans don’t really understand what it is actually like in other countries round the world, not the good or the bad. As someone who has had even minimal exposure to other countries systems I can safely say how lucky I am but also how much for many developed nations, things like food banks for safety nets are a standard, not an exception.

  29. sar50anga Reply

    amazing…..people lining up for Food in their luxury cars….just amazing

  30. Lisa Eston Reply

    0:57 my entire life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  31. KT Chong Reply

    Nothing is gonna change until a French/Russian Revolution and guillotines come to America.

  32. Nancy M. Ross Reply

    This is a picture created by Mitch McConnell, Trump, and the Republican party. This is a picture of getting away with murder. Hold them responsible. Recall them where possible. File suit and charge them with negligent homicide and intentional suffering because they don’t want to spend their money.

  33. sam 57 Reply

    A Useless president never take care of his people during the pandemic

  34. Charles Burks Reply

    Thanks for all the help but why cant people see what’s really going on. We need some real reporters in these days of no true fact reporting ???

  35. Tas Tapsas Reply

    Thanksgiving in Trump’s America. Thanks for the 12 million infected. Thanks for the 260 thousand deaths. Thanks for the economic catastrophe. Thanks for the massive unemployment. Thanks for the endless food lines. Thanks for all the lies. Thanks for the suffering. Thanks for abandoning the people of the country. Thanks for trying to destroy our healthcare. Thanks for all the corruption. Thanks for the unceasing criminal activity. Thanks for the destruction of law and order. Thanks for all of the incompetence and the indifference. Thanks for the ceaseless lies and the undermining of our place in the world. Oh, yeah, a thank you from all the rich people for the tax cuts, taxes that they don’t pay, and tax cuts which did nothing for the economy even before the virus struck. Oh, and a big thanks from Trump to all those marks who voted for him, and a big thanks for allowing him and his family to grift every day while he played golf for an entire year of his four years of doing absolutely nothing to make America great. Thanks Donald for all of the conning, all the treason, all of the obstructions of justice, all of the corruption. A big thanks to Donald from all of those dying in hospitals, from all of those about to be evicted, and from those who are lining up for food. Thanks Donald, a job well done.

    • Ronald Lindeman Reply

      I saved this rant for when I see my trump relatives. Thanks.

  36. C Jones Reply

    Stop starving ppl blaming it a cold thisis getting old. Event 201 is covid which ishow ur doing ur great reset. Great deception. Sinners . Repent or dont its your soul not mine. Children of the lie you news people are, lackies of the centralbanks. Scum who lend to germany who started ww1 with our nations gold. The fed, world econ forum. The vatican, u r not true friends of christ nor truth. U serve u false science ….more ppl are catching on… Open the library, let the poor folk research this… With out the tv. Tell them how autoposys have been changed… To pump up the numbers. We did not forget , the longer u drag this crap out, the obvious u make it. I pray for my friends, and my enemies that ypu find morals.

  37. Betta fish Reply

    The poor in American has nice cars but no food. The poor in Asia has food but no nice cars.

  38. Frans van Mook Reply

    The resullt of 4 years of MAGA Trump. Make America Hungry Again. Thanks to Trump and his cult followers.And still 70 million Americans wanted Trump back!

  39. cattigereyes1 Reply

    Republican government failing America! Democrats ignoring the reality of food banks running dry! This is America! It’s Trumps four years in office!

  40. melanie Reply

    Just a quick fact check, Canada has had food banks for the past 30 years for the food insecure and Britain I’m sure many other European countries do the same…so NO not only in America.

  41. DW A Reply

    americans who love to think that they are the best country in the world and love patronising other countries can now eat humble pie this thanksgiving. don’t inflate your ego and go interfering in other country’s internal matters. clean up your own country before trying to teach people how to live.

  42. R Russow Reply

    I’ll bet the GOP , aren’t worried about the people !! They’ve turned there back to the people once again .

  43. 2011Mamamia Reply

    I wonder who were the Trump voters who are benefitting from free food.? Thanks to those with the soul to give. Did Trump & his “billionaire” family help at all?

  44. Bryan Craig Reply

    This food situation is all thanks to Trump and he has the balls to come and address the nation and say the Stock Market hit 30K.
    This is the type of man he, just NO EMPATHY.

    The Full TRUE Story of Trump and COVID-19
    Through the mind of a moron who says he should be given a BADGE of HONOR for managing the Covid crisis. Here, this will wake you up and it’s not by FOX, CNN. MSNBC, or any other media channel it’s by the CDC. And Trumpsters can’t believe they lost. Like Trump said the BEST is yet to come. It came and you lost. You have killed enough people. Please share. Trump ran America like many of his failed businesses.
    1 –
    2 –
    3 –
    4 –
    5 –
    6 –
    Trump said Obama left the cupboards bare. But then why were the stockpiles left, Trump have them moved from the CDC to Washington? What was the ulterior motive? He hated China but sent them to China. Was Trump preparing a deal with China to buy more crops from the US and doing China a favor?

    7 –
    8 –
    CDC pleads with Americans to avoid Thanksgiving travel
    9 –
    It’s clear there are two Americas, the one Trump lives in and the one which over 230K people died in.
    Bob Woodward’s interview with Trump
    10 –
    Whitehouse insiders reveal damning allegations against Donald Trump | 60 Minutes Australia
    11 –
    US debt under Trump administration.
    12 –
    Instead of attending to matters, and listening to his advisors about the timebomb that was about to unfold he was on the golf course having a jolly time.
    13 -
    Trump’s golf games cost taxpayers $145 Million

  45. Quentin du Plessis Reply

    Only in America could you pat yourself on the back for alleviating a problem which should never have existed in the first place

  46. M R Reply

    I wonder how many of these Texans had voted for Trump?

  47. Harry Hollingsworth Reply

    This hurts.

  48. Jackie Eick Reply

    Trump is feeding his face

  49. Red Falcon Reply

    We can’t surely say they need help. What have the people been spending their money on? Be wise, not stupid.

  50. Shaun Haley Reply

    Starting to look a whole lot like the new world order.

    Elite creating dependency on the government.

  51. awiti owiti Reply

    Look at that. All the rich car owners stealing from the homeless americans and not even a shamed of it. I suppose it most be all those TROMBIES who can’t get enough.

  52. Raymond Mak Reply

    President Trump had done all he could to save The Great Nation & American. Every real American must stand strong with President Trump to fight this “Corruption War” ! American want Justice & Fair Election for every voters in this nation – Make American Great Again to the World ! American and the World will the bigger ” Merry Christmas this Year ” ……

  53. Glenn & Molly Browning Red River Fiber Farm Reply

    With the new president this will be a common site around the country

  54. Addiction, Recovery, Life Reply

    really only in America? you mean the United States? might check that actually many other counties are not having the issues we are right now do to preemptive actions by their gov.. that being said, be thankful for the little that we do have…

  55. David Hartman Reply

    Shut down America and what do you expect. It’s only going to get worse

  56. SmileMan64 aka BenjaMan64 Reply

    The stock market, Dow Jones or whatever going up means nothing if the average family has little or nothing to eat.

  57. KRSonbe Reply

    Trump & McConnell’s America: Making people suffer for them. Let’s hope Biden’s America will be different.

  58. hamed shirazi Reply

    Lol DOW JONES break 30000

  59. The wealthy wise man. Reply

    some of them came by expensive cars. that’s not right

  60. The wealthy wise man. Reply

    everyone blaming trump

  61. tom Bird Reply

    Mitch McConnell should be prosecuted for criminal negligence or worse.

  62. northerniltree Reply

    Make hunger, sickness, death and uncertainty Great Again! #Trump2020

  63. Cary Rodriguez Reply

    Need to the drop that stimulus check already

  64. Jesse Lillico Reply

    Welcome to Trump’s America.

  65. Muhammad Abyzard Reply

    Someone’s driving a sports car. Yeah, I know you guys saw them cars.

  66. john kenny Reply

    Move Thanks Giving to another Month, its to close to Xmas!

  67. Santos Galo Reply

    Trump thinks to best economy

  68. toby friend Reply

    You want to know why this is disgusting?
    Bc Nancy pelosi has blocked stimulus for months now.
    You all thank Nancy pelosi while she lives lavishly with her 30 dollar ice cream.
    God bless these people hurting

  69. Junior Jackson Reply

    Biggest problem in America. People want to live like the rich. But dont want to put the work in to get rich. Buy a house and car they can’t afford. End up in line for food.

    • Dionne Johnson Reply

      Oh shut up and go and waste more time with your fake voter fraud for your ex-fruad of a President.

  70. Miss Godinez Reply

    Sadly if only I could drive there…. cup a noodles for thanksgiving

  71. P. Jesson Collins Reply


  72. hey Lindo!! Reply

    People are going hungry and the politicians are on thanksgiving recess

  73. hey Lindo!! Reply

    Keep voting Republican texas.

  74. -X- PHYSIQUE Reply

    Congress still believes to make taking care of people via political this is horrible never seen before. The Senate needs to move their a#@##!!

  75. A A Reply

    The way the world is built right now, it’s not sustainable. The people who have money and those who make the world work control the narrative. Most people have No idea what is going on and staying w/ the flow. The government is making money from nothing and it’s being stabilized by going into stocks, BTC, and other ways to make the world work. People use tech and other things that keep people distracted from issues like this. If this can remain to be rare and the strong, smartest, lucky enough to win or generate money somewhere that others have no idea about or taking money from those who bought at the top then got dumped on, they will make it. Where do we go from here from other issues of death such as dying from COVID, cancer, heart disease, and many other things that happen All the time that go unnoticed in top news? How long until people start to think living Decades on Earth is not a good idea? A lot of people just see those making it but neglect the other areas like these and the fact jobs are being replaced by AI and e-commerce forever. With the way human advancement, it would be very hard for people to die out nowadays leaving a lot of Healthy people with nowhere to go. As long as people don’t put serious things into Question where opening up doors for things (that we consider wrong) to go wrong remain wide open or opened Wider, people should be ok, for now.

  76. Youtuber479 Reply

    This is why we can’t shutdown our nation.

    Either work and risk getting a virus that has a 99.8% survival rate, or stay home from work, run out of money, die of certain starvation. Logic needs to takeover.

  77. just f do it Reply

    Most people don’t even need it as much as you think look at the cars that are pulling up very expressive cars.

    • R W Reply

      I thought the same thing, people go to these types of things often and don’t even need the food.

  78. Ya'aqov Yasharal Reply


    • R W Reply

      Lmfao shut up

  79. John The Fisherman Reply

    This is considered the best republican state?

    • R W Reply

      Tbh Texas is better to live in than California

  80. andree besseau Reply

    Sooo did they all vote for Trump????

  81. latymz Reply

    And dumb Donald coming out yesterday praising the stock market. He is truly insane and out of touch. People are struggling to hang on and he is talking about record highs. The rich getting richer. SMH 🙄.

  82. this is TRACK Reply

    …beautiful cars they are riding in…

  83. JIM DENNEY Reply

    I applaud the efforts of the general public.
    But, I can’t stop blaming the 1% ers and their corporations
    for not coming to the relief of our people. Or, just print
    some more money solely for the public this time.
    Poor people don’t care about what the stock market’s doing.

  84. Pedro Reply

    Priorities man, why the f%$^ are there people making that line with brand new Mercedes? Priorities, people are opportunistic and dumb.

  85. Charles Williams Reply

    This what terrorists republican leaders are doing to this great nation. Terrorists republican leaders will starve the people so they commit crimes to fell up the prison they have invested in and get paid from us tax payers.

  86. Jeff Petrie Reply

    Alas, to receive this food you need a place to cook it. I do not have that. — Signed, a Naval Academy grad and veteran

  87. Jennifer Davis Reply

    Holy crap… sad

  88. Kay Pui Chun Reply

    First world?

  89. cheers to wrestling channel Reply

    They brought it upon themselves for voting for the mango Mussolini

  90. Chris W Reply

    The stock market tho. 😣

    This is not acceptable.

  91. iolet mcfarland Reply

    Nothing is going to be perfect here either in the Pierce County Washington state

  92. Alusionzzz Reply

    When it runs out people should RIOT the only way the government listens to the people in the United States! Other countries riot when people don’t get Healthcare or food

  93. Klein Greenlee Reply

    Question how do we know these aren’t Scammers takeing the food?

  94. Francisco Rodriguez Reply

    A nation that lives to eat instead of eating to live, deserves to starve!

  95. Madamelogicbombdropper Black Women Multimedia T.V. Reply

    Home invasions are up! Street robberies are up! Carjackings are up! Its about to be The Purge meets Mad Max meets The Walking Dead! God help us all.

  96. WVa Rail Fan Reply

    Why doesnt Democratic Supporting NBC tell the Truth and talk about Nancy Pelosi holding up that Stimulus Check that almost every American, except WOKE Pro Athletes and other Millionaires like herself, could have used this Holiday Season. Now people are hungry and many children wont have much of a Christmas if any at all. What a Wicked World the Democrats are trying to create. And you can Thank NBC for their Propaganda as they are just as.much to blame.

  97. LoLo White Reply

    Wow I wish I was there to help volunteer.

  98. Pamela HURT Reply

    How many more people could they have provided for people if they would have given out more whole chickens or hens than Turkey’s? People, need to focus on food shelter,and clothing and utilities. Focus on what you can afford and really need.not Christmas or Holidays.

  99. Gevowavemagnet Reply

    In another month, many of those people will be walking, because vehicles will be repossessed.

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