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Why the stock market is up:
Today, the company Pfizer announced a breakthrough that, they say, is more than 90% effective in the latest trials. Now, keep in mind – this isn’t the first time a treatment has gone through S-3 trials…and Pfizer is still unsure of how long the protection lasts, so further tests need to be done. HOWEVER…even though there are still questions up in the air and it needs final approval from the FDA…it’s a REALLY good sign…and if it works exactly as described…this will open up a LOT of new doors for the entire economy.

With the news of a potential treatment, the RECOVERY stocks are the ones who have benefited the most…these are the businesses that got hit the hardest because of the shut down, like restaurants, airlines, hotels, the travel industry, or anything involving a physical location.

But, with every winner…is also a loser…companies that dominated the online space, like Zoom, Etsy, Amazon, and Shopify…are all down, because there’s less of a “push” for people to continue using online services. The assumption here is that, once the economy begins to re-open…there could be a big rotation of money moving away from tech, and into “re-opening” stocks and in-person businesses…it’s still too early to tell, although… OVERALL…the market is up MASSIVELY with this news, leading us to hit a BRAND NEW ALL TIME HIGH.

Now, I’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth mentioning again: timing the market is one of the worst things you could do.

Studies have shown that, time and time again…the BEST strategy for investing is to dump your money into the market as soon as you have it, and then…KEEP IT THERE. Vanguard found that, 67% of the time…just dumping your money into the markets will get you a HIGHER RETURN than if you just slowly trickled your money in…otherwise known as “dollar cost averaging.” Even though, sure, there might be a 1-in-3 chance that this is less profitable…you NEVER know what’s in store for the future, and if anyone offers you a 2-in-3 chance of making more money…you should probably take it.

Second, after you invest your money…just keep it there. Fidelity found that, over 40 years…a $10,000 investment in the SP500 would have grown to $697,000 if you just KEPT THE MONEY INVESTED WITHOUT TOUCHING IT. However, if you missed just the BEST 5 DAYS….over 40 years…your return would diminish by over $265,000.

That should really go to show you that, STATISTICALLY SPEAKING…if you have money sitting on the sidelines, you’re losing out on the potential for that money to continue growing. And by selling OUT of your investments, or trying to time the market…you risk missing out on those rare BEST DAYS that could severely impact your overall return.

Even the argument “BUT THE MARKET IS AT IT’S ALL TIME HIGH” doesn’t make any sense…because, NATURALLY, the markets will always be hitting new all time highs. There will always be new all time highs time and time again…and, in 30 years from now, I can say with almost 100% certainty…the markets will be significantly higher than they are right now.

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  1. Paul Reply

    This was argued on another youtube channel, that arguement made more sense than yours.

  2. Loco Stacks Reply

    How old is this video? Stocks crashed

    • Gary Boi Reply

      what u on about they crashed and boomed again. Important to note this only peaked with US companies not the entire stock market Brittish company’s for example are still at extreme lows

  3. morgan laforce Reply

    why you delete top 7 side hustles. was just about to go watch it…

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      yeh same… ahhh ffs was looking forward to that

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    i can vouch for Stephan here. I had $1000 saved from my recent job and only put $25 a week new into stocks because I’m new and only made $1 a day. After this video I risked it and the next day I made $57 and the next day $78. Thanks Graham.

  5. FrankJDM Reply

    Hey Graham you should talk about Cryptocurrencies

  6. srelim Reply

    Isn’t the Fidelity study is a bit flawed? Staying on the sidelines when market volatility is high, might mean that one misses the X days in a given period of time, but also usually means missing a similar number of worst days. Anyways, it would be interesting to see this study conducted with “Missing the Best and Worst 5 Days”, “Missing the Best and Worst 10 Days” and so forth.

  7. GSHOT Reply

    I heard this Pfizer CEO took around 65% of his stock out of Pfizer!? Sounds sketchy to me

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    I saw on the thumbnail you holding phone with $14 million portfolio. I’m assuming it’s yours.
    I didn’t see it during the video
    I’m little disappointed ☹️.
    Was it supposed to be click bite?

  10. Chris A. Reply

    Sure statistically markets tend to go high.
    How about inflation and that statistical growth in money cost when inflation is taken into account.

    And again, people should seek out a financial advisor to cater to their own needs.
    The problem with clickbaity titles “Do this now,” “What should you not do” is just pump the market which could end up people losing with all the manipulation of the fed, governments and stock market whales. Do your own research and look at the wider picture.

  11. Denment TV Reply

    Every second video you preach not to time the market, but those who have bought largely into the market in march (even beginning of april), timed the market and are stupid profitable with it. My investment strategy goes as follows: I have a watchlist with stock im interested in and want to buy. Every month I buy or rebuy stock that are overbought, so I basically get them “cheaper” than usual. In addition to that I have a jar at home, where I throw all my coins and spare money I have in my pocket in, for days, the markets dips (last time I emptied it, was end of October since I live in germany, cases rose and I knew there will be a dip in which I bought). So im timing the market because I know that the market pullbacks 5% three times a year, corrects every 16 months by 10% and plunges every seven years by 20%, according to statistics. So why is it soooooo stupid for trying time the market ?! I would really like to know how you money would grow if you have just invested after the 10 WORST days or weeks at the stock market.
    Thanks for your time and effort,
    greetings from germany.

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    When i press the like button it isn’t turning blue

  13. Raige M. Reply

    Lol BP is one I had gotten into in March and it sharply dropped to 16 and I had bought and held and believed another major drop to 3 will occur. Over the past couple of weeks it dropped again to 16 and I bought again. Once it goes to original numbers around 48 and goes back to steadily climbing I’ll be looking at a minimum of a 3x evaluation and it’ll steadily climb. Goal is to pull at 80 for 5x orrrrrrr just least for long term, but I already have long term so I am not sure.

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    Hi Graham
    I enjoy your videos, particularly about shares. However I don’t know about trading commodities. Could you tell us your views on it?
    Thanks, Simon :o)

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    Thanks for the videos, always instructive.
    No doubt about the importance of not missing the 10 best days. But how would it balance if we were to miss the worst 10 days as well?

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    Although 2020 way a crazy year for a lot of people, it was one of my best year in terms of earnings. Made over $300k from an investment of $40k. I followed guidelines my financial advisor put in place for me and it yielded positively. I’d advise anyone looking at making passive income with spare money to invest in stocks.

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      @Patrick Wilson my F.A is Mary Margaret Cartier, she has a website, look her up with her full name and you’d find her website, contact information is on there. She is an amazing person.

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    Isn’t there an argument to save cash for other investments? (Rental home down payment)

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    I think the market priced in a little too much optimism on the good news of the vaccine. But as you said, this will make little difference in the long term and people should continue to invest consistently and stay invested!

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    Bought a bunch of BABA Nov.5 and I’m down 10% every time I invest in a stock it plummets…

  45. Nate Jenkins: Financial Markets & Law Reply

    Wait … doesnt placebo mean it was a fake pill?
    And that if 90 percent of better patients came from placebo and 10 percent from the ACTUAL vaccine, then the healing is all in their heads?
    Correct me if Im missing something

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    Graham: BUY it’s the TIME

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    Rule 1: stay invested
    Rule 2: buy on dips (not rallys)
    Rule 3: don’t bet against the market
    Johan is out ^^

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    Really don’t like this guy, his delivery seems so ingenuous.

  52. SicklyDripHD Reply

    Food for thought: That same investment into the s&p500 woulda been double if you waited for a crash to invest you would turn that 30% over 3 years to 100%. Timing the market may be hard but buying high is one of the dumbest things ive heard you say….

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    change your background or build a studio bro

  54. Andrew H Reply

    The day traders are partying like its 1999. Also – that Vanguard study was for a 60/40 portfolio. For an all US stock portfolio – its more like 75% in favor of LSI.

  55. Long Rod von Hugendong Reply

    …he says as we near 200k cases of Covid per day 😬

  56. Erik Thomas Reply

    The Pfizer announcement is a scam to pump the market. The CEO sold most of his shares early and made millions. They also held the announcement until after the election so to damage the Trump campaign. Fk Pfizer Refuse to take the vaccine….

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    Don’t forget if Biden becomes president , that there will be a mandatory shutdown .

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    Such a clickbait douche

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      I love the fact you specified that this is not a get rich fast scheme

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    Hello Graham, wanted to know your thoughts on Capital Gain 50% taxes vs Normal taxes on personal account in Canada. I have only invested in my Tax Free accounts and it’s the first time in venturing into personal taxable account for trading. Wondering whether I should get down into daily trading that’s taxed 100% or buy hold & sell that’s taxed 50%. Thank you!

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    I’m a dividend investor My wife and I have invested in the s&p500, both through my TSP with the government, and through Fidelity in her 401-k.Cashed out 270k from the S&P and invested with a Full service broker . Until around 4 years ago we were 100% in the s&p after over 30 years.I’m retiring at the end of this month at 62, while my wife will retire next year at 60. We currently have 1.7 million in out tax deferred I don’t actually agree with this.

    • Lauren karan Reply

      Wow this is really impressive…congrats on your success

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      you made that much from s&p500!! do you by any chance do referrals on your broker?

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      @Harley Cartley Certainly I do but I can’t just leave her info here, just google her yourself, her full name is Lucy Maria Koss, she has a website and everything so you can reach her from there

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    That CEO has been lying for the last month. And I ‘hate’ Trump, but this timing is so obvious…

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    YOU THE MAN!!! My goal to get 1/ 1000000 of your views brother!! lol

  67. S M Reply

    Pfizer was not peer reviewed. This concerns me that the media has completely bypassed this.

    • Vladimir Massillon Reply

      The whole point of the Fda greenlighting the drugs is that we don’t have the time to wait years for peer reviews

  68. Ronald Williams Reply

    The major challenges investors face may range from controlling impulsiveness to the frail of compulsion. Most newbies and would-be investors often undermine and often neglect the importance of technical analysis with regards to trading. Technical analysis overly predicts the movement of asset prices regardless of what is happening in the wider or broader market. Essentially, the process involves studying the parts of a particular asset movement in the past so as to establish a sustainable pattern that can be used to predict future movements. Permit me to say that Mr Thomas is an expert trader without flaws, the very best of his kind, reach him via Whats App + 1 2 1 3 8 2 2 5 4 6 1

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    i tried to finish this but he just goes into timing the market again. We all knew the market was gonna pop, I even posted on a post of yours that it would do this and I got pissed on. It did exactly what I said it would do. Look, Graham you are smart. Dont keep posting this kind of BS. Please post stuff on a post biden win. To note, I upped my investment heavy in march and april.

    • Vladimir Massillon Reply

      You didn’t predict anything. No one can.

    • Oniphius1 Reply

      @Vladimir Massillon Define predict and then come back. People can predict it, they just cant predict it 100% of the time.

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      @Oniphius1 then that’s not a prediction.

  78. Oniphius1 Reply

    Graham we know the senate wont pass any of that and you know that too. That is why you are moving to Nevada. You dont want to pay taxes and you want to keep your money to yourself. I have lost a large part of my intrest in your videos since you decided to leave. I have watched your video on this and everything you say is 100% selfish.

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    First of all too soon to be putting out a vaccine, I don’t care how many clinical trials they’ve done. Secondly, we dont know what’s in the vaccine, that’s exactly how to perpetuate viral outbreaks. Thirdly, vaccines can never guarantee no adverse effects/injuries, some may be fine, some not, but it’s essentially the luck of the draw.

    Uhh… there’s this thing called the immune system. And it’s a pretty remarkable defense mechanism despite what the pharmaceutical and medical establishments have had everyone believe for the last hundred or so years since Rockefeller industrialized allopathic medicine.

    By taking a vaccine, you’re tricking your immune system into thinking it’s fighting something when it’s not, and ends up killing off the good healthy cells. THAT’s the problem with vaccines.

    What they’ve turned this coronavirus into is an overhyped situation, that really has nothing to do with health. No mention of how to boost the immune system.

    We’ve always had coronaviruses — matter of fact we have billions and billions of viruses and bacteria in and on us, it’s part of how we survive. We have an innate defense mechanism that has immunological memory from fighting past coronaviruses that will know what to do with new pathogens.

    The risk of getting seriously ill from covid is very low, it depends on the viral load one gets. Even if someone coughed on you or into your nose, the amount of virus you would get is infinitesimally small.

    And these numbers of cases…. THIS IS WHAT TICKS ME OFF MOST… the PCR test was never intended to be used for diagnosis yet it’s being used as a gold standard to tell people if they have covid or not. It only detects genetic fragments of viruses and amplifies them, it amplifies everything in the sampl. Because, again, we have billions of viruses and bacteria in us. So, of course, you’re gonna get thousands of positive test results. But it’s like, positive for what?! The PCR test doesnt tell you exactly what you have nor does it tell you if what you have is harmful.

    It’s like taking a tiny sip of wine, and you take a breathalyzer test, it will detect the alcohol but it’s not enough to declare you legally drunk.

    So these numbers of covid cases they’re putting is inaccurate, misleading, and deceptive. And the case fatality rate is extremely low, not even half a percent out of one million people.

    Big Pharma has always profited from sick people.

    This isnt about being anti-vaxx, it’s about being anti-stupidity, anti- putting metallic ingredients and adjuvants into your body, anti-pharma propaganda, anti-making a profit off of sick people. Anti- making people believe they are helpless without pharma and medical professionals.

    Sorry, not sorry, for this lengthy comment, but I’m sick and tired of this deception and manipulation. It’s criminal what Pharma and Medicine have been doing. Routine checkups and urgent care are fine but in just everyday maintenance of health, they do virtually nothing to encourage or promote healthy lifestyles.

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    What about stock trading? Stocks are obviously more volatile than the S&P 500 so what I try to do is after a hot streak of some good gains for a stock, I’ve noticed it tends to drop back down, so I try and sell after some good gains, and throw that money into an S&P 500 etf, then just watch for those same stocks to drop a fair amount and rebuy. If they don’t drop for a while, then oh well, at least my money is still following the market for better or for worse.

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