Long Lines Form At Food Banks Ahead Of Thanksgiving | NBC Nightly News

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Food banks across the nation are seeing a larger number of Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to Feeding America, an estimated 50 million people face food insecurity this year.
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Long Lines Form At Food Banks Ahead Of Thanksgiving | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar John Kennedy says:

    this is what 4 years of trump looks like

    • Avatar krnpowr says:

      The sad thing is a lot of the idiots in the food lines voted for trump, decrying socialism and communism.

    • Avatar Gokus Gate says:


    • Avatar Mike Alinea says:

      I Thought Its Make America Great Again, more like Hungry again.

    • Avatar King Dong says:

      Biden looters are coming near you

    • Avatar MEGABOSSCROSS says:

      Yes, because trump destroyed the economy, not the lockdowns over a virus with a 99% survival rate. Useful idiots like you won’t wake up until it’s too late.

  2. Avatar Decord Successful says:


  3. Avatar Shanna Sweger says:

    Trump and the Republicans have turned our country into Venezuela.

  4. Avatar Марина Григоренко says:


  5. Avatar Cantara Bella says:

    America is f-ing Pathetic

  6. Avatar Howdositfeel Vfusion says:

    This is Trump’s America. Make America great again I think that did not work

    • Avatar KT Chong says:

      America’s decline started long before Trump was elected. Trump is merely a symptom of the problem.

    • Avatar Howdositfeel Vfusion says:

      @KT Chong I agree, but it’s still his America.

  7. Avatar keith parsons says:

    The greatest country in the world, what a joke

    • Avatar NOT MY PRESIDENT says:

      Yes, you are a joke. Stand in line.

  8. Avatar Howdositfeel Vfusion says:

    This is the America of a one-term failed president.

  9. Avatar Thomas Spencer says:

    After having control of all 3 branches of government for 3 years they brought us to a second depression… Good job Republicans.

  10. Avatar AngelaTiffany Rogers says:

    This is so nice. Sad wish we had this in my city. Me and my children are facing homelessness no celebration of thanksgiving for us. If anyone may help my C app is my name. Thank you and God bless.

  11. Avatar Marko B says:


  12. Avatar Susan Bashynski says:

    But Mitch McConnell and friends are on break, each at home with their millions (much of it funded by taxpayers who won’t eat this Thanksgiving), waiting for their servants to cook their meals and clean their kitchens after they feasts. Sick.

  13. Avatar Jon Tucker says:

    I haven’t eaten in three days,this is not fake news

    • Avatar Alyson onOahu says:


    • Avatar Deirdre Morris says:

      Really? Where are you? Try a church. Are your food banks bare?

  14. Avatar Edward Allen says:


  15. Avatar Woo Cain says:

    A crisis created by a delusional President and his enablers.

  16. Avatar Alyson onOahu says:

    He screwed us

  17. Avatar Akwaaba Kitchen says:

    Longest lines in Texas and Florida! Guess what colour those two states are?!

    • Avatar Nadeline Daniel says:


    • Avatar Jazz Li says:

      Akwaaba Kitchen These two red state vote for trump so they should go to ask trump for food not a food bank

    • Avatar Crystal Vinz says:

      Texas and Florida have way more people, and way more jobs, which have since fired those people…

  18. Avatar Matt F. says:

    Are these the same people who voted for Trump? Why not ask them while you inquire if they can put food on their own table.

  19. Avatar NOT MY PRESIDENT says:

    Perfect. The beginning of the next 4 years. You voted for it America. Hope you enjoy it. No home and no food. Yeah, baby.

  20. Avatar Eavy Eavy says:

    Didnt he left food bank empty for 4 years? And he dare complain he want 4 more years

  21. Avatar bagondreamer says:

    the fact that one disfunctional presidency was able to cause this much pandemonium really says something about the prevailing underlying problems in the US

    • Avatar AY Evans says:

      This is Trump’s legacy. This will linger in people’s memory longer than the injustice protests and even Stormy Daniels.

    • Avatar Abraham Lincoln says:

      @AY Evans He started with many jobs for his citizens and ended with no jobs.

  22. Avatar Maxim Maslov says:


  23. Avatar Dan RW says:

    Fnar fnar Lester Holt totally points to dangletown when he recommends subscribing.

  24. Avatar Artur Anovir says:


  25. Avatar J C says:

    Give thanks to your president! 🙁

  26. Avatar BoredBoredman says:

    Be safe everyone… and take care….Life is hard…

  27. Avatar BEST FRIENDS OF JESUS TV says:

    On this Thanksgiving day, come let us also pray for the healing of our
    Nation from Covid-19, so everyone is invited to our 2 virtual free fun
    family-friendly Thanksgiving event on Zoom; you can see them here;

    Best Friends of Jesus, LLC


  28. Avatar AY Evans says:

    It’s mindblowing how much things can change for so many people in a single period of time.

    • Avatar Deirdre Morris says:

      Yes it is. Been there a few times myself.

    • Avatar Crystal Vinz says:

      Yes, I’ve ecperienced this. Many people are just one crisis away from being dealt a devastating blow to their well-being.

    • Avatar Deirdre Morris says:

      @Crystal Vinz So true!!

  29. Avatar Deirdre Morris says:

    Wow the snotty comments here. I hope none of you Ever become unemployed! Doesnt matter if you are democrat or republican. Thought you all wanted a better America?? Lets kick people when they are down because thats being a good neighbor😡

    • Avatar Karen Amanda says:

      I agree! God Bless all in need and the ones who are able to help them.

  30. Avatar Jazz Li says:

    Hope American people learned don’t waste food in the future

    • Avatar 2old4dispoop says:

      How compassionate.
      Thanks. I’m so sure everyone in each of the cars weeping deserves that. You should volunteer so you can stand just before they get the box of food and say that. Hey bring your mom, or gram.

  31. Avatar Mr Jones says:

    So many people in needs and most of these people taking food for free while driving 2 thousand dollars cars and more..smdfh

    • Avatar Mr Jones says:

      @Th B perhaps… Is like asking or begging for money..if you have 5 dollars to spend or give away..will you give it to someone thats wearing 100 dollars shoes with a 150 dollars suit..clean shave nice haircut and has a cellphone on hand and wearing gold chain..or will you give those 5 dollares to a junkie person..dirty..smelly and old clothes that is hungry

    • Avatar Sierra Bleu says:

      U mean 20,000$

    • Avatar Mr Jones says:

      @Sierra Bleu 😂😂😂 wanted it to be conservative on the price level.. Thats why i said 2 g’s and/or more..to be inclusive enough

    • Avatar Th B says:

      @Mr Jones u talking nonsense …
      Junkies food appetite is too thin.
      They love drugs more dan they love food…
      These people at the food banks got more to lose dan junkies..Dont put em in the same basket.

    • Avatar Mr Jones says:

      @Th B Nevermind..

  32. Avatar Dann Marceau says:

    He really screwed this country over.

  33. Avatar beavis corholio says:

    nice to see the most capitalist country paranoid about communism, going to get food from the government and begging for stimulus check, not communist check, USA currently living the communism their worst fear became it´s salvation.

  34. Avatar Deco Code D says:

    chech here: https://reviewedme.com/

  35. Avatar Jane Seamore says:

    1 in 4 children? That’s beyond devastating. How incredibly unfair

  36. Avatar God’s Spiritual Poet says:

    Psalm 86:12- I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart, And will glorify Your name forever.

    Psalm 118:21- I shall give thanks to You, for You have answered me, And You have become my salvation.

    1 Thessalonians 5:18- in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

    Colossians 3:17- Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.

    Ephesians 5:20- always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father;

    Ephesians 1:3- Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ,

    Count all of your blessings one by one

    Always give thanks to God

    Open up and give and you will receive from God

    Thank you my Heavenly Father

    Are you willing to become a blessing to others?

  37. Avatar Neal Jolly says:

    This will only get worse if sleepy joe gets into office. A lot worse. Thousands of jobs tossed out the door and shut downs across the country.

  38. Avatar E. A. says:

    Make America great again

  39. Avatar Jake Spur says:

    I hope once this pandemic is over these people remember those impoverished people that will be left behind and will return the favour.

  40. Avatar timething says:

    Yet the GOP sent 1.5 Trillion to America’s richest people (who just socked it away) instead of where it was needed.

    • Avatar bass reemer says:

      @Th B OK…just for you and I observe yahoos online…

    • Avatar X Ortiz says:

      @bass reemer Now blame on the immigrants. ” The OWNERS.They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want. They want more for themselves and less for everybody else. But I’ll tell you what they don’t want. They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them.” George Carlin

    • Avatar bass reemer says:

      @X Ortiz Well…if someone entered your home unannounced and uninvited, opened your fridge and ‘kindly’ removed your child’s milk stash you’d probably be a little ticked off. Now if someone you knew humbly begged you beforehand to borrow the milk, your wrath most likely would be lessened…

    • Avatar X Ortiz says:

      @bass reemer Just like the Native Americans, but in their case it wasn’t just the fridge but their Home too.

  41. Avatar cindy clarke says:

    Trump’s America is now a third world country, the only difference is people wait in cars for food

  42. Avatar Brian says:

    I wonder how they’ll blame Obama for this?

    • Avatar tom11zz884 says:

      They’ll find a way..lol

    • Avatar M F says:

      No this is a pandemic, not Obama. Obama just doubled health insurance costs after promising to cut them by $2,500 per year per average family. He even more than doubled my daughter’s health insurance cost while she was going to college and making 30k waitressing at the same one. But hey he lied smoothly and articulately so it’s all good.

  43. Avatar D D says:

    BREAD LINES. This is capitalism. We have food banks all over the place and we claim to not have “bread lines”. Now we actually have bread lines in the literal since. It didn’t take very long for so many people to be in such especially dire need. You’re all being stolen from every day by the bourgeoisie.

    • Avatar mrblackalchemist says:

      @D D yep but I bet you many of those people voted TRUMP BABY. I swear the rich in the USA are just laughing at how stupid the masses are. No country as rich as the US would have such breadlines, if people were not so ignorant.

    • Avatar KT Chong says:

      BuT SoCiAlIsm!

  44. Avatar DarkWinter8 says:

    And Trump is trying to con his supporters out of money to help pay for the legal battles regarding the election. Absolutely despicable and disgusting.

  45. Avatar Dale Kundtz says:

    Thank God for the workers at the food banks and the people who are behind the scenes filling the boxes and bags to be handed out. These folks have helped keep many families alive. It stinks that in this great country so many people have to go to food lines to put food on our table. Too bad the politicians in Washington don’t know what that is like.

  46. Avatar Rex Lonyo says:

    Time to take America back if Congress does not act by the end of the year! Its time to Stand Up

  47. Avatar Mike Alinea says:

    Trump Made America Hungry Again..

  48. Avatar Judi Christophersen says:

    Oooo my Good look I was one redirected and no food there either

  49. Avatar ccefc_families says:

    It makes me shudder to remember that US people waited in bread lines for hours during the Great Depression. Are we in a Depression now?

    • Avatar TheFinalBoss says:

      January 1st you will be! If you aren’t already!😂 Great Depression 2.0!🤪

  50. Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

    Pentagon financial problems to keep military forces in Central Asian region

  51. Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

    Get on gold and silver train before too late.Cash is trash inflation prices from food to service sectors and housing and stocks market prices.

  52. Avatar LM says:

    Tax billionaires I swear

  53. Avatar RPGeek says:

    And you’ve been told we will see food lines if “evil commies” like Bernie Sanders are elected

  54. Avatar goletra says:

    No food expenses are going in the way of my iPhone data plan

  55. Avatar Anna Bozyk says:

    Why are they not wearing MASKS!??

  56. Avatar Sierra Bleu says:

    If they’re really broke why don’t they get food stamp cards?! If their income is too high then they should not qualify for food bank aid either.

    • Avatar M Reuter says:

      Just wait your 41k will suffer

    • Avatar 2old4dispoop says:

      Trump cut the program,and made it more difficult to get.

  57. Avatar DJ Pomare says:

    China is number one now, while the US has third world hunger.
    And so the world turns…

  58. Avatar Betty Boop says:

    That’s why Democrat governors need to quit shutting down people’s jobs and businesses. Covid is a chest cold I had it in July. They’re deliberate trying to destroy the economy.

  59. Avatar sandi saputra says:

    1:48 I stopped my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  60. Avatar sam 57 says:

    A useless president never take care of his people during this pandemic

  61. Avatar Eric M says:

    i have gone to the food bank. it helps a lot.

  62. Avatar Go Ahead Make My Day says:

    no more waking up in the middle of the night for that quick snack .

  63. Avatar awiti owiti says:

    If they sold their cars wouldn’t they be able to buy their own food??

    • Avatar M Reuter says:

      So how are they supposed to work the few hours they can bc they lostvtheir fulltime employment?

    • Avatar awiti owiti says:

      @M Reuter If you are full time employed then perhaps you shouldn’t be first in line. Are we to believe the you are the poorest of the poorest in america? Plenty of videos on youtube of homeless people living in horrible conditions. How are they doing?

    • Avatar 2old4dispoop says:

      To who someone in line. Try getting a job without a car.

  64. Avatar King Dong says:

    Biden will make this worse !!!

  65. Avatar M Reuter says:

    The US has become Venezuela although the money is there as all the donated food shows. .

  66. Avatar Paul Autry says:

    Never heard the term “food-insecure” before. So is it time to take the word hungry out of the dictionary?

    • Avatar Uniqwia B says:

      Really, it’s a term used a lot in public health.

    • Avatar Crystal Vinz says:

      The term food-insecure doesn’t necessarily mean you have zero to eat. It’s a bit broader than that, meaning you might have some food, but you don’t know how long you can make it stretch, or you just plain don’t know where your next meal is coming from.

  67. Avatar Luis Merril says:

    0:56 I quit my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  68. Avatar DvdBluRayDude says:

    “Trickled Down Economics”

  69. Avatar tom11zz884 says:

    The Great Depression of the 1930’s: People stood outside in lines for food.

    The 2020 crisis: people waiting in their 40K cars for food.

    • Avatar TL Nino says:

      Have you ever heard of the “working poor”?
      People who make just enough money to cover basic expenses

    • Avatar Jessica Rabbid says:

      Or things changing in life and trying to fight to get back to where you were, so need a bit help of help instead of selling everything.

  70. Avatar Mahedi Hasan says:

    0:26 My whole life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  71. Avatar Molly dut says:

    I’m not judging but just curious because they own a car but don’t have food? Because In my country people will trade their car for food and use public transportation instead.. or maybe trade it for motorcycle and use the money to get food ..

    • Avatar 2old4dispoop says:

      Try getting a job without a car in America.

  72. Avatar Mukesh Das says:

    1:50 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  73. Avatar Joe Keery says:

    0:19 my entire life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  74. Avatar anuj shriwastav says:

    0:49 I quit my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  75. Avatar Fair。 Truth。 says:

    The God taken back “The hand of God” Manadona ; 上帝收回了“上帝之手”馬勒當拿…

  76. Avatar Bob Dollar 937 says:

    National Legislators in Washington D.C., are desensitized to the plight of Working Class People that they pander to and call Middle Class which is a misnomer for Working Class Poor.

  77. Avatar jhonathan pike says:

    1:28 I quit my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  78. Avatar chris state says:

    I feel for people who are in that situation but some of the blame has to be put on the individual. Some of the people in that line I see are driving 40-60k cars. We are living in a world of debts 💸

  79. Avatar CH H says:

    Just praying for your sins to be forgiven, and saying the name of Jesus at the end of your prayer will not make your sins that are red as scarlet be white as snow. In this time of disaster and pandemic like COVID-19 Fathe God is calling you now to come before His Word, and be guided into all Truth through the Spirit of Truth, and truly wash away your sins. 1

  80. Avatar SmokingOut Elitism says:

    Hardcore Absolute Fact: NO Thanksgiving for over 40 million Americans! Just endless Elitism, Fascism, Communism, No Livable Wages Of $24/Hour and up, broken family structure, broken communities, corrupt government and state officials, destroyed educational institutions ( no critical thinking skills ), endless major media propaganda and marketing/advertising deceptive practices

  81. Avatar kazuya mishima says:

    you cant call your self the greatest nation in a world when you have this

  82. Avatar Honey Bear says:

    Thanks to trump for this,one man has brought us to this

  83. Avatar Harry Fire says:

    This is the ideal time to start your diet

  84. Avatar Michael Thompson says:

    Well duhhh, it’s free food because of the scamdemic

  85. Avatar Jennifer Davis says:

    Oh my goodness…wow

  86. Avatar Mouad Labrahmi says:

    0:17 I stopped my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  87. Avatar Beast J says:

    Unemployment agencies are manipulating the system with the help of Trumps administration. The numbers are lies! Unemployment has not gone down but instead vice versa. It was a way for Mitch McConnell and the Republican party to reduce the American people out of unemployment. Thier planned failed and now more Americans are in dire need. Where is our help? this is what our leaders are capable of abandoning us during the worst pandemic ever.

  88. Avatar GOONERS FA CUP KINGS says:

    Wow, the so called ” greatest country in the world” so they keep telling us….What with this and they’re election debacle, health system….Ughhhhhh, somehow I think they may not be the greatest.I personally wouldn’t even put them in the top 100.

  89. Avatar NewOldMusicVideos says:

    Here is the Bottom line GEORGIA~
    Vote for the Democratic Senators and get Stimulus, PPP, and Money to help businesses, etc, etc…
    Vote for the Two republican’ts and get Nothing, Nothing and More Nothing!
    Should be an easy choice if you care about people..

  90. Avatar NewOldMusicVideos says:

    Tell me again WHY WE are Paying these Republican’t Senators ??? This is NOT the fault of the Virus, this is the DIRECT fault of the Republicans to not even allow a VOTE on Stimulus and PPC, Etc… These SENATORS MUST be voted out and Never be allowed to control anything, ever again…

  91. Avatar eliot says:

    The U.S Government, has strange way of taking care of their citizens

  92. Avatar Oceans says:

    And Biden said he wants to bring another 50 million immigrants in. Insane

  93. Avatar Fair。 Truth。 says:

    Many versions, infact not yet know the result of lawsuit, keep rational thinking, we’re not alone…………..

  94. Avatar Yusuf says:

    here a new video from my channel —–video:::: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne79j-yX9KQ

  95. Avatar Pahanin says:

    Clearly food insecurity and never ending food bank lines are isolated to Republican lead states, primarily Florida and Texas.

  96. Avatar Nancy Desch says:

    This didn’t have to be like this – thanks a lot Donnie and your inept approach to this virus.

  97. Avatar Bold and Bankrupt says:

    The American dream is becoming real!

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