How Presidential Pardons Work | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Danny Cevallos explains the broad and unique power of the presidential pardon.
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How Presidential Pardons Work | NBC News NOW

104 thoughts on “How Presidential Pardons Work | NBC News NOW

  1. Winston C Reply

    Flynn represents a broken justice system. Judge Sullivan must get clever and prevail for the rule of law

    • Marseilles Vieux Reply

      For an innocent man? Why do you want to harm someone that is innocent? Leftist hypocrisy?

  2. judge crater Reply


    • Winston C Reply

      Catch a trumpanzee by its toe.

  3. V Reply

    The good news is Biden won’t pardon Donnie.

    • Winston C Reply

      Yea but it doesn’t sound like he’s going to pursue prosecution either. All in the name of “unity” he’s gonna let all those crooks skate.

    • V Reply

      @Winston C SDNY will take good care of him and his kids. No pardons for state crimes. Democrats are weak anyway.

    • Arthur Schnapka Reply

      @Winston C not true . if the new AG decides to prosecute Biden will not interfere.

    • Brooke McQuale Reply

      No, but Q-tip Pence will after Trump resigns a la Nixon.

  4. J Groovy Reply

    I can see why presidents and governors are granted pardon powers, but why SO MUCH pardon power? So, Trump could theoretically pardon an entire prison in California on his way out, just for spite, and it would be perfectly legal?

    • Cote Parker Reply

      99% of Trump’s base aren’t even aware of Flynn’s corruption with Turkey. Fox News never mentioned it to them.

  5. King Kush Reply

    Our system is broken if Trump can pardon someone who worked for him that is conflict of interest

    • Marseilles Vieux Reply

      Or your mask has been on too long… Get some oxygen to your brain, it will help.🤷‍♂️

    • christian janssen Reply

      73 million people voted for that man!! He made a mockery of the presidency! Shockingly scary! Then again… “some men aint looking for something logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied,reasoned or negotiated with.they just want to watch the world burn.” (Alfred in the dark night). But seventythree f… ing millions???? If the electorate of the USA was one person and went to a shrink he/she would be diagnosed with a bipolar personality disorder bordering on schizophrenia! But hey dont take my word for it… I am just a humble german history buff. Things can really go sideways if a people votes the wrong man into power…and in comparison this dude is rather a mild hick up in history. All the best… well done ( the sane part of the population that is)

  6. Arthur Schnapka Reply

    99% of Trump’s base aren’t even aware of Flynn’s corruption with Turkey. Fox News never mentioned it to them.

    • Enigma Reply

      Was he prosecuted for corruption or for perjury?

    • Chico Daman Reply

      99% of Trump’s base aren’t aware of S**t, even though it stinks!!

  7. Solange Page Reply

    What took 44 presidents to build in 74 years, took one man to destroy in less than 4 years.

    • Jurko Vids Reply

      How did he destroy it 😭🤣

    • northerniltree Reply

      Solange Page In 74 years, we’ve had just 13 presidents, t’rump included. You are just confused, but Jurko Vids just can’t understand the damned damage donnie done did.

    • Jooj Reply

      @Jurko Vids He’s an impeached one term failure. Maybe that’s plain enough English for you, Vlad?

    • Jurko Vids Reply

      @Jooj his impeachment was a failure and joke 😂

    • Jurko Vids Reply

      @Jooj he did more than Obama and Bush 😂

  8. Enigma Reply

    Make sure you end it with “it benefits the president” we really want to hammer that one

  9. Kenya Hollingsworth Reply

    He should pardon Larry Hoover

  10. David Reply

    Ed Snowden must be pardoned!!

    • David Reply

      @Rosie Hugh Snowden had exposed what is now ruled illegal – the domestic surveillance of phone records – which the US government lied about way back when, that they don’t spy on their own citizens. So Snowden’s act of whistleblowing and leaking of classified documents is justified. By doing so, he was defending American freedom and rights to privacy.

  11. Danrion Reply

    LameDick Impeached President should not have power to pardon anyone.

  12. Cote Parker Reply

    What took 44 presidents to build in 74 years, took one man to destroy in less than 4 years.

    • Marseilles Vieux Reply

      @easyasdell only by imaginary leftists communist standards… 😎👍🤪

    • easyasdell Reply

      @Marseilles Vieux I’m not a leftist. Have fun on all fours Phylum!

    • Marseilles Vieux Reply

      @easyasdell 😉I did not call you a leftist, if you were educated you would have understood…😎👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • S. Lee Mccauley Reply

      It took over 200 years to build. Took trump less than 4 to tear it down.

    • Marseilles Vieux Reply

      @S. Lee Mccauley you are mistaken, leftism has destroyed and is destroying America. Prove me wrong.

  13. Canis Poetam Reply

    Show me where
    in the Federalist Papers
    or elsewhere
    that the framers of our
    UnitedStates Constitution
    contemplated that which is placed
    before us –
    namely, a President
    granting the pardon
    of a coterie
    of traitors, co conspirators
    _and psychophants_
    *You show me where.*
    On the contrary –
    in excluding the possibility
    of pardon for impeachment
    does in and of itself
    suggest that the framers intent
    was to hold those responsible
    for their acts
    when those acts
    were violations of the public trust.
    It should also be long remembered,
    these articles of confederation
    were written long long before
    the duel
    was forbidden by law.
    Were it ever the law today
    we might find the avarice
    of cruel and ignorant men
    constrained either by steel
    or by lead.

  14. BidenWins Reply

    For the love of anything and everything…..We need to lock Trump up for the safety of humanity.

    • Marseilles Vieux Reply

      @easyasdell define crazy. If you don’t understand the Constitutional rights of America, you would be the crazy one… 😎👍👆🤪

    • BidenWins Reply

      @Marseilles Vieux fabrication??? It’s a law. I’m not about to teach you what that term means. I’m just going to let you stay ignorant.

      Biden is your next President and Trump will be a convicted felon.

    • Marseilles Vieux Reply

      @BidenWins flew right past you, huh? I said nothing about you fabricated anything. You are only parroting your beloved leftists MSM… You believe blindly whatever they tell you with zero critical thinking? 🙄😬

    • BidenWins Reply

      @Marseilles Vieux yet Equitable Tolling will turn on Trump and there is nothing you can do about it. And to top it off, You President is Joe Biden.
      You GD sore loser.

    • Marseilles Vieux Reply

      @BidenWins 🤣 me the sore loser.🤣🤣🤣🤣 Good one! Little do you know you are rooting for your own defeat. 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. El Loco Reply

    Let me summarise: just the power you want to hand to an imbecile criminal mobster.

  16. Bob Dollar 937 Reply

    President #45’s Reign Of Corruption in the White House is almost over. The Fat Lady is finishing her song and the Orange Pumpkin’s Show will soon be over and it will be time to send the Delusional Narcissist Orange One home to Mar-a-Lago on 20 Jan., 2021 where he will deal with 50 years of operating a Shady New York Real Estate Business and Slander Lawsuits from women he called liars while serving as President Of The United States.

  17. Jooj Reply

    Traitor pardoned by an even bigger traitor. Are they gonna share a bunker now?

    • Marseilles Vieux Reply

      Proof, and not parroted information from MSM…

  18. michael hyatt Reply

    Pardons are part of the system that is broken.. Leads to corruption…

    • easyasdell Reply

      …And stems from corruption.

    • michael hyatt Reply

      @easyasdell well said..
      POWER hungry men will interpret the CONSTITUTION to fit their own DESIRES….

  19. Michael Heins Reply

    What an interesting constitution you Americans have.

  20. Orlando Rosa Jr Reply

    I’m sorry 😞 Trump needs to go to jail for tax invasion ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

    • Marseilles Vieux Reply

      Could you explain what what “tax invasion” is.??

  21. Kaleb1057 Reply

    You better sit out your jail time like Michael Cohen and when done you can walk with head held high.

  22. Kendrick Mack Reply

    The system isn’t broken,they built it to their liking.When the US has 6% of African Americans and 46% of them are locked up,yeah it’s not broken

    • Marseilles Vieux Reply

      You need to talk to Biden and Kamala about that. Maybe they could repeal their racist policies.

  23. Kaleb1057 Reply

    It is like a insult to be pardoned by Trump and a curse for the rest of his life losing all his friends and family that looks to him with contemptuous eyes.

  24. SG Future Reply

    Trump, Who will NOT Pardon Others, Must NOT Himself Expect Pardon….

  25. Ирина Шутникова Reply


  26. 468 468 Reply

    A bunch of bull

  27. Margaret Bassett Reply

    This is my question though..
    Flynn was prosecuted for lying to the fbi. But there was other crimes I believe he could have been prosecuted for many of which was dropped with the plea deal..
    But, trump pardoning him probably isn’t surprising to anyone and the prosecutors probably knew this was a possibility. So, if they just overlooked a few, would the pardon cover him?

  28. Neil Feinberg Reply

    Rambo was granted the most famous pardon in history

  29. Пимен Коротков Reply


  30. Riva ocean view Reply

    WHO made up all these rules?

    They must have been looking out for themselves and nobody else.
    Almost sounds like they’re playing a game of cheats.

    • easyasdell Reply

      …Absolutely, Same as when they said “All Men” are created equal. 🤔💯👍🏽

  31. Harry Lo Reply

    Does Trump care how pardon (or law) work ? You cannot do anything to US President

  32. Zigzag Reply

    Dictator’s rule

  33. Pete Howlett Reply

    He’s setting up ‘favours’…

  34. Jose Bahena Reply

    What happened to no one is above the law?

  35. Shawn ROSS Reply

    Trump maybe a some what bad person but he pardon some people so i hope the favour is returned and he get a pardon for him self cause we not perfect we all fall short of the glory of GOD goodluck trump👍only GOD can judge🙏

  36. Cee Koutsos Reply

    Thank you.

  37. Spike Asks: Reply

    Sounds Like A King’s Power.

  38. Andethidial bubabibub Reply

    The executive has the unilateral power to break the judicial system while keeping the legislative in a pet like position. Makes perfect sense… In a shithole country

  39. Mike Galbraith Reply

    The pardon power must be removed, it just allows presidents to put criminals above the law.

    • STAY WOKE Reply

      So how would a person obtain a pardon then?

  40. Victorious Victory Reply

    Let pardon Biden from the election!

  41. Dana Sleeper Reply

    · 3m
    “TRUMP WILL WIN” President Trump Legal Team Hearing On Pennsylvania Ball… via @YouTube Very important for our country and our democracy!!! Bias media above, well listen to the attached link and you decide!!! Americans stand strong!!!!!!

  42. Sagrav Vjl Reply

    VICTORY 🇺🇸…

  43. Isaac 84 Reply

    Congress and the senate or all top law makers need to sit down and agree to ammend the pardoning law. It is flawed and times have changed since it’s inception. It basically gives the president power to be like a king and override any top level criminal case and like what happened with Trump, a president can easily send his goons to commit crimes on his behalf with the promise of parsoning them. At least have a limit of maybe one pardon per term. Then the president can think carefully before throwing pardons left and right as he wishes.

  44. Akash Anand Reply

    Trump Trump Trump Trump best president ever God bless Trump God bless America

  45. Henry Niemi Reply

    This particular pardon just proves that Trump did steal the 2016 elections with the help of Russians. And Once he is outta the White House for good, all those investigations he managed to stop, will start again. Better get used to prison, Trump. Maybe start loosening up your back door with the help of a carrot and some oil, eh?

  46. Kyle Oneill Reply

    no video of todays 3 hours+ Pennsylvania Senate hearing packed full of evidence or the fact that a penn judge stopped the certification, video on NTD ,OAN OR NEWSMAX…you know the real news networks

  47. Oyo Axum Reply

    Glad you are ACTUALLY giving some information about our US Constitution. The GSA can NOT appoint a president elect, neither can the legacy main stream media (including CNN and Fox). The Constitutional process needs to play out including recounts, legal challenges (including Dominion and other voting fraud cases), state certifications, and if needed US Constitution 12th Amendment. If you don’t start telling the truth about our Constitution you legacy main stream media are going to become COMPLETELY irrelevant! Tell the truth to your viewers, the US Constitution is NOT a Conspiracy Theory!

  48. Jakir Hossain Reply

    0:30 I quit my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  49. Anthony S Reply

    If you want to do crime, just become POTUS.

  50. Tee Kash Reply

    To me a pardon is how those in power make themselves above the law and getaway with crime!!

  51. Leo Lin Reply

    We need to amend the laws. President has to served in the government before qualifying to run. No pardons

  52. Andrea Boggan Reply

    “The people have always some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness…This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs when he first appears he is a protector.

    …And the protector of the people is like him; having a mob entirely at his disposal, he is not restrained from shedding the blood of kinsmen; by the favourite method of false accusation he brings them into court and murders them, making the life of man to disappear, and with unholy tongue and lips tasting the blood of his fellow citizens; some he kills and others he banishes, at the same time hinting at the abolition of debts and partition of lands: and after this, what will be his destiny? Must he not either perish at the hands of his enemies, or from being a man become a wolf—that is, a tyrant?” ~Plato – Book VIII of The Republic

  53. Joachim Troilius Reply

    The CCP virus was created in a Chinese military virus lab. Then it was released. And used as a pretext to rig the American presidential election to the Democrats. Meanwhile, evidence shows collusion between the CCP and Joe Biden. Anyone seeing a linkagage?

  54. Rosie Hugh Reply

    The pardon power is one of several major flaws in the US Constitution. It’s ridiculous and corrupt that a president should have the power to pardon their relatives and their friends.
    Of course there should be a process for appealing against injustice, but it’s corrupt and open to abuse and exploitation to put it in the hands of the president.

  55. Jess Todd Reply

    Some people offer the argument that Fords’ pardon of Nixon is a legal precedent that Trump can lawfully choose to apply and follow for himself. There is a big difference between a ‘simple precedent’ and a ‘legal precedent’. A ‘simple precedent’ is any novel deed or act that is accomplished for the first time. This could include, for example, being the first European person to scale a particular mountain or being the first person to have a pet seal etc. A ‘legal precedent’ is any novel claim or novel act of alleged legality which is argued and confirmed before the courts. If it is not confirmed by the courts it is not a legal precedent. Fords pardon of Nixon was a novel act that was never brought and argued before the courts. Had Fords pardon been tested before a courts it would have failed and been revoked. Congress also believed the Ford pardon was unlawful and wanted it tested and defeated by the courts. Ford manipulated and bullied his own Congress into letting his unlawful pardon remain uncontested. Pardons were designed only to pardon a convicted person from the consequences of a conviction. Pardons were never intended to be used to pardon anyone from being prosecuted or convicted. Due to this, an unconvicted person cannot be relieved by a pardon. This makes the Ford pardon a novelty but certainly NOT a legal precedent. If anything, the Ford pardon is an ‘unlawful precedent’.

    • Jess Todd Reply

      I do not agree that a President can pardon pre-prosecution. As per above, the Ford pardon is not lawful and is not a legal precedent.

  56. Chris Albert Reply

    When it was decided that Presidents should have the power to pardon, they never imagined someone like 45 would be the one to wield it.

  57. Fair。 Truth。 Reply
    Infact not yet know the end result of the lawsuit “series”, keep rational thinking, we’re not alone……

  58. Rockovissi Reply

    What happens when you’re a criminal president and you’ve committed crimes?

  59. Lincoln Apache Avila Reply


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