Rep. Joe Cunningham Cracks Open A Beer During Farewell Speech On House Floor | NBC News NOW

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Rep. Joe Cunningham, D-S.C., urged his colleagues to come together and offered a toast “in the spirit of bipartisanship” by cracking open a beer during his farewell speech on the House floor.
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Rep. Joe Cunningham Cracks Open A Beer During Farewell Speech On House Floor | NBC News NOW

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Roni-Yah says:

    I DIDN’T realize you could hide a beer in a jacket like that. Impressive!

    • Avatar ivory fyall says:

      Yeahhh Right Hahahahaha 👍👍👍💯

    • Avatar Howitzer Driver says:

      Not his first rodeo.

  2. Avatar Mark Taylor says:

    This is the world we live in. Jesus is coming soon. Thank God He’s coming soon. You people will either get saved or be destroyed by God Himself.

  3. Avatar Granny Gooch says:

    Here… hold my beer.

  4. Avatar God’s Spiritual Poet says:

    Proverbs 18:24- A man of too many friends comes to ruin, . . .

    Proverbs 19:4- Wealth adds many friends, But a poor man is separated from his friend.

    Proverbs 19:6- . . . And every man is a friend to him who gives gifts.

    Jeremiah 38:22- . . . “Your close friends Have misled and overpowered you; . . .”

    Psalm 41:9- Even my close friend in whom I trusted, Who ate my bread, Has lifted up his heel against me.

    Job 19:14- “My relatives have failed, And my intimate friends have forgotten me.

    Psalm 38:11- My loved ones and my friends stand aloof from my plague; . . .

    God will place people within your life for His divine reason

    Do you truly know your friends from within?

    A true friend will be there until the very end

    Do you have the right people within your inner circle?

    In the time of need who would you call on?

    Do you know the spirits who are living and working around you?

  5. Avatar Jon George says:

    Like this guy…

  6. Avatar susan m says:

    Well trump you need to listen to that man instead of being the egotist you most certainly are .

  7. Avatar Donald Rider says:

    I wonder what’s up with the the ammo in the country you know there’s not one bullet number one boxables but not one bullet for sale in the whole country not a Cabela’s not an academy sports not on small gun shops not on online sales not one single bullet in the whole country just for sale I wonder what’s up with that

  8. Avatar Jimmy Randal says:

    Another Gop stumbling down drunkv!!

  9. Avatar Viki Perry says:

    ✔OUT this🎺Trump🎼 ⬇ song😅❗⬇
    “🗣The Devil👹 went down to Georgia🎶
    👹Was lookin’👀 fer a SOUL to steal…Cuz? 👹he was in a bind… &🎹 👹he was WAY🏃behind⌛ & 👹he was willin’– to make a 🎲deal… 🎶When 👹he came across Loeffler & Purdue? They said
    🗣YES to the Golden 🎻Fiddle…”(Oops-🤦Red🎻all I have)
    Recognize🏅🎤CHARLIE 🎵DANIELS🎸🏁❓
    Orig. 🆒💃🕺Comment= YouTube📹THANX🏆ANTONIO L.👋👏

  10. Avatar lmw lmw says:

    This one is not a communist moron.

  11. Avatar Guardian Angel says:

    I hate beer but I agree. Pass a joint around maybe?

  12. Avatar خسرو ناصری says:


  13. Avatar Kyle Kostroski says:

    Not memorable. Time to move on.

  14. Avatar May G says:

    Right, please do work together but treasonous behavior over the last few years must be prosecuted to defend our democracy. Seditious behavior from trump and Moscow Mitch down cannot be ignored!

  15. Avatar Thomas Reedy says:

    Palin’s Joe six pack right their.

  16. Avatar jhm stagg says:

    yes, a little action

  17. Avatar jaredfd1 says:

    Here ! Here !

  18. Avatar rattatouille m. rat says:

    This man better run again in 2022

  19. Avatar Macmo0699 says:


  20. Avatar Ivan Radtke says:

    Where is kavanaugh

  21. Avatar Mo Byron says:

    A nice 🚬 joint goes good with the beer also just putting it out there

  22. Avatar Daphne Lattimer says:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin did it better.

  23. Avatar Thour A Soe69 says:

    အူးးးဘားစတားးးyour’s makes xoxo ties E&W world xoxo violences?Big cheer!!!

  24. Avatar inner peace says:

    Our water in Toronto has more alcohol in it then bud light! Beer hahaha

  25. Avatar Sb 1 says:

    Good move sir

  26. Avatar quest 77051 says:


  27. Avatar Popeye The Salior Truth says:

    Just actors on television reading off scripts playing their roles mocking your intelligence

    • Avatar Howitzer Driver says:

      Con artist. All of them. Agrees on relief packages.One side blames the other side. Blame other for what they didn’t get. Not telling you what they got on the back-end.

    • Avatar Popeye The Salior Truth says:

      @Howitzer Driver agree

  28. Avatar Arnold Wayne says:

    Have one beer and talk… and then two… three…. oh wow four already. On his right side fancy nancy is holding a bottle of kangaroo wine by the neck bumping into walls and chairs. She like laughing hysterically because she can’t seem to pronounce the word bipartisan.

  29. Avatar Tara J. Fitzgerald says:

    I like his attitude.

  30. Avatar MEND New Zealand says:

    I wonder if the House is licenced for alcohol?

  31. Avatar Michael Esq. says:

    he was picked up for DUI a little later:)

  32. Avatar Carla Wilkinson says:

    My kinda guy☺

  33. Avatar Carla Wilkinson says:

    Notice that he didnt chug it like i woulda done. Whats he got to lose?

  34. Avatar Ghostmofo says:

    Screw you cunningham. Screw Pelosi and screw old joe.

  35. Avatar Natty 27 says:

    The beer-flavored ethanol solution kills coronavirus in mouth. 👾👾👾👾👾🙇

  36. Avatar Cathy Gordon says:

    I’ll bring the pork rinds!

  37. Avatar Fenkell Avenue says:

    He had me until he called the can glass… close.

  38. Avatar MyChilepepper says:

    Meanwhile boozing, they stole your minute notes and planted Trojan in your file

  39. Avatar Carlo Jones says:

    You have a beer, raise the can.. glass…
    I’ll puff a joint.

  40. Avatar Sivanesan Nadarajah says:

    Americans are fractured and voting based on mindset of gop or demo instead of merit or track record. China is behaving homogeneous and pishing for merit. Soon china will lead. The top 4 banks in the world are now from china.

  41. Avatar Al Tonio says:


  42. Avatar David Victor says:

    What’s really sad is the Beer and the can was Imported from another country,
    Drink American Beer,

  43. Avatar Ryan Mohr says:

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  44. Avatar L Hale says:


  45. Avatar j. one says:


  46. Avatar Aaron Hawkins says:

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  47. Avatar Sunshine Green says:


  48. Avatar Sunshine Green says:


  49. Avatar Byrdee Entertainment says:

    2020 can’t get any weirder……

  50. Avatar GGR TheMostGodless says:

    WHY AMERICANS ALWAYS WANT A BEER AND NOT COFFEE OR OTHER SOFT DRINK?? Things go wrong when people have too many beers, but not too much coffee etc.

    They also elect people that They can have a beer with, etc etc.

  51. Avatar Alan Mott-Smith says:

    Rep’s. Always break laws. Joe, just f’ing leave, MANNN !!!

  52. Avatar Judi Christophersen says:

    1,200 Stimulus Checks now or shut the government down

  53. Avatar Heaven ly says:


  54. Avatar Carlton Brown says:

    I don’t think that you can offer “beer and wings” to a “wine and cheese” crowd, but…, I like the way you think!

  55. Avatar J U M A N J I says:

    Drinking a beer while we are starving great American

  56. Avatar J U M A N J I says:

    We need food not beer fool

  57. Avatar Timothy Spencer says:

    👍🍻 UNITED states !🇺🇸

  58. Avatar nekrogoregasm says:

    No, that’s the cause of genocides. The beer.

  59. Avatar Miner001 Waugh says:

    I think they must send a six pack with every cheque for the people. Cheers mate.

  60. Avatar joe black says:


  61. Avatar Matthew Shafer says:

    of course ! everyone running the government is drunk ! that litterally explains everything .

  62. Avatar Victorious Victory says:

    They drinking on the Job. Health Care workers open up the crack now and weed blow it. We going to fire you!! Drug test him. We pay them to get high on the job.

  63. Avatar Rachel Guido says:

    The massive oil connoly unite because manicure alarmingly x-ray athwart a raspy george. overrated, incompetent bear

  64. Avatar Echad Lev Shtim says:

    Every time I drink a beer, I end up screwing someones wife😎

    Just kidding, I quit drinking years ago.

  65. Avatar Francisco Toscano says:

    Was that a COORS beer? Of course it was a Coors beer look at who opened it

  66. Avatar Barry Wanyne says:

    I want to use this opportunity to thank the great prophet for restoring back my home when i taught all hope was lost. Ex lover left for another woman and i met this great spell caster online call Dr phoka and i explain my situation to him, after 2 days my ex lover came back to me and now we are happy together You can contact this great man for any kind of spiritual work at email: drotuseomtuo@gmail. or WhatsApp him on +2347026580288

  67. Avatar Martha Vidal says:

    Why a beer 🍺?

  68. Avatar Howard Luken says:

    And for his next trick Rocky, watch him pull a rabbit out of his hat!

  69. Avatar Basil Halliday says:

    Does he think he’s at a Fraternity house party?

  70. Avatar Michael Brodie says:

    Beer is out. Crack is in. Spare me the Pollyanna speech.

  71. Avatar SuperModel Atlanta says:

    Now where did he get that mask 🤔

  72. Avatar Chuck Gansbauer says:

    Mitch McConnell he’s the worst thing that I’m an American can have he’s like Donald Trump Hitler

  73. Avatar Dee WArD says:


  74. Avatar Carmen Mccann says:

    No way ! This man is crazy ?

  75. Avatar Jose L Perez says:

    That would be me LOL 😂 FK IT

  76. Avatar John Watt says:

    Americans need to update their language. Bipartisan should be buy-partisan.
    Maybe they have already. My buy-partisan didn’t get a spell-check line underneath it.

  77. Avatar Chilly Willy says:

    Joe Sixpack 🍻🤣

  78. Avatar Alfredo Zertuche says:

    Cheers brotha were America dammit time to work together as 1 nation under GOD.

  79. Avatar kit kittie says:

    True @lkFw

  80. Avatar NSHIMIYIMANA Jean says:

    nkľb bvcvcvbvbvvbv vcbb n b nnnv

  81. Avatar shannon welsh says:

    🍻It’s time!🍻

  82. Avatar arthur brown says:

    they drink liquor

  83. Avatar Corey Stein says:

    The naive thoughts of man thats about to get played by a bunch corruplicans . You really work with the party thats actively committing treason ?

  84. Avatar Sir. Joshua Ra'Ne. Doebler says:

    That isn’t something you see everyday at an 80’s Philadelphia Eagles game in Austin, Texas though?

  85. Avatar Grey Guardian says:

    Bro’. . .you can afford Beer???

  86. Avatar GIVING ALL THE GLORY TO GOD says:

    Proverbs 25:21
    If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink:

  87. Avatar CY Pocha says:

    Young American leader for our democracy…

  88. Avatar Christopher Roberts says:

    Pelosi loved this! She knows a lot about alcohol

  89. Avatar KENOSHA CHAOS 2020 says:

    Let’s Go Have A Beer, That’s What Exactly Needs To Happen, Nice That Was The Best To See, That’s Good One Bro…

  90. Avatar Kick a Poo says:

    Yeay alcohol! The best of driving, homicide, Fetal alcohol syndrome, mental & physical health problems, Matt Gaetz, MADD, & that drunk Supreme Court guy (what’s his name? Squee?) Too bad reparations in the S.E. will always take a back seat to drunk pasty white guys.

  91. Avatar Open Eyes says:

    If you can only work with others drinking beer… you are a poor soul

  92. Avatar York Activities says:

    Was that an American beer?

  93. Avatar That Man says:

    Takes a repubican to say it…just sayin.

  94. Avatar Robbie Hall says:

    whf he just opened a beer no no its no bro beer time its serious time that was not cool. he should be let go whf so anyone can just open a beer a maybe drink it anywhere were does he get off that its right. he should be spanked hard to show no good college bros/ braws that isent ok

  95. Avatar Elie J-louis says:

    I just came for the beer

  96. Avatar West House says:

    democrats drink on the job. What a surprise

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