Trump Refers To ‘Biden Administration’ In Sign Of Election Acceptance | NBC Nightly News

President Trump took questions for the first time since the election on Thanksgiving and committed to leaving the White House after President-elect Biden’s win is formalized by the Electoral College.
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Trump Refers To ‘Biden Administration’ In Sign Of Election Acceptance | NBC Nightly News

94 thoughts on “Trump Refers To ‘Biden Administration’ In Sign Of Election Acceptance | NBC Nightly News

  1. Jack Malendez Reply

    Trump is my president!! Don’t listen to these evil people, if God is with you who can be against you!!!!

  2. Dàsarae Power Reply

    Ha Ha😂😂😂I just can’t help looking at this guy ⛳ in a diaper

  3. just me11 Reply

    the vaccine was me all me me I mean me coming from a fake president that accused doctors and nurses of murder for profit

  4. Sheri Richmond Reply

    He is GRIFTING and causing great threats to oyr country.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.HE needs to quit it.THIS US DANGEROUS

    • David Stewart Reply

      Might want to check that again. McCullough isn’t a Supreme Court judge.

    • Fair。 Truth。 Reply

      @David Stewart You’re right, is Supreme court of Pennsylvania. 😊👍

  5. Barry Munro Reply

    The Donster will flip again tomorrow.

  6. Irfan Ahmed Reply

    Biden did the vaccine you took the mask off

  7. Irfan Ahmed Reply

    F trump

  8. Aileen Laguna Reply

    the child of God does not harbor resentment against fellow human beings, even though we know that someone cheated on us, the humility of fellow human beings, does not mean that we have lost.

  9. K Alexander Reply

    He riding around on that Cort with no place to go While the people in America show no signs of any second stimulous check Wow really concerned

  10. Baron B Reply

    Here’s a suggestion, we’ll let Trump take credit for the DISASTER WERE IN, but as for a vaccine were waiting on it

  11. What ever Reply

    Did you folks see that? Me me me by a supposed grown human. VACCINE credit, this …is talking about who gets credit. 260-300+ past. And the small human is talking me me me.
    But he got 10MILLION plus VOTES, why?

  12. What ever Reply

    Did OBAMA do that too?

  13. Adriana Avila Reply

    Uummm seem to me that he wants to cry !!! 😭

  14. Ahmad Mawarid Reply

    Stage 5 : Acceptance

  15. Annie Jayy Reply


  16. Jorge Mendez Reply

    Obviously egotastic person not a good thing always about me me me me

  17. Buttery Lannister Reply

    Plump Trump, Trump is Plump.

  18. Young California Reply

    No one cares about trump anymore, he will be gone soon hahahahaha

  19. Gene Mars Reply

    That boy ain’t right.

  20. KnoxCarbon Reply

    It will take years if not decades to fully undo the damage Trump has caused.

  21. Mr Swamp Gass Reply

    He wants to take credit for a vaccine made for a virus he called a hoax.

  22. Joggylol 2.0 Reply

    Joe Biden is the president of the United States

    ⚠️ This claim is disputed

  23. Ryan Brown Reply

    What a pathetic insecure poor excuse for a man let alone president smh.

  24. Robyn Blake Reply


  25. N H Reply

    tRUMP is the true FRAUD.. deflection …

  26. moses Kariuki Reply

    No we don’t know if you will vacate the Whitehouse.. You tell us….about the vaccine its the scientists who should take the credit not u….over 250millon dead on your watch shame on u…Mr ex President..

  27. Tyler Durden Reply

    Your lying to your audience. He said 3 times in that press conference he won and can prove fraud in 6 states. Stop lying about your President

  28. Tim C Reply

    It shouldn’t be breaking news that a president who lost a re-election is willingly leaving the WH.

  29. David Banner Reply

    Goodbye, you disgrace of a US president, you won’t be missed.

  30. Ivan Delabanque Reply

    The Trump virus,will be the appropriate name…

  31. Barbara Morgan Reply

    Typical Sour Grapes Drumpf: “Me, me, me…”
    Taking credit for other’s work & saying “Your welcome, America.”
    All while playing a round of golf.

  32. ChurchesMaxiumusChicken Reply

    If they don’t accept? Propagate.
    If they don’t listen? Propagate more.
    Did Trump win? Propagate even more.
    Was there election fraud? Propagate till no return.
    Is there evidence? Propagate till heads explode and give up in acceptance.

    Get it?
    I just summed up your whole msm, America. Pathetic..🙄

  33. Lee Boriack Reply

    Biden is not commenting about Trump’s behavior, Guess Biden is too busy creating the infrastructure for his administration to comment or play golf.

  34. D J Reply

    Newsmax is showing a special hearing on Presidential election team fraud case. Why is Media not airing this? Voters are there in public hearing because the news media, CNN, NBC & OTHERS AND NOW FOX is in the tank for globalists leftist agenda…. Sons of Rupert Murdoch are extreme liberals & why is VP Biden’s former chief of staff overseeing content on FOX. Go to NEWSMAX or OAN

  35. Jeff Linn Reply

    If he stages a coup, can we relive December 30, 2006 and treat him like Saddam Hussein?

  36. milo milo Reply

    trump is an a hole!!!!

  37. Luke Myers Reply

    shut up, stop bending words

  38. Blessings Reply

    Trump looking for credit over a Vaccine when he didn’t done nothing in the first place to prevent its spreading of the corona virus that causes so many life of love ones and others still recovering. Trump is heartless and don’t have heart for Humanity,Joe Biden and is team is next is line Trump not too fast you slow plough.

  39. Waqar Saeed Reply

    OK, Biden wont take credit for vaccine, U don’t take credit for booming Obama economy.

  40. weburnitatbothends Reply

    I would love to attend Biden’s inauguration!

  41. Andrea Tunall Reply

    Wonder who’s paying the bill for the a$$ to take helicopter to the golf course?

  42. Patient Jamie Reply

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  43. Likuan Huang Reply

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    visit my video on youtube

  44. Amitzah Mitzvah Reply


  45. gate lotusgoldhaven Reply

    And he still crying like bicth Wtf?

  46. chris leken Reply

    Just get out. You are IRRELEVANT and boring !!

  47. lelee tifra Reply

    Yeah my husband lost his job 2…aunt died from Corona about 18 family members caught it….countless lines are insane. Buisness shut down I can’t even go to regal cinema. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️⏳

  48. Branjo Snow Reply

    Lets just get rid of Donald first.

  49. Fred Junior Reply

    ” I know the answer and I don’t just wanna say it yet” lol!!

  50. Rudyric Cabutihan Reply

    Wow good life always in golf

  51. 脑控受害者徐英一家mindcontrol脑控受害者徐英一家mindcontrol Reply


  52. American Islander Reply

    Misleading information. 1000%

  53. claudia santos Reply

    TRUMP 2024

  54. SUN SUNNY Reply

    Do not be too happy.
    He will start war to stay in power.
    That will give him another 3 to 5 year in office.
    Do not underestimate his will to stay in power.

  55. Christopher William Reply


  56. theoneandonlyvman Reply

    FAKE AND BIASED NEWS! Mainstream media stop being such babies because Trump hurt your delicate feelings in press conferences! DO YOUR JOB AND REPORT THE FACTS TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!
    Keep your dysphemisms to yourselves! DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!

  57. Tokyo Gentle Reply

    A demonstration procession was held in Tokyo.
    The Japanese people are working together to support the Trump camp!
    Let’s do our best together! For a free world.

  58. B Y Reply

    Nobody cares if he’s concedes. Stop looking for fake concessions. Trump is garbage. Come Jan. 20, it’s eviction day.

  59. Jwg Snow Reply

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 don’t give credit for the vaccines I did that 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  60. Alcozar Reply

    Can’t wait until he (Trump) spends the rest of his obese life on a golf course. Go away Trump.

  61. Archer Lane Reply

    Massive fraud!

  62. Empty Reasoning Reply

    This maggot wants four more years! He doesn’t deserve four more seconds. He’s treated his entire presidency as a holiday, golfing and lallygagging about while hundreds of thousands of American’s are dying or drifting into poverty. He is without question the worst president in history. There is a five mile gap between him and the second worst, James Buchanan. Any success his administration may have had (and there are very few), have not been because of him, but in spite of him. We cannot be rid of this maggot soon enough.

  63. Mozarc2045 Mu Reply

    It doesn’t matter if he admit it or not isn’t it, stop giving him coverage

  64. Nolom Ebal Reply

    The evidence is available for all to see. President Trump won and We Will Not Concede!

  65. Juliet Nandawula Reply

    Trump has enjoyed himself these 4 years

  66. War within Reply

    Trump will win. Libtard meltdown imminent. You’re being intentionally lied to by deep state scum to add to their riot numbers for free when he does. Wake up.

  67. M M Reply

    LoL! Please share this –> For National Security, you will pay more tax for him to be free from Ukraine prison… see this to judge who is better. You want this? with this or this . Please listen to this till the end! You will be amazed! Please see here how much the character and the proper address matter! Beautiful Story of Joe and Hunter Biden. A must watch! Then the Steal!!! Then ObamaGate:

  68. tims zon Reply

    Piece of work

  69. James Reply

    If Trump wasn’t so concerned with getting the credit for everything, he’d get more done

  70. Kathleen Polly Reply


  71. cscnrf Reply

    The boss baby movie is him, but why the people made him president on the first place four years ago, what tf happened back than

  72. jo johns Reply

    Trump you stood for the working people Biden stands for the world order NAFTA TPP WTO

  73. Baby Teano Reply

    The vaccines were me 😃

  74. Jason Garcia Reply

    I didn’t play golf with him and i already no he cheated today

  75. Phil Reply

    Diaper Don, the small man behind the small desk. Shortly you’ll be just an everyday moron amongst your circle of losers.

  76. Rocky Sullivan Reply

    Trump said he would leave the country if he lost the election. Where should he go, how about Fantasy Island?

  77. Tay Theng Tiong Reply

    What did Trump do for the vaccine?

  78. Connie P Reply

    Trump : “The vaccines were me ! ” No the thanks goes to the scientists !!

  79. jon jone Reply

    NBC sucks they are a socialist networks that lies..

  80. Borat Sagdyev Sagdyev Reply

    Ugly orange lardass

  81. J Reply

    Bet he calls Joe “Fake President Joe” I’d put money on it.

  82. Hardeep Singh Reply

    The answer is, you are grandson of the devil.

  83. He YouTube Me Reply

    So, how’s that reelection coming along?

  84. Brett Smith Reply

    Trump will just disappear….Let us all take a deep breath and exhale.

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