Jon Ossoff Accuses Sen. Perdue Of ‘A Pattern Of Misconduct And Self-Dealing’ | NBC News NOW

Jon Ossoff accused his opponent Sen. David Perdue of “a pattern of misconduct and self-dealing” by engaging in insider trading after receiving coronavirus briefings during a press conference in Atlanta.
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Jon Ossoff Accuses Sen. Perdue Of ‘A Pattern Of Misconduct And Self-Dealing’ | NBC News NOW

103 thoughts on “Jon Ossoff Accuses Sen. Perdue Of ‘A Pattern Of Misconduct And Self-Dealing’ | NBC News NOW

  1. Martha Urquilla Reply

    Liar! DEMOCRATS are liars . DEMOCRATS win by lying & falsely accusing their opponents! DONT fall for it. It’s a TRAP T o get your votes! LIES LIES!

  2. Shadow Ninja Reply

    My suggestion for Jon Ossoff is you have to pursue why you will be better as a senator, win the trust and vote of the people, remember for the people, from the people and by the people.

  3. Ben Odyuo Reply

    He is handsome

  4. Toastbastard Reply

    Georgians need to ask themselves who can better serve their interests in this pandemic, such as providing a stimulus package or PPE and widespread testing. With their prior track records, would the incumbent Senators be able to do this? I wouldn’t bet on it.

  5. Wonder Wonderful Reply

    GA let’s take our Country and Power back!! The People are the Power, not the People in Power.

  6. Marvin Lundy Reply

    Wow as usual republican greed. GA stand up one more time and flip the Senate this way Moscow Mitch and all the republican enablers can’t stall, stifle, or hinder bills that deserve a vote on.

  7. Linda Pittman Reply


  8. CAX117 Reply

    Ah, Mr Anti Medicare for All, Anti Green New Deal. Lol good luck.

  9. W Jovan Reply

    I swear the rural Georgia voters are the dumbest people in this country

  10. Mag Ali Reply

    Vote for Jon Ossoff ! Hes the real deal. It’s not even close.

  11. 侍 SAMURAI Reply

    A Trump support demonstration was held in Tokyo on November 29th.

                      🎌from JAPAN🎌

  12. Dr Ogunya Reply

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  13. Blue Crush Reply

    The 41 dislikes are all t**** supporters 🇺🇸✌🏽💙😷

  14. California Girl Reply

    What is this about…lord

  15. California Girl Reply

    Wowwww he got down like that!!!!

  16. Kami Kaze Reply

    Ossoff is a communist Democrat. No Thanks!

  17. Baby Teano Reply

    Georgians, vote the corrupt senators out, they will never work for you, they will continue enriching themselves using their power in the Senate.

  18. roadracer1584 Reply

    I’m impressed by Ossoff. He seems like an intelligent young man who would be an excellent Senator for Georgians. I’m sending a contribution to Ossoff’s and Warnock’s campaign. Go team blue!

    • Dr. G Reply

      I just donated too! Any American citizen can donate online!

  19. Irma Knight Reply

    Vote Pardue out …He has done nothing but to enrich himself and his family at the expense of the Georgia taxpayers.

  20. Jessica Cole Reply

    Senator Petdue……..isnt that a chicken busyness??????

  21. Larry Easton Reply

    He needs to go

  22. Larry Easton Reply

    Just what we need Is more Dems no

  23. Lakeisha Jones Reply


  24. Wayne Chaput Reply

    More election interference.

  25. Carine Zitella Reply

    Love Jon Ossof, I hope he wins in January!!

  26. Anne Reply

    Jon Ossoff has my vote 1/5/21!!! Vote BLUE Georgians!

  27. Arthur Chavez Reply

    In the past, those in power who turned on the people were made examples of publicly

  28. Love Is Reply

    Go Jon and Rev.! Go blue GEORGIA!

  29. Luther Steinboch Reply

    The corrupt mainstream media still prefer to be numb, unperturbed and indifferent about the widespread fraud and irregularities in the rigged elections on November 3 that they schemingly declared pre-emptively as having been won by Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a fraud President-elect because the elections in 6 battleground states were deemed fraudulent and filled with irregularities, as civil cases filed with the Federral Courts in Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania would show. People may refer to summary of fraudulent acts by mostly Democrat supporting electoral process workers and questionable voting machines used in processing of ballots in cases filed by US Attorney Sidney Powell et al against Georgia and Michigan Governors & Secretaries of State; and summary of fraud committed in the State of Pennsylvania and Arizona, per their State’s Senate hearings on Nov. 25 and Nov. 30 respectively. Watch the following videos:

    Remember also that Joe Biden bragged about the Obama+Biden Administration putting together a “most extensive & inclusive Voter Fraud Organization in history of American politics”. Let that sink in. Watch this video:

  30. ginkinky Reply

    I have yet to see a Republican senator who is not corrupt. It seems to be a requirement for membership in the Republican Party. If your are not a corrupt criminal they don’t want you in their club. Every single one of them is only in politics to rob Americans of their hard earned money and make themselves richer in the process. America you need to pay more attention to the moral character of the people you elect.

  31. Greg Reply

    David Perdue has always been a criminal. Lock that dirty bum

  32. Ryan Moss Reply

    FCC is coming for you CBS

  33. Kimberly Galanti Reply

    Purdue is TRASH…so is Loeffler…its time for change in Georgia! Such a beautiful state! Its time for the People of Georgia to be heard and taken care of so that they can enjoy their beautiful state…rather than taking care of wealthy crooks so that they can enjoy the beauty of Georgia!

  34. Pauline Peppler Reply

    They all do that. They have no idea what real people are going through in society. They live in a self absorbed bubble. Maybe they should watch YouTube and see what’s going on in America.

  35. A Reply

    He looks like Greg Brady lol..Good luck Ossof!👍🏼

  36. Sebrina Rochelle Sabella serenity Sisters forever Reply

    Nope nope Jon

  37. dennis bryan Reply

    And how many times have you shown Perdue NBC? Misconduct is on your part
    Look it up they have 0 videos of him speaking

  38. The Road We Drove ____travels with Woody____ Reply

    Ossoff is telling you the truth. Time for some fresh thinking – vote out the criminals. Vote Ossoff and Warnock.

  39. MOEMUGGY Reply

    Republicans need to boycott the Georgia Senate run-off elections. It’s a fraud. Your vote doesn’t matter. Every Republican vote will just be turned to a Democrat vote. Don’t participate in this election, it’s a trap!! You are better off staying home.
    #MAGA2020 #makelibscry #stayhomedontvote #stopthesteal #boycottgeorgia

  40. Engineered Mind Reply

    Corrupt GOP

  41. Ji Montgomery Reply

    He is what we need in Georgia honestly and respect for all

  42. Esten Tribus Reply

    How does a sitting Senator get prosecuted? Who’s responsible for moving forward with an investigation and charges? Anyone??

  43. A Krenwinkle Reply

    Call me shallow, but I’m distrustful of men who wear outrageous wigs. They think they can con you.

  44. John Wheaton Reply

    Down with Perdue 🖓
    Ossoff for U.S. Senate

  45. Ricardo Luna Reply

    This guy is highkey lame

  46. Roger Orme Reply

    Lets vote this grifter out including that other corruot barch loffleer

  47. S. Lee Mccauley Reply

    Insider trading is a felony. Perdue needs fined big time and a stretch in lockup.

  48. Sun Dial Reply

    Democrats will win Georgia by CHEATING again…just like in General Election…..

  49. Justin Kase Reply

    Trump says no election needed Jan 5th. Republicans, no need to show up.

  50. Shirley Sear Reply

    Purdue and loeffler are both self serving crooks.

  51. 123 Reply

    Clearly Perdue is of the same ilk as Trump. Selfish, greedy and attuned to his own needs certainly not the needs of his constituents. So much for America being the bastion of democracy and freedom. It has become the banana republic that it always politically chastised. This is what Trump attracted. Kelly Loeffler is no better.

  52. Tony Smith Reply

    Wait until Democrats Treason is exposed by servers seized in frankfort Germany from treasonous CIA domestic TREASONERS changing our votes on dominion voting machines! Democrats are gonna go nuts Trump 4 more years

  53. Joey Parm Reply

    Meanwhile Biden on video pulls a felony with a billion American dollars . CRICKETS!

  54. Maximilian C Reply

    He’s being supported by African Americans ! No white people on the background.
    What does that say of the people of Georgia?
    White supremacists support GOP !
    It’s high time that these Trumpists get kicked out of government together with their evil figure head !

  55. Somphone Chanphouang Reply

    The people of Georgia’s like the the sheriff who take from the poor

  56. Dee Dee Winfrey Reply

    Perdue you’re fired !!!

  57. Darold Hunter Reply

    Counting on Georgia so we can get a stimulus plan passed.

  58. Darren Engels Reply

    Georgia, America needs you. Vote Ossoff and Warnock in January and send a message to the crooked GOP.

  59. QuadAces Reply

    This Assoff guy is a turd

  60. John Tarrats Reply

    Thanks for speaking truth about that corrupt $nake Purdue in Congress
    What a self serving liar and cheat!

  61. GODEED Reply

    Let’s get President Joe Biden the Senate! Georgian Democrats, we’re looking to you! Vote to elect Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock to the Senate on January the 5th, 2021!

  62. stevnated Reply

    Georgia, we actually matter! Let’s make it count! I’m so excited, we can make a difference, let’s do it!

  63. Nina Roxas Reply

    Wow who would have thought, America does have politicians that behave and act like adults 👏👏👏 faith is slowly being restored to your beautiful nation ☺️ Blessings and Abundance from Aotearoa NZ 😎

  64. D Broo Reply

    Want higher taxes want higher grocery prices want higher gas prices want government control on your retirement and government control over you it’s simple vote democrat.

  65. Kim Stewart Reply

    And without a shred of remorse, least we forget, he found it amusing to mispronounced Vice President Elects first name. I’m a moderate and I am puzzled and deeply offended that one side of the Isle has not unanimously condemned his remarks as blatantly racist.

  66. Richard Kleinsorge Reply

    Lock him up!

  67. Big Blue Reply

    An Israeli spy!

  68. Sameranuk Easmeranuk Reply

    Vote blue Georgia! True political power belongs to voters, not grifters

  69. RLS Norton Reply

    All eyes on Georgia
    Vote blue turn the Republican majority Senate ripping us off!
    Perdue corrupt

  70. Donnie TRUMP Reply

    Jon will defund the police.

    • Kathline Claypool Reply

      Jon will empower the police.

  71. Johnny Karte Reply

    Purdue is another Epstein acolyte.

  72. Lee B Reply

    Its those who DON’T vote that always lets the republicans in.
    non voting Bam and low income workers who are democrat thinking far out number the republican , democrats tend to be lazy voters(fortunately not in this last election)
    GO VOTE and hammer this republican self serving ethos into the ground
    The same ground where they have been content to let 260000 Americans end up.
    Ossoff is head an shoulders above Perdue and your only hope of busting the Trumperzoid cartel once and for all

  73. Frank Townsend Reply

    Republicans don’t care what a politician does as long as there is an R next to their name.

  74. Wil Rodriguez Reply

    This is why Perdue refuses to debate Ossof.

  75. Hero Jiro Reply

    Please Georgians, we are in desperate need of a large stimulus. Please vote for Ossoff/Warnock. Senator Loeffler is not even from here. Senator’s s Loeffler and Purdue have done nothing for Georgia, except enrich themselves, buying stock on confidential information, telling us COVID was nothing to worry about. These Senators have blood on their hands.
    Purdue is a greedy evil man

    • Tracking the core of stuff and more Lol Reply

      America is governors by corporations

  76. nag hamadi Reply

    All Republicans are tyrants they’re all doing this!!! Republicans are destructive and counterproductive they should remain a permanent minority of anything.untrusteorthy group of cons and racist

  77. Chris Scott Reply

    Rep CROOK.

  78. vidsbyme Reply

    I don’t care about either the GOP nor the DEM. I do like Jon Ossoff. He has a a pair and will prosecute those who are corrupt.

  79. B.R. Fowler Reply

    Voted for Ossoff and Reverend Warnock already. I hope Ossoff becomes the “comeback kid” after that Congressional seat in the U.S. House was stolen from him in 2017.

  80. Nicola Guy Reply

    Jon Ossoff is so pretty … as well as everything else; intelligent, moral, articulate, etc

  81. PeacockPoverty Reply

    Newly released documents show that businesses with addresses at properties owned by President Donald Trump and the family of son-in-law Jared Kushner raked in millions of dollars from a program intended to save American jobs during the novel coronavirus pandemic.
    NBC News reports that businesses at properties owned by the Trump Organization or Kushner Companies received $3.65 million worth of loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which was passed by Congress earlier this year during the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States. @t

  82. Doug Lowry Reply

    The 2 Republican Senators took President Trump conspiracy views over the officials and Republican administration. What Georgians were they representing? The people they have worked with for the past 2 years or a losing White House President?

  83. Jim Hawkins Reply

    Republicans are truly rotten scum!

  84. T. Hall Reply

    Martha Stewart went to jail for a lot less…
    At the minimum David Perdue should be investigated if Jon Ossoff’s claim was truth…

  85. JasonS Reply

    This runoff is totally susceptible to fraud. I’d stay home republicans and not waste your time voting.

  86. Angel Bustos Reply

    Perdue should be jailed for his criminal acts

  87. Tina Reading Reply

    I hope Jon ossoff wins so bad. Please Georgia vote him in get rid of what you have now we need Mitch McConnell gone.

  88. Sophie Peraaud Reply


  89. MJ J Reply

    Help Biden with the Senate, help Our ourselves. We can see already the republicans obstructing help for the people.
    Let’s take ole Moscow mitch out of the ( majority) leader.
    Vote for Jon, and Raphael…. ❤ Vote blue for me and you to get help….
    Free our government from Moscow mitch and the greedy, selfish, tax robbing republicans.
    Vote by mail. No cheating, suppression s, or intimadations.
    Privately from home.😍

  90. therealz 360z Reply

    If all the georgains that believe the election was rigged would stop being hypocrites and stay home this would all be unnecessary! I live in Ohio and I donated to help the Dems win in Georgia and everyone else who can spare $5 should too this enriching themselves while living to you about the pandemic doesn’t bother you nothing will!

  91. Sherri Justice Reply

    Please Georgia vote Perdue and Loeffler out! Vote blue💙

  92. Rachelle Revis Reply

    The choice is between two corrupt candidates and their opponents, It’s up to you Georgia!

  93. Darth Vader Reply

    Bun out de sinners dem 🔥🔥 Georgia get your act together and do what they do in Mortal Kombat( tm) and “” Finish Him””☠☠☠☠☠

  94. Levi Franklin Reply

    Ossoff reminds me of Pete Buttigieg

  95. Ralph Boyd Reply

    That’s be the pattern of the entire Republican-QAnon Party.

  96. 2020 Freedom for all Reply

    Neither of the GOP candidates in GA care about the people. They are lining their pockets with profit from the advance notice they had about the stock market and COVID. Why isn’t that illegal? GEORGIA PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR THE GOP CANDIDATES THAT JUST WANT TO PROFIT AND HELP THE RICH. AMERICA IS CIRCLING THE DRAIN. VOTE BLUE AND STOP THE CORRUPTION!!

  97. Legionmartin Reply

    Because of the Classified Senate Intelligence meeting attended by Perdue prior to the major pandemic outbreak, he knew Las Vegas would be hit really hard by Covid-19 and that is why he dumped his casino shares and started buying up shares from pharmaceutical companies. That tells you everything you need to know about where Perdue’s allegiance is. Even FOX news said at the time it was really suspicious.

  98. charles stuart Reply

    If I had done a fraction of what Perdue as a lowly securities dealer I would have been fined, sanctioned and barred from my profession a the very least.

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