My Thoughts On The 2021 Stock Market Crash

Here are my thoughts on the 2021 stock market, where I’m investing my money, and what I think is going to happen – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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The Bad News that would affect the stock market:
1: Unemployment
It’s speculated that, once our economy begins re-opening, there won’t be enough consumer demand to justify companies holding on to everyone…so, they’ll inevitably be forced to reduce their overhead to maintain profits.

2. We also have the possibility for further shut downs.

3. As we’ve heard time and time again…the stock market is not the economy, and it’s becoming increasingly disconnected from the day to day reality.

4. And fourth…there’s the concern that people won’t spend as much money as they once did…leading to lower corporate profits.

GOOD NEWS for the stock market:

1. We got some talks about a pretty substantial vaccine that COULD be coming soon, if everything goes according to plan…and once that happens, our economy could very well return to kind -of normal.

2. There’s the notion that IF the economy gets too bad…the Federal Reserve and government will step in to boost it up.

3. Because we’ve already had time to process a lot of the information…I doubt that, if we DO have a drop…it’s going to be as sudden and severe as what we saw back in March.

4. There’s already a LOT of “bad news” priced into the markets.

5. Fifth, as our economy EVENTUALLY re-opens…we could see a big resurgence towards “Recovery Stocks.”

I have a feeling we will continue on a similar trajectory, but on a smaller scale. I don’t think we’re going to have the same levels of worry and euphoria as we’ve seen this year…and maybe that’s a good thing…but I think 2021 is going to bring us a LOT more stability now that a lot of the unforeseen surprises are out of the way.

My own investment strategy next year is to continue to plow most of my money back into index funds and just let them grow. If the market is down, great – I buy cheaper – if the market is up – great – I’m making money…so, either way, it’s a win. I’ll be buying a LOT of the SP500…I’ll be picking up the occasional individual stock if something comes my way or looks interesting…but, the bulk of what I do is just a boring SP500 index fund, unless a good real estate deal comes along…but, I haven’t seen anything lately…so, more index funds it is.

I’d also be fairly optimistic on renewable green energies and bio tech…I know those have seen a CRAZY run…but, I think as we continue to shift to green markets, electric vehicles, and more sustainability…I think those should continue to do really well. Even California wants to go fully electric by 2035…and that could be a huge push in that direction.

But, honestly…I’m a fairly boring investor…I just believe it’s all about doing the same things over and over again, repetitively…regardless of what happens in the short term…but, this upcoming year…I THINK we’ll see more green than red…and more ups than downs. Basically, I’m thinking we’re likely to see another positive year.

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116 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The 2021 Stock Market Crash

  1. Heather Smith Reply

    There is a huge amount of pent up demand, just in your average person. There are more people with money to spend than we realise. Governments everywhere are going to continue throwing money into economies. But I’m still going to keep an eye on my investments. And I agree that solar is the next thing. All the wind turbines in the world will not make enough power for all these electric cars, besides the fact that the vanes are not recyclable. Hydrogen and electric power for industrial is my bet, solar, battery recycling, and don’t forget the psilocybin! 🙂

  2. Richard Montlake Reply

    “The one thing I will tell you is the worst investment you can have is cash. Everybody is talking about cash being king and all that sort of thing. Cash is going to become worth less over time. But good investments are going to become worth more over time” -Warren Buffett
    There’s no bad time to get in the market. Tho data driven analysis is both scarce and valuable, so getting the best will go a long way.

    • Kalou Som Reply

      Don’t be an emotional investor. Use numbers and data as your insight, not your emotion.❗❗❗

    • Matthew Law Reply

      Particularly with US debt and poor US fiscal management. Defo dont want to be holding US$

    • True Renegade Reply

      How can someone like me (poor) invest? I feel like you already have to be rich in order to invest. Then again I don’t know anything about investing.

    • Matthew Law Reply

      Its tough, increase your own value through learning and application. Then either sell your labor or create something of value.

    • Richard Montlake Reply

      @True Renegade you don’t have to be rich in order to invest, you can start small. contact Mrs Sandra Willis a pro financial advisor on TeIegram @Sandra_Willis to get more insights and start up

  3. Christian Perera Reply

    This guy talks a lot but doesn’t say anything

  4. C.j. Olton Reply

    IG: olton_maroon

  5. PidozTech Reply

    DJ will reached 40.000 points

  6. Greg Harris Reply

    I dont know why everyone keeps saying “crash” when it’s merely needed market corrections that are happening. If you like a company for $X and now it’s selling for $X-?, it’s time to buy more, not fret over some alleged crash.

  7. TTM Incorporated Reply

    Don’t trust anyone with your money. That includes getting stock advice from someone on YouTube or even at a brokerage. Do your own homework, in the end its your money. FYI I’m up %795 , and I wouldn’t give anyone advice in fear it would be wrong.

  8. Robert Hradsky Reply

    More money is lost preparing for corrections then corrections themselves.

  9. Q5000 Reply

    Lol @ the breakfast club pic when you refer to restaurants.

  10. Matterhorn Yeti Reply

    This would be be awesome, I love a good sale! 🤑

  11. Richard Wilson Reply

    Buy bitcoin

  12. Kuziai Reply

    Wtf are these new youtube financial gurus? what does it matter what you think you will be wrong anyway. You have no idea what you are doing

  13. Garrett Tuck Reply

    i’m invested in a few penny stocks and they’re doing pretty good right now

  14. alijumc Reply

    Can you compare Black Friday to the real Black Friday? Current situation vs situation, before real Black Friday. Do we need to go to war to cover the loses.

  15. Juan Alfaro Reply

    Did Graham dye his hair🤔

  16. IMpaild Gaming Reply

    Please stop doing Stock videos, its quite clear you don’t know what your talking about.

  17. Vic H Reply

    It will crash .. the macroeconomics do not add app! Helicopter money from the FED is not going to work!

  18. Matthew J Reply

    I lost it when The Breakfast Club popped up as a reference to “restaurants” 😂😂

  19. Armin Reply

    Graham, what’s are you currently holding in your portfolio??

  20. Evaristo Garcia Reply

    been buying renewables since march

  21. Daniel Chládek Reply

    Video on a market crash number 73637885 in the past month

  22. davidfirechops Reply

    “If the market goes down, great! I’m buying cheaper. If the market goes up, great! I’m making money.”

    When investing long term, it’s always a win win. 🙂

  23. Alex T Reply

    Mmm as a 8 year veteran of trading, consistently beating the market is kinda the reason why I do what I do. Lol…mind you what hedge firms say can, at times, be different from what they do (aka market manipulation, working with other firms etc). Also, a “broad” statement given at one point in time doesn’t necessarily mean a hedge firms doesn’t adjust their predictions accordingly. Furthermore, daily trading isn’t what they do, so I imagine most don’t look at the nuances of price action on all timeframes (min, hourly, daily, weekly basis) while keeping market internals and macro economics in-mind. Needless to say, you ABSOLUTELY can consistently beat the market……by a mile. And it’s not necessarily hard…at all. It’s more a matter of how much more. But it’s more of a job than investing is.

  24. Demetrios Araujo Reply

    I’m supporting anyone who subscribes to me!

  25. Anders Neldeberg Nielsen Reply

    When you are buying ETFs, are you buying accumulating or distributing ETFs?
    What is the reason for your choice?

  26. Shree Vardhan Mundhra Reply

    Graham do you have any comments on the notion of the passive investing bubble?

  27. Joey Jacknife Reply

    Is Tesla over priced?

  28. MakeMeSmile Reply

    “Except for me” 😀

  29. Joseph Rhodes hodgson v Reply

    everyday of my life I keep thanking God for directing me to your path for turning my $1000 to $12000 you are a God sent now I’m debt free , God bless you Coach Ventre

    • i love chocolate dud Reply

      get a life

  30. digitalPimple Reply

    “International stocks” == 🇨🇳

  31. Mike Reply

    You can ignore all experts except for me

  32. Pietro Serra Reply

    Do the monkey video.

  33. Jim Whitehead Reply

    Your video would go viral, maybe even TV news, if you borrowed a real monkey to drop bananas on company logos. 🙂

  34. MoneyManFernando Reply

    I am guessing that the lesson here is invest for the long term. Buy and hold and dollar cost average. ???

  35. Gallardo6669 Reply

    You and your vaccine… You think that changes anything on economy or market? If then thousands of people get sick and disabled by genetic manipulating vaccines. The only change is made by dr. Fuellmich’s class action lawsuit about corona.

  36. The Catch up Gamer Reply

    Hey Graham, what do you think of the motley fool? Any advice or thoughts would be great 👍🏽👍🏽 I think they align well with your thoughts but they don’t do a lot of index funds

  37. Sir Lucius Squigglesworth lll Reply

    Passively managed ETFs are the worst. Better off advising people to invest in something like ark investment ETFs.

  38. EzRiffs Reply

    Breakfast club lol

  39. James Bond Reply

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  40. Tyler Winters Reply

    I just got two AGI stocks from Webull when i deposited $100, they’re worth $8.19 plus a SWN stock just for making an account worth $3.2. which is like 20% return on investment for that $100, I’ll now have 119.58 in my account in a month. Free $19.58

  41. Andy Kennedy Reply

    I got like 6 ads on this video

  42. Quý Trung Reply

    She’s gonna blow America

  43. Adamo Ventimiglia Reply

    This guy makes 90% of his income from YouTube. Not sure if he’s qualified to comment on the stockmarket but I guess anyone is

  44. Mr. DooDoo Head Reply

    Graham I think you’re incredibly intelligent but I do not understand why you would ever move to Vegas. HOW is that a good investment?! What about climate change? Covid also exposed a lot of potential issues with the city

  45. RSAS LLC - House Flipping Reply

    Guys, I have a good problem to have. Hoping you can give me some advice. Kicking myself in the ass because I got into Bitcoin and Tesla years earlier when they were cheap but I kept selling to buy more real estate. So should I focus my money on buying more real estate (6-20% returns), whole life insurance (4 – 6.5%), pay off debt (2.25 – 28% returns), or YOLO on Tesla and Bitcoin (who knows???) Of course I intend to keep the assets I already have, just want to know where to focus future money.

  46. Darrin Wildeman Reply

    The title should read my thoughts on a 2021 stock marker crash

  47. Steve Kelso Reply

    Another click bait title “The 2021 Stock Market Crash” and in the video you say that stocks may do even better in 2021 than its doing now.

  48. Kaven Deleon Reply

    You’re gay, you’re a Republican and just admit it.

  49. Alexander Hader Reply


  50. Singaporeantalksmoney Reply

    2021 Vision

  51. Insane Succ Reply

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  52. Ms. Carla The Best Supervisor! Reply

    Only BITCOIN!

  53. Pamela Mcginnis Reply

    I enjoy making money online,there is this good feelings it gives me.

  54. Garcia Maricela Reply

    I enjoy making money online,there is this good feelings it gives me.

  55. The Excellent Laborer Reply

    Bro, you should have never sold tesla

  56. Dutch Van Derlin Reply

    This dude is a fraud don’t listen to him

  57. Tristan Xavier Reply

    Seeing how illogical the stock market has been this year, I think all of those reasons for it to go down will actually make it go up, and vice-versa.

  58. J E Reply

    One of my greastest regrets in not shorting the market in April 2020.

  59. Lew Fez Reply

    2020 was a good year. I picked my own mutual funds and left them alone.

  60. M VA Reply

    Graham’s stock market predictions: up and down, right and left, and twirling, twriling always twirling towards freedom.
    Me: don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.

  61. Dvelop Reply

    Put the speed on 1.5x and this dude literally becomes ben shapiro

  62. John Telisky Reply

    Webull is false advertising and you are promoting it

    • Sophie James Reply

      Who is your portfolio manager and how do they run their program

  63. deltaxcd Reply

    What is exactly the idea with all that buying? The reason for buying is to sell not to hold it indefinitely and jerk off on those numbers in your portfolio.
    We all know that eventually, all that Ponzi scheme will crash and all that stuff will lose all its value and if you did not take your money out in time you will be very very screwed.

  64. Off time Reply

    Graham should be having a huge smile 😃 on that thumbnail
    Market crashes are HUGE opportunities!

  65. Tamara Lucas Reply

    The vaccine is going to be the cure that kills the economy. With all of the vaccines that are becoming available, it will expose the fake economy. Moderna just announced a vaccine that is 100% effective. That is why the DOW is going down today. Once the vaccines are readily available, the US needs to immediately and forever more stop printing cash. Whatever we take in in taxes, should become our budget – period. NO MORE PRINTING CASH. Many people do not want to work, they like staying at home and getting paid. Once the party is over and you have to work for what you get, the economy will crash. The smart money is pulling out of the stock market today because they know that the vaccines will expose our failed money printing system. Fiscally conservative people will demand that the government start making people work again in order to get paid.

  66. CHRIS neuman Reply

    Not sure why you discredit experts then your first bullet point for unemployment literally references research done by experts

  67. justin806806 Reply

    Those vaccines are for moronic guinea pigs.

  68. Hemat Sinanan Reply

    don’t believe these fools they are praying the market go up. NOTHING GOES UP FOREVER WITH GOV NOW.

  69. Sharif Mubarak Reply

    Stupid video. Bad news is priced in, but the good news is also priced in. We are in a bubble phase. This is the time to trim profits and build some cash.

  70. Josef Lindqvist Reply

    Like the video!!

  71. Majestic Derik Reply

    Graham: “These results were because…”
    Wealthify AD: “I don’t have enough money”

  72. gaza10 Reply

    So happy that you can invest $100,000 randomly when most of us are losing our livelihoods/careers/savings/ etc. tit!

    • Tommy T Reply

      Don’t be jealous

  73. Mei Hung Reply

    come on i wanna see that 100k haha

  74. J.Gharis The Live Life Reply

    How about 100k giveaway too? Haha, jkjk

  75. Abbe Reply

    Instead of just worry about the stock market, just invest in Bitcoin and you will be fine year on end

    • Larry Bird Reply

      I’m going to as soon as it goes down to 14

    • Abbe Reply

      @Larry Bird and what if it doesent goes down to 14?

  76. Spartan Conscience Reply

    You are all missing the point. All the central banks of every country in
    the world belong to one person. They are private banks not public. He
    is allowing debt to pile up both by governments and consumers and then
    he will pull the rug right out from under their feet and their financial
    world will come crumbling down around them while watching. It will make
    the Great Depression look like a picnic and I will be laughing and
    eating my popcorn when it happens.

  77. New York Timelapse Channel Reply

    great video

  78. Frank The Tank Reply

    Let me guess, a lot of commercials??

  79. Sean Reply

    Usually you wait until 1st of Jan to drop this video.

  80. Christian Vaughn Reply

    TBH, I’m kinda confused on all these stock and forex marketing and trading gist. Please which is better between forex and stock marketing.

    • Katrina Jackson Reply

      I bought a house in LA investing with ms atkins.

    • Colin Phillips Reply

      How can i reach your broker?

    • Chloe Friend Reply

      You can get to MS Atkins on telegram @investwithatkins

  81. Derek Reply

    Here is an idea, actually understand what you buying. You beat the market from buying stocks and companies with the highest innovation potential. We all know the names of these assets and companies SQ, Tsla, Bitcoin, and EV’s etc. Holding SQ for 2 years now

    • Derek Reply

      @Daniel Leonard scam

  82. Jonathan Hernandez Reply

    U said it was going to crash in 2020 and nothing happen stop spreading fake rumors just to get views

  83. moneycat878 Reply

    Where did you get that desk?

  84. Alexander Lurie Reply

    FINE>>> I LIKE!

  85. Toni Capone Reply

    Well. Guess he’s not gonna do it.

  86. RyanWalker677 Reply

    The ads are getting out of control, Graham…

  87. Karla Palmero Reply

    How do you feel about Robert Kiyosaki’s skepticism about investing in the stock market?

  88. John Carlson Reply

    Because your content is worth a listen, I’m going to try one more time…Graham, you talk too freaking fast. It’s not that we don’t understand what you’re saying or can’t keep up, it’s that you sound like an annoying rapid-fire chatterbox that’s had way, way, way too much caffeine. Here’s a suggestion: Play a full-speed video of you for someone, then play the same video slowed down a notch and ask them which they’d rather listen to long term.

    • Daniel Leonard Reply

      + 1 2 2 5 3 8 4 0 4 6 6

    • Daniel Leonard Reply

      Do well to tell her I referred you to her, her strategies are too notch☑️✅

  89. MTA Productions Reply

    I love your videos and I follow your advice a lot. What would you call a good real estate deal?

  90. Kizito William Reply

    The democratic effect.

  91. Karol Wołonciej Reply

    please invest anyway with monkey!

  92. Web Tristan Reply

    Too much bad news in stocks, why not invest in cryptocurrency instead. I made it through this pandemic with profits I made from investing cryptocurrency with Mrs Joyce of Fortune Academy.

  93. Yippie-ki-yay Reply

    The Federal Reserve has 280 Trillion Dollars that’s owed to them

  94. Tim Etter Reply

    God damn he’s annoying

  95. skaltura Reply

    How do i buy in to that monkey etf? X)

  96. Zach Bender Reply

    if the stock market isn’t reflecting the economy at all that means it’s monopolized lol

  97. Graham Stephan Reply

    I recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get persons who invested with him comments below let’s gooooooo

  98. Insanittiez Reply

    I kind of blame Robinhood for these investing patterns. People are just shoving money into any stock they hear about and don’t even bother to research. I know Robinhood isn’t the only app to blame but they do get a lot of the credit

  99. Brad Mackie Reply

    What happens if China pulls all investment from America?

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