Man And Child Rescued From Crushed Car After Croatia Earthquake | NBC News NOW


Passersby and first responders combined to free the pair, trapped when a 6.3 tremor caused major damage to buildings in Petrinja.
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Man And Child Rescued From Crushed Car After Croatia Earthquake | NBC News NOW

131 thoughts on “Man And Child Rescued From Crushed Car After Croatia Earthquake | NBC News NOW

  1. Carmen Largaespada Reply

    Seems like 2020 doesn’t want to go away.

    • AnmweyFre P Reply

      It just a new era , leading to 2030

    • JontheGamerBoy Reply

      Carmen Largaespada, no, it’s just 2021 starting its terror a little early

    • im losing my sanity at a rapid rate Reply

      Notice how all pandemics events had 2020 in them 1920 1820 1720 2021 is just 2012 backwards because the mayans accidentally put 12

    • Luka F. Reply

      Aliens are coming today

    • Kim Travel & Food in USA Reply

      Prayer to GOD forgive US and safe Us in dangerous Pandemics around the World. Thanks

  2. vote georgia democrats Reply


  3. Armando B. Castenelli Reply

    Reuniting the child with the father just broke me… Prayers for safety.

    • Angel Hernandez Reply

      I did actually tear up too, when that lady handed the child over incredible luck for both!!!

    • Melanie J Reply

      That got me too. It was so sweet to hand the man his son. Beautiful and thoughtful.

    • Lana SS Reply

      Thank You from heart ❤️

    • Simon Lyngdoh Reply

      Pray for us🙏

  4. Joonas Haapala Reply

    So glad that boy and father survived that little 😢 God bless all those people ❤️

  5. DeZiio Reply

    Everyone there staying calm and helping.. if it were America everyone would have their phones out and be recording

    • Zagrebcan }{}{ Reply

      It is very sad to hear that but I knew that American society is a total catastroph. This is how people in Croatia and I would say also in all of the Balkans are. Everybody thinks we are aggressive people who live 100 years behind but they forget how lovely people we are.

    • Raven Bishop Reply

      Be safe and God bless you from America

    • Kukuruz Krupnoklipac Reply

      @Zagrebcan }{}{ They are 100 years behind bcs of their government! Croatia is a mafia country. Thats why lots of people are migrating.

    • Biserka Sertić Reply

      Good observation! Reason is that we stil have some basic human reactions, wich are probably lost in American urban population.Another reason is we use to have good “training” for extreme situations during war time in 90s (whatever happened, people don’t make a big deal out of it, just do your best, as much as you can)

    • N N Reply

      @Kukuruz Krupnoklipac give us a break you leftard freeloader… 🤮

  6. AnmweyFre P Reply

    End time event

  7. MedSou Reply

    *Hope everyone will be safe*

  8. can 422 Reply

    Don’t forget its coming to an.amercan city and town soon because the judgment of God is soon to be among us. So pray and repent

  9. Ivan Radtke Reply

    God bless you guys

  10. Tele Opinions Reply

    Let’s show our kindness to others every day.

  11. Erik Peterson Reply

    Glad they were saved…..hope for healing for all ❤💕

  12. Jeniffer Montes de Oca Reply

    Thank God, they’re fine and hurra for the people who helped rescue them. Stay strong Croatia, prayers from Mexico. 🙏💙

  13. Gus 1901 Reply


  14. Tambrala Smith Reply

    I’m so Sorry!😭 Hope everybody is safe!!!! 😭Please be careful thank y’all for helping!!!!😭💕Breaking my heart!!! Praying for y’all!!! Lots of Love from my family to yours!!!!😭💕☔🌨️🌹 Thank y’all for sharing!!!

  15. Gonzooo Reply

    Why one wearing a mask

    • Rebel Fighter Reply

      No one cares dude. It’s an earthquake. Bigger things to worry about than a worthless face diaper. And why is this even a question?? Once the truth about Covid is known, ppl will be holding mask burning parties.

    • Tyler Durden Reply

      They were in their cars, buildings. When the quake started. Wearing a mask in Croatia is mandatory you can’t enter in a store or anywhere else without it. When the earthquake stars you don’t think about covid.

    • Jure Barchgliasis Reply

      Cause we all know covid is media manipulation.

    • Flying Banana Reply

      Covid cases are low in croatia and the surrounding nations

  16. PELLAZG ILIR Reply

    Very sad

  17. Augistine Aquinas Reply

    the children cryin got to me.

  18. Senait Yohannes Reply

    I am happy for him and his sons that they are both alive Thank God.

  19. Santiago Santisantiago Reply

    Lucky man

  20. Jom2005 Reply

    Brave men and women helping each other in a terrifying moments. Just so touching.

  21. riptorn Reply

    2020 is not done yet.

  22. John Cole Reply


  23. Van Ramin Reply

    Stay strong my Croatia

  24. John Rambo Reply

    balkans i think all the worst things and evil settled in this part of world which sins are we paying last 5000 years

    • hansy555 Reply

      you’re simply degenerate.

    • Orpheas Nestos Reply

      @hansy555 That is pretty degenerate from your part if anything…Who knows what kind of poor loser you are..

    • hansy555 Reply

      @Orpheas Nestos someone who claims that earthquake that killed people (of various nationalities and religions btw) and left thousands homeless is “paying for the sins of last 5000 years” is degenerate. only other explanation could be his/her bad use of english, and in that case i withdraw my comment.

  25. Penny Wolf Reply

    6.3 really isnt that big for us in California

    • Tyler Durden Reply

      This earthquake had a very shallow epicenter. About 10 km benethe the surface. It was felt more than 500 km from the epicenter. If it was deeper in the ground it wouldn’t create such destruction.

  26. ThePierre58 Reply

    Well done NBC…covered the story, didn’t run around interviewing ‘experts’

  27. Asad Marji Reply

    The tall collar booly dam because discussion chiefly rule beyond a skillful hemp. organic, stiff day

  28. Erna M Reply

    Praying for Croatia 🙏🏽🇧🇦🇭🇷

  29. Nenad ИС XC Shuput Reply

    Serbs have the HARRP

    • Tyler Durden Reply

      Yes we know. You tested it in 2015 floods. It got out of control and almost flooded Belgrade.

    • Tyler Durden Reply

      You are either sick or stupid for bringing that subject to an earthquake video. Maybe both. And now you are dragging me into that subject.
      Yeah, remember Hitler, Mussolini, Ottoman empire, Mongolians. You can go back thousand of years in the past and many wars in the Balkan and the world. Well go back just 25 years. Remember Srebrenica
      Among others.

      Use that HARRP to treat your brain.
      And why do you think that I am from Croatia?
      Well, you are one sick individual.
      You weren’t born like this, you are indoctrinated.
      Read some books educate yourself. Stop being a tool. And don’t be happy about other misfortune.
      Today Croatia had an earthquake tomorrow Serbia could have it. It’s a small active area.
      Live long and prosper.🖖

    • Nenad ИС XC Shuput Reply

      @Tyler Durden never forget Jasenovac. Enjoy 😊

  30. Angie Suarez Reply


  31. Angie Suarez Reply

    Thank and kid alive

  32. Enckidoo Falling Reply

    Heroic from a nurse 🤙

  33. Suzie Esquivel Reply

    Praying for all of you in this difficult times
    From California

  34. Jaco1803 Reply

    5 dead including 2 town Gline are 2 people died

  35. MrMario477 Reply

    poor child 🙁

  36. campos3452 Reply

    Yo that quake was powerful it was felt here in LA. That quake went through the planet.

    • Manda Mikša Reply

      Scientists say it was powerful as an atomic explosion… Greetings from Croatia…

  37. budmstr Reply

    nisam Hrvat, ali u srcu i duši; Sorry but my Croatian is a little rusty! but I just sent my donation to help Croatia; after travel resumes, I’m heading for the Balkans! za vaše zdravlje i oporavak!

  38. Kings Reply

    My country is in shock,girl age 12 died,she was first victim.RIP angel.

  39. irma dennington Reply

    It’s a very nice feeling to see people helping other people ❤️

  40. my Grof Reply

    Svaka čast svima koji su pomogli, neka je sve uredu.

  41. Skank Ashkenazi Reply


  42. Destry311 Reply

    Why Does God Allow Suffering?
    Many ask why the world is so full of hatred and suffering. The Bible provides a satisfying and comforting answer.
    Please consider this short video:
    If you would like to learn more or if you have a question I volunteer to help others learn what the Bible really teaches please feel free to email me
    Our work is non commercial and is done in 240 lands and over 1,000 languages.

  43. Seagull Club Reply

    In Jehovah God’s new world in the hands of Christ Jesus all wars, poverty, famines, and natural disasters will be eliminated permanently! How will this happen? Try the free online Bible course at JW. ORG it’s quick, easy, multiple choice answers make it enjoyable for all ages. Try it today you don’t have to be religious to try the course!

  44. Epi Abdul Haris Reply

    Ya Allah , semoga segera bisa diatasi . Yang terluka segera dapat pertolongan

  45. Katrina Reply

    Prayers for Croatia. 9 If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised him from death, you will be saved. 10 For it is by our faith that we are put right with God; it is by our confession that we are saved.Romans 10:9-10

  46. N.N. Reply

    I cannot believe that Serbs are making fun of and enjoying this tragedy of the Croatian people.
    The portals are full of their hate messages.
    I can’t believe how far human stupidity and primitivism can go.

  47. Эвелина Никулова Reply

    Привет угу жаль людей и дети как землятресение было хотя не позволят мне то-же…

  48. Jocoiscool Reply

    I was in Zagreb with my sister yesterday and my family and around 12:19 pm the earthquake hit, we all started running outside, the whole building shook, the whole ground with the buildings rocked and you feel gravity pulling you aside. Terrible feeling. And it is interesting how the city was empty before the earthquake, no one was on the road when the earthquake hit, everyone ran to the streets, then the unity of people and harmony and the concern of the citizens were felt. The day before yesterday in Dugo Selo on Martin Breg where i live, a light earthquake hit me around 6:28 am, everything shook slightly and today around 6:15 am a short earthquake, and around 6:27 am it shook, but in short, good luck. A team will gather with me, so we will go and help the people in Petrinja in our own way. The whole country shaked.

  49. Yellow Reply

    Hat off good people….. respect

  50. звезда меркурий Reply

    Люди! Держитесь! Какое горе ! Мы скорбим вместе с Вами!

  51. MG Massey Reply

    Wow ..note how these resilent courageous people help each other.
    Bless their souls.
    If only we in out country would behave in such a game way.
    Croatia is poor..
    They know life is fragile..
    May we not need an earthquake to behave as they have.
    God bless y’all

  52. Corner Brick Productions Reply

    I experienced the earthquake, I live in the capital. Everything was shaking for 20 seconds.

  53. Dea Nina Reply

    A 13 year old girl died and a 20year old man 🙁
    A few several people died, All of Croatia is united to help with supplies, offerings of homes or shelters.and what they need.
    This broke my heart, all of northwestern par of Croatia felt it 🙁

  54. Imaginarium Veec Reply


  55. Rand Alexander Reply

    Come on 2020 almost over no more death for a day! We deserve that!

  56. Мехрибоним Аллохим Reply

    I can not keep my tears watching these scenes. Prayers from Uzbekistan. Allah bless you. Long life for this child and his father!!!!

  57. Gloria Reply

    Luckily there was not many injured and killed people as it could have been. There was another big earthquaqe in that same area the day before (5.0 the main one, 4.7 and 4.1 aftershocks) from which some of buildings were damaged and people were already out of their homes and city so I believe it was the reason for low deaths..also luckily firefighters, ambulance, military, HGSS and redcross were in the city at that time just because of that earthquake the day before so their reaction was really fast.
    Obviousely it is scarry for everyone and I feel so sorry for people affected by it. I live more than 200km away from epicenter and I felt it. I just hope that no one is still stuck in the ruins and that we won’t have more deaths from it.

  58. Syeda Munira Khatoon Reply

    Beautiful story. Prayers for Croatia🇭🇷.

  59. wonwoo kwon Reply

    Earthquakes come first, but I’m also worried about corona. Nobody’s wearing a mask.

  60. Anton Hrachovský Reply

    Stay strong! even in Slovakia, about 450 km away from Petrinja (center of the earthquake), we´ve felt the aftershocks 🙁 Hope you find as many survivors as it gets.
    God bless you!

  61. Yuwaret Phasuk Reply

    The Buddha bless Croatian. May everybody be safe.

  62. FF WINNER Reply


  63. Lyudmila Chizh Reply

    Prayers for people and children. 🙏💒📖🎆🙏

  64. Bobby 66 Reply


  65. Boris Cheshlarov Reply

    Republic of Macedonia pray for Croatia ❗😢🙏🇲🇰🇭🇷

    • Ivan Lončar Reply


  66. Jamilla Payne Reply

    #CoverUSLorD #UrMercyGraceMerci
    Ty God for the Mercy you do show onto us. #4Eva2120

  67. Ejzafra Tbooom Reply

    Humanity get restored💖

  68. rosa spanjol Reply

    👏 bravo 👏… good job guys!

  69. Mauro Lapuh Reply

    Croatian here, the earthquake was terrible, I live 20 km from the epicenter and still my house was badly damaged, my family and I can stay in our house, my dad and friends say that they were outside when the earthquake struck and they could see the houses wobble, it was so scary

    • Orpheas Nestos Reply

      Wish you all the best. Hope you have a quick recovery. Stay away from damaged buildings at any cost. You will get more aftershocks.

  70. honey honey Reply

    Gospode boze
    Falati bogu su zivi 😭

  71. Matej Bosnjak Reply

    I have felt it

  72. Србија 1 Reply

    Pray for this people ,Serbia loves you 👍❤🇷🇸

  73. Live Smart Reply

    Our prayers are with the people of Croatia.

  74. Orpheas Nestos Reply

    Greece knows your pain, may your wounds heal quickly. Condolences for your casualties. The first rescuers are always citizens, we should all be trained in first aid and basic safety issues especially in earthquake prone areas. Stay strong!

  75. JESUS TE AMA Reply

    Speaking to the people again, JESUS ​​said: “I am the LIGHT of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the LIGHT of life”. John 8;12

  76. Javier Quintana Q. Reply

    what a hek that truck is crying or what!

  77. Zenel Gjoleka Reply

    Good luck and stay strong from your southern neighbours.

  78. Bassudev Sawock Reply


  79. Charles Chiang Reply

    Thanks God!

  80. Lyricallynn Reply

    Beautiful reunion. Another beautiful reunion will be when Jesus comes at the Rapture….please google the Rapture if you never heard of the event as it is coming very soon and you don’t want to be left behind for the 7 year Tribulation!

  81. Dot Reply

    See what happens when you build with concrete, they collapse much easier.

  82. ROSE BIRD Reply

    🌟➕🌟🌿✨🌿God blessed.lord have m🌿

  83. 123 Janus! Reply

    Pray for Croatia 🥺🙏 FROM PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭❤️🇭🇷

  84. New York Reply

    Omg 😢😢😢 I am so sorry for my illyrian brothers May God have mercy

  85. New York Reply

    God bless Croatia I pray to God the ones injured will be okay My deepest condolences for your loved ones who lost their lives May they rest in peace

  86. nallan chakravarthy Reply

    2021 is not good either it seems…

  87. Oscar Gps Reply

    Jesus is coming soon. Turn to Him, accept Him as your Lord and Savior. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

  88. shermdeazy Reply

    Omg those poor people. God bless them! 🙏

  89. Surviver Reply

    Thank you for not commenting over this video news reporters.

  90. Muthu Raman Reply

    Pray for Croatia 🇭🇷 people god bless you
    From 🇮🇳

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