Tesla bull on the stock up over 600% in 2020: Tesla is driving innovation in battery technology

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Ross Gerber, Gerber Kawasaki CEO joins Yahoo Finance Live to break down why Tesla is the best performing stock year-to-date.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Lurlin artino S says:

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  2. Avatar Live-Counter.com says:

    Even without the battery revolution, BEVs will be competitively priced.
    In the meantime, we are at around 80 dollars per KWH of battery capacity.

    • Avatar TheFourthWinchester says:

      Not even china has those rates yet. For any kind of decent battery anyway.

  3. Avatar Yllow Afryca says:

    Ross if you stopped watching p0rn constantly on your iphone it would last past noon.

  4. Avatar SL twentyeight says:

    lol dude is right about bad batteries

  5. Avatar Freedom Finance says:

    Ross was savage on Apple! They can’t build batteries or innovate

  6. Avatar Dovahkiin Dragonborn says:

    Bruh if Steve Jobs was alive, his genius mind and Elon Musk would’ve lead our future amazing to the Max. Shame our stupid elite leaders F everything up. I’m getting tired of them!!

    • Avatar Bo McGillacutty says:

      Our leaders did WHAT?? We don’t have leaders only followers and Elon is doing just fine thanks.

  7. Avatar dirt lint says:

    Ross is right. I charged my Iphone 12 every single day. if they can innovate battery, they need to show that first. And Apple car will be outside of the electronic device. Apple car by 2024 is bogus.

  8. Avatar NicSD says:

    The world needs 20 TW of battery production. Elon’s plan is to have 3 TW by 2030, at which time, Tesla’s market cap will be 10T. Other players can have the other 17 TW and Tesla is still worth 10T in 2030. There is no competition. Its that simple.

  9. Avatar Thomas says:

    I completely agree with Ross on Apple

  10. Avatar Brick Hunter says:

    Anyone else getting tired of watching Ross Gerber be correct over and over again. 😆 Ross is so under rated.

    • Avatar Mark Plott says:


  11. Avatar Abdullah Azizi says:

    This guy is so defensive lol. Tesla is cycle of innovation is done. In 5-10 years. Tesla will be trade around 100-200.

    • Avatar James 22 says:

      Imagine being that stupid to say that. Apple doesn’t innovate. Simple. They can’t even manufacture their own phones Foxconn does.

    • Avatar Jon Baszkiewicz says:

      Yeah ppl can be right about one thing and dead wrong about another. Apple has excellent charging time. This guy is lying and scared

    • Avatar TheFourthWinchester says:

      @Jon Baszkiewicz Apple’s charging time was literally equivalent to 10 year old Android tech until 2 years ago. Today even $100 low end android phones can charge quicker than an iPhone and gets more battery life as well.

    • Avatar Jon Baszkiewicz says:

      @TheFourthWinchester well then i got scamed with my iphone 11

  12. Avatar Ron says:

    Apple just jumping on bandwagon of lets claim something that might be real in 5 yrs. They def learned from Nicola

  13. Avatar Big D says:

    Yahoo is the same old trash, Ross is always great!

  14. Avatar drew4021 says:

    Ross is right and its sad to say it but without Jobs they are toast. All they’ve been is doing is refining the existing product line and because they out source all their manufacturing they are subject to the pace of innovation of their suppliers -unlike Tesla that does just about all of it themselves

  15. Avatar louididdy says:

    Someone doesn’t know how to maximize their iPhone settings for longer battery life.

    • Avatar James 22 says:

      He wasn’t being literally when he said that. He just meant it is not the best battery tech even in the smartphone world.

    • Avatar TheFourthWinchester says:

      It’s easy to get long battery life on Apple devices. Just don’t use it and it will give good battery life.

  16. Avatar Gary Flake says:

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  17. Avatar SR71 Interceptor says:

    0:15 Dont waste your money on sneakers, jerseys, and wireless earpods like this dude. Invest in Tesla.

  18. Avatar Kathleen Rasing says:

    You rock Ross!!

  19. Avatar Nikola Tesla says:

    Ross is great with his calls

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