Brexit trade deal: British fishermen say they feel ‘betrayed’


Britain’s coastal towns were at the forefront of political demands during trade negotiations with the European Union.
Fishers had been promised they would take control of the seas around the United Kingdom.
But the deal struck was not what they were expecting, and some say they feel betrayed.
Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull reports from Brixham in England’s South West.
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183 thoughts on “Brexit trade deal: British fishermen say they feel ‘betrayed’

  1. Wolverine Scratch Reply

    We all knew deep down we’ll get shafted = Brexit

    • WeeWeeJumbo Reply

      They knew and they did it anyway. Why? Same reason why Americans voted for a failed casino magnate.
      Hatred and selfishness

    • Happy Mask Salesman Reply

      @WeeWeeJumbo – Eventually you’re going to have to get over what was said to you online during the referendum.

    • Joe Cat Reply

      well…. they could have gone 100% for fish.. booted all the EU boats out of our waters and brought the axe down on the EU’s fishing industry… but then we’d have no deal and 500,000 job losses in other industries… plus a bad relationship with the EU. Do you think that’s worth it? Its always been the case if the eu refused any deal that recognised UK sovereignty then we would have done that as a last resort.. but they didnt.. so these things are a negotiation. The government worked hard to get that. Under the deal UK fishermen get 25% fish back over the transition and will likely get even more under a deal where UK buys back more fishing rights for UK fishermen (in recognition its about livelihoods and a way of life and culture rather than + GDP all the time!). One way or the other UK trawlers will be catching a heck of a lot more fish!! We couldn’t fish our waters yet anyway.. we haven’t any boats. Plus let me remind you in case you dont already know.. UK has banned pulse fishing in its waters right now… something we couldn’t do pre brexit. Don’t swallow the negativity rubbish from the remoany sites and rags…

    • Hobo Ryan Reply

      @WeeWeeJumbo It’s true. Everyone was fueled by greed and their own self-serving vanity. Conservatives lying to the public about anything and everything only to pull the rug out when everything is said and done. That’s Rightism 101. Night of the long knives? Anyone remember that?

    • callaghan728 Reply

      @Joe Cat I agree. The tariff free deal with the EU means our imports will still be cheap, which is far more important than a few fish.

  2. EM 93 Reply

    Project Reality is hitting fast

    • EM 93 Reply

      @Joe Cat ? Look at N.I.; it stil has ties with the EU –> project reality = the UK is not free man. HAHAHAHA I can not wait to see the break up of the UK.

    • Joe Cat Reply

      @EM 93 We can handle that situation… majority of UK is free to trade on its own terms and is not subject to EU control.. and NI is still under UK control, even if it adheres to some standards because both UK and EU accepts this is necessary. There will be no break IN GB because we have ultimate authority unlike the EU over its member states. And the answer for any split request is ……….. no. We already gave a referendum in 2014 results stands and only the PM has authority. SNP can try a ref without permission.. but unionists will just boycott and ignore it… then of course the result means precisely nothing .. either in law or outcome. Just a total waste of money…. So what’s your project reality? The reality that the vast, vast majority of the UK is free to do what it wants? Yes, we can see that….. Farage is happy with it.. we’re happy with it. Now we’ll show you what we’re going to do with it. UK economy is expected to grow fast… of course it will.. we just freed ourselves from a protectionist bloc to access most of the global trade!! DUH… 🙂 And you know what else… Italy might well be next because it is more eurosceptic than the UK. The EU can stop this by being more transparent and inclusive (of the little people) and democratic…. but I doubt it will.

    • callaghan728 Reply

      @Damion Carter And the Conservatives were always going to do that. People can’t be stupid enough to believe they’d put people over money.

    • Damion Carter Reply

      @callaghan728 it has nothing to with party so stop that bullshit. Neither party wanted Brexit and that was even one of the selling points of the remain campaign so don’t even try playing party politics.

    • Riff Raff Reply

      @Damion Carter You won – get over it

  3. Adam Zino Reply

    Too late now . The deal has been done.

    • Adam Zino Reply

      @lili thing wow I’m a troll because I don’t believe in your god ah are we still upset ,

    • lili thing Reply

      @Adam Zino
      classic move by hate speakers. 👍
      not a new thing 🙄

    • Happy Mask Salesman Reply

      @lili thing – Your hate speech against Atheists will not be tolerated. Reported!

    • lili thing Reply

      @Happy Mask Salesman
      atheist doesn’t exist.
      how I do something to thing not exist?🙄

    • Joe Cat Reply

      you do realise they get more fish than before though?? …. its just they wanted even more…

  4. Mary Louise Rodgers Reply

    Good! They deserve the predictable “betrayal” because they were warned that this would happen. They traded their healthcare and many other benefits to help aristocrats avoid paying taxes. “Brilliant” move tory idiots! Never vote against your self interest (aka: never vote for ANYTHING supported by a tory politician).

  5. ocelotrevs Reply

    Getting a deal done. But they never said it would be a good deal.

    • Real Politics Reply

      @Paulo Silva more than 50% of the voters did… thats why leaders love the poorly educated.

    • Happy Mask Salesman Reply

      @Real Politics – That would mean all of the political elite on the remain side too. Unless you’re admitting that the people you vote for are not leaders. In which case why are you voting for people incapable of leading?

    • Paulo Silva Reply

      @Happy Mask Salesman well, they are brilliant leaders. They hypnotised millions to vote against themselves, to be poorer, and with less rights. These leaders are Top.

    • ocelotrevs Reply

      @Skindred4life Fair point. He did say this.

    • Marc Temura Reply

      But know could agree on what Brexit was. If you asked 5 Brexit supporters you got 5 different answers.

  6. Tiss Ma Keet Reply

    I’m with Sprat Smith on this one

  7. Shawn Antoine Reply

    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  8. Aladdin Loves Jasmin Reply

    brixham in brexit

  9. Al- Chem-E Reply

    Taking control of our borders??? We shall soon see, stop the rafts!!

  10. Elga F SJ xAll Reply

    Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  11. Wolfgang K Reply

    The fishes also!

  12. Political Philosophy- The Great Books and Chapters Reply

    12,000 fishermen out of a total workforce of 34,000,000. 0.1% of GDP (national income) per year, worth only £2 billion to the economy yearly. Yes, this really was a crucial issue on which to hang our national future, wasn’t it?

    • danielkjm Reply

      You must be really fun at parties…

    • burnzy j Reply

      Worth 2 billion pound to the uk….the question you should be asking is how much it contributes to the eu…alot more than 2 billion pound

    • MrKh4Ot1k Reply

      Finally someone with decent knowledge.
      They sacrificed the fishermen to save the other parts of economy.

    • Fallout -Clash of Clans Reply

      @MrKh4Ot1k sacrificed more than that as this deal has left NI behind to the EU. then you have Gibraltar left behind to joint control of spain. then you will have a land bidge between Scotland and the EU through Irish reunification. i think the ERGs star chamber are actually run by the wombles of wimbledon just reading page 405 of the deal and agreeing trade in goods but ignoring trade in services. im not a leave or remain voter but i see things how they are. I’m just along for the ride like most people.

    • fidel catsro Reply

      yes only if the fishes in the sea paid taxes to british govt…fishermen should take up courses in snorkelling and under water diving as 2nd jobs

  13. sai kissa Reply

    Betrayal ? nooo you should be celebrating , you now have your country back hooouuurrrrahh ! thanks to Farage ,Boris and all these brexit campaigners who lied to you !
    this is what Brexit smells like …FISH !

  14. Grave Peril Reply

    they get an increase quota each year for the next 5.5 years when the quota is then renegotiated
    the only other option was to put every french fisherman out of a job so there had to be a phase it aproach or france/EU would never have agreed to anything

    • Skindred4life Reply

      France has its own waters. So while their fishing industry would have taken a hit, not “every” fisherman would have lost his job.

      And after watching a few commentators discuss the deal, the EU has so much leverage in the negotiations in 5 years, that you can basically assume this is going to be status quo from now on.

      UK fishermen got sold a rotting corpse of a unicorn. Lessons to be learned here: do research before voting for a known liar.

    • Grave Peril Reply

      @Skindred4life well only just over 5k people did vote for him last time, Thing is they are all liars

    • Skindred4life Reply

      @Grave Peril Only 5k people voted for Boris last time? Thats news to me.

      Do you mean fishermen? As far as I remember british fishing communities voted overwhelmingly for Brexit and the Conservatives.

      This is “the will of the people” as many loved to say. So … enjoy.

    • Grave Peril Reply

      @Skindred4life sorry my mistake 25,351 people voted for him, UK democracy at work, I was mixing up the 2017 election with 2019 and his majority with the actual number of people that voted for him so the 5k number was a mess sorry its 25k

  15. Turk Kartal Reply

    They should bring back and elect the British Union of Fascists.

    • Mary Louise Rodgers Reply

      They did that by voting for Brexit.

  16. Joel Pacheco Reply

    The EU is a cancer.

  17. Greenpoloboy3 Reply

    Am I right in saying the EU screwed the UK whilst being a member, and will screw over even more now the UK has left? Why would Boris do this to the fishmen? Is he weak? A liar? Or something else

    • Shahrin Samad Reply

      Welcome to reality. This was bound to happen. UK should enjoy their freedom now. That’s what you’ve voted for isn’t mate? This is just the start. It also makes UK strategically weak.

    • Ralph Macchiato Reply

      Oh you poor thing…

  18. Cai MacCoinnich Reply

    Serves them right

  19. Ramayya vastavayya Reply

    Slowly UK losing its prominence in the world

    • Fallout -Clash of Clans Reply

      a divorced couple always need to rebuild their lives. or was you expecting unicorns and rainbows

    • Shef Stonks Reply

      @Fallout -Clash of Clans we are talking about UK not about a divorced couple

    • Joe Cat Reply

      not really.. its rising. Now its actually speaking with its own voice.

    • otto maier Reply

      @Joe Cat Yes with his own voice, which is now 50db quieter (international)🤣🤣

    • fidel catsro Reply

      we need to set up british north korea company

  20. TB Seow Reply

    Politicians make use of the ordinary guys for their own selfish interests. After that, they just dump the supporters.

    • Zendra Gallhauser Reply

      This deal is in the fishermen’s best interest!
      The British don’t eat much of the fish they catch, so they need the European market!

    • Marc Temura Reply

      They were always going dump their supports, if wasn’t English fish, it was going to be sheep from Wales.

    • Zendra Gallhauser Reply

      @Marc Temura and how would they have gotten a deal from the EU were they could still sell their fish in the EU, but that would have hurt EU fishermen?

    • Marc Temura Reply

      @Zendra Gallhauser NO, that would hurt French fisherman which still have right to fish in English waters for the next 12 years. Because the French don’t understand word conservation, think that missing in French vocabulary. I would started creating fish ponds around the world to make for all the fish that they can’t catch.

    • Zendra Gallhauser Reply

      @Marc Temura that doesn’t answer my question if Boris made no deal with the EU, who would eat British fish?
      I give you a hint: It’s not the British

  21. Isiah Andre Reply

    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  22. ongo DarioOdin Reply

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  23. Donna Felicity Reply

    Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    • David Williams Reply

      Stfu bot🖕

  24. Adrian Hudek Reply

    Fucki.. fish killers.

  25. MrJDuro Reply

    What did brexit accomplish?

    • Mar Vin Reply

      Blue passports

    • Skindred4life Reply

      @Mar Vin Made in the EU at that. 😀

    • Patrick O'Keeffe Reply

      N.I is now more closely allied to the ROI, plus the UK still paying, well it was them that messed it up.

  26. M B Reply

    Ignorant, Racist, Bigots…..

  27. Ye Tian Reply

    Come to Canada we need more experienced fishermen.

  28. J G P Reply

    People who voted for brexit did so in fear of 👳🏽‍♂️. In reality brexit means less 💷

    • Joe Cat Reply

      if brexit means less then how come the fishermen can catch more?

    • Freemind 1hunna Reply

      Agree 👍 j g p

  29. GOATtoon Reply


  30. Sir. Joshua Ra'Ne. Doebler Reply

    Fishing is just such an interesting thing though…

  31. Mar Vin Reply

    At least they have blue passports now!

    (which they even could have when staying in the EU)

    • Md imad Uddin Reply

      I thought the uk had red pasports

    • miles Reply

      @Md imad Uddin Before the EU they were blue. Everyone switched to Burgundy to be uniform. Now they’re blue again. Personally I liked the Burgundy ones better, it was more aesthetic.

  32. News Reply

    If you’re going to spend 35% of your time fishing in French waters and have your ship re-fitted in Holland and moan about the immediate payoffs after Brexit, then you need to seriously reconsider your thinking process. That is one third you spend your time in EU waters. Have some long term vision. You might enjoy your dependence on other nations but it makes you strategically weak and your immediate comments make you appear rather inept. The fisheries deal is gobshyte but we’re out. Now is not the time for weakness or giving up if you want to regain more control of YOUR fisheries. Gee, I can’t believe I have to type this comment to grown men.

  33. Alex Lu Reply

    Betrayed? How ? How?

    • Real Politics Reply

      Brexit leadership said that brotosh fishermen will get 100% control of their waters and no one else will fish here. But as it turns out, they lied and now EU still has a reduced quota of fishing in british.

  34. WeeWeeJumbo Reply

    _Welllllll if it isn’t the consequences of my own stupid actions_

    • der_ radierer Reply

      It was never a good idea to cast your vote based on your personal prejudice and hatred.
      Many a nation in Europe have learned this a long time ago. Now, so it seems, he English have elected to do so.

      But welcome to Scotland, we are looking forward to welcoming you back.

    • Joe Cat Reply

      @der_ radierer people didn’t…. unless you read lefty rags and believe EU propaganda.

    • leme Reply

      @Joe Cat EU propaganda? Lefty rags? Oh boy, if you’re not a fat cat and you’re an average Joe, you’re gonna learn soon about the hard reality coming towards you.
      UK leadership is the most incompetent leadership from Washington to Istanbul, check the way coronavirus was handled.
      You forgot that before the EU UK was a big slum with rich lords… 😉

    • Alex Russo Reply

      @Joe Cat fishermen are literally expressing their anger. Is that propaganda? Why don’t you get a job you useless slob. It’s your fault they’re losing money and livelyhood
      You utter nobody

    • Joe Cat Reply

      @Alex Russo Anger because they got back less than they thought they would … but are in a much better position than they would have been which means we’re still better off than remain regards fishing… so it hardly helps the lefty-remain narrative.

  35. Julius Bell Reply

    We’ve all been betrayed, mate.

    • Jordan Sammy Reply

      By whom ?

    • Julius Bell Reply

      @Jordan Sammy whoever has Johnson et al by the balls.

  36. Joy G Reply


  37. Sean Reply

    America AND Britain are over now? Who would have thought ☺️

    • Nonya Business Reply

      Just you

    • leme Reply

      They’re not over, buy UK is not as relevant.
      UK was used to influence EU politics, and now that this no longer possible, buh bye.

  38. Matthew Roth Reply

    Dont call it betrayal if you dont have the brain to think by yourself and predict the mess the deal was going to be. Sorry but not sorry.

  39. Patty and Buster Show Reply

    Who sold Britain’s fishing rights? Privately licensed fishermen? Government? I am curious

    • Fallout -Clash of Clans Reply

      just a question but how long was it sold for? un International law of the seas say you can only rent it out for 1 year. how many years has it been sold for under the CFP that no longer exists in the UK?

    • sunsetdreamer68 Reply

      Fishing rights were never sold, individual companies sold EU quotas. Those quotas no longer exist in UK waters. This new deal replaces it, giving EU ships a quota of 75% (down from 88%) to reduce to 40% by the end of 5 years. The only really bad bit is that part of that 75% includes a whopping 90% of cod in UK waters!

    • Real Politics Reply

      @sunsetdreamer68 good, so.eone who did their research

    • burnzy j Reply

      @sunsetdreamer68 I’m afraid you’re wrong

  40. little mermaid Reply

    Boo-hoo 😒

  41. M Mena Reply

    All this just because you hate immigrants 😂 suck it up lads

  42. Anna M. Reply

    They need to educate them self before making a decision! I keep hearing that they duu it don’t realized what they where voting for .

  43. Think Jfk Reply

    Anyone know the ‘snitch-helpline’ number that I’m supposed to call to report a party at my neighbour’s ?

    There are at least 15 people & 6 cars on the drive. They should all know that it’s not allowed with the new law that has been passed with tier 4.

    What a bunch of wankers – we’re in the middle of a major pandemic and they are ignoring the rules ! I saw them setting the barbecue up, unloading loads of booze – the music’s just started and I’m pretty sure I can smell weed !!

    I genuinely can’t believe that people are so thoughtless and self-centred !! Wankers all of them !! Anyone know how to report them ?

    False alarm, I’ve just been invited…….. stand down everyone 👍🏻👍🏻

  44. Jose C Reply

    People wanted the Empire back, they had forgotten that in the days of the Empire only the upper class got a good deal; for the rest there was the workhouse, emigrating, or sending their children down the chimneys.

    • Hobo Ryan Reply

      Wow! If only we had a prominent political theorist that wrote on perpetual class struggle and how the rich will always exploit the labour class…If only…

    • Deborah Foster Reply

      @Damion Carter You were told this before you voted but chose not to listen. It won’t get better. Learn to live with your mistakes.

    • Damion Carter Reply

      @Deborah Foster were told what before?? People like you are an embarrassment to this country. The government is literally ignoring what the people voted for and your argument is well that is what you voted for.

      The basis of Brexit was to control our own laws, control our own land and control our own waters and that hasn’t been done. That is not what people voted for at all.

    • Damion Carter Reply

      @Deborah Foster also you say learn to live with your mistakes. It’s you that has to live with this well out too. Also you celebrate the fact democracy is officially dead in this country. Unreal level of stupidity.

    • Deborah Foster Reply

      @Damion Carter You hurl a lot of insults. The politicians lied as they usually do. Brexit was doomed because it was based on lies. You believed proven liars but want to hurl insults at everyone who points this out.
      And yes, we must all live with that vote based on lies. On that you are correct. If only we had freedom of movement then I could leave.

  45. Willa Grolimund Reply

    Of course, they do ….

  46. Nicolas Smith Reply

    Nice one

  47. Nicolas Smith Reply

    Best one

  48. al l Reply

    Talk about a biased and one sided segment.

    • Ford 250 Reply

      My thinking as well.

  49. CK N Reply

    Well… deals done

  50. Judy Kinsman Reply

    Now who really thought the brexitors would ever be satisfied?

  51. mrblackalchemist Reply

    Typical political con, appeal to hatred and anger in people’s hearts. Then have these fools vote in droves for your side unaware of the potential consequences and how a select few benefit and then absolve yourself of the pifalls for the masses.

    • danielkjm Reply

      Soo True

  52. Patrick O'Keeffe Reply

    Seriously did they believe Borris??

  53. Mi Movil Reply

    What’s the future of Labour? Do you guys reckon there could be a potential reunification campaign some time in the future? As someone in the continent, I am sad to see the UK leave.

  54. Relson Moral Reply

    Told ya.

  55. Claudio Diov Reply

    Hahahahahahahaha From Monday Brexiters won’t get their 350m per week

  56. lili thing Reply

    an antichrist fisherman.
    god said he will scattering many nation that want to be one like tower of babel.

    but this men wanted to be a new tower of babel.

    • Real Politics Reply

      Religious fanatic spotted, talking of wrath and harm to people. As usual. Also your non existent god never made an appearance in this world in any way. Ever.

    • lili thing Reply

      @Real Politics
      based what your opinion?

      god are never appear to you because he not in here yet.

      but it time he came to you is when you resurrected from your dead body for your judgement.

      isn’t that enough explain to you?
      or you just cannot use logical thinking by any means.

  57. 何抒扬 Reply

    political is the magnifying glass of human relatiomship~~

  58. obazas Reply

    It was all about their fish & chips.

  59. Michael Goodwins Reply

    We voted leave, didn’t even leave.

    • Real Politics Reply

      That’s what you get for bring stupid and trusting in tory/brexit leadership.

    • leme Reply

      Oh no honey, you’re out and you turned from a puppeteer to a puppet.

  60. Let's Review Reply


  61. محمد دويدار Reply

    سبحان الله

  62. Ehsan Reply

    Promises made by fools, believed by buffoons

  63. Winner Threemil Reply

    Hang on…so what’s the issue?

    • Real Politics Reply

      Brexit leadership said that british fidhermen will get 100% control of british waters for fishing but as it turns out they didnt get it. EU quota only got reduced somewhat. They will continue to fish here.


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  65. Impeached loser bunker baby tRump Reply

    The fish rots from the head!

  66. Sword fish Reply

    Boris celebrated this deal on live television. He didnt say how he threw these people under the bus. Shame.

    • Eljan Rimsa Reply

      He did, actually. He mentioned the 25% you’ll be getting back over the next 5 years. (He didn’t mention it was 25% from 33%)

  67. Jhon Dow Reply

    You people didn’t really think BRITAIN was founded on people wishes ” NOW DID YOU !! ” ?

  68. Real Politics Reply

    Every single thing said by the Brexit leadership was a lie!

  69. A B Reply

    Johnson doesn’t care

  70. H.C. Collier Reply

    All politicians are part of organized criminal gangs. If they don’t start out that way they all eventually leave politics or join the gang of parasites that make a living off the public trough.

  71. Bill Whitis Reply

    Conservative government. You voted for it.

  72. leme Reply

    Betrayed? These guys live in what century? How can you expect to have the same power of negociation as EU?
    Don’t they get it that brexit was made so that the elites could pay lower taxes and lower wages..?
    The British politicians repeatedly say they brexit’s gonna make uk more competitive- this implies costs reduction-.
    Just think 😉

  73. Alex Oh Reply

    ‘We knew we would get shafted but I still did it’ How brainless are these people? They deserve everything they get.

  74. Roy Kom Reply

    Why do European countries feel the need to control one another in order to have free trade and sustainable peace?! Clearly nothing has changed.

  75. No Justice For Me Reply

    Very good

  76. siddharth b Reply

    Enjoy your new found freedom

  77. Precious Reply

    They’ll.go to Somalia and illegally fish there

    • fidel catsro Reply

      thats a great idea, they should set up british west africa company

  78. michael mchale Reply

    The continuing sell out of fishing to EU is a disgrace. The Channel cod quota of 10% to UK is beyond belief. The fisherman and their family and friends will not forget this treachery.

  79. power hounds Reply

    We don’t feel betrayed at all Boris delivered we’re free of Brussels and happy we have banned pulse fishing in our waters 10mins after we left we stand United a sovereign United Kingdom

    • Gav Reply

      You hear that lads?! I can’t go work in Spain anymore, but we’ve banned pulse fishing! RULE BRITANNIA, BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES!

    • power hounds Reply

      @Gav well not strictly true you would just have to undergo the same application as anyone from any independent nation globally there has been 4 years passed since the vote you failed to make any plans in case …. seems like a plan to fail to me or you genuinely thought democracy didn’t matter and the will of the people would just be ignored either way terrible move on your part Farage has ensured he can continue working on the continent without too much difficulty so when we apply ourselves it’s well achievable but instead you waste that energy moaning because a vote didn’t go your way

    • Gav Reply

      @power hounds you don’t know what you are talking about. Not every industry will sponsor applicants. The jobs I used to go for around the EU now all state “EU residents only”. I’ve lost real work and my prospects have shrunk. Enjoy your increased pulse stocks you lemon.

    • power hounds Reply

      @Gav enlighten us as to what it is you do? And why you have not applied for eu citizenship during this process allowing you access seems like your looking for someone to blame and can’t accept ultimately it’s the man in the mirror

  80. der_ radierer Reply

    I’m so sorry for the English fishermen. They’ve been had and lied to by Farage and the Tories. They’ve been mere pawns for the English ruling class to scrap the protection of EU membership and once again get unlimited power over the English plebs.
    Welcome to project reality. This was never about fish.

  81. Robert Lee Reply

    65% of fsherman on UK boat are immigrants. Young Brits don’t want to fish lol

  82. Alison Hilll Reply

    The powers that be international zionist bankers rule this World, about time we take back our central banks from these psychopaths.

    • mushfique hassan Reply

      how can you say that?They control Central banks for more than 200 years.They aren’t stupid.

  83. Chuckie Manio Reply

    Thats what you get for being hateful, petty idiots

  84. Anas Judge Reply

    Ok, so ask them if they would prefer to be back in the common fisheries agreement? No…

  85. Mar Vin Reply

    Nice: „Morgan Stanley plans to move about 100 billion euros ($120 billion) of assets to Frankfurt, the latest Wall Street bank to shift business away from the U.K.“

  86. TechWorld 007 Reply

    Well this is what you get from a Tory government. Says one thing does another

  87. Ruugaa Raqe Reply

    these people and thier little island is a curse to humanity, when you look bac all the centuries long prejudice

  88. Lucas Nault Reply

    I remember reading about this before the vote. These fisherman were the spine of Brexit. Everyone, but they themselves knew they were about to get screwed. Always the people at the bottom getting screwed by far right politics, will they ever learn.

  89. Wesley Henning Reply

    Why are they crying? Their spokesmen forced Johnson to agree a deal, they said they would not be able to sell their fish into the EU if there was no deal

  90. Garfield JV Reply

    Listen small fisher much better than big!

  91. Mike Williamson Reply

    Democracy what a joke politician’s do what they want

  92. callaghan728 Reply

    How thick were the fishermen in believing the Tories cared about them?

  93. The Mr. Man Reply

    *_Just like the Middle East after the sikes pikot agreement. Let the british cry._*

  94. SinAlbert CK WONG Reply

    Punish the EU…

  95. Lemur Gulliver Reply

    Not Brexit, break-it.

  96. Ted Reply

    what is it with this rag, i’ve never seen them run any story but a negative one about BREXIT

    have they made a deal with the western european establishment to oppose BREXIT in return for not being banned ?

  97. Ted Reply

    true the fisherman haven’t got what they wanted, but a darn sight more than they had, with all the carping going on i think we can assume their all lefties

  98. fidel catsro Reply

    yum yum i need a macdonalds fish fillet after watching this

  99. Marcílio Abritta Reply

    The smell that comes off from the rotting carcass of a dead empire is quite unbearable.

  100. Patricia et Colin Clegg Reply

    The EU Parliament has banned Pulse Fishing, A good first step.The threat of unsustainable fishing practices is however increasing as trawlers from all over the world look
    to increase catch of all species. The betrayal of UK fishermen by government should now reinforce their determination to take a European approach including colleagues from France, Eire, Norway and Holland together with International Organizations who share your aims.

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