Indonesia searches for flight recorder of crashed plane


An Indonesian search team has uncovered more human remains in the Java Sea – days after a passenger plane crashed just minutes after takeoff.
As victims’ families mourn, divers are searching the waters to the north of Jakarta – looking for the aircraft’s flight recorder.
Authorities are confident signals from the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorders were detected north of Jakarta’s coast.
Al Jazeera’s Jessica Washington has the latest from Jakarta, Indonesia.

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71 thoughts on “Indonesia searches for flight recorder of crashed plane

  1. Rashida Patel Reply

    😪💔..sad, condolences & prayers for family.

  2. Benson Manners Reply

    2021 has started!

    • atinis Reply

      I wanted to write the same comment lol!

    • Benson Manners Reply

      @atinis are you my lost sibling!

    • atinis Reply

      @Benson Manners 😂😂😂

  3. obe dan Reply

    Innalillahiwainnailairojiun… musibah sungguh menyedihkan. Semoga keluarga mangsa tabah😔

  4. Md Sojib khan Reply

    26 yeras old plane use Indonesia

    • blob blob Reply

      And that too the infamous Boeing

    • dizdimples Reply

      @blob blobexactly

    • Diaz Reply

      no matter how old if it’s still good and maintenance well so it’s okay to fly, with permission and safety check.

  5. Atey Dzari Reply

    How horror they might have been experienced. How much painful they might have been suffered. I just can’t stop imagining screaming, shouting, kicking for life.
    Nothing can repay the Lost of our love one. My deepest condolences to every family’s members those who have lost their love one..

  6. Ahmed Reply

    My thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost loved ones. From Somalia

  7. Imtaz King Reply

    It is really a sad news

  8. MetaView7 Reply

    Boeing is cooked.
    This is not a simple crash. No signal. No MayDay. No panic . . . just disappeared.

    • seamo9000deBuilder SUPERBEING Reply

      No…They said pilots struggled for seconds upon seconds to correct the problem or find OUT the issue.
      It didn’t just not give a signal. It gave ⚠ Warning!

    • seamo9000deBuilder SUPERBEING Reply

      @Apit Ameer Of course i feel THEY would pass the buck an say error on pilots. CAN YOU TELL ME WHY DO THEY KEEP INSISTING to sale this piece of

    • MetaView7 Reply

      @seamo9000deBuilder SUPERBEING what kind of BS is that?

  9. Blue not Sus Reply

    2021’s few days – indonesia plane crash, US capitol riots,Bird flu increasing in my country noted let’s see what else.

    • Hendry Mulyana Reply

      How about Corona virus is still running

    • Kahiira Geofrey Reply

      Which country au in

    • Blue not Sus Reply

      @Kahiira Geofrey India

  10. Cahaya Timur Reply


    • Danero Pormes Reply


    • Cahaya Timur Reply

      @Danero Pormes Boeing 737 MAX.. Lion Air Indonesia…Lion Air JT-610 crash 2018

    • MITRA CABE Reply

      Ga nyambung

  11. dave denham Reply

    Looking for anything that could be from the plane!!?…..are you kidding!!…….THE WHOLE SEABED is covered in wreckage and remains!!

  12. Shaira Sakilan Reply

    My hear💔😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. shahbaz ik Reply

    so sad 😞

  14. NOZKahnVlogs Reply

    The ones who own the airplane should be put to trial for lack of negligence.It’s just lack of laziness and being extremely tight to let a plane that old to still fly the sky’s until it gives out.And look what happened?! You got what you asked for.Plane gave out aswell as the unexpected loss of IMPORTANT lives.They wasn’t ready for that

    • LeeKiller2020 Reply

      There are 40 years old Planes flying with less maintenance And havent crashed.

    • Diaz Reply

      a plane wouldn’t be flying if there’s no permission, no matter how old if it’s still good and maintenance well it’s okay to fly.

    • Garindra Reply

      How about B737 Max 8?

  15. NOZKahnVlogs Reply

    My hopes and prayers go out to all the family’s who have lost there loved ones.The pain they are going through is unimaginable.May Allah the almighty grant them heaven

  16. AMAN JAIN Reply

    Pray for all the people in the flight and condolences for the family members..

  17. seamo9000deBuilder SUPERBEING Reply

    I HOPE no countries BUY THAT OCEAN LINER. THIS MODEL(737) BELONGS at the junk yard.

    • LeeKiller2020 Reply

      You belong to junk yard

    • jeahan ke tu Reply

      Is not abt the boing company…u should wait more..this crash probably bcz of old plane or somethind else…wait for the official statement y this plane crash

    • LeeKiller2020 Reply

      @jeahan ke tu exactly, when they say it was Boeing, everyone says that Boeing Is trash etc…

    • seamo9000deBuilder SUPERBEING Reply

      @jeahan ke tu §TOP IT!…369 KEMITES(€GYPTIANS),AFRIKANS DIED from flying on a 737. Then another 737 crashed. This IS THE 3RD CRASH MAN. WAKE UP AN STAY WOKE..NEVER SLEEP!
      🇺🇸 U $ is

    • seamo9000deBuilder SUPERBEING Reply

      @jeahan ke tu NO IAM NOT WAITING. IT seems like you one of the folk that wait on Jesus to come back.

  18. Ana Karina Reply

    The fear they Felt and disperation … îs just horible 😔😭
    May they all rest in heaven

  19. Mahdi Sulaiman Reply

    Indonesian aviation record is worst in Asia

    • Fathir Prana Putra Reply

      How About Garuda Indonesia?

    • dazzling wave Reply

      Source please?

  20. Green ice Reply

    Won’t fly in that area one to many crashes 😔

    • Micah Bell The Third Reply

      What do you mean?

  21. Teddy Power Reply

    They’ve got the boxes. Just tell us what’s on the recordings.

  22. zakndao Reply

    This time the airline business from there will be out of business sooner or later they keeping hurting people families cus of greed and not worries about the safety

    • seamo9000deBuilder SUPERBEING Reply

      Yes you are correct. Iam sadden for families. Iam not sad for the ones that keep the sale of this spruce goose vibration of a plane made of wood to keep flying.

  23. Mehedi Prodhan Reply


  24. P4K1R4MB0 Reply


  25. Macaw Parrot Eggs ForSale Reply

    This is sad

  26. mauro stocovaz Reply

    I consider my life an exceptional, fantastic, indisputably unique good therefore indivisible and my life is my total property 12.01.2021

    Considero la mia vita un bene eccezionale, fantastico, indiscutibilmente unico quindi indivisibile la mia vita e’ di mia totale proprieta’ 12.01.2021

  27. Ahenbong Bong Reply

    At the beginning of this year the Indonesian aviation world mourned the tragedy of the SJ 182 fall after takeoff

  28. Namaloom Pakistani Reply

    Boeing is a h-bitch

  29. Sidick Ramjan Reply

    May Allah put them among the shahid n give their family sabar

  30. Apit Ameer Reply

    as happened to Air Asia few years ago… according to aviation authorities after full investigation, it was pilot error… well, both dead pilot cant defend themselves…. 😁

    maybe Sriwijaya fatal excident will also the pilot to be blamed…

    Indonesia has the worst record in aviation in the world? did the aviation companies hired incompetent pilot? or did the companies hired unqualified aircraft engineers? or tbey hired english illiterate mechanics?

    the answer is… corrupted management personnel is the culprit..!!!

  31. Kahiira Geofrey Reply

    They should rest i peace because by the time they were on board they were highly innocent people

  32. samsuddin salleh Reply

    Can’t they added a special parachute with elastic rope for emergency cases to their planes? Logically if they can fly it then reducing the speed of falling is nothing.

    • Hisham Yassar Reply

      Nope it doesn’t work like that

  33. subham kumar Reply


  34. Indo Crop Circles Reply

    *In Indonesia, December – February are the worst and horrible rainy season in every years.Tropical rain makes weather unpredictable and scary. Sunny day could changes with dark cloud only in minutes! That’s why if you look into timeline about airplane crashes in Indonesia, they are between that months*

  35. DREAM DOLL Reply

    some body told 28 years old ✈

  36. tong vo Reply

    I from Vietnamese , 🙏🙏Please pray for them🙏🙏🙏

  37. Since11 Reply

    Pray for Indonesia 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    I’m Thai

  38. Your channel Reply

    When you hit water at speed it’s pretty much like concrete

  39. abu mussaib tunio Reply

    Every time there is a ready fall in this side sea the pilot should change the place a little.

  40. Maryam Ibrahim Reply

    Inaalilaah wa inaa ilayhi raajacuun Allah ha u naxariisto muslimiintiu ku dhimatay

  41. Golden Huts Reply

    I hate 2020 and 2021 😭

  42. Hassanah Hamad Reply

    Innalillahi wainnailaihi Raji’un

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