CRISPR: What is the future of gene editing? | Start Here


CRISPR allows scientists to perform surgery on our DNA.
For people with genetic diseases it has transformed lives with corrections that aren’t passed on to others.
But should the technology be used in ways that permanently transform the human race?

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119 thoughts on “CRISPR: What is the future of gene editing? | Start Here

  1. Zeeshan Sarwar Reply

    That technology in the wrong hands can lead to a disastrous future. All govts should unanimously take steps to control such stuff.

    • 1Flyingfist Reply

      If we are finding out about it in a YouTube video, whoever works for those governments, probably did this 5-10 years ago. 😳

      Otherwise it would be too secret and a threat to national security, or something.

      Hasn’t this been done for years? 🤣 Do you think that the gay/trans explosion was 100% natural?

      Riiiight…. 🙄

  2. American Nomad News Reply

    Academia can’t figure out that we’re not overpopulated I don’t trust him with DNA research just yet.

  3. Ted Seidler Reply

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  4. Ueki Hunter Reply

    China will be testing it.. and even the west can’t control them..

  5. Mohit Alam Reply

    Amazingly covered the whole topic. Please come out with more such emerging technologies.

  6. norma beatriz Reply

    It does not matter if we like it or not, if the manipulation and modification of the genome is possible, it can be hindered for a certain time but no one can stop it.
    And like so many other discoveries and inventions, they can be used for good or for evil. The ultimate goal of science is knowledge for its own sake. Ethical and moral considerations belong to philosophy and can change with time and culture.

  7. THE Aquarian Reply

    More idiots like you?


    Can it cure HIV ????

    • WDean Reply

      Yeh right. Where are those twins? Should we know if it worked or not?

  9. Its Just Me Reply

    They didnt discover it. I did. Let me know when you want my help. Thanks.

    • Its Just Me Reply

      @G D Lmao. It was a rhetorical question backed with bias and prejudice from an uneducated and incompetent social standard.
      No reasonable person could answer that question.

    • G D Reply

      @Its Just Me you gathered all that from “are you a scientist” wow. Mr smarty. Carry on

    • Its Just Me Reply

      @G D Lol. I gathered from just “society”. And you need to have a reality check and take a look at the world around you so maybe you know what planet you are on or at least what living creatures live on it with you.

    • Its Just Me Reply

      @G D Btw, you know your responses are prejudiced when you start a sentence with Mr. to a woman, because you assume men own intelligence.

    • XIAO Reply

      @Its Just Me /r/iamverysmart LMAO

  10. Murtaza G.Abbas Reply

    Great episode, Thumbs up.

  11. Its Just Me Reply

    You don’t edit your dna. You edit the dna of the diseases so that when they introduce themselves to your body, they are neutralized. You don’t edit yourself and try to play God.

    • XIAO Reply

      CRISPR-Cas9 can be used to edit your own genome, it has already been done back in 2018. the tool allow us to cut and replace any gene in our entire body, wherever we wish.

  12. Kee Kl Reply

    no way i’m injecting myself with the thingy so-called vaccine. double no way when that computer programs & software thief is championing it.

  13. adithya bontha Reply

    Really Insightful. Great work Sandra 💯🐐

  14. Promotion Telugu Videos Reply

    Muscular dystrophy disease cure for this technology

  15. Its Just Me Reply

    Inverse engineered anthrax using the same “motion”, but in the opposite direction. Anthrax causes rapid deterioration resulting in the stages of decomposition. The antibodies that develop design themselves to reverse decomposition while still alive. The bacterial antibody bonds with viral disease spore having the opposite molecular poling. Then using a fast “motion” as to almost allow friction to deteriorate the viral disease core by transferring charges between the bacterial antibody and the viral toxin core. The core toxin of the viral disease is neutralized and the antibodies of the bacteria bond to the viral spore. The viral spore develops it’s own antibodies and then flushes out the empty delivery system. How to cure aids, covid, and any other viral disease. You can use the antibody system that already exists to recreate vaccinations. It is electromagnetic shock therapy. Low dose energy, no different than already in your body, and rapid motion of magnetic charges carried in the electrical charge of the spore that allow ionic and covalent bonding to naturally neutralize disease, rather than genetic modification of the human body.

    • Leemitless _ Reply

      Post your citations too.

    • Its Just Me Reply

      @Leemitless _ I write the laws of physics. I don’t cite them. I am an Einstein. I am not you.

  16. thang sang Reply

    Somebody have Troat grab fetish

  17. Sukai Penn Reply

    Freedom peace and Blessings 🥕🥕

  18. Its Just Me Reply

    Let’s talk about gene editing shall we.
    How to create covid:
    Insulin, a common medication in many households, is created with recombinant dna. That is the editing of animal dna to allow it to live in a human host. Synthesized it can be used as an agent to modify the dna of infectious diseases isolated from the sh** of animals, exactly the same way you idiotic people create vaccines, and exactly how AIDS was created in the first place. In it’s solid form, it also could crystallize, or form “glass”. As in, it’s the same agent used to create the 2001 anthrax attacks.

  19. Mohsin Ashraf Reply

    Love you 💖

  20. Caring Sharing Reply

    Whilst doing research at med school, I had my own private project by experimenting with genes. I tweaked some babies’ genes to be disease-resistant and today as teens, they never got ill nor have they any concept of what it is like to be unwell. I also modified their sirtuin 6 gene to slow down aging after reaching the end of their teens. So when they reach around 20, hopefully they will remain as youthful even past 100. In other words, providing all goes well and they don’t get run over in an accident, I don’t see why they can’t live perpetually.

    • Mr steal your wife Reply

      Weirdo nerd! Hands off genes you freak

  21. Pharaoh Akhenaten Reply

    Nature will correct itself within the next generation and that’s when mutants will be born.

  22. Aziz Aziz Reply

    Guys the Anunaki are back.

  23. Sarah M Reply

    WOW! Great report!! Keep on

  24. Ggrg Reply

    Who wants designer babies?
    Humans engineered especially to survive in space or on other planets.

    • Robert McGarry Reply

      Designer engineered bio weapons! The military always gets it first. Begs a few questions, in all honesty.

  25. Jovan Dudley Reply


  26. thang sang Reply

    What if Chinese government create super human race already . Haha they don’t follow any ethical rule it’s about their party. Anything is possible

  27. une ze Reply

    This is the scariest reporting have seen in a while, even more scary than people dying of covid

    • G D Reply

      Probably the best thing to happen ever.

  28. rawsinc1 Reply

    AlJazeera being non-political…wow!!

  29. Iliyas Zhanatuly Reply

    They didn’t “invent” CRISPR, they discovered it

    • Asterlofts Reply

      Yes, you are right.

    • Leemitless _ Reply

      They invented the tooling for CRISPR to be used on human genome.

    • G D Reply

      CRISPR is an Acronymn. So Techincally they invented the name which is what they gave the process. SO yeah they invented it.

  30. Danyaahl's Vision Reply

    No gene editing

    • XIAO Reply

      Yes to gene editing.

  31. Zhanat Kaltayev Reply


  32. ASA,The Truth seeker Reply

    So attractive and affective I love u and love ur speech and reports

  33. Hissen Daud Reply

    I ❤ so much al Jazeera English

  34. Asterlofts Reply

    They finally talk more about CRISPR on a bigger channel… and by the way, they didn’t really invent CRISPR, as I read in another comment, they simply “re-discovered” it from bacteria, where in this it acts as their system immune.


  35. pitster110 Reply

    If this technology has th potential to eliminate genetic disease it should be allowed and fully funded by the government. Of course there should be regulation but not condemned and buried

  36. najibullah rahemy Reply


  37. Jawed Manowar Reply

    Its always great such updated short and brief Videos
    Hope to watch in coming times more of the video’s

  38. M B Reply

    So much has happened since CRISPR began.

  39. Gaths Family Reply

    Would l be unethical……
    If I cut out a nasty genetically bourne disease in my daughter, ………..
    And cloned one healthy fertilized egg of herself to exist alongside her !!!!
    I think it will be an ultimate lifelong gift to her !!!!!

  40. Dennis Kessler Reply

    A fine investment

  41. Danielle Nunya Reply

    2004 God gene and a very fascinating fun vax hoax. Naming a respiratory virus as ideal….

    2010 g-found. Is part of a funding announcement for development of mass vaccine implementation emphasizing the use of nanotech/bots (example given was mosquitos) and this was not for US projects.

    2011 DARPA (check out their weird projects) published they had created a sars2 hydrogel vaccine for US soldiers. (Scrubbed from the web 2020).

    2019 event 201…. (G-foundation…the infamous eugenics folks also behind that).

    This is all so relevant to c19.

    Just wait for it…..

    The covid vaccines are absolutely about genetic modification– which vaccines are more about proteins than altering genetic coding.

    So… This now has me thinking of the movie rampage. Maybe everyone will turn into some big awesome monsters that are triggered by a signal/frequency…

    Science fiction is so fun. transhumanism…

    Eugenics and genocide? Would explain a lot of the abortion locations and the implied consent vaccines for india and Africa (known to be hazardous and had terrible results for MANY).

  42. Gilgalore Games Reply

    is this the video that tells us american parents will soon dump tons of money into making their kids blonde and blue eyed

  43. Boqor radio Reply

    Diseases are natural population control! Stop editing

  44. 4 876 Reply

    Let’s talk about dinner sometime

  45. troy milton Reply

    i would jst edit genes through vaccination under the guise of flue.. guessing thats what thr doing

  46. troy milton Reply

    super soldiers! super soldiers!.. i want to incarnate as a Chinese super soldier

  47. Jack Handy Reply

    Day um she is fine I would like edit them genes😍

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  49. Istanbul Beauty Reply

    Welcome back to Aljazeera studio

  50. Geel Jire Reply


  51. Robert McGarry Reply

    Cure disease, design engineered babies, but never bio weapons that’s just too much to fathom. Because human beings are so good with self restraint.

  52. KML 7 Reply

    Oh no no no! This is a big fat no! This will turn to playing God. There is Nothing new under the sun!

  53. Ernest Abor Reply

    It looks as if humans don’t appreciate the gift of life and are gradually doing everything to destroy the human race

    • Winston Maraj Reply

      Always the dunces

    • XIAO Reply

      gift of life? lmao yeah life is great with diseases… don’t you want your children to be healthy and free of disease? I sure do.

  54. Nusrat Shahid Reply


  55. LAMYAL Reply

    In far future everyone will be super human, all equal like robot . Then THE END !

  56. D link Reply

    Let’s go ahead and x-men everyone on Earth

  57. onesecond tillmidnight Reply

    Like the Bible says the lastdays will be as in the days of Noah.

    • David Heller Reply

      No last days we are going to 2030 and beyond🤣

  58. David Jennings Reply

    We don’t even know if He Jiankui really did what he claimed, or it’s another case of alleged breakthroughs in China that then disappear without a trace.

  59. Hamid Alsuhail Reply

    If it’s used by idiots , remember abortion at any possible moment

  60. saron bon Reply

    Born of a wolverine type super soldier or maybe deadpool like.. perfect chance for them to create chaos in the future

  61. Iman Fattah Reply

    Gosh Sandra…. You’re so wooooowww 😍

  62. Stephawn Mattis Reply

    Can’t make a good vaccine but you want to mess with thousands of years of biological evolution

  63. The Precursor Reply

    you are the best

  64. David Heller Reply

    It’s ok to play god there is no intervening god 🤣

  65. David Heller Reply

    Just use ai so no harmful mutations or further on artificial general intelligence.

  66. mjs1231 Reply

    Asmr news lmao

  67. Hae Coser Reply

    Covid is a plan the vaccine speaks for itself once you got vaccinated the editing process is about to start xD

  68. Hae Coser Reply

    It sounds like a starts of an apocalypse advertisement lmao
    *Umbrella corporation vibes*

  69. Sandhya Mohanan Reply

    Create diseases n then talk abt d cure
    Oh puhleeez
    It’s all about moni
    Create d virus n then create d anti virus 😂😂😂

  70. Helen Troy Reply

    They will tell you gene editing helps people but in reality all diseases can be cured with organic diets and lifestyle changes but they want to make a profit off of making you sick…PROFITS ROLLING IN

  71. Musa Imran Reply

    I think this technology is a massive achievement if it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

  72. Freedom621 Reply

    Its like re-watching Japanese anime Gundam Seed but happening in real life. The Japanese had already envision using this technology to create the perfect human being……. caused a fracture in human society. This formed a new genetic modified human being called Coordinator and the human who are not modified called the Natural. Its a dangerous thing to modified human being at this stage.

  73. Leisure Channel Reply

    Jainkui acted irresponsibly, but that doesn’t mean embryologic gene editing is bad in of itself, or that it should be a red line. The stake are high, so a more careful, controlled approach ought to be adopted. And certainly doesn’t mean it is inherently bad.

  74. sanjaybhosle10 Reply

    But Chinese always try to trespass restricted areas !

  75. Leah Reply

    i thought it is common knowledge that HIV/AIDS positive parents can have a negative child as long as blood between mum and chiid;s blood doesnt come into contact during delivery.i don;t get why he had to involve the twins in his evil experiment.probably f0r sadistic pleasure and potential for wealth.Reminds me of mojo jojo .

  76. Abass 54 Reply

    Manipulation of minds . Only those can survive who are intelligent. Super humans. Rest will not be cured but eliminated. Survival of fittest 👍

  77. Vazeer Khan Reply

    you will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension. ~TESLA

  78. Apee Himalaya Chand Reply

    NASA wasting millions on making space suits which can keep Astronaut safe from extreme condition of outer space well they need to switch to CRISPER

  79. Richard Nunziata Reply

    To much fear mongering … there is no good argument that society is not capable of creating social institutions needed to control , assign and distribute benefits of this technology.

  80. Sajid Abbas Malek Reply

    Who else isn’t able to fully concentrate?

  81. M. D. Reply

    I was watching a movie from Netflix about Crisp is horrible, any “ scientist “ or whoever can buy it and do experiment in their garage. This is a genetic modification on humans. Instead of start to think how to raise a healthy generation ( food , medicine, exercise, ) , it is easier just change genes .

  82. Adel A. Reply

    The Boys … IRL

  83. Zhanat Kaltayev Reply


  84. Sky Hope Reply

    We really cant grasp the surprises of future

  85. Zak LA Reply

    See you in 2031 on aljazeera arabic

  86. oligokid Reply

    Best way to edit genes is still natural selection.

  87. Amun Reply

    It’s not our say. It’s not our decision whether or not people should use this technology. It’s like abortion.

  88. Katara Reply

    plsss her voice is so good

  89. M Reply

    This will start the zombie apocalypse.

  90. Michael McLaggan Reply

    With Mike Pompeo’s recent announcement (lacking evidence) of an apparent al-Qaeda presence in Iran, how about doing a video on Iran-US relations since the 1979 revolution until the present?

  91. BP Reply

    huh, is it just me or are these videos not appearing in my subscriptions feed?

  92. Laeven D Reply

    “it’s uncharted territory” So charter it then. How are you suppose to make progress of you’re all scared wussies. It’s like refusing to use a digger over a shovel because the shovel is all you’ve known and so CRISPR puts you outside your comfort zone.

  93. sheep herder Reply

    over expression of CRISPR/CAS9 cause chromosome defects! lies and more lies

  94. sheep herder Reply


  95. Dawa Jailani Reply


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