Youth Poet Amanda Gorman Recites Poem At Presidential Inauguration | NBC News

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Amanda Gorman, the youngest known inaugural poet in U.S. history, recites her poem “The Hill We Climb.”
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Youth Poet Amanda Gorman Recites Poem At Presidential Inauguration | NBC News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Marilyn Keunecke-Smith says:

    Inspiring! Gives us a senses of hope again.

  2. Avatar DODGE 450r says:

    👎👎👎👎👎👎 lmao

  3. Avatar DubCmusicTV says:

    more educated than AOC.

  4. Avatar Neil Herron says:

    How cute. What a sad poem. It sucked.
    But I love her courage. Keep trying girl. And buck up. America used to be free. Now we are communists. The future is grim and our past was freedom. She is way too young to have a clue of what she is even talking about. Someone lied to this little girl. How sad

    • Avatar Neil Herron says:

      I’ve never heard such ignorance. She sounds so ignorant

  5. Avatar Neil Herron says:

    Wow. So very lame

  6. Avatar George Jackson says:

    *this is pure garbage, I see exactly what they’re doing by putting this young black lady up here*

    This is called a *’Ron Jeremy’* poem

    • Avatar jamesblond516 says:

      @George Jackson why would I?

    • Avatar George Jackson says:

      @jamesblond516 *why not?*

    • Avatar jamesblond516 says:

      @George Jackson because there’s no reason to? Also, why are you typing in bold?

    • Avatar George Jackson says:

      @jamesblond516 there’s a *REASON* for everything

      I’m a *bold* person

    • Avatar jamesblond516 says:

      @George Jackson you’re a weird person lol. What’s the reason in this case?

  7. Avatar Heroluke22 says:

    We gonna banzai into a better union or something

  8. Avatar John Lawson says:

    Brilliant. If you’re good enough, you’re old enough! Amanda nailed this one beautifully. This couldn’t happen at a Trump event because it is always about him.

  9. Avatar Scott says:

    “And the norms and notions of what just is isn’t always justice” – such wise words from a poised, articulate speaker. Just brilliant

  10. Avatar Janet Villanueva says:

    Beautiful ❤️ tears of joy and peace.

  11. Avatar SLim Rich says:

    This child literally presented the entire American history in few lines of her proem and also described the entire future of America in those few lines. She provided a message of hope for Americans in those few lines of her poem that would take 50 sermons preached in church to accomplish. To prove me wrong , just rewatch the video with a small dictionary next you for words research to understand word by word and its definition.

  12. Avatar cookielicious 33 says:

    That was beautiful

  13. Avatar Cynthia Bartal says:

    Future President right there!

  14. Avatar Dre Devouil says:

    i loved it amazing just go girl black lives matter

  15. Avatar P Robey says:


  16. Avatar Holly Zimmerman says:

    I couldn’t help but cry as I heard her speak of justice, of peace, of hope, and of light. Her words make me believe again and give me strength. The future will be bright because we will make it so.

  17. Avatar Simply Julia says:

    Phenomenal young African woman….YES MA’AM SMART , AMBITIOUS & A LEADER!!!! THANK U FOR SHARING YOUR GIFT🙌🏽

  18. Avatar Joe g says:


  19. Avatar M D says:

    Well done well done. What a tremendously beautiful and brilliant young woman. BRAVO

    Although I’m a huge fan of Lopez and GaGa, In years to come,, it is this young woman I will remember and speak about to my grandchildren. I’m inspired by her grace, truth, intellect, poise and beauty.

  20. Avatar ᗷᖇᗩYᗪIᑎ ᗷ. says:

    She is such an inspiration. When i watched her live yesterday i started crying because it was so beautiful and powerful. She is so beautiful and young, and i’m sure is an inspiration for many other young girls out there.

  21. Avatar ᗷᖇᗩYᗪIᑎ ᗷ. says:

    “We’ve learned that quiet isnt always peace” 😭✊🏽🙏🥺

  22. Avatar Skeletor Longbottom says:

    This poem should be mandatory at every antifa insurgence.

  23. Avatar steven joseph says:

    From John P. Read : “It’s only through mistakes we make We learn where we went wrong.”

  24. Avatar Evelyn Argueta Tysick says:


  25. Avatar Kandace with a K says:

    There is always light if only we are brave enough to see it!

  26. Avatar Patrick Wissmann says:

    Amanda, what a performance: perfect, flawless, beautiful.
    You are a shining star with a bright future. The world is watching.

  27. Avatar Rick Sneed says:

    She is powerful !!!! Elegant, Eloquent, and Articulate… Cannot help welling up listening to this young woman.

  28. Avatar Encyclopedia Brown says:

    “Recite” ? She WROTE the poem, not just recited it.

  29. Avatar Osinachi Chelsea says:


  30. Avatar Johanna Hribal says:

    Here to say, GREAT Spanish captions, very accurate and some of the rhyming is even maintained. I used this in my classroom to allow my native Spanish-speaking students to enjoy this beautiful poem. Thanks, NBC!

  31. Avatar Nashe Fore says:


  32. Avatar Alexander Reith says:

    Imagine being such a wanker you dislike this speech

  33. Avatar Jill M Izzo says:


  34. Avatar Yo Drop says:

    Life is like a job interview. They cannot hire you if you are not the right candidate. However Biden showed us that my comment is not a fact.

  35. Avatar Larry Settles says:

    As a poet. She spit this beautifully

  36. Avatar David Zamora says:

    She just made Ivanka, all the trumpas children his wife and trumpas himself be insignificant as a thought in the imagination, that in reality where person’s that try to distroy everything that was rite and dignity, and to top it off destroy America and democracy, what ashame, what shame, what a shame.

  37. Avatar Gordon Glenn says:

    I would like to know, if the woman that appears several times dressed in purple is Amanda Gorman’s mother.
    What an absolutely brilliant young woman she has raised.

  38. Avatar AB says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue.
    Joe stole this election
    and has dementia too.

  39. Avatar Art Pintauro says:

    Intelligence and courage at this level is what is needed to balance the ignorance and fear of the Qanon imbeciles

  40. Avatar StefanMarkBee says:

    …in comparison to our “extremely dry procedures in Germany” I really liked all the “show elements” and selection of songs – “This land is you’re land …” and than “amazing grace ” and the wonderfully “hill we climb” recite transported a spirit of hope & change & decancy – there is great chance now, the transatlantic relations will change for the better! Hallo from Europe!

    • Avatar Lena Price says:

      Hello, From America!

  41. Avatar tleekauai says:

    Truly inspirational…I’m still tearing up. Powerful message from a remarkable young lady! God Bless America! 🙏😷❤️

  42. Avatar Marco Dollenz says:

    so hopeful strong and inspiring, I almost feel positive about the future <3

  43. Avatar Chance Jin-Koh says:

    That “just is” and “justice” really got me.

  44. Avatar Mackenzie Been says:


  45. Avatar Jon Lamie says:


  46. Avatar R2 D2 says:

    Absolutely gorgeous way to start off a new year and a time to come together.
    Amanda your poem and delivery were just perfection. Thank you!

  47. Avatar famu53 says:

    Finger snaps!

  48. Avatar Hunter Biden says:

    So stunning and brave. Everyone get on your knees and start worshiping her. 🤣

    • Avatar Zachary Kane Bronson says:

      Sean? Lol

  49. Avatar Luz Calupas says:

    beautiful !!!!!!!!

  50. Avatar Somerset Bassett says:

    Eh, poem was fine, bit long winded and had some rough transitions imo.

  51. Avatar Tval valdary says:

    Beautiful, but democracy can and will be defeated eventually when Jesus returns.

    America will continue to fall as long as it disobeys God’s word.


  52. Avatar Marlon Espinal DelRio says:

    The eloquence of this young beautiful woman is beyond admirable while Indeed comendable, as if inspired by the breath of the Gods and Goddesses of justice and freedom. This young womans inertia of vitality clearly has the eloquent blessings of arts and science that perhaps students of liberal arts aspire to acheive during a quest of a life long carrer. The blessings of the Greek Goddess Mnenosyne that in symbolism represents memory and time, along with the blessings of her nine beautiful daughters the eloquent Muses of the arts and sciences seem to be present in this beautiful young womans accomplished literal works of art . The recitle of her poem before a leading nation in world affairs (U.S.A.) and a world audience of peoples of different races and beliefs throughout that are in hopes of ataining at the very least a glimps at true freedom not only inspires the souls of hope within men and women in the quest for freedom it self, rather its focus and emphasis is directed towards the collective consciousness of each individuals responsabilties owed to Liberty her self by the endowed God given rights bestowed on each person as an individual, that she Liberty must never be taken for granted or left unattended so as never to have her clothing of love, justice and prosperity be torn off by hate and impunity that wishes to bear her naked, so as to jest with laughter and fault towards her nakedness. The attentitive entire world audience that listened to this poem in many ways seeks and looks to the flaming tourch of Liberty her self of the United States Of America for the justice of peace and liberty for all. once again people needed to be reminded that Liberty her self is present in every part of this global world of ours and that her honorable presence is deemed of high esteem and great value of worthyness that must not be ever taken advantage of by corrupt goe-political party ideals and special interests that are contrary to human desency and human values. As one thats been enamored with greek epic mythological writtings and the hidden etymological meanings on how the geeks explained the quest for humanities freedom optained only by the divine intervention bestowed upon humanity for the efforts of good deeds that will indeed have the power to break the chains of bondage, oppretion and slavery. Even though Greeks themselves at that time were slave owners themselves of those demanding slave times, they also wrote about the honor and responsability they had in upholding to the Gods for humanities wellbeing and freedom to be from the chains of bondage. In refference to the eloquence of this young beautiful womans poem, speach and mannerism her message was certainly of divine inspiration much in likeness to that of the God of eloquence and messenger of the Gods Hermes with his Saraphic tri-winged message. I for one emplore good wishes and best of luck to all America in its future days of trails and ordeals that are yet to take place. Because I for one also find my self on the spherecal-wheel of fortunes balance pleading for to land on a prosperous good Lot of freedom, while the the Goddess Of Fortune looks on to me holding her Conocopia in one hand and the rudder in her other hand deciding on my fate.

  53. Avatar DJ CONTROL 2021 says:

    Wow. That was so powerful.

  54. Avatar TheEscalofrio says:


  55. Avatar Charmaine Tilly says:

    Well done, young lady!

  56. Avatar Adriana H says:

    That was so beautiful ❤️

  57. Avatar Barbara Martin says:

    Just finished watching this young LADY, she is amazing. Wow!!!

  58. Avatar TupacLebt ElvisNich says:

    Much Love from Germany. May the young people finally change the world to a better place! <3

  59. Avatar I Best says:

    This will go down in history. To history: We was here 🙏🏿❤️

    “…Being American is more than a pride we inherit… it’s the past we step into and how we repair it…”

  60. Avatar Ciara Lynn says:

    great job to amanda, an inspiration to all–even my 83 year old grandmother

  61. Avatar Journey says:

    She brought me to tears 😭. Expressing my feelings, hearing and feeling these words. Beautifully invoking what we NEED and PRAY for in these turmoiled unsettling days. She has definitely given more hope for our future 💯🌎

  62. Avatar ingrid borate says:


  63. Avatar Courtenay E. says:

    Goosebumps. Beautiful.

  64. Avatar Virgil Brown says:


  65. Avatar Violette Moon says:

    Joe bidome

  66. Avatar Dave Laur says:

    Gold Medal Hockey, stepping on the Moon, Jesse Owens in Berlin, MLK”s “Dream” Speech, Obama’s victory party; THIS THIS THIS is a major seminal moment in US History!

  67. Avatar Ms. Day says:


  68. Avatar Mark Gosser says:

    Amanda Gorman inspired a baby boomer…..thank you Amanda very impressive poem and well spoken!

  69. Avatar mcnatario says:


  70. Avatar Aaron Ankrim El says:

    What a snooze fest

  71. Avatar lorenzo’s lover says:


  72. Avatar Sandra Stewart-Barrett says:

    The power and beauty of WORDS…🤗

  73. Avatar S L says:

    Very good.

  74. Avatar SP Trainercatgainz says:


  75. Avatar gmuesthavo says:

    Her words make me feel like I can breathe again.

  76. Avatar Zachariah Hunt says:

    PB Shelly. This is the bigotry of low expectations. Read Thomas Sowell.

    She means well.

  77. Avatar Roy Velarde says:

    Wow so beautiful

  78. Avatar Sephyra M says:

    Amazing choice by the inaugural committee. Thanks for giving her this opportunity. This poem was put together within the last month and mostly since the 6th. Such an amazing woman!

  79. Avatar TheVagrant says:

    The cadence she uses is so cringe

  80. Avatar Iracema Garza says:

    My heart is filled!💖

  81. Avatar Justice Served says:

    Is it me or does she seem like she could be president?

  82. Avatar Isra S says:

    Love the way she Expresses herself 😯

  83. Avatar leoanrdo quevedo says:

    its one thing to make a point, but all the hand waving is so pretentious, she was casting a spell i guess

  84. Avatar Funks Groove says:

    She is an American treasure.

  85. Avatar abel mejia says:

    yoooo… is it cold here or are my chills coming from her words…

  86. Avatar Dean Engelgau says:

    Wow! So beautiful!! What a truly gifted gifted and special young lady. I’ve seen her recite this poem many times now and I learn something new each time all the while fighting back tears.

  87. Avatar A K says:

    So powerful and beautiful

  88. Avatar Cydney James says:

    Right on.

  89. Avatar Sonya Nnaka says:


  90. Avatar The Globe Shark says:


  91. Avatar Lilis Lopez says:

    Gloriously 👋💜

  92. Avatar sweetleilani58 says:


  93. Avatar mfmichele77 says:

    Is this the reincarnation of Ms. Maya Angelou? Ms. Amanda you are wiser beyond your years, bravo!!

  94. Avatar Leon Pätzold says:

    So beautiful🥺

  95. Avatar love &peace says:

    United in one 🙏🤝🤝

  96. Avatar L. Brima says:

    “Our blunders becomes their burdens”- OMG!!!!!That’s the reason we should put sustainability first in all decisions we make.

  97. Avatar Pj Nugent says:

    Would not be surprised to see this amazing poem be part of the American education curriculum. 🇮🇪 💚 🇺🇸

  98. Avatar ZyairtheQueen Nicole says:

    That was beautiful & breath taking

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