Anti-Racism Educator Jane Elliott: ‘There’s Only One Race. The Human Race’ | NBC BLK | NBC News

2020 6/19
Anti-Racism Educator Jane Elliott: ‘There’s Only One Race. The Human Race' | NBC BLK | NBC News

Known for her “blue-eyed, brown-eyed” experiment, where she ran her class as though the children with brown eyes were superior to children with blue eyes, educator Jane Elliott has spent the last 50 years fighting racism.
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Anti-Racism Educator Jane Elliott: ‘There’s Only One Race. The Human Race’ | NBC BLK | NBC News



コメント一覧 (136件)

  • Sa kra says:

    We need her so much.. we need her as an role model, world wide!!!

  • The God says:

    You can feel this woman stands and believes every word she says… But she is most definitely telling the truth… ❣️

  • zippy says:

    This woman deserves a noble award what woman we need more like her, USA is fragile right now the country is a mess 220 years to get things right and they are still at this stage madness.

    • Madison Singer says:

      zippy then become her. be her. learn from her and BE the change she wants to see. what people of color want and NEED to see. step up. us white folk have a LOT of learning, teaching, and example setting to do for our fellow white people. we MUST let her legacy live on until privilege and power are changed.

    • NotANameist says:

      Sigh. Nobel, not noble.

    • Sue Iverson says:

      @Madison Singer I must as a white woman agree completely. My ancestors fought to make this country happen and yet their ignorance haunts us still. I am committed completely to ending the ignorance and what I like to call “romanticizing of ignorance”. Stupid is stupid. And stupid keeps us all from knowing and loving people who would enrich our lives in ways we cannot know. That is to me tragic. The opportunity to love is so much. I hope to be the opportunity in this world. I am done letting it go. Racism is no longer something I can ignore or set aside as if ignorance is ok. It isn’t. I have awakened on a whole new level. Many of us have (though I must admit the taking a knee thing puzzled me as to why anyone objected to it… After all dissension is our DUTY as American citizens) I am beginning to see the symbols of the stupidity as swatzikas. Symbols of oppression that I am no longer willing to tolerate.

  • Khalid Kingsun says:

    I love this 😍😍♥️😍♥️ realistic to exposed how much rasism in the United 🐍 of amerikkka

  • Blue Limes says:

    This is NOT fighting against racism, this is PURE racism just from the other side..

  • Lindsay Kroonenberg says:

    Jane Elliott is a Hillary Clinton puppet. She condoned the illegal behavior of Hillary, Deb Wassermann & the like (her goonies)in their attempt to over-thrown a Presidential election. Thank God Hillary did NOT win the election or we, the American voters, would not have found out about the Clinton Campaign collusion, corruption and spying that took place with the help and knowledge of the Obama administration. Trump knew what he was talking about when he said American voters, we must drain the swamp!!!!!🇺🇸

  • Jellybeantiger says:

    Ethnic racism is really bad but there is another racism out there worse,class or intellectual racism,if you are dumb,you will be oppressed for the rest of your life,I have noticed it most online.
    Peace to everyone and don’t put down the dumb,people who can’t fly through college or find it much harder to live out life than the smart.

  • Matthew Sauer says:

    “There’s only one race”

    but what about nascar?

    • Brandon Robinson says:

      Save those questions for Jeff Gordon.

  • AsiA I. says:

    there is tribes and hue man tribes are people of color from different geographic locations. you however rawskin are a ET with no identity to any region of this earth . there is no such thing as a continent called Europe  fior starters definition of a continent is a landmass with surrounding area AlieN colony to our planet and need to leavE’ racism is a your invention by a AlieN of your race by the name Yohann friedrich Blumenbach in the year1795 so don’t even talk about race period when your Alien colony stole america and adopted Yohannsracialclassification for racist immigrational purposes in the lands your people stole yet have the audacity to conduct immigration to hue mans get the fn A out of here with your W bs

  • Satan is great says:

    Racism is good


    *Looks like the thumbs down on this are from those that remain ignorant since they likely didn’t finish watching and/or misunderstood this.*
    *Just did a current-news-event shirt design and wondered your opinion if you’re down. Lemme know with some VERBAL feedback rather just a ‘like’ if it’s alright. Appreciate it! ;)*

  • QueennJasmine says:

    That was 2 years ago ! Look at us now … #ripgeorgefloyd

  • PrimeMac Studio says:

    This just so happens is how I seen things before I even seen this video.
    This just so happens to be exactly what people really need to see.
    3.32 million yet the view count should be millions to billions.

  • J V says:

    Who’s going to pick up the torch when she’s gone?

    • lila mansilla says:

      im not very smart but i can try wait no im not white

    • Clarissa Thompson says:

      That’s up to the rest of us, isn’t it?

    • The505Guys says:

      Perhaps black people will actually have a black woman to speak up for them…just a thought?

    • Clarissa Thompson says:

      The505Guys the NAACP seem to think enough of her to sponsor her events…

  • red says:

    “Have to have courage to get up in the morning.” Too often my skin color is the first thing I think about when I wake up and look in the mirror. I’m sure other races do the same thing in some way but being black in america.. well you get the picture.

    • fitnessbeast87878729 kingfitness says:

      I’m black and I absolutely never think about my skin color in the morning

  • J J says:

    We need to more othen un Tv

  • DAVID BANNER says:


  • Sharon Marshall says:

    I wish mis Elliot was younger and could reamin with us she is so inspiring

    • Madison Singer says:

      Sharon Marshall she has done her work. it is our duty to continue it.

  • Nanyonga Hildah says:

    Love you Jane Elliot to bits,may GOD protect you and ur family.

  • Darlene Davis says:

    She is the gift to us all but if we all allow the gift of wisdom to flourish in us we would be greater people.

  • schreder mike says:

    There is only one race..
    Human race..
    While space x ONLY hired american..
    While US president is racist.
    Yes..there is one race..human race.

    • Husky Fan in Mass says:

      Why don’t the Africans build their own rockets?

    • schreder mike says:

      @Husky Fan in Mass idk..u tell me..u r the one who is black,,u should know that better ,isnt ?

  • Achilles Troy says:

    She can be r new president. 💜💙💚💛❤💙💜💓

  • Cisco Duncan says:


  • Rachael Shores says:

    50 + years. 2020 seems like a good year to end it. Who’s in?

  • Adam Bomb Carral says:

    I love her she gets it..

  • rollerblading geek says:

    it’s a shame the “black lives matter protestors” should watch this. Racism (whether anti black or anti white) is unacceptable. 2:55 – plenty of white people have to be brave to get up in the morning due to class prejudice or radical racial prejudice in some areas, it exists on both sides. #UsToo

  • guy laurent says:

    It would be easy to stop racism if most of the black race was not so violent, thieves, killer, drug dealers and would not hate white as
    they do, maybe not all of them are thieves, but not all policemen are bad, it’s just the same, yes we should be equal, but we’re
    apple and orange

    • Husky Fan in Mass says:

      Well said, guy.

    • guy laurent says:

      @Husky Fan in Mass Thanks…

    • Kim Land says:

      @guy laurent That’s NOT well said!
      The reason why you commonly see black people as thieves or murderers or always in prison, is because they have been oppressed ever since they were young.
      Their skin color does not make them bad!

      This VERY video by Jane Elliott showed how blue eyed kids became angry and sad and wanted to either lash out or stay quiet. Whereas the brown eyed kids became smug and felt superior to those blue eyed kids. IT WAS A TEST. The brown eye kids weren’t superior at all.

      Jane Elliott also said: Image being black and being oppressed like this over an entire lifetime! Not merely 15mins as a child. Why you’d probably become a thief or murderer or find yourself in prisons. MERELY because you were oppressed.

      “It would be easy to stop racism if most of the black race was not so violent”

      Can you see how your line is not true now? Black people aren’t born violent!
      They become violent from being racially oppressed.
      Get it now?
      The idea is to teach children (and adults like you) to not think black is bad.
      Professors of biology and human anatomy CONFIRMED, that black people and white people belong to ONE race, the human race. You can trust if a scientist found out they were different due to their skin color, they would have announced this, they didn’t.

  • Skitso XD says:

    I love this lady!!

  • chickenfarm09 says:

    She seems a little radical and she experimented with the minds of innocent children in the classroom. I bet they weren’t given the choice as to whether or not to participate. Because of her position of authority she did what she wanted. That is basically what she preaches against.

  • Maureen Papalii says:

    First time watching her exercise, I was literally in tears because it was confronting! As a human being with brown eyes from a pacific island background it bought up some past experiences and emotions that have been tolerated because of choice. However it’s Gods LOVE for all human beings that I’m able to surpass and overcome those fears and feelings in my life – John 3:16 💞

  • Kitty Brimstone says:

    Can black people be racist?

    • LostTumbs says:

      @Kitty Brimstone “black people” they don’t even exists.

    • Kitty Brimstone says:

      @LostTumbs Umm, what? How do they not exist?

    • LostTumbs says:

      @Kitty Brimstone black is a color and it means nothing, same with white

    • Kitty Brimstone says:

      @LostTumbs Of course. I was curious to what others had to say. A lot believe that POC can’t be racist.

    • MITUCLA is a dirty word in Urundi Burundi says:

      @Kitty Brimstone There are a minority of black people who truly believe they are better simply because the color of their skin. But it is rare. Black people in general are suspicious of white people, as well they should be. Can black people systemically make things difficult for white people to enjoy privileges? No. Not in this country.

  • Mind Blowing says:

    The fact that the institutional power of America is advantageous for white people doesn’t mean that reverse racism doesn’t exist! It means that the racism against black people is more powerful. But every race has racists! The point that there is only one race is only a theory. Having different races doesn’t mean that this causes racism. We can all be different and equal at the same time. But unfortunately, most people are too stupid to understand this! I am not sure if this old lady helps the fight against racism by telling things like this. Saying that white people have stolen all the inventions from black people is super delusional.

    • MITUCLA is a dirty word in Urundi Burundi says:

      There is so much wrong with this statement, I don’t know where to begin. What is your definition of “racism”? Is it merely one group of people thinking the other group of people is better merely because of the color of their skin, how broad or narrow their noses are? If so, so what? If that is where your definition ends, then who cares what that other group *thinks* of you. It doesn’t affect your day. IF, however, your definition also includes the systemic oppression of that group on a daily basis, THEN we can talk.
      That means you think there is “reverse racism” (which there is no such thing racism is racism) and that blacks as a whole are regularly preventing you (I assume you are white) from privileges and benefits. If that’s what you think, I dare you to name one thing you have not been able to benefit from because blacks are systemically preventing you from enjoying it.
      I’m also gleaning from the way you talk that you are older than 50. Am I right? Like she said in the video, you have benefited from NOT educating yourself. You’re too afraid. And you can walk on your merry way and do so because YOUR LIFE does not depend on it. But do you know that young black children, especially young black boys, have to be taught very hard lessons about white people and handling themselves in public etc… ?
      Do you know what a theory is? When used in the realm of science, it means that the scientific method has been used on the hypothesis, tested (likely over and over again) peer reviewed and determined to be the best explanation for a certain law of physics. It is often used interchangeably with the word FACT (but I’m guessing you’re a conservative and true facts don’t mean much to you). When an everyday person uses the word “theory” it means “I have this idea.” When you say “only a theory” it shows how embarrassingly ignorant you are. So, for example, when someone says “evolution is only a theory” they are essentially saying “evolution is ONLY a proven FACT that I can ignore to fit my agenda.”
      Race is largely a social construct.
      I am pretty sure she didn’t say white people stole ALL the inventions from black people. Superfluous language (always, never, all, none) by such people is rarely used. They choose their words more carefully than you and I. And even if she did say that, word for word, it would not surprise me since 1) white people could get away with it and 2) in some cases, black people were not legally allowed at some point in history to get patents on inventions so some white savior probably swooped in to “help.”
      I highly suggest you read the book she suggested as well as this:

  • peter bynoe says:

    Jane spot on every single way,hope more video show more educate people world.

  • Emonie Love says:

    Where is she now? I need to contact her or does she have a book of her teachings?

  • C.j. Williams says:

    She’s a brilliant mind and soul too bad these racist ignorant human beings will never ever grasp the truth she speaks.

  • Yaya 111 says:

    She’s a wounderful soul ❤️ God bless her

  • Gerald E says:

    White guilt is a heluva drug

    • The505Guys says:

      It’s quite sad how this woman turned out, it’s like a white version of Uncle Ruckus lol.

  • culture of the dead says:

    The fact that there are people disliking videos like this just shows how long the way towards the complete defeat of racism is going to be.

    • culture of the dead says:

      @Dim Dim It was a one day social experiment to point out racism’s effects on people’s mentality.

    • Allie Gallagher says:

      Maybe they dislike it for other reasons. Most people you run into aren’t racist. Soon they want to change the definition of the word racist in the dictionary. Then everybody that doesn’t uphold BLM as complete fact is racist… Which is absolutely twisted, and false. I support black lives, but I do not support the violent movement of killing, robbing, and putting my city in debt. Therefore I dislike the movement. But I would NEVER preach hate. Even if I dislike what people are doing doesn’t mean I dislike the people! Come on!

    • culture of the dead says:

      @Allie Gallagher I totally agree with you one that, well said.

    • robbie_the_guitarist says:

      Dim Dim she does not persecute them . She used The blue eyes as an example.

  • Tudor Miller says:

    Unbelievable! All these celebrities like Lena Dunham can really learn so much from her. #JaneElliot

  • Tudor Miller says:

    I recommend a book that everyone regardless of colour, should read. The author is J.W. Gregory, the title is Skinhead Girl, published by AuthorHouse. The book is based on a true story of a white supremacist skinhead girl who was involved in a murder. This book examines the actual hate crime while illustrating the secret inner workings of several authentic white supremacist groups including the KKK, The National Alliance and Volksfront.

  • Ll Gz says:

    god it takes courage to wake up as female every day. face the harassment outside every ten steps, and the gaslighting/invalidation whenever you challenge, and the undercutting of all you give, how it gets talked upside when men doing the same are called brilliant.
    she must live in a white enclave, and have ‘people’, who give her place/a platform/respectability, that she doesn’t know that.

  • Good Girl says:

    George Floyd

  • Ronnie Alvarez says:

    She needs to go to LA

  • Lili An says:

    She is so old now and it makes me sad :'( I hope someone carries on her knowledge.

  • Ninja 77 says:

    This woman is absolutely brilliant!!! She explains it very simply in layman’s terms- no questions!

  • Donna Howorko says:

    She’s telling the truth and this needs to be heard

  • Louis Sidnell says:

    I love this women so much soul

  • Gina Curry says:

    Amen! Very Very. #WellSAID

  • Lavalambtron says:

    Thats a lie, in science everything is compartmentalized and labelled to the smallest detail so if there are differences between people this must somehow be categorized or science is dead.

  • Pewn Teddy says:

    This lady is scary, but I like her.

  • Beliarch says:

    that’s ignorant bigotry

  • Eve Web says:

    Just because you have Blue eyes doesn’t make you a bad person.

    • robbie_the_guitarist says:

      She is using it as an example.

  • Joel Ramphal-Toppin says:

    Amen she talks sense

  • Marina Fontes Malka says:



  • Anthony Charles says:

    This woman is speaking the truth I love her for this.

  • Daily Logic says:

    What about nascar

  • Dim Dim says:

    She spent her life persecuting blue eyes kids. She is a demon.

    • chocomycoco says:

      Not the Kunk kank klan are demons and if you say that this people are oke then you are a racist!

    • CatherineGirl24 says:

      She has blue eyes, ignoramus.

  • TheReturnofStephan1 says:

    She doesn’t have time for racists’ BS.

  • Allie Gallagher says:

    You can’t fix bullies. Is she forreal? You think you can teach every human being, and nobody be steered wrong as a youngster? I will teach my kids to do right, but the way she’s trying to fight is endless. There’s hate in every color, and love in every color.

  • Phum Bambalaza says:

    I love this woman why she not given a chance to lead.The world will be better place if we had more ppl like her.

  • Edner Charles says:

    Very very experience

  • lovelygal2009 says:

    Amazing teaching. Thank you

  • simon0802 says:

    Janet Elliott is relevant today as she was 50 year ago. We need more people like here today so we don’t have any more blacks and other people of colour killed by cops.

  • Jason Seidel says:

    ‘When are we gonna learn?’ This is the most important question in this video. The same lesson has been taught again and again. The real question is WHEN ARE WE GONNA LEARN???

  • sonic blue says:

    Yes. Human race. Not racist race. Respect to this woman. She is wise and know to treat like a real human being.

  • Mind Blowing says:

  • Darren Kullander says:

    She’s excessive in trying to prove a point. I bet the brain activity of children in these experiments is far different than that of actual adults experiencing some type of modern racism (probably a verbal attack in public) since all racist laws have been abolished.

  • TheCausation says:


  • Anthony Dr. Love says:

    Yes hi am looking in

  • david nichols says:

    FOOL. Whites don’t exit freeways in Black areas. I’d DESTROY her in a debate.

  • D G says:

    It is the human race so it is about all lives matter at the end

  • David Allred says:

    She stands in opposition to religious dogma. White and delightsome! Keep up the good fight, Ms Elliott. You’re wonderful.

    • The505Guys says:

      “She stands in opposition to religious dogma”

      That’s ironic, considering she has the manner of the worst of zealots, and preaches a view that denies basic biological reality (race exists), as well as evolutionary-psychological reality (people generally prefer to live around genetically similar members of their own race).

  • GOW girl says:

    Discrimination is more than just race.. Others would say it’s judgement, it’s appearance or interests as it comes down to prefence. EVERYTHING IS JUDGED including myself and any response that follows will be your judgement of my words. She is teaching us that our minds are not ours and have been brainwashed from others.. In this case negativity teachings We are in fact all oppressed and it was by our own doings.. We categorised the human race and until we see ourselves as one collective and race none of us will be free. All lives matter but education and compassion needs to improve in all of us.

  • Olaf Perez says:

    Then why were we created different

  • Redrum says:

    A trick to fool whites into not caring if they’re breed out but they make it sound so wonderful 😳.

  • Zahrah says:

    Much respect to this lady! ❤

  • Jerrieme Stebbins says:

    She is a nutcase

  • Baby Boy Clark says:

    How is there 435 dislikes🤔

    • the bobo says:

      bc of dumb racist ppl of all races that wont do away with thier politics and race identity

  • Boomblox says:

    There isn’t one race, what a dumb thing to say. If there was one race, someones physical characteristics would’t be dependant on country of origin.

  • Well Okay says:

    I love this women

  • jay brizy says:

    what about NASCAR

  • Pagan Monkey says:

    Thanks for being a beautiful part of society knowing how difficult the tasks was always going to be.

  • rsll1986 says:

    “Ye are the fruits of one tree, and the leaves of one branch. Deal ye one with another with the utmost love and harmony, with friendliness and fellowship. He Who is the Day Star of Truth beareth Me witness! So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.” -Baha’u’llah

  • LA Meeks says:

    Y’all don’t know how much I love this women 😭

  • Parker Wieckowski says:

    There is more than the human race,nascar

  • Mrs wmbc says:

    Nothing remains the same,time will change man’s thoughts of self freedom. Once ignorance has ran its course, amen

  • Livinlifeforleo says:

    I wish she could stop the perpetuation of the term “white privilege”. It is divisive and goes against the strives towards racial equality. What some people are calling “White privilege” is really just DISCRIMINATION towards others that are different.

  • Wallace Garrett says:

    She is correct. People in this country are brainwashed. When the masses are divided, you can easily control them. Human strength is in unity. You divide the races, you take away their strength. Turn them against each other through manipulation, you’ll have total control.

  • SnapeMaster says:

    You’re a national treasure.

  • jim jones says:

    This poor excuse of a teacher is a fraud. She can only manipulate the young and weak minded. She is demonstrating how Liberals are controlling black people and then turning it and blaming all white people. She is showing that if you constantly tell a group of people that if they are always going to known as bad then they will start feeling it. All of this while constantly telling black people that they will always be told that they are bad. She is doing exactly what she claims that she is preaching against.

  • Thegoodhunter96 says:

    The only way to end racism is to have people like her teaching every school. Maybe our school systems are a bit soft, too. We give our kids the cleanest, school friendly versions of every autrocity committed in our country’s name. I say? Shatter their innocence. Tell them early on how bad and awful things were. I’m saying for too long we’ve hid the darkness from young minds, left it up to parents and the media to show the kids things are bad. Why do we wait? If we have a classroom of children in tears over REAL history, then you know you’ve made an impact early enough in their life that they haven’t been desensitized yet, that they’ll never forget how that day in school made them feel, and they’ll appreciate better of how things changed. I don’t want to be called racist for being white, they don’t want to be hated for being black. I agree there is no race, we’re all humans and we need unity, now more than ever. We have the capability to utterly destroy this planet, if there was ever a time to come together and stop the infighting it’s now

  • LiLLaLa707 says:

    Nothing demonstrates the current environment more then clicking to watch this clip and having a Trump reelection ad pop-up first smdh.

  • twISm la says:

    She’s awesome

  • Signum Magnum says:

    You should see her during mating season when she inflates her neck bladder to intimidate rivals. That’s when she gets REALLY mean.

  • Craig Mullen says:

    If that was the case there would be no such thing as the Race to begin with

  • The505Guys says:

    ‘There’s Only One Race. The Human Race’

    Of course that is obviously not true, and most people, regardless of their race, are perfectly aware that this is the case. She herself has made a career out of targeting people in class rooms based on their genetically determined facial features in order to identify the race to which the people belong, and to berate them accordingly. To claim that she is adhering to a “social construct” is nonsense, since, even if she believes herself to simply be adhering to it, it is in reality a “social contruct” based on the biological reality that the different races exist, and she is thus able to identify their racial features, which exist as a result of millennia of separation, in order to perform her task.

    There is a human species, but there are obviously different population groups that have evolved in different parts of the world, in different environments, but have not done so for long enough to be unable to produce fertile offspring with one another.

    To put is simply, “race” merely refers to a population that differs genetically from other such populations as a result of geographical isolation, endogomy, and cultural separation, and shows patterns of genotypic frequency (such as physical appearance) for a number of characteristics compared to other population groups.

    People often attempt to deny this obvious reality by bringing up the argument that there are more genetic differences within a race that between races, which is meaningless since the same can be said of polar bears and brown bears, or indeed humans and chimpanzees, there only being a 1.5% genetic differences between the latter two, yet polar bears and brown bears are obviously not the same, nor are humans and chimpanzees, and I don’t think that anyone is going to argue that that 1.5% genetic difference between humans and chimpanzees is meaningless.

    Her argument is really “There are multiple races, but my ideology necessitates that, despite this reality, it is necessary for me to pretend that there are not”. It is, to be frank, dishonest and pointless, as well as counter productive since it’s not as if black people are not themselves aware that race exists, despite her approach that they should all pretend otherwise as if they were children.

  • Olusakin Isaacs-Sodeye says:

    Oh my goodness, how amazing! Hope those children are now responsible adults who love all skin colours.

  • Jennifer Isaacs says:

    She has always been awesome for showing the reality of what people do.

  • M E S E N J A H says:

    Jane has an Absolutely beautiful mind. To everyone i say these are the words, concepts and behaviors of a selfless being, one without a huge ego, she has analyzed the human condition and came to a very clear understanding of what’s wrong with society. To all those out there whom to choose to live in darkness…”PREJUDICE IS AN EMOTIONAL COMMITMENT TO IGNORANCE “. Love that quote on her sweatshirt…Jane you’re an absolute genius…thank you so much…