The GameStop Infinite Money Glitch Explained

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Here’s what going on with the stock GME – GameStop – the short squeeze underway, and what this means for stock market investing – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Like the name would suggest, this was a retail gaming shop that sold video games, consoles, controllers, and collectables. But, as the overall video-game market began outgrowing the store, and more and more people shifted towards online downloads versus shopping in outdated malls with nothing left.

In June of 2020, GameStop announced that they saw a 519% jump in online sales when they were forced to shut down their physical locations.

In August of 2020, The Billionaire Co-Founder of, announces that he bought a 9% stake in the company, and plans to turn it into an Amazon Rival through his active involvement and re-management of the company.

After that, they announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Microsoft, with plans to expand both their physical store – AND, their digital store.

Sure enough, digital sales increased – and the co-founder increased his stake in GameStop to now 13%.

And that’s when, about 4 months ago…users on WallStreetBets discovered a little-known secret of the stock that would cause it to skyrocket exponentially, just given the right conditions….and, sure enough, he was right, and EVERYTHING he said 4 months ago is coming true…

He explained that GameStop was one of the most SHORTED stocks on the market, with almost 90% of stockholders betting the price will GO DOWN. In fact, it was SO SHORTED, that MORE SHARES WERE SHORTED than actually exist in the market for sale…so, that’s turning out to be the perfect storm to cause this price to SKYROCKET as soon as there’s ANY GOOD news.

This user theorized that – because SO many people were short on GameStop – EVENTUALLY, all this good news is going to cause those short sellers to EXIT their positions, causing them to BUY BACK those shares at higher prices, and when that happens – the price of the stock goes up, and when THAT happens – MORE people close out their positions by buying back shares at a higher price – and that continues until the price of GameStop goes to the moon.

Now, as for where this goes from here…it’s anyone’s guess. At this point, it has NOTHING to do with the fundamentals of the company AT ALL…BUT, it has to do with a unique situation of a limited quantity of shares available, combined with short seller interest, combined with WallStreetBets, which causes more people to pile in…and it’s a perfect storm, when those people refuse to sell what they’ve just bought.

This is probably one of the riskiest, most speculative bets I’ve ever talked about here on the channel…so, as my word of caution here: DON’T DO IT.

More importantly, though – this DOES represent a BIG SHIFT of power away from large, corporate institutional investors…and into the hands of retail traders, or groups like WallStreetBets. I honestly think the power of retail traders have been GROSSLY underestimated for quite some time, and THIS is a good example that WallStreetBets should NOT be taken lightly. NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar ISRAEL QUITO says:


  2. Avatar Mizz Wicked says:

    I’m soo glad I bought a bunch of GME😂✊🏼

  3. Avatar Mr Cat says:

    WeBull closed their trading of GME etc too, along with Robinhood. Ahem.

  4. Avatar Mr. Word says:

    serves them right

  5. Avatar Daily Vines says:

    “What’s up Graham, it’s guys here”
    Me 10 secons later: *eh* 👁👄👁

  6. Avatar MarijuanaMotivated TV says:

    I can see it now.. It’s the year 2040.. AMC is booming & releasing their highly anticipated film Legend of GameStop which will be available on the Blockbuster streaming app that you can stream on your brand new Nokia or BlackBerry…

  7. Avatar 1999Fabion says:

    Go look at gamestop’s five year spread. That last candlestick really do go to the moon

  8. Avatar Martin Bode says:


  9. Avatar Dia Morgan says:

    Yoooo why is shorting legal?!

    • Avatar turquoise770 says:

      the same reason that electoral fraud is

  10. Avatar Y Iva says:

    The big take away is simple, you should NEVER be allowed to short more than 100% of the stock available

    • Avatar Faith Love says:

      All thanks to Janet foreign exchange for helping me to trade my $400 into Bitcoin and I was credited with the sum of $5400 after seven working days, seeing my money growing fast with my two eyes, of my trade with her now I’m debt free I can settle my bills without even touching my paycheck I’m so happy with Bitcoin life is easy 😊❤️❤️❤️

  11. Avatar frank liu says:

    I wonder if GameStop would ever wise up and issue a bunch of shares. GameStop could raise billions in capital while bailing out the institutional investors.

    • Avatar Faith Love says:

      All thanks to Janet foreign exchange for helping me to trade my $400 into Bitcoin and I was credited with the sum of $5400 after seven working days, seeing my money growing fast with my two eyes, of my trade with her now I’m debt free I can settle my bills without even touching my paycheck I’m so happy with Bitcoin life is easy 😊❤️❤️

    • Avatar Faith Love says:

      Tex† her :”what’app:

    • Avatar Faith Love says:

      +1 6 4 6 4 9 4 4 7 8 4 .

  12. Avatar Luis Bravo says:

    Graham. I really like this stock.

  13. Avatar thetommantom says:

    I feel like big share holders are gonna strategically sell off to keep it at reasonable level and that there won’t be much gain at first

  14. Avatar Reign XCV says:

    thanks for the info. This was very educational for me and i cant help but feel good for the people lol

  15. Avatar ionel says:

    It’s their fault, they shorted more shares than shares available =))))

  16. Avatar Nicolae Victor Rusu says:

    That is not the story and you know it !

    Why would anyone short 130% of a company ? They shorted it with the intention to bankrupt GME and they’ve been doing this for years!

    Keen to see your views on Robinhood, InteractiveBrokers etc who wouldn’t allow people to buy but only to sell

    That is the story right now, how Robinhood sells data to the short hedge funds and how RobinHood Execs and Steven Cohen should go to jail. That is the story, not allowing people to buy stock is illegal!!!

  17. Avatar Allen A says:

    Depressed i sold 2142 gme shares i bought at $21 for $32…. It went 2000% beyond 😭

  18. Avatar Argos Fe says:

    Grand Nagus is not pleased.
    This will be reflected in the new edition of the Rules of Acquisitions.

  19. Avatar Rags to riches says:

    Buy dogecoin.

  20. Avatar Tanner Ferrell says:

    If you hold till its really high and the shorter have bought in. Couldn’t you really hurt them by just selling off stocks. Since they bought so high the could potentially lose even more money….right?

  21. Avatar jennifer ianson says:

    Its not about the MONEY its about sending a message and creating a revolution !!! BUY AND HOLD GME

    • Avatar turquoise770 says:

      awake yet?
      Q POST 4951: shall we play a /GAME/
      nothing can /STOP/ what is coming

  22. Avatar thetommantom says:

    I think they’re gonna screw people over and with options in the future itll make it even easier for them with a simple algorithm

  23. Avatar thetommantom says:

    Wallstreet bets- pick another random low stock to keep the feds off our trail

  24. Avatar thetommantom says:

    I can’t believe I called this happening a few months ago either on one of your vids or Kevin’s I commenting saying if people with a big following told people to do this it they could manipulate the stock thru the roof

  25. Avatar San Bruno says:


  26. Avatar Ian Bijvoet says:


  27. Avatar Marjory Castillo says:

    I smell a great movie to be made 👃🏼

  28. Avatar Lars Erickson says:

    Graham, we need to know if you have gme…

  29. Avatar WayneTheGamer69 says:

    Bruh he probably took out $2 million said GG and is going to be the next bill gates

  30. Avatar Endo Roboto says:

    DFV at 32 mil now

  31. Avatar Whatthefucktony says:

    Do a dogecoin explanation video

    • Avatar Whatthefucktony says:

      @Faith Love no way i need to pay off my debt too but btc is so expensive

  32. Avatar Andrew Puckett says:

    I never could wrap my head around shorting stock until this GME short squeeze. Now it all makes sense.

  33. Avatar Awesometrader Sadok says:

    If see a rapid buying on the ask side your buy with them.

  34. Avatar Puneet Bhardwaj says:

    I think this is the greatest rebel against the big corporations. ❤️👍

    • Avatar turquoise770 says:

      Q POST 4951: shall we play a /GAME/
      nothing can /STOP/ what is coming

  35. Avatar brightful5 says:

    I have no clue what I’m doing at stock I just watch people like this guy when I got my stimulus I put 20 dollars in my game stop share and sold for 298 bucks I’m very happy

  36. Avatar sammyvh11 says:

    Crooks competing with crooks.

    • Avatar Faith Love says:

      All thanks to Janet foreign exchange for helping me to trade my $400 into Bitcoin and I was credited with the sum of $5400 after seven working days, seeing my money growing fast with my two eyes, of my trade with her now I’m debt free I can settle my bills without even touching my paycheck I’m so happy with Bitcoin life is easy 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. Avatar J M says:

    LMAO Wall Street is finally getting a kick in the balls and their wallet from the very people they robbed! PRICELESS!!!!
    lol they are begging the SEC to “stop it cause it hurts” SEC will say “nope and good luck bitches” LMAO

    • Avatar Faith Love says:

      Tex† her :”what’app::

    • Avatar Faith Love says:

      +1 6 4 6 4 9 4 4 7 8 4

  38. Avatar Dreadhead Gaming says:

    All right so how can I contact you privately I thought there’s a way I could message you on YouTube If there is I don’t know where it is I have a few questions been following you for a couple years the basic questions I understand that in-depth details is what your job is that cost money if you can hit me back if you get a chance would be amazing thank you and have a blessed day

  39. Avatar Average Dave says:

    The way I see it is that after brokerage banned people from buying GME, next thing we will see is there will probably be private placement on GME and all shorts going to be covered in the right price. Won’t be the first time and definitely not the last time they bent the rules.

  40. Avatar gasdorfic muncher says:

    77k views infinite likes , this like printing money

  41. Avatar Caesar512 says:

    To the moon, rocket, diamond hands.

  42. Avatar PackmanGaming says:

    I guess I don’t really understand stocks. So am I able to just buy a stock myself? Or do I need to go through somebody to do so? And if I buy a stock for $50 and then the stock goes up to $200 am I able to sell it and then get $150 in profit?

    Is there a place that would explain this like I’m five? Because I’d like to learn more and invest but I’m not really sure what to do

  43. Avatar Santana Kawe says:

    This gives me hope for humanity

  44. Avatar E Howell says:

    My first time investing was 3 weeks ago I put 100$ deposit. Just last week before any big hype I bought 2 shares of GME at 35$ and was expecting to get maybe a 20$ return

  45. Avatar Martin Gregus says:

    I love turkey

  46. Avatar L B says:

    Graham needs to become a finance teacher for the average man… us blue collars weren’t taught this in school!

  47. Avatar CUSTOM GAMING says:

    Wall Street :That’s avengers level threat

  48. Avatar Frederik Høyrup says:

    OK the “Short” story :). Big hedgefund bets poorly to bankrupt a company. Reddit trolls buys some of the stock. Thus making the “Mastermind” hedgefund loose their bet. That simple…

  49. Avatar Superlative CG says:

    It’s quite impressive.

  50. Avatar MatchaMoney - Financial Education says:

    Robinhood tried patching the infinite money glitch again so nobody could say it was their fault this time 😂😂

  51. Avatar The King TV says:


  52. Avatar E Independent says:

    We like the STOCK

  53. Avatar George196207 says:

    It was a protest investment. The stock is going to crash ,that is a fact. The game is to brake the rich before it does and prevent them from getting rich killing a company.. This will end with the corrupt government changing the game for the rich.

  54. Avatar Git Sum Gaming says:

    You can’t be moral and be in the stock market anymore

  55. Avatar grayeagle says:

    Investors shouldn’t be over shorting sht they dont know about. They probably shouldn’t be shorting sht in the first place because the “money for nothing” gig never works out too well for very long anyway. Biden’s admin needs to stay out of it too.

  56. Avatar labcoent co says:

    Money printer go brrrr 💵💵💵
    Stonks 📈📈📈

  57. Avatar CassidyMMOs says:

    I got in at $41 for fun(23 shares) and I’ve got a limit sell pending for $1000. But it’s gotten really intense and stressful and I wanna cut and run at $500 so bad. But if it hits $1000 afterwards I’m gonna be sick. These aren’t diamond hands, they’re just very sticky.

  58. Avatar Just1v1pro says:

    Everyone to a guy at the beginning: boohoo loseeer you are crazy booho

    That guy now: *They called me madman.*

  59. Avatar Felix Gutierrez says:


  60. Avatar Cybercery says:

    Imagine this was planned for certain people who were already invested in gamestop

  61. Avatar Anirudh Venkatachalam says:

    Wall Street is so salty that Gandhi wants to change his marching route

  62. Avatar Quadrenaro says:

    I need money to fix my truck, and my uber 6k tax return wont be here till late march. Is it too late to invest?

  63. Avatar Pierre PP says:

    Hang on, isn’t this a form of market manipulation and thus illegal?

    • Avatar Majora says:

      I’m not a lawyer or financial adviser, I am purely guessing that what buying stocks and holding to demolish hedge funds isn’t illegal because it’s not a central organized body of people cooperating to gain an advantage. It’s kind of like the spirit of a boycott. Again, my own opinion/pure speculation.

    • Avatar Pierre PP says:

      @Majora It probably comes down to the question of how you would define the wallstreetbet subreddit then. Is that a group of people who are cooperating…

  64. Avatar Cybercery says:

    The only explaination i understood thanks

  65. Avatar illya olav says:


  66. Avatar says:

    This is a once in a lifetime event. Can’t believe I’m here to witness hedge funds get rekt 🤣

  67. Avatar Alica C says:

    TO THE MOON 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀

  68. Avatar M Bane says:

    Graham i would recommend a video on new investing apps cause i believe that after the stock drops many people will be leaving robin hood.

  69. Avatar Ginger Dragon says:


  70. Avatar Dguu Dgbjjvvv says:

    I see the internet Antisemites are out in full force

  71. Avatar Dguu Dgbjjvvv says:

    They are just jealous of Jewish success in financial markets. Nothing these Hedgefund managers did was illegal

  72. Avatar Niño James Tan says:

    11:53, I thought it was video effect, it was actually because of the spirals

  73. Avatar CERBU says:


  74. Avatar Dguu Dgbjjvvv says:

    Racism and antisemites coordinated this entire thing. Let that sink in.

  75. Avatar Dream Cars says:

    *1M views in 24 hours – This is Infinite Money Glitch of 2021*

  76. Avatar Emil Madsen says:

    Well, if GameStop isn’t worth the amount it’s trading at, it may be time to start shorting it 😀

  77. Avatar Dguu Dgbjjvvv says:

    SELL SELL SELL! Dont let the antisemites win!!

  78. Avatar Dguu Dgbjjvvv says:

    SELL SELL SELL make a bit of money while saying no to antisemites

  79. Avatar Marvin Buth says:

    The loss of financial institution on the shorts just passed $70billion which would mean, that a few of these hedge funds such as Melvin Capital will be BANKRUPT by the end of this squeeze. Rule number 1 in the internet: Don’t mess with the fucking internet

    • Avatar Dguu Dgbjjvvv says:

      You are supporting antisemites

  80. Avatar ZERO says:

    These videos don’t talk about the illegal activities done by the trading apps to stop trading on the meme stocks like GME. And how the WSB channels on Discord, FB and reddit were taken down.

  81. Avatar ArcanePath360 says:

    It’s not about making money. It’s about a middle finger to the establishment.

    • Avatar Dguu Dgbjjvvv says:

      SELLLLLL SELL SELL, middle finger to to the antisemites

  82. Avatar Lillian Murphy says:


    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      🌟Thanks 🙏 for your comment for more profit in crypt0 currency and trusted investment I’ll direct you to my expert Mr Adam Walter his strategies are top notch

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      +1 9 2 0 2 1 4 6 3 7 7

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:


  83. Avatar mrbreede says:

    I can see all this becoming a movie. Specially because a lot of government officials are looking into sending an investigation of Stock manipulation against Wall Street and online brokers such as Robinhood vs the people. Abs I can see micheal bury in the movie making him a person known for a big short and a big long lol

    • Avatar Dguu Dgbjjvvv says:

      Maybe one of those antisemitic nazi propaganda films. Blaming Jewish financial firms for all of your problems.

  84. Avatar Joe Sliva says:

    Everyone download robinhood and leave a one star review then delete it

  85. Avatar mrbreede says:

    This will serve as a perfect example of The Market doesn’t equal the economy. As well as time in the market beats timing the market as the market is TOO EMOTIONAL

  86. Avatar JCBeFree says:

    Buy $DOGE

  87. Avatar Sicao is dead says:

    I wish your voice and delivery was less annoying because this is a good, consise video.

  88. Avatar Kamble Prithviraj TfpCRSVuKw says:

    Buy gme diamond hands

  89. Avatar pavithra murali says:

    I watched so many vids trying to understand what really happened and yours was the only one that explained the basics so clearly . Thank you

  90. Avatar Style IQ says:

    😮 1 Million views in 24 hours, good for you Graham , impressive. I literally watched this when it just got uploaded

  91. Avatar hbarudi says:

    This is really news since game stop was a company that was going down as they had not so great policies in the past. Maybe the rise in online shopping on their site and gamers buying lots of stock inflated their stock price to such levels?

  92. Avatar ManUtdOle says:

    Literally no one made a fucking dollar 😂. Why are you listening to this litter weasel kid?

  93. Avatar Daniel White says:

    So because the hedge funds refuse to make a loss, they decided to restrict trading…

  94. Avatar manu channel says:


  95. Avatar Raymond Romero says:

    Ride the $GME rocket ship to Valhalla

  96. Avatar NANA B says:

    RIP to his RobinHood ad

  97. Avatar Anonymous says:


  98. Avatar Florin Pop says:

    I love the new intro. Hey Guys!

  99. Avatar mixx m says:

    What’s that pig you had to sell your 3rd favourite yacht? My condolences.

  100. Avatar axelfiraxa says:

    You threw 100 dollars at a cybertruck.
    This 200 dollar meme is just way more fun than that.

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