Suing Robinhood – Again

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Lets talk about Robinhood, the POTENTIAL reasons why they disabled trading for GameStop, and what this means for you as a stock market investor – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan – NOTE: ALL OF THIS IS NOT FACT AND IS ONLY SPECULATION. FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. DO NOT LISTEN TO ME.

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First, trading of meme stocks have been HALTED MULTIPLES TIMES due to EXTREME volatility:

This happens when a stock increases in value SO MUCH that it completely detaches from its fundamentals…so, the New York Stock Exchange reserves the right to TEMPORARILY suspend trading to give its investors a time to “cool off.”

Now, I’ve been saying this for quite some time – but, this is going to be EXTREMELY difficult to regulate, because it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to figure out where to draw the line, and at which point someone becomes liable for what they say online.

Second, I realize THIS is what everyone wants me to talk about: Robinhood, and the ALLEGED wrongdoings of GameStop.

On the morning of Thursday, January 28th – Robinhood, along with several other brokerages, disabled their users from being able to BUY certain stocks, like AMC, GameStop, BlackBerry, Nokia, and a few others – ONLY allowing them to SELL their positions, thereby inadvertently causing the price of those stocks to drop SUBSTANTIALLY.

That completely ELIMINATES the “natural price discovery” of the stock market, where people can FREELY BUY AND SELL a stock for whatever they think it’s worth.

That’s why, NOW, there’s a push for a class action lawsuit AGAINST Robinhood, claiming that Robinhood has been pulling stocks from its platform in order to slow growth, and help benefit Robinhood’s large institutional investors and partners…not its customers, to who it should owe a fiduciary duty to.

Robinhood DID respond to this after the market closed, saying that this was done as a financial requirement to meet SEC net capital obligations and clearinghouse deposits. AND…they ended it by saying “To be clear, this decision was not made on the direction of any market maker we route to or other market participants.”

Now, to be fair to Robinhood – this DID happen to other platforms, as well, who happen to use APEX Clearing to process their trades, and several brokerages, including TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab, placed heavy restrictions on the stock by increasing their margin requirements “until further notice.”

I’m trying to be as neutral as possible when it comes to this, because I don’t think it’s fair to just point your finger at Robinhood, when there’s a LOT more to the situation than most of us realize…but, it’s certainly going to require more research to get to the bottom of exactly what’s going on.

But…the way I see it, this event will ALMOST CERTAINLY cause there to be further regulation to prevent something like this from happening again.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


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    This is why I love your channel, so clear and to the point and not an opinion piece!

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    Crush the big guy and punish their mistakes. FUQ bailouts. Government never saves the citizens with taxpayer dollars. Let the free market devour the greedy weaklings like it supposed to!!!!

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    Amazing explanation

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    Your video has too many ads…it takes away from your presentation. Easy of ads…

  14. Avatar Tayyeb Shabbir says:

    Hey man can you help me, ive had some doge coin i was holding disappear from my binance account without me doing anything?

    • Avatar Tayyeb Shabbir says:

      Bruh u tryna scam me I ain’t 55, you ain’t gotta check mark next to your name?

    • Avatar Graham Stephan says:

      @Tayyeb Shabbir
      Thanks for the embarrassment

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    robin hood is now a leper

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    Another awesome explanation from a guy who actually has a freaking clue! Thanks Graham!

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    It’s like a supermarket claiming they’re having transaction system problems so they choose to only stop selling vegetables.

  22. Avatar jacob massengale says:

    Its always been detatched from the fundamentals!!!

  23. Avatar B1gSt3AK says:

    90+ percent of people in these pump and dumps are going to lose their ass on these stocks

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    Lots of Love Grahammy!!! Say hi to dad…. we obsess with him… can you blame us?!

  31. Avatar TheWizard says:

    They are mad because they didn’t do the manipulation like they normally do.

  32. Avatar Ting An says:

    Everyone, please read this: There are some key details that are left out. I was on Robinhood, Reddit, and Google 24/7 this past week. This is what I observed this past week. On Wednesday afternoon, TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab restricted tradings on GME, AMC, and a bunch of other stocks. But Robinhood waited until Thursday morning right before the market opened to let its customers know that today, “You can only sell your positions and not purchase any additional stocks.” They had the whole Wednesday to make that announcement, but they didn’t. Many Redditers reported Robinhood auto sold on their GME and AMC option calls that expires on 1/29 (Friday). WHAT!?!? Its not because these options were running into margin requirement issues. These options were executed at the lowest price when GME dropped to $120 dollars on Thursday. Personally, I tried to sell my AMC and Express shares 20+ times on Wednesday and Thursday, but I was not able to. I was only able to sell these stocks when those stocks dropped a lot, so I sold these stocks at a small loss. A lot of Redditers reported the same thing. The app works whenever it wants. On Thursday evening, Robinhood announced they will allow limited training on GME stocks on Friday. You can buy up to 5 shares of GME. Guess what, they lied again. During Friday, they changed that number to 1 share of GME.

    You see, majority of Wallstreetbets traders use Robinhood. Robinhood has about 13 million users. By restricting buying GME stock to 1 share, that means the maximum shares that can be brought by Robinhood customers is 13 million shares of GME. So effectively on Thursday and Friday, Robinhood forcefully reduced the supply of GME buys. A very smart move. GME was trading above $500 premarket on Thursday. Once Robinhood made the announcement, GME stock price continued to drop. On Thursday and Friday, the short seller hedge funds unloaded a lot of their shorting positions at a lower price. I am sure liquidity and deposit requirement are issues for Robinhood, but its much more than just that. Just remember guys, we are not Robinhood’s paying customer. It’s Citadel and companies like Citadel. A piece of advice: Never underestimate how greedy and convoluted the big guys are. Money and power corrupt people’s souls. Hedge Funds are very very smart. They are not innocent people. If you think that they are innocent people and that they won’t do stuff behind the curtains to screw us over, you will get screwed over a big time. This is not a conspiracy theory. Its about understanding how human nature works. People don’t make billion dollars by just doing the right thing. Do your own research, trust your own instinct. Just think, if you are Citadal, you are Robinhood, you are Melvin, Citron, what would you do in their position?

    Don’t trust Robinhood. You let them screw over you twice (Thursday & Friday), I guarantee you that they will screw over you again when the right opportunity comes.

    • Avatar A Boogee says:

      This was great. Thank you

  33. Avatar R od says:

    Common Graham, was it so hard not to advertise Weebull once? It’s kinda sensitive since they also stopped the trading

  34. Avatar A Boogee says:

    I still think this whooole thing is manufactured to cause the end of Wall Street (aka the economy) to cause disfunction and unreliability that will cause the ushering in of a new system.

  35. Avatar Jason Le says:

    Then why they stop trades for amc, bb, nokia , named and other stocks?

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    Shorting goes against what investing is meant to be and in most cases it is the private investor who loses. They should just stop shorting. But they won’t because they’re all bought.

  41. Avatar Shan Khan says:

    I only listen to ja rule for financial advice

  42. Avatar D'Ascoyne says:

    The only problem with Robinhood’s excuse is that they could have covered themselves by increasing their margins. That’s how it works. There is no other reason to block purchases unless it was to put downward force on the value of GME. Robinhood is actually the Sheriff of Nottingham.

  43. Avatar Kido Wan says:

    Good Analysis.
    I see a social rebellion of sorts. A new way the public can really vote. With THEIR SHARES. I’ve purchased a bunch of this and that and sure I would like to make a buck (more responsibly), but I’ve also encouraged others to simply buy a single share, a few dollars, of a stock…and HOLD. Call it a protest stock. Just buy one share (AMC, GME, others) and HOLD! D D Peace…

  44. Avatar Hoop La says:

    HOLD THE LINE….and watch them bind! It’s a beautiful thing to see criminals with $5,000 suits and trophy wives losing their minds!

  45. Avatar M H says:

    When it comes to the Hedge Funds…As a famous DJ once said…

    *Congratulations, ya played yourself*

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  47. Avatar The Roaming Lions says:

    I’m trying to be unbiased. And I believed your reasoning for trades taking time for money to transfer. 1-2 days. But it’s been 5 days? And you can still only buy 1 share a day. This seems rigged.

  48. Avatar Justin Madonna says:

    You people are wrong. You holders will get hurt so bad.please think about what you doing you won’t hurt hedge funds you can’t your not even really moving the price other hedge funds are. Think about your life if your in deeper than you can afford to be and get out especially if your up. Wall Street is laughing at you that’s all your doing to them is making them laugh. They have more money than all of you combined and they are not in enough to lose more than 10% that’s how hedge funds work. People will be going to the rope when this thing fails please don’t be one of them. Memes burn bright and die fast

  49. Avatar TinyEarth Creations says:

    Thank you for explaining this so clearly. The issue is a lot deeper than blaming Robinhood. Many brokerages were required to halt the buying of GameStop. Securities laws require clearinghouses to have a certain amount in reserves. Clearinghouses were required to have higher reserve thresholds as a result of the 2008 market crash. When the stock is very volatile, the reserves requirement is much higher. In this case, clearinghouses were required to have 100% in reserves, which was nearly impossible given the volume and speed of GameStop trades.

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    Good digging. Oh yeah, the rot runs deeper than Robinhood.

  57. Avatar Vilfredo Pareto says:

    I signed on to robinhood 2 days ago to get the 4 free stocks, it asked for my ID and my bank routing number, after all that, I am still not approved and waiting for moderators to approve it, is anyone else having to wait for days to get approved for a free account? is this because they don’t want new people signing on to buy into GS?

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  60. Avatar Arlin Sansome says:

    Hold on. You try to explain how you can short a stock multiple times to get past 100% short float. I have seen many people make this same claim. Lets go over the math from your example. Person A owns the stock. Person B shorts it. Person C buys the stock. Person D shorts it. IN this case you have 3 owners and 2 shorts Because person D had to sell it to person E who would have bought it. SO in this case you have 40% short float.

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    I love your videos for a while, but this whole GME story has inspired me to pursue more stock trading.

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    This was robinhood’s best solution and definitely not the retail traders best solution.

  66. Avatar Alec Wansikehian says:

    RH has its own in house clearing house
    It’s obvious that they don’t have enough capital on hand to keep up with the shares being bought.
    Robinhood exposed themselves and how terrible their company is.
    I wouldn’t consider going public and selling my company to someone who knows how to run it.

    Can’t wait to transfer all my money back into fidelity.

  67. Avatar Chiterra Palmer says:

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    Hey great explanation! Better than any news article or reddit post. I’ve a question that if the borrowers go bankrupt then what will happen?

  74. Avatar Eric Feldman says:

    All you guys who cant differentiate Thursday from Friday let me help you. Diamond hands? Dont sell? Hold game stop? That was a great idea. Thursday! But on Thursday when they made it impossible for us to buy, and only to sell, the stock dropped. A lot. The hedge funds covered their shorts or got close to covering and sold. When you were selling. You could only sell. So. Who was buying? … that’s right. They were. After selling their shorts, they bought up the bottom of game stop, and Nokia, and all the rest. After market Thursday those stocks went UP UP UP… 60 percent. That was these hedge funds buying the bottom, because they knew redditors would be pissed, and decide to “buy game stop to the moon” when trading resumed Friday. But. You’re only enriching these guys. If you do that. Further more I guarantee you, after they sold their shorts and bought up the stock? I promise you they bought new shorts. Probably for 2023. So now they’re covered both ways and it’s nearly impossible to hurt them.

  75. Avatar Beach&BoardFan says:

    How do you find the short percentage of a stock, most recent data I can find is from jan 15th.

  76. Avatar Craig T says:

    BLA BLA BLA…all i know is the little guy stuck it to these wall street A-HOLES and now they’re crying like little bitches…they got served with their own medicine…GOOD!

  77. Avatar Migas de Souza says:

    You ask people to share your video because “this is valuable info that can help others” and then you say “im not a lawyer, everything i say s trash”. good video bro…
    I am enjoying the video, you look cool, but have some dignity, its always good

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    You sound like you work for the big hedge funds you are clearly biased

  84. Avatar Epidemi says:

    Thank u very much for your explanation. Seems there is still some room for inovation for this market.

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  86. Avatar Daffy Fox says:

    You forgot to mention that Robinhood is force selling people’s stocks as well. Kinda hard to justify that if you ask me.

  87. Avatar Mr Boxont says:

    05:27 Ofcourse we like the stock and we have diamond hands. Duh

  88. Avatar cool thought says:

    halting trading of a company share should come from a regulatory body and in a fair manner, not from a trading platform and only allow sided selling. WeBull, Robinhood, TDM are some of the platform that halt the buying from their platform

  89. Avatar George Osprey says:

    Why isn’t anyone talking about silver?
    It should be the mother of all squeezes.

  90. Avatar Belltown Daisy says:

    On Robinhood as I’m watching this and they just sent an email about another list if restricted stocks. It’s shorter than the last, though.

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  95. Avatar Belltown Daisy says:

    Robinhood is dishonest. On Thursday morning (1/28), around 7 am PST I placed a market order to sell almost 80,000 DOGE. That was when it was 0.02ish. I immediately canceled to change to a limit order for the exact same amount of shares. I’m talking seconds. It said “order canceled” on the bottom of the screen but “pending” on the top where it says order status. I placed a limit order and the market order still showed canceled and pending. And still had the red “cancel order”.

    I tried for an hour to cancel market order and eventually both orders. Nothing. Would say canceled at the bottom of the screen but pending on top. I canceled an order for a different stock, and of course that worked flawlessly. During this hour I also tried to contact them about the order. Naturally when it listed one’s stocks, DOGE was not listed, so you couldn’t even select that. I sent a regular email through the app explaining what was going on. Recieved an email two days later saying they will email me in 3 days. Still haven’t heard back.

    Over an hour and a half after this all started I get a message from them in the app. They sold twice the amount of shares than I’d initially intended. Plus I had tried to cancel both orders and did not want to sell any shares. Oh, and before this I did not get any message, like you normally would regarding a pending order for DOGE in my messages. But I got a message about the order I canceled at the same time for a different stock.

    I am moving on to other brokerages.

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  98. Avatar shan_can_shine says:

    Is the shorting of gamestop by over 100% a potential argument FOR using and developing blockchain? So that the reselling of a shorted stock does not happen again?

  99. Avatar richard imhoff says:

    There all really have been stock club. The only difference is a Reddit stock club reaches much more people.

  100. Avatar スーパーメロン says:

    Hey Graham, would be cool if you could make a video about taking vacation “correctly” (without probably loosing customers) as an independent real estate agent 🙂

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