Why Warren Buffett says the newspaper business is ‘toast’

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Berkshire Hathaway CEO discusses the decline of the newspaper business and change in how readers get their information.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar foggymedia says:

    Buffett is a self-serving wolf in seamless grandpa sheep’s clothing. But because money is above all, he is a hero.

    • Avatar jonny chopper says:

      baby bean booom!!!!! What an answer!!!!

    • Avatar george sotiriou says:

      @baby bean You have it wrong. He has already donated over 30 billion dollars to philanthropic causes through the Gates Foundation and plans to donate almost all his remaining wealth too. I mean the guy is really selfish 🙂

    • Avatar Ted Z says:

      ​@baby bean its a coping mechanism rooted in jealously and envy and inability to self-reflect. x does better than me financially because he cheats somehow, not because he has the right principles,philosophy, discipline, and habits as his tailwind

    • Avatar theklrdude oo says:

      @baby bean
      and his children run the charities ,…….does the penny drop for you ?
      a transfer of money without tax ,………brilliant !

    • Avatar Aaron Fleshler says:

      foggymedia he does more to help people than u do

  2. Avatar Wealth Talks says:

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  3. Avatar Boro coin says:

    It’s good time to save money in crypto like a Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Borocoin, Nano

  4. Avatar Michael Bergman says:

    The *interviewer* said “toast”. 😂

    • Avatar Blood Angel says:

      Yes, Buffett said it because he was parroting the interviewer. Mystery solved.

  5. Avatar doomtomb3 says:

    This is obvious

  6. Avatar Paul Rogers says:

    So Trump was right when he called them the failing news media?

    • Avatar M says:

      No. The New York Times is extremely profitable.

    • Avatar Ethan says:

      News media and newspapers are two different businesses

    • Avatar keshav says:

      @M their net income is only 4 million usd and falling

    • Avatar Jackson McDonald says:

      @keshav why are you using numbers from 2 years ago? Net income in Dec 2018 was $55 million.

    • Avatar dicky dickerson says:

      He was also right about Windmill cancer.. I hear the symptoms are devastating.

  7. Avatar Building Wealth says:

    Fake news is a big reason. I wouldn’t ever buy a newspaper now as it’s full of bs.

    • Avatar Building Wealth says:

      M I don’t think I do. Fake news is in newspapers, all of the newspapers print the same bs daily. I gather you work for some shitty fake news paper? Get a better job 💩

    • Avatar M says:

      @Building WealthYou don’t understand fake from inaccurate or biased you Tumptard how’s your crypto account Vlad? When you get out of high school maybe you’ll understand.

    • Avatar Building Wealth says:

      M Before you say you don’t smell all liberals stink like shit. Also do you only post on free WiFi once a day? #scrounger

    • Avatar M says:

      @Building Wealth Your mother’s calling go do your homework.

    • Avatar Building Wealth says:

      M That was pitiful….. Let’s just leave it at that your banter is paining me.

  8. Avatar Boshii J says:

    Thank you, Warren for telling us what we’ve already known for a long time!

    • Avatar Most Monroe says:

      Boshii J he’s outdated. Better off going to a high school and middle school, to ask the kids what they prefer. They’re the future

    • Avatar Tim Smith says:

      @Jay That will be a good idea! Too many old farts in Washington trying to hold on to their outdated policies. The youth are our future and we need to support their innovation. I think it should be a rule if you’re over 55 you can not hold a public position PERIOD!!!

    • Avatar Tim Smith says:

      @Jay not arguing just stating my opinion. It’s way too many old people in Washington, everyone knows that!

  9. Avatar M D says:

    What else did they say is disappearing at the end, soda?

    • Avatar stephen geraci says:

      Yeah, what the heck was that about.

    • Avatar Ivar Baratheon says:

      Phew I’m not the only one. Err time to short coca cola?

    • Avatar stephen geraci says:

      @sbtopjosh I know, that’s why it was so confusing. I thought when he said SODA, it was an acronym for a newspaper I didn’t know about. I don’t think Buffett would say that Coke would be dust. He promotes it every chance he gets and says he loves the company.

    • Avatar Sunil Suri says:

      @A one legged man What did he mean then?

  10. Avatar foggymedia says:

    Buffet has the art of insider trading down to a sublime science!

    According to Buffett Moody’s, like Standard and Poors, is a great company. These companies spread false information nationwide about real estate CDOs up to 2008. But when Buffett knew the bailouts were going to come in hard and heavy from pal Hank Paulsen (Secretary of the Treasury) he went in heavy on Moodys after it fell – and then told everyone how wonderful such companies were. Opportunitist extraordinaire. These are the facts.

    • Avatar Chris N. says:

      What does the market value of rating companies have to do with bailing banks?
      For all we know, investors could have dumped Moody’s stock and never bought again, regardless of what happened to banks or what Buffett said.

      The bailout was for banks, not for rating agencies. It didn’t wash away the rating agencies’ stained reputation.
      Buffett simply bought because they were out of favor with the public, but their business model was and still is very lucrative (you get paid to rate financial instruments with little competition).

      So yeah, you can say he was an opportunist, but that’s how value investing works – you buy shares of companies people have little faith in anymore when you still do.
      If that is immoral, then all value investing is immoral.

    • Avatar coconutjuice7777777 says:

      You are wrong. He sold Moody’s when it was down. He didn’t buy.

  11. Avatar Most Monroe says:

    Common sense man. Can interview a common on the street for that information. He’s out dated

    • Avatar Chris Morrissey says:

      He was asked the question…

  12. Avatar T C says:

    Obviously buffet lives under a rock…no shit paper has been dead

    • Avatar Sango says:

      for anyone under 30 this is as obvious as the sky is blue but for anyone above that ESPECIALLY someone at his age this is not just obscure “new” information but pure blasphemy from the devil himself.

    • Avatar T C says:

      @Sango that’s assumption based in generalization. My facts lay in empirical evidence.

      My take on it is that he is agent of a cabal, that is only to say he is told what moves ignorant masses and he uses that approach. 2nd Money is a BIG picture game (future forwards) and hes pitching softballs on history…telling story about obvious. Because…that’s what HIS demographic agenda mandates. Hes not addressing mellenials…they will be attracted by his Brand…hes addressing Baby Boomers…who read newspapers at breakfast…

    • Avatar Sango says:

      @T C I have literally no idea why you’re preaching or what you’re trying to convey thanks to your poor grammar and syntax. it sounds like you’re trying to portray warren as an idiot which he isn’t in case you didn’t know.

    • Avatar T C says:

      @Sango no you are idiot.

    • Avatar T C says:

      @Sango it’s not my grammer… it’s that you read and comprehend at a third grade level…and I dont have patience to K.I.stupid.simple

      Lastly you dont have a clue what Buffet is…you’ve never seen or know how he makes money…YOU ASSUMPTive TARD…for all you know hes an actor playing his part…but to you I’m sure Tom cruise is superhero spy guy.

  13. Avatar gedeo says:

    Wait … Why is soda toast???

    • Avatar Eowell Zuryl says:

      ​@A one legged man Pardon my ignorance. Soda in what sense of the word did he mean?

  14. Avatar mcalann says:

    I don’t need buffett to tell me this!

  15. Avatar Disgruntled Klutch says:

    sodas? nnnoooooooooo….

  16. Avatar Ivar Baratheon says:

    Down with the soda corporations

  17. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Oh now he says that? Lol there is potential for independant journalist though, idk

  18. Avatar WALT TA says:

    internet will also disappear. it will be replaced by robot software

    • Avatar stephen geraci says:

      In 20 years, humans will also be on the way out. We will be the slaves of AI Robots. Or maybe they will just kill us all.

  19. Avatar seaworld socialartslecturer says:

    Guardian Australia will survive, tax payer funded ABC are keeping them going with Australian’s taxes

    • Avatar L 17 says:

      same in austria, theyll run the goverment tv shithole and all the useless newspapers forever with tax money

  20. Avatar WTAR2020 says:

    No shit

  21. Avatar YouOnlyLiveTwice says:

    Buffet plays it off like he’s some great progressive because he lives small… don’t forgot about his oil businesses. Also, America’s leading causes of death are heart disease, diabetes, hypertension… you’d think he’d learn that promoting coke and McDonalds is not good for our nations youth.

    • Avatar Warren Whitmore says:

      From the annual report. I am 86 and Charlie is 95. During the meeting you will see us eating enough fudge and peanut brittle to sustain a NFL line backer for a week while washing it down with large amounts of Coca Cola. After the meeting we will share our longevity tips with you.

  22. Avatar Da C. says:

    The fake news business is dead.

  23. Avatar jesus gonzalez says:

    Did I just hear Buffett, Coca Colas largest stakeholder, say soda is TOAST? I completely agree. Nobody drinks soda at home anymore!

    • Avatar Kaide Walsh says:

      Bottled water is on the rise!

    • Avatar Scotty Haines says:

      Coca cola owns a lot of beverage companies not just ones that sell soda

    • Avatar twistr says:

      @Scotty Haines beer sales down too

    • Avatar Scotty Haines says:

      @twistr they don’t own any beer companies and only non craft beer sales are down.

    • Avatar twistr says:

      @Scotty Haines yeah I’m aware of that I Just wanted to say that….yeah craft beers sales are up….

  24. Avatar Seongwon O says:

    I’m sorry I can’t get the point because my English is not good. Soda or toast things…
    So could someone tell me what is the point of this interview??

    • Avatar PINGPONGROCKSBRAH says:

      Warren Buffet is saying that the internet has replaced the functionality that newspapers had, so newspapers are no longer as valuable as they were.

    • Avatar Oprahs FatAss says:

      Toast means it’s dead which I know makes no sense but slang rarely does. As for the soda thing that confused me too.

    • Avatar Seongwon O says:

      @PINGPONGROCKSBRAH thank you soooo much!!

    • Avatar Seongwon O says:

      @Oprahs FatAss thank you soooooo much

  25. Avatar Leonora Dompor says:

    I no longer read newspaper !

  26. Avatar Leonora Dompor says:

    I use my tablets ,phones than watching tv

  27. Avatar Leonora Dompor says:

    I usually watch YouTube

  28. Avatar Leonora Dompor says:

    I become a modern day broadcaster,simple video maker,preacher in YouTube !

  29. Avatar Jonah de Leseleuc says:

    In other “no shit” news… Syria is “toast”

  30. Avatar Owen Walker says:

    I miss reading the funny pages with my grandpa. Those were some good times!

  31. Avatar Thomas Fletcher says:

    So that makes Trump right again . (failing New York Times )

    • Avatar Rijan Bahadur Pradhan says:

      It may be failing in terms of physical paper but you know it has it’s a digital presence and its readers are almost at 100 million and more in an online world. You seem like a typical trump supporter who is only willing to see the surface, not try to scratch it.

  32. Avatar Tim Smith says:

    Newspapers been toast since the early 00s! Now only thing we need to do is kill off network news!

  33. Avatar foggymedia says:

    Goldman Sachs Buffet has the art of insider trading down to a supreme science!

    in 2008, when Goldman Sachs was about to go “tips” up Buffett bought $5 Billion of Goldman stock when he got wind from pal Hank Paulsen (Secretary of the Treasury) that the US Treasury was going all in on the bailout of Goldman ($10 billion). Warren’s timing for the buy was of course sublimely immaculate.

  34. Avatar Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia says:

    Newspapers in America will disappear due to the fact the most young don’t read anything these days unfortunately . To add newspapers stop reporting worthy news. They don’t research much anymore —just beat stories to death and even worse, cover mostly negative news-too… newspapers and tv news not objective either. Most have a hidden agenda

    • Avatar Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia says:

      Nadeem Shaikh nope I done dozen of surveys and for the most part only my older college students are reading newspapers either electronically or paper. Many are pretty much in the dark sad to say

    • Avatar Nadeem Shaikh says:

      @Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia It might be true, but I don’t think it has specifically to do with today’s generation. Even if those old people were born today, they must have acted upon the same way as today’s young kids do. It’s just the reality with current tech.

    • Avatar Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia says:

      Nadeem Shaikh I have been lecturing since 1999 and it is clear the younger have become worse in terms of academics and respect..I must babysit more too. Even worse they are addicted to their electronics , rude and daring. I say no phones in class yet they still use. I target them out and still they dare to do again. They cannot resist even though it is a written rule. They do the same at their place of employment. Think they are using it for educational purposes like reading newspapers etc? No way

    • Avatar Nadeem Shaikh says:

      @Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia I don’t really disagree with you. I’m just trying to explain that it’s very important to understand the core of the problem.

      The core of the problem is not this ‘young generation’. I think it’s a complex state with modern technology, distribution of news through the use of this modern tech and the effects of all this on the lives on young people.

      I don’t think this kind of behavior is inherent behavior of today’s young. It’s unfortunately a byproduct of those factors.

      So, if you as a responsible teacher needs to improve the situation with your limited capacity, then, you probably should look at this issue from all these perspectives and not simply label it as the ‘problem with the younger generation’. Peace!

    • Avatar Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia says:

      Nadeem Shaikh I guess you did not read my very first comment. I did lay out all facts which some of the blame falls onto the mass media themselves too



  36. Avatar DORIAN PRIME says:

    Media will be toast it basically is atm

  37. Avatar Paul C says:

    one warren dies so does his company

  38. Avatar T C says:

    Youtube…were dumb people go to pretend they are smart.

    • Avatar Morgan Sinclair says:

      You’re definitely dumb, that’s pretty obvious. You edited your comment and it’s still wrong. It’s *where.

  39. Avatar Afro PS says:

    No shit, next thing hell be saying is steam engines are out

  40. Avatar Hanne Catton says:

    Wow , what insight ! Hard copy newspapers have been dead for about 10 years here in Denmark. How has this ´genius´ managed to accumulate a fortune ? Luck I guess , ´cos it sure weren´t with stunning insight.

  41. Avatar MMAoracle says:

    No shit Sherlock

  42. Avatar Damon Dziewiontkowski says:

    My dog needs them to crap on! What am I going to do now?

  43. Avatar Guruprasad Pai says:

    He missed out on tech juggernauts like Apple, Amazon and Google in their early growth phases, so what he says is already known.

  44. Avatar Robert says:

    Tell that to the carriers getting ready to deliver at 12 am

  45. Avatar Neo Luddite says:

    Most people don’t believe in newspaper anymore. Those who still believe in newspaper are suffering from confirmation bias (both left and right bias). Podcasts and long form conversations are the future

  46. Avatar Kaide Walsh says:

    It is amazing. I am 22 and I spoke to my grandad who told me people used to have to use newspapers to find jobs. Unbelievable, I’ve only ever grown up in 21st Century Britain.

  47. Avatar b t says:

    Here this man admits that the digital revolution has changed newsprint so drastically that it is “toast”. Yet when asked about Bitcoin he calls it a scam ? Pictures, Digital. Television, Digital. Movies, Digital. Phone calls, Digital. Music, Digital. Money is the final frontier! The Fed is the real scam. XRP FTW !

  48. Avatar Mattakusisgreatness says:

    Maybe if Newspapers actually gave us the news instead of their worthless opinions they wouldn’t be going out of business.

  49. Avatar Tom Hardware says:

    Print news is out of date soon as it’s printed.

  50. Avatar ankit maheshwari says:

    So dire the situation of cocksucking idiots have become who are in infact in ICU mode & I’m afraid the patients is suffering from chronical disorder aka which can be cured embracing the fall of cocksuckers with regards precious metals.

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