Ark’s Cathie Wood breaks down her outlook on Tesla, the EV market, bitcoin, and crypto

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#CathieWood #Tesla #EVmarket #bitcoin #crypto
Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood discusses the 2021 capital markets, the outlook for Tesla, electric vehicles, bitcoin, and crypto.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Vi Ro says:

    Cathie speaks and I listen. 👸🏻

  2. Avatar karl Heinz Kirchmann says:

    May be so ? Our World is changing permanently. Only the change is reality. I’ve got a broken sense to each character of ETF. Who controlls this obscure market ?

  3. Avatar Mark Kravitz says:

    🤙 Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”! A rich self-made dude @evenkingsfall (his insta) never stops saying you have to THINK BIG to WIN BIG! Always keep that vision! Don’t stop the hard work 🧡

  4. Avatar Steven McKelvey says:

    Pun 1:44

  5. Avatar LarryDallas says:

    $MSTR $BTC

  6. Avatar MrSchweppes says:

    Buy Bitcoin

  7. Avatar Nikita Leno says:

    There is a famous character, a Google search for “signals walter bulls”. He made a fortune for himself back in 2018. Recently, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of professional players. This guy shows how to copy after him automatically using such a service. We must try while the market is on the rise…

  8. Avatar Alonzo Johnson says:

    Cathie knows 💰

  9. Avatar Alonzo Johnson says:

    Tesla in Texas is going to be big time…..

  10. Avatar Rowan Wood says:

    “EV is still part of the thesis”. EV is the most disruptive industry this year. i don’t understand why she prefers to boost space companies and gene therapy over EV? EV is now–why not create an all EV ETF instead of all gene editing or space companies? those industries seem Much Farther into the future in terms of market actualization.

    • Avatar Rowan Wood says:

      @wearelengend i see what you mean. um, i like that ark is bringing money to these new industries which will help them grow in the beginning. if i were interested in investing in these industries i would choose ark etfs instead of stock picking so that i can limit the risk.

    • Avatar wearelengend says:

      @Rowan Wood I picked CRSP and PACB CRSP already has a gene edit/therapy cure for sickle cell/beta thal proven the news just isnt in the mainstream and cathie said in her big ideas 2021 that thei car t therapy for cancer tumours is worth 250 billion in incremental revenue

    • Avatar Rowan Wood says:

      ​@wearelengend i thought CRSP is in phase 2 with their first drug? if it is still in trials then it is not proved officially. what you are talking about are prospective therapies. you are talking like they are sure bets. they are not.

    • Avatar Rowan Wood says:

      you sound young. i wish you good luck. i think cathie is the best. you should consider the etf instead of stock picking.

    • Avatar wearelengend says:

      @Rowan Wood I am 25 and I’m a registered biomedical scientist in the UK I specialize in blood transfusion and hematology so I understand whats going on, I’ve read all the data from the clinical trials, they have cured Beta Thal and Sickle cell, it has been confirmed by the New England journal of medicine just in the past few weeks. It is just a matter of the product being approved.

  11. Avatar Cam says:

    The bookshelf is colour coordinated 😂

    • Avatar Marvin Dube says:

      That’s how u know she hasn’t read none of them lol

    • Avatar 5 Star Vids says:

      There are more bookshelves in the USA than in the Universe lol lol

    • Avatar John Hesner says:

      There is no way she reads those books. Its like artwork. I guess she wants to at least look smart…lol

    • Avatar Infectious Beats says:

      or ocd

  12. Avatar Flavius Tech says:

    OMG! It’s real, yahoo still exists!!!!

  13. Avatar Paul danne Lachica says:

    ARK can see the future

  14. Avatar fever dream says:

    Would you guys ever consider interviewing someone neutral? someone that don’t have ties to the asset, like why would you ask the future of a company or industry to someone who is dependent on it? its a one way street. We’re reading the same book over and over again

    • Avatar Chris Davey says:


    • Avatar Jordan Z says:

      Probably because someone neutral on the subject hasn’t done as much research

  15. Avatar Sarah Jane says:

    Ethereum 💋💋💋💄💄

  16. Avatar Blockchain Educated Interviews says:

    They are all buy ethereum as well..

  17. Avatar French Fry Montana says:

    Jennifer, use a little less light on your face💯💯💯HOLY MOLY‼️

  18. Avatar FriendsInLowPlaces says:

    CTRM GET IN THAT 1 FOR 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  19. Avatar French Fry Montana says:

    Cathie Wood is doing it big for women in finance💯💯💯

  20. Avatar Ed Woolsey says:

    BTBT and ETHE look 👀 great 😊

  21. Avatar Will Nelson says:

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    • Avatar Galay Chris says:

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    • Avatar Foerd says:

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    • Avatar orris Lemke says:

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    • Avatar Zoey humm says:

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    • Avatar Santino Bogisich says:

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  22. Avatar MMA Fan says:

    when bitcoin 1 million

  23. Avatar Jaylen Meredith says:

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    • Avatar Emily Rolfe says:

      I stop caring and panicking about bitcoin price ever since i started using Jayson strategy, it gives me gain daily even with the downtrend 💯

    • Avatar Johnny Day says:

      Reporting this spam comment

    • Avatar Mat hew says:

      Lotta words without really saying anything

    • Avatar Jonus Jonus says:

      THAT COMMENT IS A SCAMMER. do not contact that number. I’ve seen this message over and over youtube videos that have to do with crypto. AGAIN THAT COMMENT IS A SCAMMER!

    • Avatar Jonus Jonus says:

      notice how they spelled “whats application” to get around youtube spam filter..

  24. Avatar vrm2008 says:

    Those who bought Bitcoin…pumping it up!!!! PONZI– guess who will be holding the bag- India banning bitcoin again…countries and Gov won’t allow….

  25. Avatar vrm2008 says:

    Cathy only did good because of Tesla….otherwise nothing great about her investments! Going around pumping it up does help her stocks!

    • Avatar J Ca says:

      i agree that most of her success is attributable to Tesla; however, i think people are following her becuase everyone thought she was crazy for her calls on Tesla in the last 2-3 years. She proved everyone wrong on that one in a big way, not small returns.

  26. Avatar kumasagati Mr. says:

    I’m ride or die with Cathie

  27. Avatar rvg says:

    Where is Gordon? You guys are a comedy channel. Where are the comedians?

  28. Avatar Kaleb Hebron Goodwin says:

    bitcoin to the moon!

    • Avatar warntheidiotmasses says:

      it’s just the Chinese trying to get their wealth out of China in the wake of the “disappeared” billionaires. Bitcon will be sub $1000 in a couple years.

    • Avatar Kaleb Hebron Goodwin says:

      @warntheidiotmasses You can also say, it’s Iran doing business with other countries because Iran can’t use US dollar.

      but when huge companies in USA are buying into, like MassMatual, and Visa. it will probably go to the moon. unless USA or EU come up with their own cyrtopcurrency

    • Avatar warntheidiotmasses says:

      @Kaleb Hebron Goodwin And does Iran care if they’re buying bitcon for 50,000? or $10,000? They’ll pay whatever the going rate is. Anything is better than 0.

    • Avatar Kaleb Hebron Goodwin says:

      @warntheidiotmasses so than, why are you saying, it is only chinese avoiding taxes

  29. Avatar warntheidiotmasses says:

    She’s got that Ruth Payne look.

  30. Avatar warntheidiotmasses says:

    Is it possible all these people are wrong and I’m right? Well, that’s what I asked in 2000 during the dot com run up.

  31. Avatar Lucain Kings says:

    Bitcoin is the future of crypto and the questions traders ask themselves now is if this is right time to !invest? before jumping into conclusion i think you should take a look at things first. for the past few days the price of BTC has been fluctuating which means the market is currently unstable and you cant tell if it is going bearish or bullish. while others still continue to trade without the fear of making lose, others are being patient. it all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your s!gnals. i would say tradllng has been going smoothly for me after accumulating over 8.5 BTC in just two weeks, with the tradlng strategy given to me by Edward Miller of crypto tribesmen, His methods are top notch and prof!table and he can be contacted easily on Telegram ( @traderedw) cheers!

  32. Avatar GIGI GIGI says:

    Still not confident buying any ….

  33. Avatar Nicholas Cummings says:

    Our Lady of Modern Stocks 📈

  34. Avatar Right Direction says:

    Cathie will replace Warren

  35. Avatar Frank Merrill says:

    Timestamps please. came here for the crypto talk

  36. Avatar Alston Fernandez says:


  37. Avatar Jenny James says:

    PUMP that Tesla Ponzi to the moon!

  38. Avatar Alexander Bush says:

    Take a drink every time Cathie says “throat to choke”

    • Avatar K Danagger says:

      Mostly true. But don’t understand the scare tactics of regulators. They don’t have to choke the throat, all they have to do is declare it to be poison so that people are afraid to even put it in their mouth.
      It’s a confidence battle. The FED and broader banking industry sees it as a threat their monopoly on money. They have the fakestream propaganda media working for them. If they can bring down a sitting president, they can very possibly bring down Bitcoin if the timing is right. This is going to be another enormous war of mis-information.

    • Avatar AnthonyOnTheGo says:

      “throat to choke” 9:28, 9:39 and 9:43

    • Avatar John Hesner says:

      @AnthonyOnTheGo She needs a new phrase!

  39. Avatar John Lenin says:

    5 to 10 years? In 3 the world will be collapsing due to climate change.

    • Avatar Chris C says:

      Are you on drugs?

    • Avatar John Lenin says:

      @Chris C You’re in for a surprise

  40. Avatar John Lenin says:

    Of course it’s not a bubble. The Fed is pumping trillions of dollars directly into the stock market

  41. Avatar Ufuk akdağ says:

    What a brillant person

  42. Avatar Jerry Rogersome says:

    I’m not Cathie Wood. GME. I like the stock.

  43. Avatar Gringadoor says:

    Over 90% of fund managers underperform the market, just give it time. After the bubble bursts her name will be trash just like all lucky fund managers before her.

  44. Avatar casualsuede says:

    Your performance is only as good as how you did yesterday, not a year ago. Her portfolio, which I own (ARKK AND ARKG), has not been too hot in the last three months.

    A streak is great…until it ends.

    • Avatar E E says:

      5 year outlook buddy

    • Avatar Hawking1969 says:

      True, but the tech market generally has been flat in the past 4 months

  45. Avatar KEN TANAKAN says:


    • Avatar E E says:

      Li auto?

    • Avatar Eplugplay says:

      Only China though not the world like Tesla. Nio is more like the GM of China backed by the Chinese government.

  46. Avatar Gurinder Singh says:

    1) Bitcoin has the lowest correlation of any other asset class????? Its acting more like a risky stock all throughout last year….. 2) Microstrategy is a shitty company, with declining revenues every year, of the dotcom era that boomed and busted. 3) where will bitcoin go if all governments block it???

    • Avatar Jonus Jonus says:

      how could they block it? “The great firewall of china” can’t even block youtube effectively. Id imagine they could make it harder but blocking it is unlikely.

  47. Avatar Soft Metals says:

    how can she not say nio

  48. Avatar E E says:

    What about Li auto? Their stock is undervalued

  49. Avatar Chris Davey says:

    Why is it ok for Cathie to spruke assets she owns but disallowed on Reddit?

    • Avatar veeman 293 says: are smart kid.

  50. Avatar Costco Review Guy says:

    The Chinese company she forgot is BYDDY

    • Avatar Eric Souther says:

      ARKK sold it today 2/4/2021

    • Avatar Costco Review Guy says:

      @Eric Souther trimmed it, only 17000 shares.

  51. Avatar 5 Star Vids says:

    LOL Returns 100% my Super Fund is about 7% and it’s all in US Large Growth how does that work ?????????????????????????????????? Getting shafted

    • Avatar drunk connection says:

      She invests in startups etc that are undervalued and quickly double in value etc

  52. Avatar 5 Star Vids says:

    I think Cathy may be a bit short sighted just saying.

  53. Avatar 5 Star Vids says:

    NOT DI AM LER it’s DAIM LER she will never do very well in life i don’t think

    LOL na just jokes ha man I’m funny

  54. Avatar veeman 293 says:

    Will Cathy admit that Toyota is the dumbest auto company out there? Just a word of caution, will Cathy’s ETFs have skyrocket if she has not sold it. on every channel for thr last 12 months. I admit, she is the best financial instrument sales person out there, but what is she hiding when she always appears on a 480p res camera and we have 4k res screens?…. you kids have been warned. Btw TSLA IS actually a $4000 stock.

  55. Avatar 5 Star Vids says:

    They email every day of there Buys and Sells go and register some good some not so but they look at the slightly more longer term and seem to be big on buying the dip.

    • Avatar Danny Mikhail says:

      how do you sign up?

  56. Avatar 5 Star Vids says:

    She got so beautiful hair : ) flick flick, why do women feel the need to always be brushing back their hair and it hasn’t moved a millimetre ??????

    • Avatar veeman 293 says:

      it’s called distraction from the truth

  57. Avatar 5 Star Vids says:

    She thinks just like me yer bro it’s true.

  58. Avatar 5 Star Vids says:

    But the Governments will ban it

  59. Avatar Sam Bowles says:

    How many Chinese miners are actually running invisible software that is
    stealing crypto coins? You would never know because you trust the
    Chinese MFGR’s, to be honest, and moral people. I bet that if the
    miners were deeply analyzed you would find embedded software that is
    stealing your information and your power and sending that information to
    the Chinese!

    • Avatar K Danagger says:

      Everyone must running the exact same software in order to be part of the network. The primary objective of the Bitcoin software was to prevent what you are describing. It has proven to be bulletproof for over 10 years now. That is the beauty of bitcoin.

  60. Avatar F says:

    which company is she talking about that is associated with SAIC, golf cart , short distances…?

  61. Avatar Jayden Xiomara says:

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    • Avatar Sea452 says:

      I never regret working with him at all and He got me a legit fund with fast payment within few minutes and seriously with the funds i gat to feed my family. All thanks to him. Do not hesitate to try him

    • Avatar paolo Brambilla says:

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    • Avatar Colleen Ingrid says:

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    • Avatar Garett Thomas says:

      Burwell Coleman signals tend to work most especially during times like this when the market is unstable.

    • Avatar johnalanful says:

      Have heard so much about crypto trading and bitcoin, but yet to really grasp the whole idea around it so please any help will be appreciated.

  62. Avatar Harlock2day says:

    What about India banning Bitcoin ? What about the UK banks war on Bitcoin ?

  63. Avatar Steven Liniak says:

    I am on board with Cathie Wood. She is smarter than the rest!!!

  64. Avatar 김석중 says:

    thank you so much. excellent interview!

  65. Avatar B10H4CK3R says:

    Cathie wood 10x her ark portfolio just on BTC USD alone

  66. Avatar K Danagger says:

    Elon is begging for more Nickel. Vale Mining?

  67. Avatar bryce Mick says:

    GME all the way

  68. Avatar V A says:

    Sorting books by color: OCD level over 9000

    • Avatar John Hesner says:

      That is way weird. I seriously doubt she moves them. If she does, she has to pull it out and push it back in three times before taking it out…lol

  69. Avatar Palm Tree says:

    Yea, be careful what you say about Nio. Before you turn the crowd against you lol

  70. Avatar Driftgod says:

    Elon is someone to aspire to, According to analyst, the higher stock price is somewhat self-fulfilling to (Tesla’s) growth potential and that was made possible by Tesla’s investments in the stock market, I’m right behind him on the “ROAD TO TRILLION” I’m happy to buy Tesla stocks but not the car. I’ll let some else do that.

    • Avatar Shondrella Avery says:

      I started investing in stocks a little while ago and I’ve come to realize nothing beats first hand experience, investing with Freda Lynn Johnson has been the best experience ever

    • Avatar Claudia Jordan says:

      I am a newbie. How do i get in touch with Freda? I really need to start investing because this past year has taught me never to rely on one source of income.

    • Avatar Shondrella Avery says:

      Just look up her name online to get all vital info you need about her.

    • Avatar Ella Montana says:

      Elon Musk is the Warren Buffett of technology.

    • Avatar Brandon sanchez says:


  71. Avatar Matthew Cole says:

    Yall getcha some Qcom!!

  72. Avatar SF8 F says:

    GEVO and BTAQ will be the next rocket 🚀 stocks.

  73. Avatar Grailed Ticobapes says:

    Why didn’t she bring up Amazon going to 4000

  74. Avatar RAY T.H. Yuen says:

    ETHEREUM is where the next growth will be 10x this year.

  75. Avatar TheQuickyouknow says:

    Has Cathie explained where the money is in space exploration vs the insane cost?

  76. Avatar Greene Ligon says:

    Btc getting ready for institution. Same tune as back in 2016. Funny.

  77. Avatar Sergi Medina says:

    I can see why many people like Cathie and believe what she says: she speaks well. Articulated, good pacing, simple. But that shouldn’t make you buy bubbles like TSLA, AMD, NFLX, BTC… No matter what anyone says, how they say it. You have to be careful and know what you’re doing. Think for yourself and don’t follow the herd. Don’t be a mindless, zombie cultist!

  78. Avatar Elmer Gaskin says:

    The profuse opinion lastly harass because cut holly stay without a soft crayon. agonizing, obeisant apparel

  79. Avatar Simply Human says:

    Cardano’s ADA is much 50x more decentralized. Cheaper to transact. Will have smart contracts. Is more scalable. Is as safe. AND HAS MUCH MORE ROOM TO GROW!!

  80. Avatar Oscar Nash says:

    Listen to that women at all costs.

  81. Avatar john jacob says:

    nokia stock get ready and hang on !!!!!! 2.12.2021 NOK

  82. Avatar Progressive news says:

    My girlfriend need to be cathie wood smat

  83. Avatar m m7 says:

    Wonder Woman : None of her companies make money/ over valued beyond explanation but she and her ETF’s are the top performing ones. Irony of today’s market scenario!!

  84. Avatar Cameron Impastato says:

    You’d get more views posting the interview between Jenn and Cathie as it happened. This anchor/co host style is for TV, not YouTube. Oh and we’ll always remember the anchor that bashed us retail during GME, get her out.

  85. Avatar Reh-Lin Chen says:

    I think Cathie misspoke Taiwan for Thailand on crypto trade moving out of China.

  86. Avatar Dave K says:

    Watch KPTI could be ready to go. Low float high short interest

  87. Avatar NijaBoiTellEm says:

    NIO Gang Gang!!!

  88. Avatar pfelelep Maltese says:

    The company she forgot name at 2min10 is WULING motor which has JV with GM

  89. Avatar Metal Detecting & Exploring Ghost Towns & Mines. says:

    She swallowed the black pill!

  90. Avatar Kexin says:

    Everything in this video will go to the moon. 🚀🚀🚀

  91. Avatar loydHolland JurassicGlover says:

    Bitcoin has seen some mixed price action lately, with bulls and bears largely reaching an impasse as the cryptocurrency consolidates. Where it trends next will undoubtedly depend largely on whether or not bulls can break the ongoing consolidation phase and spark a move higher as it has been struggling to gain any clear momentum lately, with its price action largely consisting of range-bound trading between $35,000 and $40,000. This large trading range has held strong throughout the past couple of weeks, and any attempt to break either of the boundaries has resulted in rapid rejections. But it is not enough to sit back and hodl, rather it is time to take advantage of the various signals and strategies at our disposal that will make trading profitable. Mr Paul Charlton on {ͲeӀeցram @ PaulCharlton or whatsApp +1(813) 862-1378 provides some of the best insights i have been exposed to in crypto trading. I have been able to grow my portfolio to 5 btc with my initial 0.8 btc.. Lets capitalise on the current market trend while we remain optimistic for a productive future

    • Avatar Matthew Baker says:

      @Melissa Baldwin
      I highly respect his T/A for both targets and which way you lean bullish or bearish.

    • Avatar kelly94maria says:

      After a long search for a professional trader with consistency matched with good profit, Mr Paul has proven himself to be one of the best around the world with his amazing trading skills.

    • Avatar Martin Luna says:

      On the grand scheme of things, once you understand the potential of bitcoin, you can bet on it but I think people need the education to fully understand.

    • Avatar yockelHammond ostrichFord says:

      Investing in Crypto is lucrative

    • Avatar MrJeanden says:

      Mr Paul Charlton is no joke, he is a genius when it comes to technical analysis, Best platform and best signals of them all.

  92. Avatar loydHolland JurassicGlover says:


  93. Avatar Avraham Avraham says:

    Tesla sucks

  94. Avatar Avraham Avraham says:

    Big crash coming soon

  95. Avatar Rina's Choice says:

    Cathie Wood is the new Warren Buffett… Watch out world, there’s a new queen in town!!

  96. Avatar Tjeerd van Gennep says:

    Wrong on NIO!

  97. Avatar J Rez says:

    nio is great company …. she should own..

  98. Avatar Phil Schiavone says:

    Bitcoin is a big idea but I think ETH has made it better.


    Wonder about the definition of NIO….Cathie defined NIO as a Battery swapping company….😳

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