Stocks: I do not believe the market is in a bubble: Cathie Wood


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Ark Invest Founder and CEO Cathie Wood spoke with Yahoo Finance’s Jen Rogers about making investment decisions for her clients, bitcoin, why she believes the market is not in a bubble and what investors should look out for.

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204 thoughts on “Stocks: I do not believe the market is in a bubble: Cathie Wood

  1. John Lenin Reply


    • News2Hedz Reply

      @John Lenin   imo…she mentioned in her Jan vlog that she is watching inflation, which hasn’t hit the CPI yet but inflation is occuring in the stock market. that fed cash. this might be a good thing because it will prevent CPI from going up thus keep interest rates down and stock market will benefit. if companies use all this new cash and reinvest heavily then things might just keep on chugging due to the TINA effect, and investors get used to accepting lower EPS. there will likely be a correction (as she has consistently been saying for a while now) but perhaps not a crash.

    • J C. Reply

      @News2Hedz They’d have to Target the long end, gonna need alot of suppression to stop the bond market hit if inflation becomes visible. I think we will see some from the stimulus package, and I heard infrastructure is next.

    • News2Hedz Reply

      @J C. true. we will see if it becomes visible or not…

    • Scrotie McBoogerballs Reply

      USD value going down the drain, if you have all your $$$ just sitting in the bank you’ll be as happy as a Venezuelan soon 🤣

    • J C. Reply

      @Scrotie McBoogerballs saw your name. That episode was hilarious.

  2. Jonathan Brotto Reply

    Like the 2nd industrial revolution that had a bubble which then lead to a big boom afterwards?

  3. John Lenin Reply

    These people are so stupid that they’ve started to believe their own scam propaganda.

    • Yahoo Finance Reply

      Appreciate your comment, for further assistant WH/app him
      +1. 2. 0. 1. 4. 1. 6. 3. 5. 7. 0.

    • Yahoo Finance Reply

      For your bit-coin investment

  4. richardb2837 Reply

    Lmao yeah right

  5. Playmaker Games Reply

    “This time it is different” – The most dangerous thing to say about stocks

    The stock market is in a bubble.

    • 12InchesUnBuffed Reply

      blindly believing in some archaic saying is even more dangerous. Gotta look at context and circumstances man

    • Nicholas Cummings Reply

      Bloomberg had a good interview with Jeremy Grantham who noted that the S&P 500 kept growing as the dot com bubble burst, only took 8 months after the biggest tech stocks collapsed to get back to year long highs.

      Some prices may correct. But if there’s an economic recession/depression, the root of the problem will be far deeper.

  6. Rix Gaming Reply

    push your bubble more, bubble lords. Bubble peddling intesifies. Nobody buying your crap on these lunatic prices. Must be the 5th video today i see talking about this NOT being a bubble. Saw another video last week talking about how hedgefunds deleverage. They tell you to buy while they sell to you with a smile… as usual.

  7. Mister Big Reply

    Why do you believe Cathie Wood?

    • Jarrett Love Reply

      She hasn’t given me a reason not to.

    • Lolz Reply

      29 billion asset firm with massive growth/gains in equities, and 250+ million net worth… she did something right

    • Don Kalzone Reply

      She did something right? Yes of course. Like those funds before the dotcom bubble popped

    • Lolz Reply

      @Don Kalzone Pull up a long term chart of the stock market the past two decades. Despite a few crashes, its a mountain of gains. These people didn’t sell and lose like panic retail. They bought more and held long term and made billions, trillions in some cases.

    • Don Kalzone Reply

      @Lolz Lol. Thats overly simplefied. If people dont undertstand what they do/buy, they will burn their money in the long run. Sure if you only buy index-etf you can have decent returns without big risks. But buying stocks and hyped-Etfs without knowing whats in it and without understanding how to value them and without an exit-strategy. You loose.

      The current stockmarket becomes more and more a ponzi-scheme. Created by Government, centralbanks and other banksters. Where would this stockmarket be without artifically lowered interestrates, cheapmoney and mor and more spending? So dont argue with an “stockmarket, that performes well” , without increasing interference it wouldnt be where it is now.
      I dont wanna say not to invest. I am still pretty good invested, too. But I recommend to have an exit-strategy, a parachute prepared. Cause this is not a healthy market any more.
      And I promise you, the day will come that all those hugh gains in these overblown stocks and ETFs will evaporate. And all those without a prepared parachute, will cry oceans of tears. Unable to understand what happend.

  8. cogen651 Reply

    She gets Tesla correct, now she’s the big thing in technology. This reminds me of the JANUS funds during the .com era.

    • Roger Geyer Reply

      cogen651: So she’s been wrong on the ARK funds? LOL You DO know that, for example, ARKG has NO Tesla, right?

      Wake up.

      Not saying there won’t be a correction, but claiming Cathy Wood is only right about Tesla is SERIOUSLY delusional and shows you don’t have the first clue.

    • cogen651 Reply

      @Roger Geyer yeah, I’ve seen it all before, Janus was the same crap in 2000, now you barely hear about them, I was young like you back then and thought Janus was GOD, until they weren’t lol, so good luck, my fine naive friend.
      PS, I own some of her funds but I think this is her 15 minutes.

  9. M Rodgers Reply

    Why would any investment manager ever admit that there’s a stock bubble?

    • Oliver Hancock Reply


  10. Hydross 77 Reply

    No bubble just a brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrubble

  11. Liberal Elitist Reply

    Very good gains over the past 2 years especially on my Tesla shares was able to sell some for 20 percent on a 850k condo in Vancouver. Still holding around 300 shares to let it ride out. We are just in the beginning for another bull run where my assets and real estate will only go up and I am only 30 years old. Amazing 😎

    • Alexandre P Reply

      My bro, you’re about to experience massive loss. Please post when it happens.

    • Liberal Elitist Reply

      @Alexandre P nahhhh man esp for Vancouver real estate prime location, tons of wealthy Chinese come here to drive up the prices especially after covid haha

  12. The Story Insight Reply

    It’s because she’s buying and she want to keep on buying and earn.

  13. Rob Doubleyou Reply

    Trouble making eye contact with us Cathie? Not entirely convinced of the truthfulness of your statements?

  14. Steven L. Reply

    All of the cynics here have lost way more money preparing for the crash than the actual crash itself. You’re not any smarter than the drunk happy go lucky perma bull. The only difference between you two is that the bull is actually making money in a game designed to .. return you money on your investment.

    A greedy idiot and his money are soon parted.

    A cynical perma bear and opportunity never meet.

    • PhotoboothTO Toronto Photo Booth Rental Reply

      Couldn’t of said it better… Perma bear will freeze to death in his poor little cave

    • Anmol Patel Reply

      If you think it is designed to give you return on investment you couldn’t be more wrong

    • Steven L. Reply

      @Anmol Patel that is the objective of all investors in the markets – to seek a ROI. Whether or not that is actualized depends on the individual. Take ownership and learn the game or stay out of it.

    • Goldonfire2 themoon Reply

      The stock it’s not the economy however that’s a good thing thanks to the market being rigged a lot of people were able to make money

  15. felipe olvera Reply


    • That’s What i thought Reply


  16. Elon’s Padawan Reply

    I still don’t get Bitcoin. Retailers don’t take it and govt doesn’t recognize it bc it competes with the treasury. Buy gold instead

    • Roger Geyer Reply

      Elon’s Padawan: I don’t get it either. The thing I missed that ARK discusses is network effects. Their theory is that being first and having the biggest active network by far, Bitcoin will inevitably win. Plus the usual idea of a fixed amount of total Bitcoin, etc.

      I have no idea if they’re right. I won’t be getting rid of my physical gold or silver. However, if we get another crypto crash when everyone hates crypto again, I’ll buy some for some diversification, since I at least believe it COULD do well over time. I just won’t invest crazy large amounts, just like I never did with gold or silver.

      Fine with having had some gold and silver for 35 years as an OK inflation hedge, but the stock market has performed MUCH better over that period and paid decent dividends over time as well.

  17. Yue L Reply

    well it’s clear there are bubbles

  18. bulldog 08 Reply

    How is Tesla not a bubble stock??

    • RedSjo Reply

      Maybe becouse according Ron Baron Tesla spends 1 billion on the factory in shanghai and first year it turns in 2.5 billion profit.. The factory in shanghai is 400% more efficient then Fremont yet still a lil faster then turtle spd for Elon.. He aims for walking spd. He’s gonna have multiple monopoly’s in the future there is no competition if you cant compete for the same price/value. It’s not an bubble it is what Apple did with their iphone yet Tesla products are 40x more expensive as an iphone and so is the market cap.

    • SF Real Estate Deal Maker Reply

      It’s not a stock bubble, Tesla isn’t simply a car company. It’s much more. Do some digging.

  19. Curtis Ray Reply

    When lots of CEO’s are leaving…so am I. When they are all selling large chunks of their assets…. so am I. When CNBC says to buy, or to hold… I’m selling and letting go. Safety is sexy. No I’m not a perma bear. You can reduce your risks by reducing exposure.

    When they tell me it’s all going to 0… good, I’ll know it’s time to buy.
    And if it all does go to 0 because the fed printed too many magic dollars then that’s great as well because I’m long BTC since $3600.

  20. Jay Dubau Reply

    we have 0% interest and infinity stimulus. How can you ever have a bubble in this environment. The discount rate is nil

    • Vkob Reply

      @Jay Dubau It’s absolutely shocking to me that a processor can make value that a human being in Africa cannot. There will be consequences to this BS trust me. When you’re rigs are running at night what exactly are you doing to add value to the economy other than making something that is not easily replicated? There are many medals that exist that are hard to replicate. I feel like crypto currency is alchemy. Just because it is difficult to crack the cypher doesn’t mean it adds anything of value. Crypto currency is the consequence of central banks that are conducting in orgy of money printing. It adds no value to society, money printing or cryptocurrency

    • Jay Dubau Reply

      @Vkob It provides a decentralized network to transfer numbers on and records it for all to see. My rigs help run the network. Free market decides what to pay for that service.

    • Vkob Reply

      @Jay Dubau A decentralised Network doesn’t add any value. To me bitcoins just fiat but more difficult to replicate. There is nothing backing it

    • Jay Dubau Reply

      @Vkob Ok you win. I guess I better sell it for more silver and platinum

    • Vkob Reply

      @Jay Dubau There is absolutely no fundamental argument for crypto currency outside of the fact that it’s difficult to reproduce. That’s a pretty bad argument if you think about it, and nobody is thinking about anything in this ridiculous BS market

  21. Emilio Romero Reply

    Can someone explain to me what she meant when “bond holder get bailed out” by stocks like GME rising how it did? Thanks in advance.

    • Jas Reply

      Watch the last video

  22. Alexandre P Reply

    I can’t wait till youtubers use this clip attempting to explain the bubble burst.

  23. Vkob Reply

    I do not believe water is wet either

  24. transitpix Reply

    High dividend yields = junk bonds?

    • Roger Geyer Reply

      transitpix: In the early 80’s, long term US treasuries (AAA at the time) were yielding over 15% for a while, due to all the inflation. When Volcker put the hammer on interest rates, long bonds went up MASSIVELY as interest rates plummeted.

      The economic environment has a LOT to do with bond yields, not just a given bond’s (or type of bond’s) credit quality.

  25. Quiet Jagung Reply

    We are definitely in multiple bubbles. There is a big EV bubble. The trick is to find the solid company.

    • Muhammad Zaid Reply

      Yeah, bubbles are great. Let it pop. Only invest in solid fundamental companies

  26. Johnson Tian Reply

    You can’t blindly trust anyone. Cathy is a phenomenal investor, but she is managing the hottest active ETFs out there. Potential conflict of interests here.

    • mrjohnhusler Reply

      She is not a phenomenal investor, she is a great marketer though.


    Can you see a bubble, when you are in a bubble?

    • mrjohnhusler Reply

      She has $250 million reasons to believe that she is not in a bubble.

    • Scrotie McBoogerballs Reply

      it’s like the eye of the hurricane/cyclone, it looks all quiet and nice and then boom again

  28. James Wadsworth Reply

    of course she would say that. gimme a break

  29. Bem Gi Kim Reply

    Thank you Cathie

  30. Space Reply

    Cathie Wood is spot on. An articulate genius of our time. This decade will be one of innovation from EV to genomics. Space to green renewable energy. Flying taxi networks to plant based foods. Those who are sitting on the sidelines will miss out on the opportunities of a lifetime.

    • Anmol Patel Reply

      I will invest directly and save on fees. You don’t have to be a simp to see she is a conman

    • mrjohnhusler Reply

      Everybody is a genius in a bull market. But it’s clearly a bubble and history will show it.

  31. Fearfully Greedy - Investing Reply

    She will have an incredible track record over time. 📈
    Her investors might not depending on entry timing!

  32. Erik Carbajal Reply


  33. hammertlme Reply

    She has predicted a major correction coming soon, as many have. That’s technically different than a bubble, because it assumes a recovery, but I’m weary of when the correction will take place and how big it will be…

    • News2Hedz Reply

      You said it yourself…assumes recovery. No need to be so wary. She said in an her Jan monthly ARK cast, that she doesn’t know when nor why it will happen, so worrying about is useless, albeit tempting.

    • hammertlme Reply

      @News2Hedz I will be putting in like 200k on 6 of their ETFs so I want to minimize the drawdown

    • News2Hedz Reply

      @hammertlme I have thought the same with ARK in the past but I have been burned because ARK recovers so fast. Attempting to sell then buy the dip is extremely difficult with ARK funds. So I have defaulted ARK to buy and hold. If you want a bit of security check out Brent Osachoff of VTS Strategies.

    • mrjohnhusler Reply

      What recovery? Tesla is already worth $800 billion. Even if you take the $26 billion of revenue as profit, you get less than 5% return on investment. It’s clearly overpriced as a company. It’s a bubble.

  34. Lucia Lorenzo Reply

    When you make the right decisions and take the right steps in trading the chances of losing your funds becomes slimmer and almost impossible especially when you have the right broker helping you trade

    • Moore Darcy Reply

      @Benjamin Blackman I sincerely appreciate the trust built over the past few months of working with sir Derrick and I respect him for his honesty and hard work, he is such a good man.

    • Tersha Allen Reply

      @Pato Peneda OK, you can reach him via (

    • Ramos Micheal Reply

      @Moore Darcy That’s why I always advise traders to invest with Mr Derrick Payne’s platform. On his platform I never experience any issues of re-quote or fake slip.

    • Medley Ruth Reply

      I have come to realize that making profits in stock trading is easier and assured when you invest with a broker who has vast knowledge and working strategy that yields huge profits..i have great respect for Sir Derrick.

    • Ryan Duffy Reply

      @Moore Darcy Never met him in person, but work with him for a month and you’ll be able to tell he’s a genius and a go getter. Never met a better mentor and philanthropist.

  35. Daniel Manahan Reply

    She just redefined what a bubble means if she is going to say Bonds are in a bubble

    • Daniel Manahan Reply

      @Achim Müller that isn’t money creation

      money gets created when banks lend money

      money gets destroyed when people pay off those loans.

      having debt isn’t money creation

      borrowing money is

    • Achim Müller Reply

      @Daniel Manahan Yes you’re right, that is one way money is created through fractional-reserve lending.
      This money (mostly) doesn’t come from savings and is therefore new money.

      There is another way:
      The FED conjures up some fake money to buy a US treasury.
      The federal government then spends that money.

      This money didn’t come from savings and is therefore new money.

      Please explain how you think this is NOT money creation.

    • Daniel Manahan Reply

      @Achim Müller watch more of Steven’s videos he covers everything. You only watched one

    • Achim Müller Reply

      @Daniel ManahanCan you recommend one ?

    • Daniel Manahan Reply

      @Achim Müller I would if I could I would too many of them

  36. Rn Kn Reply

    Cathie is among the singular voices actually focused on the economy and investing in growth. She may yet be proven wrong, but id still rather put money with someone who shows vision rather than a manager with myopia for profit/loss and chasing yield in circlesooò.

    • mrjohnhusler Reply

      Look at the numbers Tesla is valued at $800 billion. If you have $800 billion will you buy the whole company at the current profit numbers. I guess not. Look at her portfolio, if you take the revenue of all the companies you still get a bad return.

  37. Kevin Otero Reply


  38. Ong Li Jing Reply

    Will there be a market correction any time soon?

    • Ed Woolsey Reply

      Lol we just had 2 what do you want?

    • Ong Li Jing Reply

      @Ed Woolsey when did the 2 happen? Did you mean a crash or correction… nevertheless, correction is a good thing dude lols

    • Ed Woolsey Reply

      @Ong Li Jing we have had 2 corrections since the market crash in March, how often do you think we need one?

    • Ong Li Jing Reply

      @Ed Woolsey one more this month 🙂

  39. Austin Rodriguez Reply

    Nice, when the top 1% tells you “we are not in a bubble” and you see what the fed is doing to our currency, you know it’s time to get out of all positions and head for the hill.

    • Brad Barton Reply

      Lol right she’s in it for the fees there going to charge you pump and dump ETFS buy silver gold bullion give the federal reserve the finger

    • Incomeking Reply

      @Brad Barton silver and gold won’t make you 100x

    • Brad Barton Reply

      @Incomeking lol but it may keep the wolf away from your door . My ETH is over 100 in profit in just a year’s time.👍

    • Roger Geyer Reply

      Austin Rodriguez: And yet your ilk was braying about doom in the fall of 2008, claiming massive hyperinflation, the end of the dollar, yadda yadda.

      So why should you have ANY credibility now?

      And no, I don’t know what the market is doing next. OTOH, I haven’t sold my core vanguard index funds for over 3 decades now. And they’ve done just fine, volatile as the market is. Very tax efficient, and reinvest the dividends and cap gains.

    • Incomeking Reply

      @Brad Barton 100 is nothing. I can blindly pick any small cap and find 200-500

  40. Juuso Kuikka Reply

    Bubbles can only be diagnosed after they deflate. That people don’t believe we’re in a bubble when prices people pay for earnings (and even earnings growth!) are at all time highs. Factors supporting markets now among others are: low interest rates, weakening dollar and gigantic FOMO. Also stories and not solid earnings growth. Stories can be used to wipe backsides, not pay the bills.

  41. Charles Roland Reply

    Once I receive my first stimulus check I’ll be starting an investment in crypto currency known as Bitcoin trading its really a life change.

    • Fred Donald Reply

      @Kennedy Luiz 🇺🇸 + 1 9 0 1 3 2 9 9 5 8 3

    • Fred Donald Reply

      @Kennedy Luiz Text him …👆👆

    • Fred Donald Reply

      @Kennedy Luiz what’s…App….

    • Derek Davis Reply

      Nothing is stopping from buying more Bitcoin this period i see the chart is making great moves!!!

    • Anders Walker Reply

      New to the space .very digestable content. Thanks for you putting out this knowledge,i would get in contact already

  42. O_O 0_0 Reply

    Yes anything that I own is not a bubble, keep buying please.

  43. random Reply

    who is the reporter….?

  44. J NS Reply

    dollar rises… stocks ….rise? if rates go negative will that make the new 31k dji the equivalent to the old 23k ??? inflation and negative rates baked into everything

    • Roger Geyer Reply

      J NS: So many people keep bleating high inflation, even as in the real world inflation keeps being the lowest its been since the 50’s.

      And people keep bleating hyperinflation is right around the corner since 2008 — and yet here we are with inflation so low the Fed has to push to keep it near 2%.

  45. Positive Investing Reply

    The major challenges investors face may range from controlling impulsiveness to the frail of compulsion. Most newbies and would-be investors often undermine and often neglect the importance of technical analysis with regards to trading. Technical analysis overly predicts the movement of asset prices regardless of what is happening in the wider or broader market. Essentially, the process involves studying the parts of a particular asset movement in the past so as to establish a sustainable pattern that can be used to predict future movements. Permit me to say that Mr Garry Wilson is an expert trader without flaws, the very best of his kind, reach him via Whats App + 1 9 7 2 9 4 7 0 6 3 2

  46. Dandy Finance Reply

    So dividends a no-no and destructive is go for it!

  47. VarangianOblast Reply

    This time is different.

  48. P K Reply

    All I’m seeing in a face of greediness…

  49. P K Reply

    Too much capital chasing few stock…well she said it….it’s exactly what’s happening

    • mrjohnhusler Reply

      @P K Too much capital (drive prices up) chasing few stocks (overvalued) = bubble.

  50. Richard Fain Reply

    All thanks to *SPYLAMBA* on ig he’s the best i ever meet i can’t stop thanking him for his good work he has done for me…

  51. Richard Fain Reply

    All thanks to *SPYLAMBA* on ig he’s the best i ever meet i can’t stop thanking him for his good work he has done for me..

  52. Grant Porter Reply

    Not in a bubble 💭 😂 everybody’s moving to crypto, we’re all done with this stock market manipulation who’s aim is to keep the majority suppressed and in debt.

    Get out while you can Crypto is supposed to dominate now, it’s the future and if you snooze, you LOSE!!!

  53. Mark Kravitz Reply

    👋 Norman Peale famously said change your thoughts and you change your world. A handsome entrepreneur @evenkingsfall (his insta) has always said you have to THINK BIG to WIN BIG! Always keep that approach to life! Don’t stop the hard work 🙏

  54. Altcoin Buzz Reply

    The major challenges investors face may range from controlling impulsiveness to the frail of compulsion. Most newbies and would-be investors often undermine and often neglect the importance of technical analysis with regards to trading. Technical analysis overly predicts the movement of asset prices regardless of what is happening in the wider or broader market. Essentially, the process involves studying the parts of a particular asset movement in the past so as to establish a sustainable pattern that can be used to predict future movements. Permit me to say that Mr Garry Wilson is an expert trader without flaws, the very best of his kind, reach him via Whats App + 1 9 7 2 9 4 7 0 6 3 2

    • Roger Geyer Reply

      Altcoin Buzz: Why does blatant marketing over and over and over make you any better than a SPAMMER?

  55. Jacek Nasiadek Reply

    Cathie Wood, along with Tony Seba and others, remind me so much of Ray Kurzweil and other singularitarians, whose popularity peaked in the dot com bubble. This was not a coincidence. Neither is the fact that Wood’s popularity is growing at a time when a new generation of investors is just coming of age. These investors weren’t around during the dot-com bubble and should do some research on Ray Kurzweil and technological singularity. Ray and other singularitarians also used to talk about disruptive and accelerating change, accelerated returns and exponential rate of improvement. Ray Kurzweil made hundreds of predictions and among them was full. ubiquitous self-driving by 2010.

    I believe it’s some kind of personality trait that makes these people so prone to hype and it contributes to inflating asset bubbles. So far there have been three manifestations of this personality type. The first was in the 1950s when the first generation of AI research emerged (google I. J. Good and Marvin Minsky). There were serious predictions that within 20 years we will achieve artificial superintelligence. Many of these people were criticizing Kubrick for being too conservative in his portrayal of AI in 2001 A Space Odyssey. The second techno-transcendentalist mania was in the 1980s, with the development of neural nets. The third was the dot-com bubble and the technological singularity. Are we seeing the beginnings of a fourth one?

    • Roger Geyer Reply

      Jacek Nasiadek: People like Ray Kurzweil are overly optimistic and early in their calls, re ignoring that things can and do go wrong.

      And yet, overall, they’re very right in the direction of their calls for tech and the massive cumulative results. If you think the overall trend for information tech. and its implications for science isn’t exponential overall, you’re delusional.

      Bubbles will come and go and can’t be predicted reliably, especially re timing them for profit. Volatility is the price of participating in the stock market.

      So stay diversified and don’t get caught with crazy exposure in ANY one area.

      Worked in the 1990’s and will work this time, given perspective, like over a decade for things to average out.

      After the 1990’s tech bubble, moving into the QQQ’s as the 2000 to 2003 recession progressed, investing much more per month with DCA, as it got cheaper and cheaper, approaching $20 from being about $150 worked GREAT. All it took was patience, and not expecting a full and rapid recovery.

      I believe the same principle will work again. But folks massively long in tech with MASSIVE PE’s are very exposed, just as they were in the late 90’s. Of course, this could end ugly, end gradually as tech grows into valuations, or something else. GOOD LUCK predicting the timing or shape of the end apriori.

  56. fever dream Reply

    How does the logic work? Bond bubble means the country is in a major and significant problem, since most of the buyer or owner is CB, yet she thinks stock market wouldn’t be affected by it and will keep gaining 20% p.a. like they’re not actually a part of that country that is about to be broke? Stop inviting someone with conflict of interest. Would you imagine what her investor would do if she does think they’re in a possible bubble, even only ‘possible’? Duh.

    Find a neutral, maybe a stock analyst worldwide, or anyone not life-dependent on US stocks. You can ask worldwide stock analyst, would they recommend investing in US stock market now or other countries? its not like we cannot invest in other country stock market.

  57. Hermes Reply

    There is no team when it comes to the stock market. Don’t trust anyone and make your own analysis.

  58. James_T Reply

    Daym she looks like Caitlyn Jenner 😯

    • Roger Geyer Reply

      James_T: And what could matter less than that. She’s no youngster. Relax.

  59. Dave Peartree Reply

    Crazy lady

  60. Tony Richard Reply

    The unsuitable noodle uncommonly stamp because tom-tom methodologically march inside a chemical shop. gaping, dapper wheel

  61. alberto f. Neumann Reply

    She reminds me of some other guy with the same narrative: Masa Son and his Vision Fund. Another time another name. Same narrative!

  62. Alpha Bravo Reply

    I don’t trust this lady. Some of her holdings are so UNETHICAL.. but when was there ethics in wallstreet?

    • Roger Geyer Reply

      Alpha Bravo: You say unethical, yet don’t have the ethics to state WHICH holdings OR WHY you THINK they are unethical.

      Funny how that works.

      Is the earth flat? Are you a science denier who’s afraid of genetics. Bueller? Say something of substance or go away please.

    • Alpha Bravo Reply

      @Roger Geyer do yourself a favor and put ALL of your money on her etfs. All of it. Please.

  63. Kingsley Hailey Reply

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  64. Sergi Medina Reply

    Maybe not the whole market yet, but sure TSLA, NFLX, AMD, BTC…!

  65. Jeff LaRochelle Reply

    She invests in asset bubbles…why would she go against her business?

    • Goldonfire2 themoon Reply

      Only moron would pay for a stock that is %2000 over it’s p e ratio unless they were swing traders

  66. Jian Kuö Reply


  67. Nana Bonti Reply

    Hey guys if you want stock videos you should watch Finance Republic. He’s only ten and looking for people to watch his vids!

  68. Saptarshi Chakraborty Reply

    Of course she doesn’t. If she did, half her investors would bail.

  69. darthrib 12 Reply

    “this time it’s different” okay safe to say we’re in a bubble

    • J.Fun.K Reply

      Lmao people all around me have said we’ve been in a bubble since 2010….

    • J C. Reply

      @J.Fun.K to me it didn’t look extended until 2017. I’m unsure of bubble, but sure of overvalued. We’ll see. I’ve just been going against the heard.

    • J.Fun.K Reply

      @J C. MIght be fun to touch base in a year’s time 😛

    • J C. Reply

      @J.Fun.K Why? I don’t time markets, but I use info like that to buy what I think will give me the most return. I don’t sell, I just rotate.

  70. gdwalker13 Reply

    She’s a terrible speaker……

  71. Sergio Torres Reply

    Warren Buffett: Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy

    • George McDuffey Reply

      …and Greedy when others are fearful…

  72. Romaine Lettuce Reply

    buy DOGE !!!!

  73. Blu Sky Reply

    Asking Cathie about the bubble is like asking a sales man to buy now or to take time to think about it

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      Best platform and best Teacher of all time.

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    • Russ Eggleston Reply

      The current rise in price of bitcoin is just amazing.

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    • Scrotie McBoogerballs Reply

      let’s talk about taxes with short term crypto profits 🤣🤣🤣 anwyay, that was a lot of bullsh*t thx

  75. TTYL NRN Reply

    This lady has a point. The point is that many elites and wealthy people don’t want EVERYONE to run into the market because saturation of anything is not good. When the rich people say one thing then you run the other way. The market is healthy and will get healthier once this crazy pandemic is over and human capital rises. Learn to become a retail investor. AND if there was a market crash, pandemic, end-of-world event or what-have-you crisis then most investors are better off than non-investors

  76. Davy Life Reply

    This is my warning ⚠️ better get out of stock market

  77. Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen Reply

    1:13 pfirsichfarben

  78. Jointy DotNet Reply

    They said the same thing in the 2000s about DotCom companies. While I believe disruption is real and inevitable, it does not justify the current valuation levels we see now, every hot idea is massively priced on a large of ‘maybe’. Bubble.

  79. Bernier Leonel Reply

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  80. Laurel Bane Reply

    I was introduced into the market, and I started trading for about six to seven months now, and it has not been profitable to me and it always backfires. Nearly impossible for me to catch more than a few points. I do my best but it does not work out good for me. i am clearly among the 90% that lose money, So I used a demo account, observe it and take my analysis, then take the opposite of what i would normally take and get the same result. I am starting to feel frustrated and hopeless, any advice for a struggling trader?

    • Laurel Bane Reply

      @Dabby Charles You’re right, I don’t lose cash each and every exchange, except my primary issue is attempting to allow my sprinters to run. Rarely do I get huge moves . Rather they go a couple of pips toward me, at that point conflict with me if when I take a stab at holding them. Likewise my entrances could utilize a great deal of progress. A tutor would be astounding, however getting one is more difficult than one might expect. On the off chance that it’s not all that a lot to ask, do you know any genuine ones?

    • Dabby Charles Reply

      @Laurel Bane I am aware of one woman however, she isn’t a tutor essentially, yet she is shockingly acceptable at exchanging. From what I’ve assembled she used to work for a restrictive firm till she resigned. Met her at one of those gatherings, became more acquainted with her and we traded messages. Since she caused me, I’ve been making about 0.3btc fortnightly. What I’m attempting to say is the 5% of dealers on the planet that are reliably beneficial are not on YouTube, they are simply irregular/lowkey individuals nobody even expects . Her name was Jessica Pierson coincidentally.

    • Elaine Magana Reply

      @Dabby Charles I think I have seen this name on a trading forum before, on discord one time, is she really that good ? And how may I contact her if that isn’t too much to ask.

    • Pig Benis Reply

      @Dabby Charles ahh yes. You can spot a real pro when you see they use gmail.

  81. My Budgie Journey Reply

    “this time it’s different” 😆

  82. James Farley Reply

    They are all buying Ideanomics Stock (IDEX) You guys are welcome! Go make money!

  83. Mike P Reply

    A month ago she said we were in for a ‘doozy’ of a correction. Non-bubbles don’t correct.

  84. Jason Reply

    I’m in all five Ark ETFs and PRNT. I’m fully confident she and her team are better investors than me and 99% of the people on here.

    • Ajmal Walizada Reply

      Right on brother, if I had any money I would invest in her ETFs.

  85. FabiWan's Tech Vault Reply

    I want whatever she’s smoking

  86. Ditch The Map Reply

    Ha, “we’re not in a bubble”. So many people like this are SO annoying. He track records is a couple years tops. Everyone is doing great. The more risk you take the better returns these last few years. She is honestly a puppet. Re listen to interviews of tech pundits pre-2000. They ALL said, we’re not in a bubble, this time is different. This typical ‘god’ complex is such a show of hubris. Makes me sick! I’m only 34, and know that stocks are portions of a company. Companies make money. Stock prices track earnings…plain and simple.

  87. Vinnie StJohn Reply

    I have the highest regard for Miss Woods, but to say we are not insanely overbought, that speaks more to her book than reality. We’ll get a minor correction one day, the Fed will crush it as always, and its back to new ATH’s every week. Its been that way for years.

  88. philip stallwood Reply

    The market is melting up. Dollars being created, same number of assets.

  89. GetSchanked Reply

    I think Catherine is brilliant when it comes to recognizing disruptive technologies, but, in general, “performance” funds that primarily invest in growth companies don’t seem to stand the test of time when it comes to beating major index performance. Make ARK 3% of your portfolio if you have a low risk tolerance.

  90. Des Reply

    Capitalism without failure is religion without sin.

  91. Pig Benis Reply

    Even if you lose some money in the stock market, it’s still a better investment than heroin.

  92. Sander Degurra Reply

    We are definitely in a bubble. But once again this bubble may take forever to burst.

  93. Sander Degurra Reply

    I am not sure what she means by bonds are in a bubble. Can anyone explain to me?

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