Ray Dalio: ‘You need independent thinking for success’

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Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, joins Yahoo Finance editor-in-chief Andy Serwer in April 2017 to discuss his book, “Principles,” as well as his views on management, neuroscience, psychology, artificial intelligence, President Donald Trump, Federal Reserve policy, and more.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar vietimports says:

    the irony is that companies force their employees to be mindless drones so they can operate as cogs in the machinery. until robots take over, and then it will literally be mindless drones

    • Avatar Yaser K says:

      Robots never can be independent thinkers

    • Avatar neo69121 says:

      @Yaser K well thats a very strong statement i would argue otherwise but both our arguemnts are just plain guesses

    • Avatar 4DhumanInstrumentality says:

      Yaser khouja But what about the AI that will eventually control these robots?

  2. Avatar mark KAO says:

    Interesting pivot of the trump question

  3. Avatar benevolent dictator says:

    Base…human nature has not changed in 8,000 years.
    This should be the basis of the algorithms as it is the constant and only the new inputs redirects the human-nature response.
    AI has a potential of enhancing the well being of the human and the environment they coexist in. If the algorithms that drive the AI are “perverted” (how is that defined?) and redirects the harmony short term and long term, how is this to be balanced? It may be out of our control based on the decided directive.

  4. Avatar paulwilfridhunt says:

    Ray is ok. And he’s got it all sorted out.
    And that’s nice. It’s good to see.
    But he’s not too interested in God.
    My advice to him would be to apply himself to seeking God, because although money and success is important it’s not as important as his life.
    If he doesn’t do this he will regret it.
    The quest can begin with a prayer that might go something like this.
    “God if you exist and if you want me to know you, then please reveal yourself.”

    • Avatar paulwilfridhunt says:

      Joe Elyahchouchi Well, I must say I disagree with you.
      The existence of God certainly isn’t irrelevant for me at all and I guess if you end up in that hot place, and I don’t mean Sierra Leone, I presume you’ll be eating your words at that smokey BBQ.

      You sound like a true ingrate to me.
      Aren’t you wonderful.
      God makes you and you don’t even have the decency or the guts to say thanks.

      Bad manners usually don’t help in life and they certainly aren’t going to help you.

      God isn’t threatening you at all with hell.
      But it wouldn’t be very nice to not tell you where you are hell bent for, would it.

      When you get a few clues come on back and we’ll talk some more, but in the meantime I won’t hold my breath,
      Oh ye with the spine.

    • Avatar making the startup says:

      He follows the modern religion of Liberalism.

    • Avatar Clinton Lunn says:

      A “Loving God”, that will torcher you forever for a thought crime. How ridiculous.

    • Avatar DizeezerV says:

      My advice would be not to force anyone to believe in a god. There are 3000+ gods in written human history. The odds of the one you pick being the one true god is pretty small.

    • Avatar Vidmantas V says:

      I wonder which god would you have chosen in India (hundreds of them there) have you been born there.

  5. Avatar T says:

    Those questions are too stupid for Ray Dalio and he said Janet Yellen lol?

  6. Avatar David Simons says:

    I’ll give you an idea of Donald Trump no caravan, no wall, no deal with Kim, no trade deal and most likely no regime change.

  7. Avatar Kyle F. Rx says:

    This TMZ-level interviewer did not read the book… and Ray knows it 😂 9:20

    • Avatar Koolyococo says:

      Kyle F. Rx What question would you have asked Ray?

  8. Avatar ravi kumar says:

    Radical truth was shown the door by despotic leadership team. My own experience in corporate world in India, now explaining this to another employer is tough. So it is very rare to find such a company and leadership to accept radical truths.

  9. Avatar LauraNYC says:

    It’s all about the building your own strategy 😉

  10. Avatar Damien Wright says:

    Drag Dalio out to calm the markets. Amway Ray .

  11. Avatar workwillfreeyou says:

    Ray – Super Smart but what separates him is his honesty! Ray’s honesty is why I have such admiration.

    • Avatar Kong says:

      Warren buffet and bill gates, Elon Musk etc may have more money than him.
      And Others are smart too.

      But his honesty and he’s not arrogant is what draws me to him more than these other billionaires. I really like him.

  12. Avatar Ian Grant says:

    I agree. I have this. TEFL teaching will give the person this.

  13. Avatar Johnny says:

    This interview is from April 2017! 😂

    • Avatar Koolyococo says:

      Johnny Yeah, I was disappointed. However it’s a good refresher

  14. Avatar Clinton Lunn says:

    I am a stone cold Democratic Socialist, and would vote for Ray Dalio and his philosophy in a heartbeat. He seems to truly want the vast majority of humans to benefit from the economy.

    • Avatar DizeezerV says:

      Ray Dalio is the type of human that needs to lead the USA

  15. Avatar Bianca Aguglia says:

    “There are three stages in life:
    – first, when you’re very young and need others;
    – second, when you grow up, work, and others need you;
    – third, when you get older and can empower others not to need you anymore.”
    There’s wisdom and bittersweet humility in that. ❤️

  16. Avatar Freek Monsuur says:

    Dalio for president!

    • Avatar Saurabh prakash Mishra says:

      Freek Monsuur may be he suits more for Fed chairman ? He knows the economy in and out

  17. Avatar 이은경 says:

    My country wont have such amazing ppl on the industry like you:)))

  18. Avatar sumit arora says:

    We are lucky that we get to learn from people like Ray Dalio not just about the economy but also about the how to view or process life in general

  19. Avatar Jeremiah Barlow says:

    Ray Dalio for President 2024 !  😉

    • Avatar Rico-suave says:

      Why not 2020? Oh no I’m guessing you want trump….

    • Avatar Kong says:

      I’d go for that.

      Better than any of the jokers on stage.

  20. Avatar 2 Worlds On Earth says:

    Hope trump is listening to this..

  21. Avatar No Hope Equals no fear says:

    Step #1.Ray pays his publicist around 50 million.
    #2. Publicists pays Yahoo finance and other msm propagandist 25 million to air Rays sale pitch for his hedge fund.
    #3. Ray racks in billions for hedge fund.
    #4. Ray turns into a billionaire.
    #5. Repeat.

    • Avatar jpgk1927 says:

      You are literally too stupid to insult. Please don’t pollute these forums.

    • Avatar No Hope Equals no fear says:

      @jpgk1927 the truth hurts you? But it will set you free. Speaking of which, Ray does not do these talks for free. He wants to attract money to his over priced and over valued hedge fund.
      I feel sorry for anyone who hands their money over to some else to invest… even to Ray. Ray is about making money for Ray. The clients are their to get ripped off.

  22. Avatar Metal Bum says:

    Nice one. I’m stacking physical gold silver for hedge on my channel. Thanks yahoo

  23. Avatar TheScientista says:

    He doesn’t have the attitude of most of the people working in Finance. He has scientist material: curious, humble, truth-seeking.

  24. Avatar TheScientista says:

    I hope his bright mind does not yield to Alzheimer. All multi rich should donate to brain science research.

  25. Avatar Kiril Mihaylov says:


  26. Avatar Auxin relari says:


  27. Avatar Abdul Wadud says:

    Ray first of all I respect you the most as far as your conception and explanation is concerned.
    But I wonder how such an intelligent person like you don’t believe in success in life after death? Please have a look at the translation of Queran. You would understand the root of wealth concentration which is Riba; modern currency and interest.

  28. Avatar HappyHusbandn Wife says:

    The downturn now ( Jun 2020 ) is give ppl bad old reason to go RIOT, BLM for example

  29. Avatar Oyungerel Munkhbat says:

    Wow this was painful to watch lol

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