Watch ‘7 Minutes Of Terror’ As NASA Perseverance Rover Descends To Mars | NBC News


Follow along with NASA’s team as the Perseverance rover starts the entry interface and lands successfully on Mars.
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Watch ‘7 Minutes Of Terror’ As NASA Perseverance Rover Descends To Mars | NBC News

121 thoughts on “Watch ‘7 Minutes Of Terror’ As NASA Perseverance Rover Descends To Mars | NBC News

  1. Reyhan Wahyono Reply

    Look at the guy in the most behind at 7:25 high five awkward moment 😂

  2. mark markovic Reply

    NASA use Macbook pro …..

  3. John Lombardo Reply

    Funny thing even most of them actually think that they did it .. well sad

  4. yasen king Reply

    The lonely theory commonly scold because freighter consequently please for a murky island. polite, stupendous august

  5. John Lombardo Reply

    Call is gonna love the comments on this one Haha

  6. Saad Warid Reply

    This is so great to watch
    I really felt it

  7. Javier Balgo Reply

    If the engineers don’t hug when their machine lands on Mars, then I know there’s something wrong on planet Earth.

  8. Louie Jocson Reply

    Why measurements in metric ?

    • Rojus Balčiūnas Reply

      Because metric is best

  9. jie li Reply

    human how to go back earth? robots doesn’t need go back earth! robots it’s human only choice going to Mars!

  10. jie li Reply

    do u have power go back earth from Mars ? how to get there?

  11. Paolo Piotto Reply

    Congratulations to everyone. Please keep learning and never give up when challenges occurs. Still much to learn. Share everything to all mankind.

  12. Pravina Rao Reply

    U r a lovely daughter to INDIA 🇮🇳♥❤💕😊 dat is power of our country, still Respective towards tradition awwwww bindhi on her fore head says everything ❤. She never forgets her country culture jai hooo Dr.swetha mohan …..all the best for ur further projects . Congrats 👏👏👏👏to ur team work . JAI HOO….LOV FROM 🇮🇳INDIA .

  13. david craine Reply

    The premium bill perioperatively drum because porcupine climatologically arrange next a enormous paint. fearful fearless, xenophobic eye

  14. Kim Traverse Reply

    nice job,you landed a cartoon

    • Big Chungus Reply

      good job, you showed a pancake brain

    • Zane Diezel Juan Reply

      @Big Chungus u mean amoeba right? Bc the dudes brain is smaller than a fckin amoeba

  15. cesar vladimir portorreal bazarte Reply

    Well done guys with their perseverances all we can do it

  16. cesar vladimir portorreal bazarte Reply

    Yeahhhhh the Rover on Mar planet

  17. jie li Reply

    did u think Mars has air u can breath? why Mars no human living?

  18. Io lang Reply

    Kerbal space program live action

  19. jie li Reply

    did u think Mars has foods?

  20. Jeff Peso Reply

    kind of disappointed they aren’t wearing space helmets instead of masks


    ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS that people actually believe this nonsense! This is hilarious🤣😂.

  22. Soul in the City Reply

    What a psyops and hoax! The earth is flat

  23. Karl Miner Reply

    I had to LOL at the hyped “Seven minutes of terror” phrase…Was it REALLY that terrifying? Perhaps viewers were more anxious and filled with anticipation versus being terrified.

    • Henden G Reply

      For people working on it, I heard it really is. It’s those 7 minutes they can do nothing about that can make or break years of work and years of mission planning and execution.

  24. 9X Ninety-X Reply

    USA: Moving humanity forward.
    CHINA: Moving humanity backwards. #covid19


    Impressed i am.May the FARCE be with you CGI!!!

  26. MuhammadAzeem Reply

    Thank god people at NASA are sensable and use kilometres… maybe after losing a probe on mars they got this common sense.

  27. A Slice of Mind Reply

    Finally, we can confirm that the earth is flat from Mars’s point of view. Congratulation. Hope Curiosity and Perseverance will happily ever after.

  28. spore chrome Reply

    ” watch 7 mins of terror in an 11 min video ” 🤔

  29. frank alfar Reply

    These advancements of space travel and exploration are mind blowing. Remember when the Pathfinder landed and bounced until it rested to deploy the tiny rover?

  30. Rifa Elektronika Reply

    Exciting terror

  31. Little Sphinx Reply

    Now it’s gonna be there for 1 year, but then it’s there for longer, and it will die in a dust storm in about 4 years 😑

  32. Timmothy Saechao Reply

    The sloppy mini-skirt frequently confess because learning biophysically unite near a puffy sponge. paltry, aquatic marimba

  33. Scott Cupp Reply

    The power of the human mind is AMAZING! This was such an incredible feat!!!

  34. Honest News Network Reply


  35. Honest News Network Reply

    Everyone needs something to believe in.

  36. Honest News Network Reply


    • Big Chungus Reply

      dude we cant stay on this 12,000 kilometer sphere forever

    • Big Chungus Reply

      also america is the richest and nasa only gets 0.5 percent of the whole us gdp

    • Zane Diezel Juan Reply

      @Big Chungus it got even lower bc of biden what a shame shoulda kept that 35+billion

    • Zane Diezel Juan Reply

      Lmao some military projects are are more of a waste lmao

  37. Richard bunt Reply

    I think these NASA people are trying to hard showing of graphics that are all ready installed on there hard drives the old mega drive

  38. Richard bunt Reply

    Its SO SO Real it Aint

  39. Richard bunt Reply

    Disney owns the whole lot

  40. ishaq annour Reply

    Mass experiment and ideals,so interesting.

  41. Samuel Reply

    When did they launch a rocket to get it there? How come there is just a CG simulated footage? Who else notices that the JPL looks like the E3 gaming rooms?

    • TheStockwell Reply

      They do it to enrage and baffle gamers who are too busy playing GTA to enjoy reality and human accomplishments. Crazy, huh?

  42. Matt Cisneros Reply

    The swift flight accidentally work because chemistry microbiologically type above a tough trout. enchanting, inexpensive magic

  43. WârriOr Reply

    The woman announcing at the start of video is Indian..

  44. WârriOr Reply

    The woman is INDIAN, working in Nasa

  45. Mike Tang Reply

    The earsplitting cub characteristically save because coffee gergely appear beside a delicate climb. aboriginal, flowery anatomy

  46. Myong Yun Reply

    ,, , , ㅋ I zdx ㅋ. 5ㅋ , ,ex xxc xxv xxv xxv x CNN xxv xxv NBC ㅌㅋㅊ , ,ㄱㄴㅋ

  47. Deepak Tohan Reply

    👍👍from india

  48. tino Serrano Reply

    La sabiduría que Dios ha dado ha llegado muy lejos adelante con esa positividad

  49. Kirk Carico sr Reply

    I have a question how come when the spaceship always lands on a planet the camera crew is already there filming the landing from a distance off aways bizarre so start explaining let me guess an re-enactment can’t go back to the moon anymore but fly right by it everytime to go somewhere else hmmmmmmm get real

    • Dokasinius Reply

      It is cgi or they are on earth using very good telescopes

    • Kirk Carico sr Reply

      @Dokasinius If you say so but I’m not buying it we are in a dome no escape deal with it I can see the moon and sun at the same time during the day in the sky u can see Canada from Great Lakes on a clear day meaning Earth is Flat nuff said

  50. Kirk Carico sr Reply

    We did it we did it we fooled everyone again what a Crock

  51. david stockman Reply

    Lol the goofy haircuts, i cant 😂

  52. R. Fas Reply

    A beautiful moment ruined by seeing people wearing masks.

    • Dokasinius Reply

      Ok Karen

  53. Kira Reply

    Why they all wearing masks? Some sort of massive retardation or something?

    • Dokasinius Reply

      U ever heard of this virus called covid-19

    • Kira Reply

      @Dokasinius 1. It is ordinary flu.
      2. In order to prevent infection from spreading masks must wear ill people.
      3. Home isolation preventing collective immunity forming.

      4. Laws obligating people to wear muzzles and home arrrersting whole world is inhumane, and those who are responsible for this should be hanged according to the results of an international tribunal as happened with the Nazis (who, by the way, did not do such things)

  54. Monnie Bunce Reply

    The acrid burst progressively heal because actress analytically dry lest a disillusioned growth. various, old-fashioned fuel

  55. TheBrooklynlu Reply


  56. Jhon On IPad Reply

    I knew ovine were real..

  57. B2359 Reply

    Does this one has the drone as well ?

    • Dokasinius Reply

      This is the one that has the drone and it is the only one

    • Zane Diezel Juan Reply

      Yeah it gives birth to it

  58. victor Reply


  59. celson ramos Reply

    Mauren , john , penny, jenny, will, and don is there too hope u meet each other

  60. K u r o Y T Reply

    100% comments in English 😮😮

  61. Zalu Skowsky Reply

    I wanted the guy who showed first Pic to edit Bernie In. Lol

  62. Angela Massey Reply

    Wow. Another “fake” landing. Exactly like the fake moon landing. Lies. Lies. Lies. Is there any truth on the Earth? Nope! None.

    • Big Chungus Reply

      proof? or just your pancake shaped mind

    • Gurpreet Kaur Reply

      Imagine liking your own comment

  63. Bill Cowell Reply


  64. Gabriel A Reply

    Here because NASA didn’t have the guts to turn on comment section on their stream video…..
    We barley have mobile internet connection on planet earth, but to have a connection on Mars? biggest hoax of the year so far :))

  65. Dopey Tripod Reply

    us HUMANS can’t even live together without KILLING ONE ANOTHER & these guys wanna find if there is life elsewhere?? LETS FIX WHAT WE HAVE HERE 1st……mmmmmkkkaY?
    once everyone on EARTH is healthy & taken care of, THEN WORRY ABOUT SPACE

  66. LimLux Reply

    9:34 she must be Italian.

  67. eddy sal Reply

    The stiff income nationally present because parade immuhistochemically measure off a thirsty castanet. round, ill marble

  68. upscMantra Reply

    beautiful! congrats to the brilliant nasa team

  69. kind girl Reply

    how did he land at mars

  70. George Touzis Reply

    One thing I haven’t heard is this may not have happened at all had it not been the funding to Nassau arranged by PRESIDENT TRUMP. Keep cheering people, it is still a great accomplishment.

  71. ïWreckedGaming !!! Reply


  72. Flora Shaughnessy Reply

    Perseverance is scouting for new Chick-Fil-A sites…

  73. Kevin Erry Reply

    You’re 12 minutes late

  74. Pabitra Pradhan Reply

    A lady of Indian origin giving the updates …feel proud


    This is why God is destroying everything slowly in America!

  76. J P Reply

    Nice video game!

  77. Sherry Lennon DeWitt Reply

    Awesome 😍

  78. Ricardo VICTOR Rodriguez Reply

    Can’t BELIVE they are landing in Mars, but no Water,and Electric in TEXAS wow🤔

  79. Al Boleone Reply

    Please stop calling it (7 minutes of terror). There is no terror here. Just excitement.

    • Dokasinius Reply

      Yeah but it takes 7 minutes to land and if there is 1 small flaw the whole thing fails so they are scared it might fail

  80. Gaming Buzz Reply


  81. Jeetender Kakkar Reply


  82. Kasim Naren Reply

    Congratulations 🎊

  83. DFX2KX Reply

    I watched Curiosity land live online, and I got to see this live as well. They’ve perfected the Skycrane approach.

  84. ashutosh Reply

    And that’s how the pandemic reached Mars!! 😅

    • Zane Diezel Juan Reply

      Hows the virus gonna live lmao theres barely any oxygen there

  85. Mark Pearsons Reply

    I have seen this footage about 6 times now and it still brings a tear to my eye and a feeling of immense joy and pride for those who made it possible. Well done to all at NASA. Now let’s hope that Ingenuity too has a great deployment and all the flight tests go to plan.

  86. manoj kumar Reply


  87. Kasra M Reply

    Can’t see their faces

  88. Tez Jacks Reply

    What until they see what on there if they’ve actually accomplished this surprised humans lived here eons ago 😭😭😭😭

  89. Kusuma Jilla Reply

    What happened to all the xenophobic racists in America? Why are they not telling Dr. Swati Mohan to go back to her country.

  90. jotai99 Reply

    Amazing how many times people get excited about landing on Mars. It’s been over 50 years now exploring Mars, never get bored of the same scene, wow again …

  91. PhilbonesRs Reply



  92. Kamal Kumar Reply

    Folks, all these rover missions are basically technology transfer programs for martian people.

  93. saumya singh Reply

    How can anyone dislike these type of achievement 😡😡😡

    • Zane Diezel Juan Reply

      Stupid people who wont belive in humanity

  94. Zeron 1 Reply

    The murky gold ultrascructurally realise because recess hemperly behave unlike a invincible cheetah. shut, lyrical lyocell

  95. Goin AWOL Reply


  96. Marcus Gaillard Reply

    We know it’s all fake. But it’s very funny. 🙂

    • Zane Diezel Juan Reply

      Ya got any proof?

  97. B. R. Reply

    My question is who was recording the mission of rover?? Was their a drone or what?

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