Houston Mayor Speaks Out About Texas Crisis | NBC Nightly News


Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner talks to Lester Holt about the situation in his city as Texas residents struggle without power and water amid the ongoing crisis.
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Houston Mayor Speaks Out About Texas Crisis | NBC Nightly News

90 thoughts on “Houston Mayor Speaks Out About Texas Crisis | NBC Nightly News

  1. T Willy Reply

    what happens if you need the fire sprinkler system if you have little to no water pressure in a hospital

    • wade stanton Reply

      bad things happen

    • speny spen Reply

      what happens if the world blows up? children shush

  2. John Preston Reply

    Cancun Cruz helped “deregulate” the electrical utilities in Texas…
    and when the GOP’s “deregulation” started killing people…
    Cancun Cruz headed for Mexico…
    while the Governor blamed windmills and AOC…
    yep, all seems normal in Texas…

  3. Zulqadarr Rashid Reply

    Sad and unfortunate 😢.
    Zilch planning by the responsible office holders, for the past five decades.
    Bless you Texas 🙏🇺🇸💯

    Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  4. Rob Cotton Reply

    look on the bright side, texans – your oil executives are still filthy rich

  5. Babeena_Gt _ Reply

    Its things like this that makes me thank God I have a generator and cases of gallons of water. My son told me I was crazy for having half our basement full of jugs of water. Now he’s saying thank god I did it.
    Things get real and you have to be prepared

    • Maxine Fowler Reply

      They sell instant food that last 10 yrs.on the cable shopping networks. Buy it , you can donate it to a shelter if you don’t use that stuff.

    • Babeena_Gt _ Reply

      @Rick Evans I use a solar generator for a space heater and my phone to be charged. We have oil lamps and plenty of candles which helps with the warmth as well. We put all our fridge foods in totes into the garage so they won’t spoil,and became creative with cooking. 5 tealight candles,a metal cooling rack that I normally use when I make cookies actually makes a good burner for cooking

    • Babeena_Gt _ Reply

      @Mot Kaou is this your channel? It’s nice

    • Rick Evans Reply

      @Babeena_Gt _ why didn’t u say that ur generator was solar in the first place? Now u correct me and say it was solar, making me seem like I was ignorant. When in fact I was uninformed. Good on you for being prepared.
      Just a follow up. Gas stations in Texas have run out of gas yesterday. As I predicted.

    • Babeena_Gt _ Reply

      @Rick Evans I didn’t make you look ignorant 🤔
      You never asked what sort of gen I had,and said that gas runs out ,and suggested I had a gas one🤦🏼‍♀️
      Sorry I made you feel that way man. Stay warm and safe ✌🏼

  6. Paula Wagstaff Reply

    It will be OK…I hear TedCruz is rushing back from his vacation in Mexico to roll up his sleeves to HELP.🤥🙄😏

    • Linda name Reply

      LMAO, LMAO,LMAO, you bad Lady!!!!!

    • Tanarra Mason Reply


    • Paula Wagstaff Reply

      @Linda name couldn’t help myself.😉

  7. 0 0 Reply

    Just to be clear. The nation’s power energy leader, Texas lost power sending millions of People and livestock back to survival in the dark ages. How ironic.

    This means that if Texas were an independent nation, it would be a middle of the pack 3rd world country struggling with an inferior, unreliable power grid or infrastructure.

    • speny spen Reply

      @Elizabeth Santos you are a sad individual and have no idea what words you are using. grow up

    • Sean Morgan Reply

      @speny spen Glad to hear your friend had power. Many don’t. Thank God Texas can always depend on Federal government tax money for all those national disasters (hurricanes, forest fires, and winter blizzards). That way, they never have to invest in any climate change initiatives for themselves. Though it kinda sucks that the Feds coffers are a bit low right now from the corporate tax cuts. Guess the other states will have to wait their turn at the trough.

    • Nathaniel M Mims Reply

      This is accurate af. The fact that republicans who are absolutely certain of their greatness have just been made the biggest fools, in the very sector they believe they are great for. It’s disappointing tho because Texans have been duped, we got got, everything is being held together by paper clips and scotch tape….

    • Maxine Fowler Reply

      The 9th largest economy, in front o Russia.

  8. Miron Saharov Reply


  9. Democrat Communist Plantation Reply


    • Linda name Reply



      @Linda name Caps don’t increase your IQ or the argument you’re trying to make, Linda. I haven’t seen Biden at all during this.

    • Linda name Reply

      Caps mean shouting. Not intelligence and what do you want Biden to do? Light a fire, Abbott screams about states rights. He did this to us, with non-regulatory energy grid. So he could get donations from the fossil fuel Co. You r wearing blinders, I bet you only watch FOX and voted for Trump. He said Turbines gave Cancer..

    • truthertracy Reply

      @DIVISIONINCISION go check Whitehouse.gov and FEMA.gov and the twitter of each it gives instructions. When there is a weather emergency it’s handled by FEMA

    • truthertracy Reply

      @DIVISIONINCISION a president showing up doesn’t magically fix the situation

  10. reverse_halo Reply

    Surely someone can manufacture a conspiracy theory to distract from all this. Conspiracy theories manipulate – I mean solve problems.

    • Linda name Reply

      He was being forced to leave…his daughters were crying.

  11. Lisa Hilton Reply

    Mayor Turner you are always spot on and we, Houstonians love you. Living through this was a bloody nightmare and absolutely criminal. ERCOT, The governor, and Texas senators must be held accountable. This is unacceptable and unforgivable. They are playing god with lives. Shameful and Criminal. This is what happens when crooks and criminals are put in charge.


      Much of Houston and South Texas still without power. When will you people learn that there are better places to live in Texas? Central and West Texas are not having those issues like you are.

    • Patricia S Reply

      Speak for yourself. Not all Houstonians love this jerk.

    • RIDGEMONTG Reply

      Terrible mayor you don’t speak for all of Houston

  12. M B Reply

    Texas, is like the new third world, Republican style.

    • speny spen Reply

      with so many big companies from Cali fleeing here? when do you realize Dems run everything into the ground?

    • cattigereyes1 Reply

      @speny spen funny Texas is republicans controlled and it has failed utilities! Wasted tax money on massive salaries for electric that failed despite them being warned ten years ago! Talk about incompetent stupidity! Republican style!

  13. cattigereyes1 Reply

    Incompetent government officials, poorly managed utilities! A senator who fled Texas! Republicans rule in the open! Incompetent waste of tax money! Enjoy!!!

    • HeatherFeather Reply

      Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, the subject of this news feature, is a Democrat; Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge, is likewise a Democrat.

    • petermaldonado77 Reply

      HeatherFeather Yes but the state Governor & senators are Republicans & they are in charge of the State infrastructure!!!

  14. Diana Bussmeyer Reply

    Biden supposed to send emergency or rescue but where is red cross, where is shelter,where the food, where to get some woods,,where is water.what wrong with Biden where is Biden? Is he supposed to visit at Texas? who is responsible ?

    • truthertracy Reply

      Check FEMA.gov on that

    • truthertracy Reply

      ☝ FEMA twitter

    • speny spen Reply

      if you are a true texan then you were prepared. this isn’t the end of the world

    • บ้านนอก / ผู้ห่างไกล Reply

      Why you blame on Biden
      All TX never like him

      Why not call out the person you guy are vote for

    • Warrior Angel Reply

      I was under the impression Texas wanted to secede from the Union. The majority of Texans don’t even acknowledge Biden as the legitimate POTUS. Why are you casting what suspiciously looks like blame on him? Rick Perry just mad3 a statement that Texans would rather suffer the cold than to have the Federal government stick their noses in Texas’ business.😳

  15. blacklisterd Reply

    Where is Biden? Why hasn’t he sent help?

    • C S Reply

      They are not democrats

    • truthertracy Reply

      Check whitehouse.gov and FEMA.gov

    • blacklisterd Reply

      @truthertracy no. Gropers & pedophiles live there.

    • クルツ제임스 Reply

      he’s hiding in the basement

    • Warrior Angel Reply

      Are you talking about the man in DC who the majority of Texans agreed was not the legitimate POTUS? Texas wants to secede from the USA federal government. I thought Texas didn’t need or want anything to do with Biden. Your Governor had to declare a State of Emergency so the Federal Government could come in and help the state and all the people that are suffering. The whole country is routing & praying for Texas. Help is on the way now. Hold on.

  16. Timmy Huynh Reply

    Most Texas leader failed their jobs as a leader. Understanding they can handled their fail all the time but peoples freezing to dead and no foods.

  17. Advanced United Appraisal Reply

    Never wait for government to help
    .. self prep…

    • speny spen Reply

      that’s what texas is about but all these weak Dems have no idea what that means . they need help in every aspect of life

    • D Reply

      @speny spen Many poor people work & pay taxes. The ones that pay into the subsidies they qualify for. Many are not bought by politicians. & for sure would never throw it out both their pants legs for free. & it doesn’t even appear that riding a politicians sack gains any electricity or heat for most Texans in the winter. So, why?

  18. C S Reply

    This will always go back to slavery and it’s money grubbing tendencies
    We are still living slavery rules
    Us in charge you work for us we still own the big house you eat our scraps and wait in suffering while we figure dealing we will be at home you out on your own

    • Vee Jack Reply

      Man, please…slavery?

  19. Elizabeth Santos Reply

    I feel like we’re living in APOCALYPTIC ERA survival modes & Texas wants to be it’s own Country!! more like a 3rd.World Country will surely remember you’s next elections

  20. mark tong Reply

    Recall and prosecute all tx state republican gov and ted cruz for tx energy scandal and cashing out and throwing tx under the bus. Ted cruz went to Mexico for vacation and returned after getting caught.

  21. ca sne Reply

    The dusty glass energetically sparkle because gearshift genotypically program apud a longing shoulder. wasteful, stingy passive

  22. curtis wilson Reply

    Where’s Ted Cruz? Oh, that’s right, he’s in Cancun. Some leader y’all voted for, but using his kids as a crutch for being down there. Who are the adults in his family?

    • speny spen Reply

      pathetic, you Dems are such weak individuals. just shut up. it’s annoying hearing so much ignorance on a daily basis

    • Paula Wagstaff Reply

      @speny spen what’s wrong BIG Texan? Chickens coming home to roost ??

    • Clotting Factor Insulin Reply

      @speny spen bugok

  23. Rebecca Gray Reply


  24. Mike Rittmiller Reply

    I’m sorry Texans, maybe use that natural gas with a few big turbines make some extra power 🔋

  25. Carolyn Messer Reply

    There should have been a state of emergency in the beginning by the governor

  26. Randy Ross Reply

    These Guys wanted to Make War on the Nation and Tear US Apart, and they can’t even deal with a Half Inch of Snow! No Remorse! If Texans and Southerns are Americans, that’s Cool, i won’t be than!

  27. Robert X Reply

    Saw Sheila Jackson Lee carrying a case of water. Sheila, does that weigh more than a black rifle?

  28. Renee Roberson Reply

    Texas is always suffering either in the winter and summer with the floods

  29. M B Reply

    If you live in Texas, now would be a good time to think about the people you’re voting into office, and ask yourself, is this the best we can do for Texas?

  30. Martin P Reply

    Everything Republicans touch falls apart or I guess the better word is explodes into billions of Federal dollar aid to free market investor bailouts.

    • Moon Striker Reply

      Like LA f.e.?

  31. Ms. Prince Reply

    Greed and laziness caused all this cooked up mess. Oil and Gas; Pharmaceutical; Government; News & Media; Technology & Medical- Oil & Gas as well as Medical and Pharmaceutical had forms of Baby ‘Cancer(s)’ and they told Technology and Government to be quiet and they agreed with stipulation $$$. Any President has not said anything because of greed and Prosecution.ERCOT is Mismanagement of Government funds and it’s been going on for decades by all Political Parties by all Races. Housing market is over inflated- How do you pay $300,000.00(+) for a home in a community that can’t sustain 1 winter storm or Hurricane? Who told anyone that we trust there intellect to get services or products ‘de’regulated? #psychologicaltestingbeforehighschoolgraduation…too many mentally unstable Leadership…time to retire… I am over all these excuses they refer to as ‘factors’

  32. Ms. Prince Reply

    Foolishness all the way through

  33. Gaming Tonight Reply

    The UK had record cold weather and snow last week too. But we have socialized medicine and power, so we didn’t collapse like Texas did.

  34. Maxine Fowler Reply

    The 9tg largest economy in the World is Texas, in front of Russia. These fat cat politicians are raking in that cash.Republicans in Texas. They are crying now after saying no Federal government for Us. Plus they want to succeed from the USA. But send the Federal relief asap, but charge them. Send those Government officials the bills.

  35. Tony Dize Reply

    That’s god’s punishment for being so racist and mean wake up people if we don’t love and help each other we could never go anywhere

    • frances brisco Reply

      I AGREE 100%

  36. The.TrollGubbe Reply

    Pathetic Texas, the energy state without energy, and pipes are bursting, while there are no problems like this in the arctic. Idiotic government and development country standards on construction.

  37. Save Our World Reply

    Really YouTube..censorship!

  38. Jus Bro Reply

    Where’s those stimulus checks at and aid for every state? That’s right a fraud impeachment by Democrat s and now there on a 1 week vacation, they don’t care about the american people or the american people in texas that need the government help

  39. Katie Campbell Reply

    Just like Kate Brown after the not ” wildfires” in Oregon. These are dang good reasons to vote these types out!!

  40. Marla Holt Reply

    did anyone notice no link was put in to send help

  41. Angel Fish Reply

    just go to cancun no problem

  42. frances brisco Reply

    No excuses for the nightmare in Texas pipes are now breaking flooded homes Texans should send their electric bills to the republican party and sue them for all of the misery that they suffered

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