Shots of Mars: NASA rover sends more images of Martian surface


It has only been on the Red Planet for a day, but NASA’s Perseverence rover is already sending back detailed colour photos.
It is on a mission to collect samples from the surface which NASA hopes will one day be analysed here on the Earth.
Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds has more from Los Angeles, US.
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96 thoughts on “Shots of Mars: NASA rover sends more images of Martian surface

  1. SpaceX says Reply

    ………………..Fakery again. Just cartoons?

    • Roger Wilco Reply

      What do you mean by “again”? Have you idiots been able to prove anything yet?

    • Max S. Reply

      I had a feeling it looked a little bit like a cross over between Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and every Anime.

    • Doodle Boi Reply

      Then why do you have a SpaceX picture? Get out

  2. Ken Fu Reply

    who ever conquers mars could become the richest dude in the universe or just an idiot that wasted time and money

    • Serenity Reply

      A government would conquer Mars, in cooperation with successful private companies. So they’d already be rich. The money isn’t the main incentive to reach Mars and build there, because they money provided to the space industry and NASA is state funded, by the taxpayers.

    • Maicol X777 Reply

      Idiots wasting idiots tax money and time.


    3rd comment

  4. Onyeisi Okurime Reply

    Hope this is not American Horror Story

  5. Amina Naili Reply

    Awesome technology, very fine and hight picture quality.

  6. Gabriel Mebrahtu Reply

    American Sciences always super inventories ..

    • Tanmay Anil Reply

      I dont see any points,some of many scientists are from china ,india and are migrated to USA for better life.Even doctors to scientists you can find ,indo,chinese American.

    • Nick Ngunjiri Reply

      @Tanmay Anil majority of nasa scientist’s have background of Asia 🌏

    • Aamir Khan Reply

      What the heck does that mean ?

    • million you Reply

      And they can’t used technology in texas?

  7. Gabriel Mebrahtu Reply

    Americans have always super star innovators ..

    • I R Creations Reply

      its people around the world working there

    • The Blackpoll Warbler Reply

      @I R Creations a lot of the NASA scientists sound American to me.

    • I R Creations Reply

      @The Blackpoll Warbler thy had made America their own country

  8. streanhy millennial Reply

    Waste of time and energy

    • Max S. Reply

      Science? Innovations?

      I defiantly think, not.

    • Doodle Boi Reply

      Yeah ok boomer

  9. A. A Reply

    Explore the oceans first

  10. MUSTAQ H-T Reply

    But after a thousand years later, They will understand, It was totally waste of time

    • ReSynth India Reply

      Nothing is a waste of time until it gives us knowledge. And missions like this fill us with valuable information about planets and our own solar system. I dont understand what has happened to humans ?? Why did u kill your curiosity ?? Some genius people still have it .. let them do their job.

    • White Snake Reply

      Keep Dreaming of popats lap on judgement day and jannat

  11. MUSTAQ H-T Reply

    Totally waste of money, Worlds wisest fool s are those inventor, One dat it will be proved

    • Captain Obvious Reply

      You are a waste of brain and this is already proved.

    • Max S. Reply

      So you’re doing nothing is supposed to be better than their inventing and discovering?

      I am not saying this is you, but if the idea that inventing and discovering is bad, then we would not get to the point as humans of leaving Africa or even inventing the wheel. I mean, that is assuming you do not think the wheel is waste.

      Do you think think it the wheel is a waste?

    • The Ford Wolf Reply

      @Captain Obvious Proven by who? It’s a scam!!!

    • sandeep singh Reply

      Even your face masks also result of some great scientific invention

  12. HILLアルタイル Reply

    Just a martian dropped his cheese while fleeing away from the Perseverance landing

  13. Captain Obvious Reply

    Great to see scientists and intellectuals commenting here with their extremely high IQ that this mission is a waste or a fake.

    • Shivam Mahajan Reply

      True I read all of those

  14. Maicol X777 Reply

    Nice CGI! Probably really expensive! None of these footage was real.

    • Roger Wilco Reply

      No, but the pictures are.

  15. Ayaz Mehmood Reply

    Just blahblah…… No mars not at all
    Wastage of money

    • Doodle Boi Reply

      Ok boomer

  16. Benson Manners Reply

    I just hope there are no living things on that planet. These people messed up our African continent!

    • noah jenkins Reply

      hehe talk about colonization

    • Rob Babcock Reply

      @noah jenkins Hahaha! We’re not even hiding it this time!😂💪

  17. M. M. Reply

    Space is fake

    • Roger Wilco Reply

      What does that even mean??

    • Max S. Reply

      @Roger Wilco I do not know, but maybe he got confused about what the topic of this video is and he is actually talking about personal space.

      Sort of like that one guy that you know which always makes you and you’re friends uncomfortable, because he gets too close to you.

    • Roger Wilco Reply

      @Max S. yeah, I don’t have friends like that.

    • White Snake Reply

      Only Dallah is true
      Because he is Pimp of heaven

  18. Zute Reply

    Well done USA, lots of love from NZ hope you guys can show the world more about the universe and it’s possibilities.

  19. Tool Gum Reply

    animated fake vids

    • Doodle Boi Reply

      @MiSAka Prove it

    • MiSAka Reply

      @Doodle Boi there’s nothing to prove, the picture is a clearly Fake.

    • Doodle Boi Reply

      @MiSAka ahhh yes. Just like a dumbass. Not giving valid points isn’t it?

    • Doodle Boi Reply

      @MiSAka you know that guys like you have no reason to live

    • Doodle Boi Reply

      @MiSAka what? Not talking for being ashamed or googling stuff?

  20. Huy Tien Thai Reply

    Give us a live look if you all have nothing to hide

    • Hayder Mohammed Reply

      live from mars ?

  21. ntezeyombi richard Reply

    For God so loved the world……. not mars. Lol

  22. Hobi's Sunrays Reply

    We are not alone

  23. Shakeel Khan Reply

    Humans f+×k up earth now they want to f+×k up Mars as well.

    • H London Reply

      Lol 😂

    • sandeep singh Reply

      Scientists always great

  24. Nick Ngunjiri Reply

    That Rock blah blah 😂.

  25. Marquis Roberts Reply

    We are not alone. Now what?

  26. Fazil knight Reply

    Is Matt Damon still in there?

    • Amn314 Reply

      He might be 😂😂😂.

  27. Peter Qiao Reply

    Might be another fake

  28. Chuck Osome Reply

    “That we are not alone” Omg what if we discover another planet with humans. 😱

  29. Frankw Enos Reply

    I wouldn’t mind finding out where are they going to place the names of every human species that put their names on that Mars rover. Because my name is on that perseverance rover

  30. Frankw Enos Reply

    Would be very interesting to see what kind of species is on that planet, they could have some very intelligent species but they live underground, life support system is total different from Earth biological chemistry different food different clothes different just playing different, and yet there is a lot more different species and things out in the universe that the human species mind cannot comprehend. I know one species that have all the answers, no one will believe but I’ll tell you, UFO alien mothership they have all the answers. From the beginning of the universe everything is been recorded every single microorganism is been recorded nothing escapes if you do not believe me ask the aliens when they come.

  31. Anuradha Ranasinghe Reply

    Meanwhile in 200 years someone will see this video and be like “so primitive”

  32. Mohammad Omar Faruk Reply

    50% of people in earth can’t eat properly, you send machines wasting a lot of money. You must be accountable hereafter

    • Lev lost I Reply

      wow, why u guys cant complain about the 500billion dollars of USA military budget its has more budget than space travel wtf

    • Doodle Boi Reply

      They just have 1/100 of the budget. Also its to improve life by analysing the earth and learning how to wield better crops. Plus we will go bankrupt by just feeding people.

  33. Donald Games Reply

    Well done Canada 🇨🇦 and America 🇺🇸

  34. Venkat Babu Reply

    There is no volcanic. You see dust.

  35. jogie li Reply

    if they found life in Mars … what now ?? what is the big deal?? chances are and if there are life out there , is it not dangerous that earthlings invaded them and provoke them to strike back??


    Mashaallah !!

  37. Jishan Reply

    Are we alone or there is someone out there? Both are scary

  38. william martin Reply

    The next step is.. the technology create a big air craft can travel even 1 year for people want to go mars..

  39. My CBG Reply

    Rip the cameraman ..i am sure ..he would not come back to the earth anymore

  40. Y21 Rico Reply

    Seriously, I already seen those pictures

  41. Sir Enrico Reply

    Its time to correct the biggest lie that the Earth is the only place for the human race

  42. Rifat Rahman khan Reply

    4000 humen year????

  43. The Ford Wolf Reply

    SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Muhammad Usman Asad UJL DON Reply


    • Doodle Boi Reply

      Yeah it’s because you guys can’t achieve it. Get out

  45. Mohamud Addow Reply


  46. Ted Li Reply

    OMG. so fake.

    • Doodle Boi Reply

      Ok boomer now get out

  47. Desert Vox Reply

    Most likely PURE, unadulterated, 100% CGIs. With 3D procedural modeling, you can’t tell the FAKES from the REAL ones these days. And these are a criminal group, so we can’t fully trust them.

  48. deltalead101 Reply

    Ok… So when will we get see the good stuff?

  49. Hum phrey Reply

    While this could be an achievement, the money could have helped during the Pandemic. Is now really the time to spend billions on exploring a dead planet? The money could have been used to mitigate climate change or help people into green technologies/lifestyles.

    Or if they really want to have a backup plan for the destruction of Earth, put the money into experimenting with colonies that could survive the harshness of space or whatever.

    Such waste of money just to prove that Mars is a dead planet.

  50. KAMI Reply

    best victory other than war

  51. Mama Pachuau Reply

    Why do we need to explore other planets,when we still find new living creatures,new plants on our planet…and why don’t we rebuild “mother earth” instead of spending huge amount of tax on other planets…..hmmm

    • Rovan Opong Reply


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