Texas Was Less Than 5 Minutes From Statewide Blackout During Storms | NBC Nightly News

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Six board members have resigned from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. While millions are still without water, state leaders are asking out-of-state plumbers to help residents with repairs.
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Texas Was Less Than 5 Minutes From Statewide Blackout During Storms | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar John Jacobs says:


  2. Avatar Ronda New says:

    They could’ve take care of this in 2011 but helt out for the jackpot.

    • Avatar Baby Teano says:

      Republicans don’t like to spend money on progress, they’re cheapskate when it comes to what they need but generous to what they want.

    • Avatar Jeff Jaybird says:

      @Baby Teano and ronda new, tweedly dee and tweedly dum

  3. Avatar David Ellis says:

    Lyin Ted was on the beach ! He should resign in shame. He is a disgrace.

    • Avatar DaPlug 26 says:

      @David Ellis 🤥🤡

    • Avatar Nghia Nguyen says:

      @David Ellis maybe. who knows…

    • Avatar Nghia Nguyen says:

      @DaPlug 26 sure it would make sense if its anyone. but considering that hes a Senator. hes a servant of his state and his state is in trouble, he runs off… imagine running for president in 2016 saying that you will run off to another country if the country is in crisis.

    • Avatar David Ellis says:

      @DaPlug 26 You like a butt plug ! 😂

    • Avatar Naura Sal says:

      He is a Cancun Senator. You can’t fire him, only Mexicans can.

  4. Avatar James Christianson says:

    It was all by design.
    The sheeple fell for it again.

  5. Avatar 15 Seconds says:

    @1:25 — ERCOT is already being sued for $100 million by the family of the boy that died from hypothermia, Morgan Chesky.
    I can do your job as you don’t seem to be able to report on current events.

    • Avatar Zach H. says:

      Then why didn’t you list the other lawsuits? You didn’t work too hard if you’re only citing one suit or did you perform that work simply by reading one article? Nevermind the question of whether ERCOT has sovereign immunity. Did you uncover that Texas Supreme Court case from last year?

      BTW, Texas Appeals Court ruled that ERCOT does, in fact, have sovereign immunity. And it’s likely that Texas Supreme Court will uphold that same decision. So, tell us more about doing someone else’s job when you half-assed it in the first place. It’s rather obvious that you’re not capable of conducting basic legal research to inform yourself.

      Essentially what I’m saying is, you can file all of the lawsuits you want but that doesn’t mean they’ll prevail. I guess I did the research for you and it only took 15 seconds.

    • Avatar Sleepy Time Sounds Night Night says:

      @Zach H. oooopp, BOOM!!!!

    • Avatar 15 Seconds says:

      @Zach H. Why is it my job to go back a year to research lawsuits? You don’t seem to have a grasp of the obvious.

  6. Avatar Jason Ivy says:


  7. Avatar well well well says:

    Hope they all get sued

    • Avatar Wilhelmus Hoffmann says:

      Have you ever seen justice done?

  8. Avatar Brooks Yeager says:

    That’s what you get for voting RepubliCON!

    • Avatar MommyShark dododooo says:

      Better than commiecrat.

    • Avatar James Ricker says:

      @MommyShark dododooo the Democrats today are about is left-wing as Richard Nixon

    • Avatar Brooks Yeager says:

      @MommyShark dododooo You literally wanted Trump to be a dictator. And look at your screen name, you are a fool.

  9. Avatar Universal Service Tech UST says:

    Jumped ship lol before there heads rolled

  10. Avatar Franklin Chin Quee says:

    TEXAS GOP & CRUDZ ARE WORSE THAN A 3rd WORLD COUNTRY, naw nanna naw naw.

    • Avatar John sarab says:

      Recalls and lost seats are a coming to the heart of Texas.

  11. Avatar hendrsb33 says:

    This is America. It’s like we’re being conditioned to expect less and less from authority…

  12. Avatar reverse_halo says:

    Meanwhile the “leftist”, “liberal” and “socialist” states of the nation continue to have water and electricity… Slander. It’ll make America great again. Believe me.

    • Avatar Republicans are terrorists says:

      Republicans are to dumb to live

    • Avatar Quasi Modo says:

      Trumpet bull💩💩💩
      You lost, it is what it is, get over it

    • Avatar KeyboardWarrior says:

      Maybe because all the Texans don’t vote

  13. Avatar Connie Crawford says:

    Trump sent paper towels!

  14. Avatar DaPlug 26 says:

    Joe Biden making the world a Third World country

    • Avatar Clarissa Gafoor says:

      huh? – sorry why does this weather situation have anything to do with Biden?

    • Avatar T D says:

      No, Texans refused to upgrade their power grid and refused federal regulations meant to prevent this exact disaster…

  15. Avatar Ella Huddleston says:

    While downtown still lights up bright.

    • Avatar maburaho347 says:

      Yeah, what’s up with that anyway? 🤔🤔🤔

  16. Avatar Mit Hall says:

    Welcome to Bribem’s America.

  17. Avatar Hot Sauce says:

    And then they don’t live there

  18. Avatar Sakeeb Rahman says:

    Well now they’ll know what it’s like to be in Africa

    • Avatar gn lilu says:

      Yea, I hope you stay where you are at! Stupid comment! People lost their lives!

    • Avatar Sakeeb Rahman says:

      @gn lilu according to you nobody in Africa loses their lives?

    • Avatar Jeff Jaybird says:

      @Sakeeb Rahman All the Shaka Zulu’s have been bought.

  19. Avatar Republicans are terrorists says:

    Texas succeed. Please it’s time we part ways.

  20. Avatar T D says:

    I’m ok woth FEMA helping the victims, but Texas has to pay for repairs. There are consequences for actions, they made the choice that no regulations were what they wanted and so they don’t get federal aid to their state.

  21. Avatar Joes B4 Hose says:

    CA, the Golden Shower State, has had rolling blackouts for 30 years.
    Yeah I know, no one cares. As long as they have “empathy”. 🙌

    • Avatar Username pending review says:

      Looks like someone came down with a case of BDS (Biden Derangement Syndrome)

  22. Avatar DSAK55 says:

    this is hilarious, ERCOT did not cause the problem, they’ll get the blame and nothing will change

    • Avatar James Ricker says:

      They caused the problems
      They will warned about the potential for this 10 years ago and did nothing

  23. Avatar T T says:

    Mismanaged Republican State

  24. Avatar Gloria Terry says:

    Hey you people always make fun of California, you should never do that because you don’t know if you’re going to be next.

    • Avatar KeyboardWarrior says:

      Well are your people getting your 2nd disaster yet?

    • Avatar YCG says:

      What is wrong with you, kids are freezing to death and u here saying stupid stuff

  25. Avatar Gloria Terry says:

    One time my boss bragging about what a big house she was going to buy in Texas. After she asked me about how big was my house and how many rooms it had. Well, you should never brag. She quit her job here and did move to Texas. God bless her, the temperature here in San Diego has been divine! 70 and sunny, no bad days.

    • Avatar Alex Reci says:

      Lol. My sister friend sold her house in Burbank California and purchased two houses in Texas about 10 years ago bet you that she is regretting it right about now!

  26. Avatar M7 K1 says:

    mRNA vaccine is experimental. Dr Fauci works for NIH- his wife Dr Christine Grady Fauci also works for NIH as Chief Bioethics which oversees vaccine trials. Is that Ethical?? Every prior trial of mRNA vaccine for the past 25 yrs always FAILED.
    The animals in the trials went through a challenge test. Which is when animals in a trial are vaccinated then the infected live virus is reintroduced to the animals and in ALL prior trials. Animals initially did well after vaccine but once exposed to the live virus – DIED from Antibody Dependent Enhancement. Dr Christine Grady Fauci did NOT have this as part of the trial due it was trialed on humans. Dr Christine Fauci deemed would be unethical so instead sent it out as vaccine for Emergency Use Authorization without challenge.
    IVERMECTIN is already approved FDA anti parasitic medication as is proving effective in prevention and treatment of Coronavirus and effective against different strains of coronavirus.
    RESEARCH it and DEMAND physicians to order if needles

  27. Avatar Dee Casey says:

    While Texass Ted was enroute to sunny 80 degrees Cancun, Mexico. Even left his dog home alone to freeze. What a great Senator!! Glad he isn’t mine!!

    • Avatar MommyShark dododooo says:

      Except his power was on and the dog had a pet sitter.
      He came home as soon as he realized how bad it was. What do you expect him to do, make it warmer? If you had the money you’d have dipped out too, we all would have.

  28. Avatar Eric Luna says:

    This is the result of unleashing businesses full potential with deregulation. How can there be accountability if they have no laws of protection. Grow up Republican voters, if you do not own a large corporation you are getting screwed.

  29. Avatar kwai shiu says:

    We all know where this country will be heading if we let Republicans run the country, down the drain with no electricity and no water

  30. Avatar John sarab says:

    Texas does it bigger.

  31. Avatar Justice Speaker says:

    Texans wanted deregulation years ago, they were even warned of the potential consequences, but they wanted Republicans to run the state so that energy companies could make more money. So Dumb Texans shouldn’t blame anyone but themselves. In 2022, they will elect greedy Republican into the state govt again and simply forget everything that just happened

  32. Avatar Your Mom says:

    Not statewide is your live in El Paso 🤣😂

  33. Avatar Bee bop says:

    I keep saying dont depend on the government or others. Grow your own food get your own electricity and always have fresh water saved. Something else will happen and it may be even worse next time. Learn.people.

  34. Avatar Alex Reci says:

    The poor need to start eating the rich.

    • Avatar wolfmaxy says:

      Doge to the moon! People’s currency

  35. Avatar deed says:

    Hows your capitalism going?

  36. Avatar Dino Nanic says:

    So MORONS across America,now you know that toilet paper is not most important than drinking water! Even more important than food! Humans cannot live without water 4 days …without food you can survive even ten days but no without water! BUT for me 🥴 most import is toilet paper

  37. Avatar Zach Johnson says:

    Aren’t they their own country now?

  38. Avatar VP Perf says:

    Jeez… an inch of snow and Texas is turned into an apocalyptic 3rd world state… and then y’all paying thousands of dollars for power you didn’t receive…

  39. Avatar maburaho347 says:

    I hope they get sued out their ears

  40. Avatar Dead Ringer says:

    0:45 “I dont think anybody is prepared for this.”

    Prepper: Am I a joke to you?

    • Avatar James Ricker says:

      Prepper: first I forget to buy a 95 mask and then I forgot to buy a winter coat

  41. Avatar Ellenor Bovay says:

    Yet another reason to avoid Texas!

  42. Avatar Hoos your hooty 69 says:

    Who did this to our world ? We need names !

  43. Avatar Invicta says:

    I say sue them dry

  44. Avatar Hoos your hooty 69 says:

    There’s no normal anymore .

  45. Avatar Peter Rich says:

    They will still say climate change is fake news😂

  46. Avatar Stacy Jaye says:

    No Government! No Government! Government, HELP!!

  47. Avatar HilarityBribo says:

    Greta’s wind turbines were unreliable, Trump was right.

  48. Avatar Jango Garcia says:


  49. Avatar Eric Tang says:

    The government have money for 2 carrier fleet in South China Sea yet nothing to help Texas , I feel bad for the people in Texas

  50. Avatar That Place says:

    The all American greed. Look at all the faces of the people that resigned. Nothing new .

    • Avatar KeyboardWarrior says:

      The Ercot people who own it who live outta state resigned and ain’t surprised is someone is fixin to shoot em!

  51. Avatar Jade Sy says:

    I’m afraid it’s intentional. Perhaps someone has personal vendetta against someone on that area.

    • Avatar KeyboardWarrior says:

      International? Why would- Mexico! Mexico made our power grid bad!!!! This is their revenge for losing the Texan revolution

  52. Avatar Save Our World says:

    They all quit?? Why?? The Governor said it was the green new deal (which does not exist) the culprit…..

  53. Avatar Edward Vermillion says:

    around austin today… 81 degrees… i can’t even…

    • Avatar KeyboardWarrior says:

      Around Dallas today 39 degrees getting severe thunder storms

  54. Avatar Bisrat pcx says:

    sorry to say this but thats karma fo what you did to the poor countries ..god bless u

  55. Avatar ade munandar there is my comment on youtube.a.s says:

    America is in danger, I am Ade Munandar, an American, the product of America’s failure to attack Indonesia. The behavior of children under five in America will show their behavior

  56. Avatar ade munandar there is my comment on youtube.a.s says:

    My parents are Mr. Joe Biden, I have Ade Munandar, I am no longer someone else I love Ade Munandar, I love Ade Munandar, my real name is Ade Munandar, a failed product America who loves America who has a real Facebook account from me, Ade Munandar Munandar myself who works Right, the one who has my face is Ade Munandar which is black because God is near me Ade Munandar I am Ade Munadar I can succeed to the parents I love and respect the Mars project can be fast or as soon as I will finish I Ade Munandar also owner of Riau land is wrong One area of ​​Indonesia that I can sell to other countries to finance the Mars project and I am Ade Munandar to buy a house in America and a car, I have Riau because Indonesia has a lot of debt to me Ade Munandar Facebook Ade Munandar Munandar is diligent in reading on the Facebook wall Ade Munandar Munandar is very important America is in danger of translating American English into a must It is very important because America is in danger if America does not believe America’s toddlers will show their behavior I love America

  57. Avatar Linda Mayo says:

    They all should be “Sued” that is involved with that company. The CEO’s and Board Members should (not) get to just “Resign”! Why should they get to live in the warmth, comfort and safety of their homes with “no worries” of Food (nor) Water?!?! Why should they get to watch from the security of their surroundings, at the Millions that they “failed” to provide the “same” pleasures for. They are (not) suffering like the Citizens of Texas (nor) are they left in the predicament others are left to live in. A young Boy actually died from hyperthermia which would not have happened (if) the company had things operating properly as should be. They live in the comfort of their homes “out-of state” but Millions of People in Texas are suffering and will remain suffering for the rest of their lives, from the “ordeal” they were (forced) to live through and no telling how long it will last! Sadly, the loss of that young Boy’s life could have been avoided and the lives of so many others. There is no telling how many more will loose their life. Let’s not forget about the pain & suffering of their loved ones! The Company Members and Owners responsible, should be “sued” and held accountable for “everything” that has happened (or) continue to happen to (all) of the individuals that has dealt with this inexcusable, grievous, and incomprehensible tragedy!

  58. Avatar G. G. says:

    To see this… It looks like Texas is a 3rd world country or better a 4rd. How can a State mess up so much??? They have known about it days before and they let run their people into a , open knife.,. I’m pretty sure that the GOP and CEO and whoever , have all what they need!!! Food, water…. And sure they have enough money to pay the horrible bills for electricity.

  59. Avatar csalinas0385 says:

    and Republicans feel a new political party and voting restrictions.

  60. Avatar kalillita dub says:

    Third World Country or like Trump just to say shitholes

  61. Avatar CAUGHT Redhanded says:

    While joey was locking up little kids for furure consumption.

  62. Avatar Jaelle Payoute says:

    Yeah, they need to be sued.

  63. Avatar Faithless Hound says:

    ERCOT is claiming “sovereign immunity.” Is that the person, individual or agent?

  64. Avatar Taj Abdullah says:

    This water and power supply problems is like in poor Africa countries and is happening in USA?

  65. Avatar Tayabe Tayabe says:

    Allah said in Qur’an.. Are the people of the townships then secure from the coming of Our wrath upon them as a night-raid while they sleep ?


    Or are the people of the townships then secure from the coming of Our wrath upon them in the daytime while they play ?


    Are they then secure from Allah’s scheme ? None deemeth himself secure from Allah’s scheme save folk that perish.


    Is it not an indication to those who inherit the land after its people (who thus reaped the consequence of evil-doing) that, if We will, We can smite them for their sins and print upon their hearts so that they hear not ?

  66. Avatar ThxGod It'sOver says:

    MATTHEW 22:35 -40.

  67. Avatar Seeking Truth&Facts says:

    4 minutes and 37 seconds and the Texas grid would have collapsed and been down for weeks, causing many deaths and havoc for Texans. Texas Republicans created and support a grid system
    to profit opportunists. Federal oversight would have averted the disaster, like in some non-ERCOT Texas counties.. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, former governor Rick Perry, and Republican law makers still holding on to 19century cowboy mythology and Confederacy ideology. Texas needs 21Century leaders to deal with the problems of our time.

  68. Avatar Notafratdude says:

    Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this..

  69. Avatar Richard Lee says:

    Stupid GQP!

  70. Avatar DIVISIONINCISION says:

    ERCOT can’t have immunity, even if they are a non-profit. At worst, you dissolve them and allow the state to have some kind of universal power grid. People died over this, so there’s now way they should be let off the hook.

  71. Avatar Forever young says:

    They have cheap materials for building homes.

  72. Avatar oregon 1961 says:

    Not surprised a bit this happened in a red state.

  73. Avatar willie says:

    I thought Texas is kinda like gung-ho “do it my own”, “go alone”, “don’t tread on me” style. I feel bad for people who are not Republicans and they had to go through this.

  74. Avatar Hankakah says:

    Sue the GOP for making it this way with their legislation to save money and give profits to the energy companies instead of looking out for the people. When they knew this happened in 2011, there already should have been in place weathering protections on all power producing plants. 10 years later of saving money and making profits, they are in this situation even worse than before. You learn from your mistakes, obviously, they want to continue to keep making them.
    Hey Texas! If you keep electing the GOP, you keep making the same mistakes too!

  75. Avatar chy03001 says:

    My heart goes out to those who are suffering. I hope they take time to address these issues after they get through the crisis.

  76. Avatar john fratnet says:

    Should ahh had Gieco!!

  77. Avatar Pawpaws Homestead says:

    Fact is most people are not ready to survive a national grid down which will happen!

  78. Avatar Kellie Kay says:

    I hope everyone who had power, made sure to conserve ot :/ we kept our apt totally dark with the exception of a few fairy lights so we could cook.. we had power and water and made sure we conserved as much as possible! :/ We have a Jeep, and also went out to help anyone stuvk in the snow.. but then got stalked and charged up by meth heads.. ( Because Dallas 🤷‍♀️ ) but we did do our best.

  79. Avatar SINGKEW LAW says:


  80. Avatar Thomas says:

    i bet theres gonna be so many plumbing scams

  81. Avatar Jeff Jaybird says:

    Very, very bad management, government…is it the same thing.

  82. Avatar Bad Mechanic says:

    They better not have immunity. Thats bs

  83. Avatar Гулбарчын Токтоназарова says:


  84. Avatar Cherie' Frank says:


  85. Avatar Abraham Soto says:

    The only thing I know it was a 1 in 100 year storm ⛈ I don’t know if you can sue the power grid company for this

  86. Avatar Nan Gil says:

    watch this Украина опубликовала сенсационную информацию о Biden there are english subtitles the president is corrupt

  87. Avatar D N says:

    Waooow mass resigned, what a way out from getting trouble.

  88. Avatar ANDLE says:

    You wanted low taxes and no regulations. This is the results.

  89. Avatar T. H. says:

    It really disgusting how people react to this type of news.. kicking people when they are down, making rude comments, basically being middle school bullies. What nasty spirits. Seems like people actually search out these stories to glorify self. Sad world.

  90. Avatar Marcos Cárdenas says:

    What do you expect by a red state? Bunch of crooks!

  91. Avatar Rob Kb says:

    But everyone’s moving to Texas because the houses are cheap 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💩

  92. Avatar Jgod Happyfish says:

    texas need uranium power plant.
    it’s clean, zero emissions, and generate a lot more power.

  93. Avatar DEE VEE says:

    ERCOT is a not for profit organization… May be they should sue the generator owners who do bare minimum and rake in profits or the utilities who work hand in hand with these generators

  94. Avatar Angael Tartar Rose says:

    Texas plans to do nothing to upgrade & winterize their personal power grid. Yikes.

  95. Avatar Магомед Абдулхаликов says:


  96. Avatar Troll Lord says:

    How great is Texas again? 3rd world great.

  97. Avatar Troll Lord says:

    Red state bail out coming soon.

  98. Avatar Concepcion30 says:

    People are already suing Ercot

  99. Avatar Aaleyah Fatima Valdez says:

    Let us Pray for Texas Safety ..

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