New Details On Rioter Accused Of Stealing Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop | NBC Nightly News

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New video appears to show 22-year-old Riley Williams expressing neo-Nazi sympathies. Her attorney told NBC News the video was meant as a joke to mock Nazis, and would not confirm nor deny that she was in it.
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New Details On Rioter Accused Of Stealing Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar HeyBro says:

    Typical Karen, she needs to be charged with treason.

  2. Avatar harley butler says:

    what about treason?

  3. Avatar Андрей Иванов says:


  4. Avatar BesTexas says:

    Make America Great Again by helping Russia!

  5. Avatar Willy Peters says:

    Lester Holt is a white supremacist.

  6. Avatar Ojnami S. says:

    John 14:6
    King James Version
    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  7. Avatar Nancy Douglas says:

    This woman deserves to spend the rest of her life in jail. Along with her other insurrection friends

  8. Avatar ELINOR POWELL BLOOM says:

    Why is she NOT charged and incarcerated for her involvement. It’s no surprise that she isn’t. #WhitePrivilege is her ticket to freedom, no?

  9. Avatar Norse God says:

    Look on her social media pages and you can see she is an Antifa follower.

  10. Avatar t henderson says:

    This does not look good for the Democrats.
    You might remember eric swalwell had a Chinese girlfriend who turned out to be a spy who was connected to Diane Fienstein’s Chinese driver.

    You cannot attempt to connect some nutjob whack to the republican party without opening a huge can of worms which show how corrupt the Democrat’s are.

  11. Avatar Albert Owusuansah says:

    WOW 🤩 a beautiful woman 👩 who is a Nacho.?????

  12. Avatar Shawn Nixon says:

    Yeah, shes definitely is a Liberal. Shes put there by the left.

  13. Avatar Renegade says:

    Caught up in her own self importance. She needs to go away for along time. Traitors

  14. Avatar Levi 1 says:

    There are so many more individuals like this one. They display the Confederate flag outside their residence.

  15. Avatar Fred Toth says:

    Lock her up for a long long time. 🇺🇸🖕

  16. Avatar caribman10 says:

    The real question is, “Do you intend to swallow the pubic hairs or spit them out?”

  17. Avatar m Cave says:

    Have fun in prison I’m sure you will find a lot of support there and enemies.

  18. Avatar MrSonusfaber says:

    I thought the BLM movements and fake Trump supporters were the masterminds ! Where are they ?

  19. Avatar Jay Johnson says:

    fake news

  20. Avatar swamp thing says:

    That women is so far left its laughable……. I’m dead……

  21. Avatar Lucky Dog says:

    I think the girls are here all she’s got a metal and a million dollars Nancy Pelosi is just a drunk old s*** this girl’s is 10 times the woman Nancy Pelosi is she should get an award

  22. Avatar Tara Townsend says:

    Williams is such a scrubber.

  23. Avatar Tim Sindt says:

    Sounds like treason

  24. Avatar Jeanine Morgan says:

    These clowns preplanned this and FBI, police and Pelosi all were in on it.

  25. Avatar coolastaurbum says:

    Fuxking Queen

  26. Avatar Space Lemur says:

    The laptop is still missing, BTW.

  27. Avatar jj.93 says:

    She’s that weird girl who makes cat noises 😭

  28. Avatar jj.93 says:

    Seems to me that she needs to be kept in guantanamo bay

  29. Avatar jim page says:

    I think she’s in for a rude awakening. Thank Ronald Reagan for closing mental hospitals

  30. Avatar Space Lemur says:

    She really is a patriot, only not the USA’s.

  31. Avatar Boogie man says:

    BS…she pronounced Heil wrong..she is not a Right/White Supremacist..she is a Lefty mole…COME ON MAN!…

  32. Avatar Bill Friedman says:

    Aha, yeah. Great joke. We all got it, and we are all laughing our heads off.

  33. Avatar Jay M says:

    Sounds like treason, maybe the death penalty should be on the table.

  34. Avatar Deborah Dufel says:

    Treason. Charge her for treason. Not a joke. She’s dangerous.

  35. Avatar Steven Dee says:

    America is done for

  36. Avatar Name says:

    How many times did trump try as president, to corrupt our government, from Raffensperger, to Comey, Sessions. Barr, Pence, the leader Ukraine and who knows how many others? This woman, like Fox News and most of the Republican Party, is part of that very same rot infecting the USA. It’s a spreading cancer.

  37. Avatar Sam Bradley says:

    Pretty on the outside, but ugly on the inside. 😐

  38. Avatar The Skateboard Unboxer says:

    Your going to be an old lady by the time you get out of jail. Hope it was worth it. Lol. Another life ruined by Donald Chump.

  39. Avatar im1who84u says:

    So, I read a number of comments but haven’t run across one that says what happened to Nancy’s lap top.

  40. Avatar Stevie Job says:

    MOTHER RUSSIA thanks you for your service…🤣😂😂😂🤣😂

  41. Avatar lisa myhre says:


  42. Avatar cool gamer ddd says:

    All she found it was Peter North colection videos

  43. Avatar cool gamer ddd says:

    Pelosi 15 inch for everyone and huge stimulus

  44. Avatar LOLHAMMER45678 says:

    nazi e-thots… smh

  45. Avatar Mark Treadwell says:

    What about treason

  46. Avatar Arefin Siddique says:

    If this riot was done by people of color at least few hundred people would have been killed or shots

  47. Avatar Cosmic Wtf says:

    When you realize she’s a registered democrat

    • Avatar Channel Three says:

      It doesn’t matter. She’s a criminal. Lock her up with cult leader Trump’s brainwashed minions.

  48. Avatar Chris Davies says:

    These are not rioters. They are insurrectionists and effectively, enemy combatants.

  49. Avatar avery neal says:

    A true patriot!

  50. Avatar Patrice Dhanis says:

    She is a traitor. Deal with her as such.

  51. Avatar j m p a long says:

    Wow, put her away for ever and toss the keys away and just feed her bread and water.

  52. Avatar Rachel Walters says:

    Lock her up 30 to 40 years

  53. Avatar yusuf islam says:


  54. Avatar Xamar Boss says:

    fighting for american democracy, but giving state laptop to russia? lol

  55. Avatar Chris M. says:

    I thought humpy trumpy, and his sheep I mean followers loved America, ha ha ha ha, what a joke. They are the same as their cult leader, blame it on a joke after your caught.

  56. Avatar R McElhaney says:

    This woman needs to be locked up in prison for a minimum of 10 years.

  57. Avatar Paradox Geist says:

    Meanwhile, jaywalking gets you a death sentence.U.S.A

  58. Avatar Cindy Karenson says:

    It’s too bad that Hitler nerd girl didn’t find Nancy’s spare dentures and taken them for a ransom and mailed 1 tooth at a time to Pelosi’s office until her demands were met. Oh well there’s always 2024.

  59. Avatar Nightman Cometh says:

    As a representative white person, we’re gonna pass on her. Anyone else want her? You can have Marjorie Taylor-Greene too if that sweetens the pot at all.

  60. Avatar SB ESPN says:

    Honestly there probably were Russian and Chinese spies mingling at the capitol, dressed up as insurrectionists to steal secrets in the chaos.

  61. Avatar Gene Currens says:


  62. Avatar Janet Harned says:

    She’s total trash. Lock her up in prison

  63. Avatar Kisuke Urahara says:

    What a bunch of idiots

  64. Avatar Theresa Medrano says:

    Lock her up and throw the key away, PLEASE! Better yet send her to Russia and don’t let her back in!

  65. Avatar The Urban Inbox says:

    She look like a looney

  66. Avatar trilingualkid says:

    “put on gloves” yet record everything and put it on facebook…smart

  67. Avatar The pro-fishionals says:

    This is the face of most trump supporters. Though there are some that are still good people.

  68. Avatar Cotton Candy says:

    This is a proud trumpster, donnie will be so proud.

  69. Avatar Paolo Margini says:

    She’s very dangerous. 22 years, clear mind on her target, she first sends up the army to open her road to “Nancy”s office, then quickly gets in, and, within the many, it’s she who gets the lap.

  70. Avatar BJ Squire says:

    These GOP follower also believe in Pink Elephant’s, Unicorns, Pegasus. Hawley and Cruz when Anyone especially in office says Biden is not president or Biden did not win, must be FINED $1,000 everytime they keep spreading the LIE! That would stop them in a huge hurry!

  71. Avatar Uptown USA says:

    The Republicans have the laptop and now they have the evidence ….Time to take down the democrats…..👈USA 🇺🇸

  72. Avatar Art Celarium says:

    Unless she actually goes to jail then nothing has been achieved with the investigation and all the fuzz.

  73. Avatar Harry Potter says:

    #speak up for Indian farmers and students 🙏

  74. Avatar Information Warfare says:

    Just goes to show who was inciting the riot and it wasn’t Trump.

  75. Avatar O M says:

    😆 millennials are so dumb

  76. Avatar Lucian Higginbotham says:

    This Karen is really stupid!! Lock her up!!

  77. Avatar Mohamed Badbess says:


  78. Avatar Rouge Campos says:

    She’s hot

  79. Avatar Rouge Campos says:

    So they can charge the people doing what the constitution says but they won’t charge the politians for their criminal behaviors…the system is broken and favors the criminals in office…the media won’t spin that because their sleeping with the very same criminals steping on your God given rights

  80. Avatar Curtis Kimbrough says:

    People of color in America ,with the sympathier within the Republican House and Senate of these racist, s traitor within America prepare to defend yourselves and your love ones in the.future if necessary. Don,t be caught sleeping. Renegade 101st.

  81. Avatar Curtis Kimbrough says:

    There is no defense for the action they all took against this Democracy. This kind of “SH*T” has gone.way past crazy. This nation seems to be on the road to self destruction. “THE ENEMIES ARE WITHIN “!. RENEGADE 101ST. The joke is on her with such a defense coming from her lawyer.

  82. Avatar Good Shepherd says:

    They punking yougues send them of to war,in a farign✈ country,the millitary would be glade to have them,bring the good🏡 shoulders home and send them to the🕌✈ middle East where they can best be Used and Make Trump their General.ouit slapping these spoil Brats on the wrist end of story 👌🏾👌🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🇻🇳🇲🇾🇹🇷🇻🇳🛩🛳📖📖😢😢

  83. Avatar Tony Huff says:


  84. Avatar apextroll says:

    I did Notsee that coming.

  85. Avatar Nick Name says:

    Pelosi is a Mirror for every Democrat. A real Democrat is, acts, and thinks just like Pelosi is…

  86. Avatar Ag1 says:

    Why do they keep referring to these criminals as rioters!?! They are insurrectionists!!

  87. Avatar mother ship says:

    What a piece of trash.

  88. Avatar Robert Vasquez says:

    Totally satanic

  89. Avatar mwint1982 says:

    The perfect woman doesn’t exi…

  90. Avatar Audi S says:

    20 years please🙏🏽

  91. Avatar Rev says:

    Their playing the cyberpunk 2077 theme music or 2018 trailer music

  92. Avatar Lisa Marie Florida Peaceful Living says:

    Congratulations, having a great life as you just made national news with a lifetime criminal record. 🤦‍♀️🤢so many more out there it’s disturbing.

  93. Avatar Jing suh Han says:

    Why stay in that place if you are not happy? And trying to destroy it and exposed to people who wanted it down?if you will be able to bring it down.will russia keep you?cooperate and give support to keep your land safe

  94. Avatar David Ho says:

    That’s how a crazy woman looks like. Always lock and put away laptop regardless you have an office with door and lock or not.

  95. Avatar J B says:

    America sucks!

  96. Avatar ICE-T's BodyCount says:

    I used to be Stationed in Germany while in the Army, it’s just nuts……we have way more nazi sympathizers here than in that country. I never understood it and neither do the Germans, it’s illegal to show any support or glorify the old nazi regime there, but here theres every excuse in the book why its condoned in some ways

  97. Avatar Dflowen says:

    00:58 Keanu Reeves – “What makes someone a criminal in 2021?” …..
    *Hyper playing in the back* hahahaha good song choice.

  98. Avatar Hypatia stanhope says:


  99. Avatar Pier Azo says:

    Since her arrest, has she confessed her intentions to sell the computer to Russia?…Why not China??…Who came with the version??..The FBI??….Was the FBI aware of the invasion to the Capitol and what did they do??..How come she seemed to know her way inside the Capitol??…Googled it??…Was she there before??….Was she invited by Tramp??….Was she acting alone??…Was she paid and by whom ??…..Where is the “chewbacca man”??….Is he under arrest and was interrogated already??…….Too many. many questions……

  100. Avatar Indigenous survivor says:


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