Long-serving Saudi oil minister Ahmed Zaki Yamani dies at 90

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One of Saudi Arabia’s most influential oil ministers has died at the age of 90.
Ahmed Zaki Yamani helped direct an oil embargo against the United States in the 1970s.
Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat looks back at his global legacy.

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  1. Avatar Tazboy says:

    Wow mecca look very different in that old video

    • Avatar Yasmine Nazarine says:

      Your country same 🧐😳

  2. Avatar Easy Peasy says:


  3. Avatar Abdur Raquib says:


  4. Avatar Stealth Attack says:


  5. Avatar Michael Wilson says:

    I attended at speech he gave in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia around 1981 explaining the Oil Business. He was a brilliant man, and knew how to protect Saudi’s oil industry.

  6. Avatar An idiot person says:


  7. Avatar Mickael Dogrdan says:

    Should has been minister of energy or sources.. Your energy stuff starts the war and pollutions.. dumb government, shows that they don’t really care or think wisely

  8. Avatar Mohd Shariq says:

    By the time saudi oil has also died

    • Avatar Muhammad Asawir Khan says:

      Why are you jealous

    • Avatar Mohd Shariq says:

      @Muhammad Asawir Khan minister himself said the same thing , stone age got over not because we run out of stones !!!

    • Avatar MH Codes says:

      @Mohd Shariq oil age won’t end for the lack of oil.

  9. Avatar Muhammad Ali Clay says:

    he is one of the only saudi high ranking official who is respected around the muslim world..may he rest in peace..my respects from pakistan.

    • Avatar Osama Bin Laden says:

      I agree. We love him very much.

    • Avatar Patel Yusuf says:

      Unto God do we belong n unto Him do we return.
      We fondly called him, “Shake yo money.😊

  10. Avatar Ridho Baihaqi says:

    He speaking english very fluently… even a bit slow

  11. Avatar Xpërt says:

    Yamani was one of the great masterminds behind the 1973 Oil Crisis launched by King Faisal against Israel and America. May Allah grant him Jannah.

  12. Avatar goose gander says:

    Currently there are 57 card-carrying members of the communist party in Congress.

  13. Avatar Sidick Ramjan says:

    اللهم اغفر له وارحمه واسكنه في جنة الفردوس الأعلى

  14. Avatar blazing corner says:

    Those who are liked this video
    Coz they like the idea of his death

    • Avatar Moby says:

      Shame he didn’t go decades ago

  15. Avatar Sandiya Rani says:

    He got liquidise

    • Avatar T O says:

      He was 90yrs! How much longer did you expect him to live!

  16. Avatar Precious says:


  17. Avatar abdrahman abdaziz says:

    Why don’t MBS instead , insyaallah.

  18. Avatar Ken Fu says:

    he was an american puppet an supported the warmongerin usa in alot of useless wars

  19. Avatar M Khawaja says:

    Good man gone to meet other brave Saudis they were brave Saudis not like prasent Indian and Israeli lovers King Faisal was brave leader these men follow him True Saudis to the core may God bless them

  20. Avatar Joey Burt says:

    “The Stone Age didn’t end for lack of stone, and the oil age won’t end for lack of oil.” That’s pretty profound. Makes you think about the grand scheme of history.

    • Avatar mr boring says:

      its a stupid pre unrealistic statement… comparing wood to dimonds. seriously you are so gullable

    • Avatar Yetunde Anbali says:

      @mr boring you are too foolish to understand that

    • Avatar SaracenGamer says:

      @mr boring Maybe thats because that’s not what he said. You guys didn’t even listen to it properly.

    • Avatar Yasmine Nazarine says:

      Rich oil deserts🧐😳 money talks 🤓🤓🤓🤓

  21. Avatar tariq cader says:

    Passed away or killed by MBS?

    • Avatar Talal Alqahtani says:

      Passed away, he’s 91 years old

  22. Avatar R D says:

    Open our pipeline.

  23. Avatar ALKEBULAN GREAT HOLY LAND great africa says:

    World cartels ….who cares

  24. Avatar Chrome Book says:

    May his soul Rest In Peace!

  25. Avatar Yazzbazz’s 360 says:

    You will be missed Sheikh Yemeni 🥺👑You are a legend My Allah be pleased with you Amin🌹🌹🌹🧡🧡🧡🥀🥀🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

  26. Avatar Nelson Thomas-bey says:


  27. Avatar ahmad danish says:

    My deepest condolences to his family
    انا الله و أن إليه راجعون 🥺

  28. Avatar Akbar Al-Riyadhi says:

    What a truly sad day. He was a good man, a good Muslim and a good friend of the Palestinians.

  29. Avatar minhajul abedin says:

    Oh Allah Grant him jannah

  30. Avatar mohd raza says:

    Used his oil to buy weapons from US and inturn kill Yemenis.

    • Avatar fauziah alias says:

      Houthies Yemeni @ syiah.. Saudi Arabia protecting their own country.. make your own research about houthies..who started the action..etc…

    • Avatar :إبن ibn-Henry, عبدالله هنري Ab-Abdurrahman says:

      If you watched the video carefully you would have seen that he stopped beeing oil minister in 1986 at least a quarter a century 25 or around 30 years before the war in Yemen really started he had alredy been removed from beeing oil minister by the Saudi kind that was at the time in 1986. But okay I see I know your point yes Saudi could have been better with regard to their relationship with Yemen but at same time Iran have as much part in this war as Saudi Arabia with regard to supporting the shia houti groups who are a minority who now have ended up with oppressing thoose who are majority in country be the help from Iran.

    • Avatar Yasmine Nazarine says:

      Don’t lie why make fals lie comments 🧐😳
      How he kill his yamani poverty people they lives on poverty 🤔
      You jealouse poor small pototos little people 🥴🤪

    • Avatar Yasmine Nazarine says:

      You must have Hazarah afghani or pakistani southeast isian poor 🙄

  31. Avatar Skeptic Jordanian Arab says:

    May Allah grant him the paradise. Amin.

  32. Avatar Abdul Gamied Abderoef says:

    In. Na Lilla hie WA in Naa ilayhi raaji oon

  33. Avatar Tomoya Toko says:

    I wonder if there was no arab oil would humanity really struggle? Though indeed God knows best and to him we return☝️

  34. Avatar Ousman Sanneh says:

    Dsame politicians dsame billionaire place grave yard. May Allah grant him jannah. So money is nothing dinn Islam

  35. Avatar Krati Garg says:


  36. Avatar Abood likes it says:

    Is Indian unhappy with Saudi Arabia on oil prices?

  37. Avatar SMM Productions says:

    الله يرحمه

  38. Avatar rabbi bd says:

    He was a true muslim ……may allah grant him jannah

  39. Avatar Mason Opick says:


  40. Avatar Osama Bin Laden says:

    He will be missed.

  41. Avatar Sara Khan says:

    ان للہ وانا الیہ راجعون.

  42. Avatar Abu Al-araby says:

    Mohammed bin Salman is an eccentric and psychopathic person.

  43. Avatar sulaiman akhleken says:

    one of the most curropt man in the world..

    • Avatar Yasmine Nazarine says:

      Rest in peace 🌴🌳🌲

  44. Avatar Geo MS says:

    Let the sand be light and clean, without oil …

    • Avatar Yasmine Nazarine says:

      Never ever we live with oil

  45. Avatar The Key Maker says:

    Let him face his creator and tell him what he did with oil and wealth of the ummah.

  46. Avatar Kamran Mahboob says:

    Innah Lillah Waa’ innah elaihee rajeoon! Verily, Towards Allah we all will return to. Aameen

  47. Avatar Just Me says:

    He be leaving well oiled. Lol!

  48. Avatar Tayyab Khan says:

    b4 saudi became a puppet of usa!

  49. Avatar Yasmine Nazarine says:

    Long life he lived 90 years wow not many people live in this modren life technology 🧐😳

  50. Avatar Yasmine Nazarine says:

    Why people little people jealouse of rich oil people 🧐😳

  51. Avatar Faiyaz Khan says:

    It speaks volumes that he died in the West and OPEC died before him.

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