At least 18 killed in the bloodiest day of Myanmar anti-coup protests

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“Throughout the day, in several locations throughout the country, police and military forces have confronted peaceful demonstrations, using lethal force and less-than-lethal force that – according to credible information received by the UN Human Rights Office – has left at least 18 people dead and over 30 wounded,” the office said on Sunday.
Police were out in force early and opened fire in different parts of Yangon after stun grenades, tear gas and shots in the air failed to break up crowds in Myanmar’s largest city. Soldiers also reinforced police.
Myanmar Now media group posted a video of a wounded man lying on the street near the Hledan Centre intersection in Yangon, and said he had been “shot in his chest area by what appeared to be live ammunition”.
A man who witnessed the shooting told the Frontier Magazine that the police had fired live rounds at protesters sheltering at a bus station and that “one person died and others are wounded”.

Al Jazeera’s Tony Cheng reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Agusd Tian says:


  2. Avatar Muhammad Deden says:

    Simple..tangkap jendral dan bakar hidup2..mantap

  3. Avatar Suez Siren says:

    Al Jazeera needs to give us both sides of the story. Although I stand with the Myanmar people, I want to hear both sides.

  4. Avatar Ann Vela says:

    This is so heart-breaking to watch. 😭😭
    Praying for Myanmar!

    • Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

      Na this is just karma..

  5. Avatar David Buur says:

    A country with many different ethnicities and religions, but each side wants to gain more power on their own, political instability in Myanmar has simmered for many years. And it is also important that the Myanmar military has too much power within a nation’s government, giving them the power to overthrow any political politician in power.

  6. Avatar Erik Erik says:

    I am from myanmar i love my coutry

  7. Avatar Home Phomm says:

    Who is the military trying to protect?

  8. Avatar Walen Tyna says:

    Polices are cleaning the bloods on the streets .They’re trying to covers what really happening in myanmar .Please help us 😭😭

  9. Avatar See N says:

    All over the world the people are standing up to their failed leaders 💕

  10. Avatar UAP Channel says:

    Killing people that’s to much

  11. Avatar Dans Wonderland says:

    If myanmar people unite! Its time to protect your selves ! Raid all houses of all military and police in your community! Lock them and removed . Their guns!! Use birbwire, sand bags, container vans as barrecades! Be creative to protect your lives!

  12. Avatar De Broglie says:

    Rohingya like situation people should have known this military man that time only when they killed Rohingya now they are killing you 🤧😭😭😭

  13. Avatar Eric Maxwell says:

    U.N. Security forces should help the people recover their democracy. It seems a good situation for that type of international aid.

  14. Avatar IND Northeast ASMR Massage says:

    You must fight back the police.

  15. Avatar You smell That? says:

    UN: Y’all hear something?

  16. Avatar Nyan Simon says:

    20 year old muslim boy,19 year old girl,30 year old man who have family, about 30 year old doctor,59 year old teacher,one Muslim mother,A young brother from twin brothers and many more peaceful protesters was killed by military and police,Those military and police are also killers of rohingya and starters of genocide,but they don’t go ICJ and our innocent 75 year old lady let lost her name and go ICJ

  17. Avatar Socista Biuty says:

    Next riot anti communist in china wkwk

  18. Avatar johnno bagtan says:

    Real bullet* 25+ dead

  19. Avatar Buddha Limbu says:

    go and fight a had myanmar coup because your myanmar country willbe Democracy..

  20. Avatar Ethiopia lij Abrham says:

    This is why all citizens of the world must be armed we all have to he ready to fight the government

  21. Avatar Ariana 13 says:


  22. Avatar Unknown says:

    1:40 very peaceful protest 🥴🥴

  23. Avatar Helen Martel says:


  24. Avatar noah jenkins says:

    and the world just watches as it goes out of hand.

  25. Avatar Gas Snake says:

    They are not security forces, they are terrorist

  26. Avatar Oriw wrez says:

    People power

  27. Avatar vajloogkub nraug zaj says:

    Its time to fight back with guns boys

  28. Avatar Nu Win says:

    ငါတို့တိုင်းပြည်ရဲ့ ရင်နာစရာ မြင်ကွင်းတွေ

  29. Avatar metatron azarias says:

    Dont enter into a battle ground unarmoured you will get hurt

  30. Avatar Akihiro Matsukawa says:

    0:15 It’s G3 assault rifle, I guess.

    • Avatar kyawbhone khaing says:

      yup they kill 20 people today with g3 and SVD sniper

  31. Avatar Kishan Kumar says:

    Just another worst country, there should be a way for international forum to pull people out of this country and move them as refugees to other countries.

  32. Avatar Oye Montri says:

    un army should come here

  33. Avatar martin kullberg says:

    Why not an asian spring?

  34. Avatar James Solomon says:

    The military is shooting children and emergency workers!!

  35. Avatar Maung Soe thar says:

    Excuse me! Military is the not military like other countries military because they’re not thinking for Myanmar citizen.

    They only think their families they’re military relatives.
    They’re not actual military they’re terrorist military coup .

    They’re not notice UN sanctions and UN ordered, they might be listening 🎧 only bulite have to kill military general as soon as possible then military coup will stop otherwise never care military coup to the world.
    Please let’s help to Myanmar citizen from different countries we appreciate your kindness
    Buddha bless .

  36. Avatar Tanker Armored Hesman S-Shaped Country says:

    Why do Myanmar public to boycott Mytel. Those who have a Mytel SIM card should destroy it.?

  37. Avatar samatar hashim says:

    This people supported the killing of rohinga, karma I think

  38. Avatar 3Б Лалон Шах Факир says:

    24,000 Rohingya killed by the military and defended by the country and now the unrest…. May Allah give you peace.

  39. Avatar ram hos says:

    Mom… I won’t make it ….
    His future looks prosper and shine … Well being and joy fill his mind…
    But on the February 1st… all his dreams seem being crushed…
    Whilst our Democracy still in infancy… recklessly took away by the Army….
    Out to street … Justice he seek …. not knowing what fate he may meet….
    Bang bang bang … to ground he fell….
    Sadly in the devil hand …. an innocent life came to an end…
    Uttered before his last breath…
    Mom… I won’t make it….

  40. Avatar Rana Burara says:


  41. Avatar Moh Moh Zin says:

    No rubber bullets at all. Those are real ones.

  42. Avatar wasgeht dichdasan says:

    “No oil no democracy ”

    *”the USA left the chat”*

    • Avatar An Sonnn says:

      Southeast Asian swallowing by China 🇨🇳 this is what UN and American want 😁

  43. Avatar Indra Mulyono says:

    Wow, where is ronghiya?

  44. Avatar hoyoung Kang says:

    ကျွန်ုပ်တို့သည်မြန်မာနိုင်ငံတွင်ဒီမိုကရေစီကိုထောက်ခံသည်။ ကျွန်ုပ်တို့သည်မြန်မာနိုင်ငံ၌နွေ ဦး ရာသီကိုထောက်ခံသည်။ 
    with love from Korea
    We have gone begore. We understand how difficult it is but we will overcome

  45. Avatar Cryska Val says:

    GK usah ikut campur masalah negara orang,

  46. Avatar J Chung says:

    ကျွန်ုပ်တို့သည်မြန်မာနိုင်ငံတွင်ဒီမိုကရေစီကိုထောက်ခံသည်။ ကျွန်ုပ်တို့သည်မြန်မာနိုင်ငံ၌နွေ ဦး ရာသီကိုထောက်ခံသည်။
    From Korea

  47. Avatar Wandering Android says:

    If the junta keeps killing people, don’t be surprised when the citizens starting going after the families of the police and military.

  48. Avatar anil kumar says:

    Support to Myanmar 🇲🇲 people

  49. Avatar 菜淫文莱猪王 says:

    just like Hongkong

  50. Avatar thangminlen mate says:

    Why the other powerful country is still watching this scene. let’s help myanmar n restored peacery very soon plsee world leader reacts too soon and suport as early as possible

  51. Avatar Diovani Casim says:

    Biyobusung na kamo

  52. Avatar Venkata Ramani says:

    Stop killing peacefully protesting people. They are not terrorist with weapons or mobs destroying govt assets like in other countries..

  53. Avatar M I B says:

    Myanmar really deserves this because for removing and killing rohingas from their country

  54. Avatar Rosa Lina says:

    spirit of enthusiasm. unite my brothers and sisters in Myanmar against the military with peaceful demonstrations … our prayers from Indonesia accompany the struggle of the people of Myanmar.

  55. Avatar jacobe ksor says:

    I am Montagnard jarai tribe I have Burmese friend

  56. Avatar Lalchhami Fanai says:

    We support from Mizoram

  57. Avatar Nang Bar Patong Phuket says:

    Why public no have guns to shoot back?

  58. Avatar Life is Beautiful says:

    Support to u guys from NE India Arunachal pradesh

  59. Avatar Irfan Zaman says:

    Stop religion baiting
    Just say Burmese or Asians
    Religion is not a race

  60. Avatar saron bon says:

    Is that considered as a Civil war?

  61. Avatar Mehedi Zaman Maruf says:

    Time to show regret for innocent Rohingya people!
    from 🇧🇩

  62. Avatar Lysan Gil Jumaya says:

    They are trying to start a new election, this time without the dethrroned presidents name in the voter box

  63. Avatar David moe says:


  64. Avatar Angela Lee says:

    I was born in Myanmar and now live in a faraway land but my heart still belongs to that country. I am saddened by the events although we knew it was coming. Power and greed are the motivation behind this coup and now the world knows thanks to media coverage like this. I am hoping and praying that those lovely people are strong enough to withstand the crackdown. With years of power abuse, our people are stripped of dignity and self-confidence. Thanks to the brave Gen Y and Z , there is some hope.

  65. Avatar Rondo84 says:

    Biden….The World is waiting….

  66. Avatar Layla Miya says:

    Total is about at least 40 bro.

  67. Avatar Fire fist Ace says:

    The Philippines will always support the people of Myanmar.

  68. Avatar រាំ របាំ says:

    Why did we create UN troops?

    Why is the United States and the United Nations not sending troops to help the people of Burma?

  69. Avatar meows buster says:

    if Myanmar military never listening to a protesters and keep shoot and kill peoples. the one big way it have to be done . it’s go out in jungles regroup with arms and war with military to over thrown the Hitler

  70. Avatar Mizo Bitcoin says:

    Where is UNO, where’s USA..

  71. Avatar Zaw Arkar Kyaw says:

    We have no gun;bomb;tank and any weapon.
    But we never surrender.

  72. Avatar angli prayuda says:


  73. Avatar আলোর দিশারি says:

    Myanmar County no good

  74. Avatar M Akanba says:

    Where is UN STUPID UN

  75. Avatar Micheal Darrix says:

    Today in my country Myanmar, 61 civilians were killed by the Myanmar military junta .pray for Myanmar 🇲🇲 .

  76. Avatar Minh Duong says:

    Stupid Mayanmar Police and army forces kill their own people. Min Aung Hlaing has to responsible for all killings in Myanmar, he and his military partners are war criminals!

  77. Avatar Aaron Abhizar says:

    Like Indonesia 1998 military coup in Jakarta. The name of the Jakarta riot tragedy! 22 years ago. maybe this is called karma. they will see a reward according to what they did to the Rohingya community. God will one day repay his actions. good will be rewarded with good and evil will be rewarded with evil.
    Quran :
    So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it, and whoever does an atom’s weight of evil
    will see it.
    (Qs. al-Zalzalah: 7-8).

  78. Avatar Tulungagung bersinar says:

    Hello Pople myanmar..
    Your smart on the setting Bom the big power..
    Your attack is all location House militer..

    Good Luck my frend and everybody pople..

  79. Avatar ケンケン says:

    Tell the UN about this so they can send their strongest “thoughts” and “prayers”.

  80. Avatar Perfect Stranger says:

    So now they dnt mind killing the civilians so sad

  81. Avatar J J says:


  82. Avatar Agus Gunawan says:

    Biarin saja biar mamposs semuanya, pembalasan dr kaum muslimin yg dibantai

  83. Avatar Ex Ezee says:

    myanmar citizens need to learn how to make DIY bombs/ pipe bombs. animal manure mixed with nails and sharpnels carried by a pick up truck and ram it to the police and military then detonate it.

  84. Avatar Java Compute says:

    what you feel now is the same as what rohingya have been trough

  85. Avatar Kyaw Naing Zaw says:

    Military coup is crudeness for people. I hate army. Fall down dictatorship

  86. Avatar Henk De schroevendraaier says:

    Looks like a hole in the market for Arm dealers..

  87. Avatar Nacu _360 says:


  88. Avatar Christian Lainne Briones says:

    Too military myanmar that”s your people pay you in taxes and feeding ur family

  89. Avatar Tishala Onwuatuegwu says:

    Shame on you indonesia and thailand for supporting the military dictator in myanmar…shame on you,,ASEAN just chinese slave,working for chinese interest in the region..

  90. Avatar NiRus Chanel says:

    Peace for rohyngwa.

  91. Avatar Zawmyo aung says:

    Myanmar Police and military are shooting all the people who protest peacefully in streets! They are terrorists.

  92. Avatar NiRus Chanel says:

    Please rohyngwa people (strong).

  93. Avatar Mustafe Yasiin says:

    Down Myanmar government
    Because killing Rohingya people

  94. Avatar Agi belajar says:

    kalau indonesia uda kebakaran dimna mana pasti bentrok aparat sipil sama aparat negara

  95. Avatar Fahad Islam says:

    UN : need an urgent decision * This Military ruined peolpe’s life since hundred yrs .
    Arrest army chief as soon as possible,

  96. Avatar Victoria wonttellyou says:

    remain strong brothers and sisters. your time is now, its all or nothing.

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