France: Sarkozy found guilty of corruption, sentenced to prison

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A Paris court has found Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s former president, guilty of corruption and influence peddling, sentencing him to one year in prison and a two-year suspended sentence.
He is the second former president in modern France, after Jacques Chirac, to be convicted of corruption.
The 66-year-old politician, who served as president from 2007 to 2012, was convicted on Monday for having tried to illegally obtain information from a senior magistrate in 2014 about a legal action in which he was involved.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar James Murphy says:

    Failed to pay off right people or could it be
    He is a escape goat !

  2. Avatar syed masood ahmad says:

    Macron is same you just can’t do anything about it..

  3. Avatar sam kev says:

    He will have a luxury life in prison, he’ll have more privileges than an ordinary prisoner.

  4. Avatar Ken Fu says:

    le frog eating in prison olala liberty equality fraternity american puppity

  5. Avatar MEGIDIOT says:

    I love good news 🙂

  6. Avatar Ken Fu says:

    best news ever

  7. Avatar Kal El says:

    French 🇨🇵 has always corrupt and terror supporting Presidents…😂🤮..

  8. Avatar Amina Naili says:

    He was also Minister of the Interior before becoming president.

  9. Avatar Ali Muazzam says:

    Im Happy to hear this….and lesson for present leaders around the world…reap as you sow.

  10. Avatar godblesschild808 says:

    Next send trump

  11. Avatar Z S says:

    I cant wait for Donald Trump sentencing too!

  12. Avatar Little Carmine says:

    Typical achoo.

  13. Avatar Mark Regio says:

    so leaders get a minimum sentence when they are corrupt and normal people get their lives ruined! F humans!

  14. Avatar Sylla Ismaila says:

    France is built on top of looting African countries everyone knows that … They participated heavely in the killing of khadafi may his soul rest in peace!

  15. Avatar Salieu Jallow says:

    The ICC must to condemn Nicolas Sarkozy

  16. Avatar Aldo Braschi says:


  17. Avatar kdzmatrr mat says:

    Pay back for causing untold suffering in places like Africa

  18. Avatar RedEyeOf Jupiter says:

    Found to be

    3 years JAIL

    * 2 Years Suspended (“Because”)

  19. Avatar Stephen Jacks says:

    Donald Trump is next.

  20. Avatar Caro Brown says:

    Trump 2024 in JAIL 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣

  21. Avatar n8vck ko says:

    3 year lol

  22. Avatar i m says:

    Weird Thing Is That FATF Sanctioned All Countries But Cant See France Is Doing Biggest Money Laundering From 9 Africans Countries Forcing Millions Of People’s Hunger. France Colonialism Must Sanctioned

  23. Avatar Zee Force says:

    Why is Al Jazeera so excited about this corruption. They should be reporting on the corruption in Arab countries and the Kingdom who’s name cannot be taken. If there was Zakat taken on behalf of the so called “Umma”, no muslim would be dying of poverty, hunger and sickness.

  24. Avatar Jur Wei says:

    А меркель тоже закроют?

  25. Avatar FoodIsLife says:

    That’s a slap in the hand. Why two years suspended?

  26. Avatar Petrit Ibishi says:


  27. Avatar exee1 says:

    wasn’t that Mr. Bean?

  28. Avatar Daily Stock Videos says:

    Now many are dreaming of seeing this happen in their country

  29. Avatar Juan Pueblo says:

    NO ONE is ABOVE the LAW….

  30. Avatar Patrick Seil says:

    Every democratic leader was is corrupt, make a mandatory trail after everyone’s rule.

  31. Avatar Jose Gerry Vinculado says:

    So,who care’s

  32. Avatar Basshead Chris says:

    Just like trump.

  33. Avatar doddle master says:

    France is in criseees

  34. Avatar John Murie says:

    Sarkozy is part of the big Sinister club of Trafficking.
    I John Brian Murie 53 years old live in City of BUNBURY, Western Australia, Australia.

    This prediction letter is between the lines of P and R.

    President Joe Biden SHALL be out of office after the COVID 19 Bill is signed in March 2021 and then the Repenting Son of Satan shall support Kamala Harris to be President of USA.
    Blessed be Holy Jesus Christ the TRUE MESSIAH my new MERCIFUL MASTER Amen

  35. Avatar starfromakihabara 48 says:

    The only crime that have large impact but short time of punishment (outside china) is corruption

  36. Avatar Rashid Khalid says:

    House arrest in a 5 star Hotel with luxury furnitures gadgets beds sofas
    Swimming pools it’s only sad he needs to stay there and can only go out secretly after he bribes of the guards.
    Put him in a normal prison with all the gangs in tattoos and t shirts and make him share a cell with a man who can make love to him

  37. Avatar John f Kennedy says:

    I’m sure he’ll end up avoiding doing time

  38. Avatar jarosław bielski says:

    The fool reveals all his reluctance, but the wise one hides it.

  39. Avatar agx502 says:

    This is just the start. Well done to the French justice system.

  40. Avatar Mohamed Hussein says:

    that is amazing here in african criminal president those who did genocide they not get justice ^^^/ corruption is normal and

  41. Avatar Abd lmouid says:

    أتخيل ساركوزي في خلوة سجنه . توجه إلى القرآن ولا أظنه حاول هذا في يوم من الأيام . فوجد أمامه ترجمة جيدة لكتاب الله . بعقله هو . وبثقافته . ففتح الله بصيرته على كلام ربه .فوجده يسكن قلبه منذ الأزل . الإسلام جاء للمسلم ولغير المسلم . إن الله يقترب من العبد الذي يبتعد عنه الناس .

  42. Avatar Kyle Crocker says:

    Ooooo 3 years 2 suspended. Slap on the wrist

  43. Avatar Ggoddkkiller says:

    Macaron is next in the line…

  44. Avatar Abd lmouid says:

    الذين يسلمون ، وهي حالة الأوروبيين ، لم يرثوا الإسلام عن آبائهم أو عائلاتهم ، وإنما اعتنقوه . فهم بهذا يكون إسلامهم شبيها في صفائه وصدقه ونقائه بإسلام الرسول وصحابته . يكون إسلامهم قويا . من يقرأ القرآن بانتباه ، يحس وكأن الله يخاطبه هو شخصيا بالقرآن . إسألوا الذين أسلموا من ذويكم عن هذا الإحساس . لقد كان هو السبب المباشر والقوي لدخولهم في دين الله .

  45. Avatar King Kong says:

    This will soon be happening to a former US president.

  46. Avatar Thakhani Tharage says:

    What a joke. 1 year really mxm

  47. Avatar Jeffrey Hinds says:

    How come a former French President can be charged for corruption and imprisoned after leaving office,but a USA President guilty of worst criminal acts and insurrection ,is not convicted and can run for office again? Corruption is corruption, insurrection is insurrection.Seems the USA constitution was designed to favour and reward institutionalised corruption at the highest level of government.

  48. Avatar Shams SYED AHMED says:

    bravo Two French Justice

  49. Avatar Harrow says:

    It sickens me this type of behaviour by a leader,just how much it is happening and has happened previously makes me think that really people who vote these criminal leaders in will relinquish any help from their leadership and constituents,its almost that if this is one instance of corrupt behaviour why dont they examine all his dealings previous to his election and during,a cost to the people,a cost to good moral people.

  50. Avatar crystal harris says:


  51. Avatar Rob Babcock says:

    One-Pump Trump will easily top a pathetic 3 year sentence! He did corruption much more bigly!

  52. Avatar asad kamaal says:


  53. Avatar Shey says:

    Napoleon also was in Jail.

  54. Avatar Indianuity says:

    One law for the rich, one law for the masses

  55. Avatar Khy Nau says:

    Donald Trump will soon be prosecuted, la merde arrive.

  56. Avatar Frenchkisssss says:

    He ll make the bunker bed for Macron.

  57. Avatar #LionKing of #India says:

    Corruption is the most dangerous poison for everyone.

  58. Avatar Jesus is God says:

    Add UK leaders to this list:
    With private covid PPE contracts and general covid handling. Oh yeah Tony Blair too.

  59. Avatar Zaijohn Abay says:

    all p bad aljazeera

  60. Avatar Brainstorming & sharing says:


  61. Avatar shahin bakhtiarzadeh says:


  62. Avatar PAPI Chilo says:

    🤔Nice to c everyone in France 🇫🇷 covering up their faces after forcing certain people from doing so🤭😉🤣😅

  63. Avatar Cody Adams says:

    It was just some light corruption. Trump was doing worse for longer.

    • Avatar Charlie Echo says:

      You mean Clinton and Obama?

  64. Avatar Princess Hassim says:

    HOUSE ARREST?????? That’s not the same thing at all. Come on, if everyone else goes to jail without a say in it then so can Sarkozy.

  65. Avatar Tran Fiorini Michelle says:

    Oh yes…?
    I am not sure about it “Sarko in prison ”
    Make sure he get in prison for one hour for a drink …

  66. Avatar Sandra Barnett says:

    Great. Trump next.

  67. Avatar SLBUM kim says:

    Being has a tendency to ‘return’ to clusters
    =’the nature of solidarity’ -a desire for empathy -(Wave)-(yin)
    and also,
    Being has a tendency to ‘exist’ as individuals
    =’the nature of self-expension’ -a desire for breed-(Particle)-(Yang)

    Likewise, humans have two elements.
    We must realize that we all have both left and right elements
    =Solidarity and Self reliance
    No one has only one element.

    so ‘Sum’ derived from ‘two poles’ , (thesis, antithesis, synthesis)
    To develop intellect and ethics by harmonizing the two,
    It is good to realize it and balance it properly

    But A few people polarized the crowd(political partisanship)
    without balancing themselves.
    And They stole only the sum, only the synthesis from the triangle composition.

    Now We all have to get out of this deceptive situation.
    This is not the time for us to hate each other.
    We have to track down those who have been manipulating us.

  68. Avatar Thabiso Nkgahle says:

    This is not gonna happen to South Africa
    Hands off to the ruling party MP

  69. Avatar Andy H says:

    Waunt serve 1 day. Pffft

  70. Avatar Moses White says:

    He’s going to a white collar jail so he gets nothing to lose here…

  71. Avatar Jeff Miller says:

    Some countries actually hold presidents accountable for their actions. Must be nice.

  72. Avatar Ms Buvelle says:

    I used to subscribe to you – but the fake news you spread about Nas Daily helped enlighten me. Shame on you!

  73. Avatar Muhammad Farhan says:

    Next Is Trump

  74. Avatar Oleg Vaganov says:

    In Russia he could be hero

  75. Avatar Vikram Singh Rawat says:

    I met this gentelmen in 2009 at french national day

  76. Avatar Gugrat Jindahbath says:


  77. Avatar Don't Follow says:

    We need same Law in Pakistan also,😭😭

  78. Avatar Rolf Mützelburg says:

    We know they’re all corrupt, so the real question is what made this case different enough for the court to actually do anything? Is this a
    coup d’é·tat of some sort? What group was Sarkozy part of? Not his party, what group within that party I mean. If he was in good standing with his party, they’d never let this happen to him, because there is then the threat it could happen to them. And that would put them on the offensive and put the other parties at risk. There is a reason these things don’t happen as often as they should.

  79. Avatar Anthony Morgan says:

    Macaroni will be next

  80. Avatar Ahmed W Haji says:

    Laws were designed to constrain and subdue the ordinary average citizen.

  81. Avatar stephen10 says:

    he has not stolen money ! He would have asked the magistrate for information on the Bettencourt affair, in which Nicolas Sarkozy was finally dismissed.
    = He has asked informations to a magistrat during his affair and of course it ‘s forbidden for everybody .
    I wonder if another president in the world would have jail for that ?

  82. Avatar Chaminda Subasinghe says:

    This will never happen in srri lanka. If it happened they named it political revenge

  83. Avatar Annecy le vieux says:


  84. Avatar Michael Bocchino says:

    Lock him up the man is a💲 MONEY hungry corrupt politician

  85. Avatar AAA P says:

    Lock up Bush, Clintons and Trump next too.

  86. Avatar The Shooter aka Young Chin Mr says:

    France is a country that doesn’t play with politicians dwl talking about taking liberty

  87. Avatar Sir Alex Ferguson says:

    Lets be real this guy ain’t seeing a night in prison.

  88. Avatar WASIM864 says:

    Rest In heaven Mr Gaddafi

  89. Avatar kevin S says:

    It wouldn’t be a house arrest if he was from Algeria.

  90. Avatar Thanks Cadillac says:

    DSK’s revenge

  91. Avatar C C says:

    Why just one year! Thats ridiculous! Why suspended!!! Ridiculous! This man should be serving life!

  92. Avatar Panca Yoga Purnama says:

    Macron for next row

  93. Avatar David Lucey says:

    Can we do it to 45?

  94. Avatar scott maverick says:

    all leading politicians practice influence peddling, 😅

  95. Avatar brian shook says:

    Ooohhh ooohhh!! Lets do Nasty Pelosi, Dianne Frankenstien, Adam Schit next!!

  96. Avatar strange love says:

    housearrest in some luxus resort 4 choosen and special folks …

  97. Avatar Rodolfo Rojas says:

    He supported Florence Cassez when he was in Mexico. She was a convicted kidnapper. Now free. Go figure…..

  98. Avatar Aleka Blandine says:

    House arrest is not jail, it’s pandemic confinement.

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